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Jim Webb Prepares for 2016 Presidential Run


Running as neither Hillary Clinton, nor Barack Obama
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With a call to a return to the mostly imaginary bipartisanship of the days of yore, former Democratic Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced last night he has put together an exploratory committee for a 2016 run for president.

He launched a site with a video and a four-page speech that seems to mostly say the same things as the video.  From his comments:

Over the past few months thousands of concerned Americans from across the political spectrum have urged me to run for President. A constant theme runs through these requests. Americans want positive, visionary leadership that they can trust, at a time when our country is facing historic challenges. They're worried about the state of our economy, the fairness of our complicated multicultural society, the manner in which we are addressing foreign policy and national security challenges, and the divisive, paralyzed nature of our government itself. They're worried about the future. They want solutions, not rhetoric.

I share every one of these concerns.

He then follows up with four pages of mostly rhetoric and talking points. Anyway, though Webb is seen as a longshot (even by Webb), his candidacy matters in terms of what the Democratic Party's post-Obama identity is going to look like. His comments do not advocate for a continuation of Obama's policies, even though he makes comments about income inequality that could have come straight from the president's mouth (or any other Democratic politician). He doesn't intend to try to ride in on Obama's coattails.

Webb isn't Elizabeth Warren, but his positions fall more on the Democratic progressive populism side of the party rather than Hillary Clinton's Democratic establishment support for interventionism from the left. He takes anti-war positions, but he is also a Vietnam War veteran (maybe "but" should be "because" there). As Elizabeth Nolan Brown noted in September, it's been Obama's abuse of authority in the Middle East that has been pushing him to consider his run.

Over at The Week, Michael Tracey thinks Webb's progressive economic populism combined with his military background and anti-war positions would make him the perfect alternative to Clinton in the primaries:

Foreign policy is Webb's main strength. Remember that during the storied 2008 Democratic presidential primary, the defining issue seized on with great effect by Barack Obama was then-Sen. Clinton's vote to authorize military force against Saddam Hussein. And wouldn't you know it, here we are again, embarking on another military offensive of indeterminate length — one that very much includes "boots on the ground."

By the time the 2016 Iowa caucus rolls around, the U.S. may well still be mired in Iraq and Syria (and who knows where else?). Clinton, as Obama's secretary of State, is widely reputed to have been one of the administration's foremost interventionist agitators, producing disillusionment among anti-war grassroots Democrats who will probably take an active role in the primaries. This contingent is unlikely to accept the coronation of Hillary the Hawk without a fight.

He's also a strong voice for criminal justice reform, and as a senator proposed a commission to examine issues related to mass incarceration. As a candidate he could be fighting for the same independent voters that Sen. Rand Paul might go for should he get the Republican nod. But that assumes Webb is able to fight past the massive establishment machine that will be supporting Clinton.

Watch Webb's comments about possibly running below:

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  1. Where was all of this populism and good sense when he could have stopped Obamacare but didn’t? Like everyone else in his generation of Democratic Pols, Obamacare is his signature legacy. That is a tough pill for him to swallow I am sure. But no one made him vote for it.

    Beyond that, Webb is going to get nowhere because the Party is full retard. They are engaging in a suicidal orgy of denial and self delusion. They are not ready to listen to someone like Webb and won’t be ready unless and until they are thrown completely out of power. If they manage to hold the White House or retake the Senate in 16, it will be more retard. Only if they are totally out of power will they come to their senses and maybe not even then.

    Sorry Jim. You are 20 years too late.

    1. So Huckabee, Santorum, Christie, or Jeb Bush?

      1. They would make good Democratic candidates all of them. They wouldn’t have a great chance, but a better chance than they would in the GOP. But even those three are probably not stupid enough to appeal to the typical brain dead Democrat. Maybe they could hire Jonathan Gruber to teach them how to properly lie to the economic illiterate.

      2. “YEAHBUTBUSH”

        Ye gads, you are boring.

    2. Paragraph I is the important part. For a man whose reputation was being fractious when he felt he was right, his vote for Obamacare is more damning than a politician with a reputation for going along to get along.

      1. Webb’s selling point is that he would be a Democrat who would protect the party and the country from the real degenerate retards who inhabit the far left. Yet, when it came time to do that and keep said retards from destroying everyone’s health insurance, he failed.

      2. The window for running against Obamacare will be closed by 2016. Yelling “Gruber” for 2 years will be as futile as yelling BENGHAZI! was in 2012.

        In 2014 the GOP won the close Senate contests by historical norms. NC was never a blue state. CO and AK are not either.

        1. The window for running against Obamacare will be closed by 2016.

          LOLOL Just like it was going to be a big nothing in 2014 and the Democrats were going to keep the Senate.

          At some point you are going to have to face the fact that Obama fucked you and your party up the ass for the next generation. No one is going to forget Obamacare or learn to like it or do anything but hate the Democrats for taking away their health insurance. But keep trying to pretend otherwise. It is always entertaining, no one here every minds laughing at the neighborhood retard.

          1. In 2014 the GOP won the close Senate contests by historical norms. NC was never a blue state. CO and AK are not either.

            Stupid fuck.

            1. So the Democrats are now a regional party than can’t win anywhere outside of the Pacific west and the North East.

              You not helping yourself here dipshit. And you thought they were going to win. You were sure of it. You talked shit all summer about how they were holding the Senate.

              54 votes asshole. That means you have to beat 5 incumbents and not lose any of yours to retake it in 2016. Not likely to happen. And you will never see another Democratic house for a very long time.

              Face it, the Dems are a regional party of blacks and angry old white people.

              1. John, I think your Team Triumphalism is getting the better of your judgment here. The Democrats have fared poorly in recent midterms, but they are not in a bad position for the next Presidential contest, where they’ve been doing rather well recently. They’re hardly going away for long anymore than the GOP did after the Iraq disaster led to their ‘shellacking’ in 06 and 08.

                1. Bo,

                  The Democrats are in a worse position now than the Republicans were in 06 by any measure. Their congressional minority is smaller and most importantly, they are much smaller at the state level. Even in the worst days of 08, the Republicans still were doing well at the state level and there were still plenty of Republicans from blue and purple states in the Congress.. The Democrats in contrast keep doing worse and worse at the state level and there are almost no Democrats in Congress you could call centrist or from Red states.

                  The state level elections are really the most important story to come out of the midterms. The Democrats can’t seem to win anywhere outside of California and a few of the most blue states. This is why they have no new generation to step in to rebuild the party after Obama and are talking about old guys like Web, Hillary and Jerry freaking Brown in 2016.

                  The problem is that they have totally lost their moderate wing. You can’t do that and remain a national party.

                  1. Aren’t there 29 or 30 GOP governors? There were 29 Dem governors in 08.

                    I’m not saying the Democrats haven’t taken a whipping in recent midterms John, but you’d be foolish to think that means they’re done. They’re as likely to take the Presidency in 2016 as the GOP is.


                      While the GOP is likely to control 54 percent of all Senate seats and 56 percent (or so) of the House come January, it also will now control more than two-thirds of state legislative chambers across the country — as in nearly seven in 10. And given Republicans also won at least 31 governorships, they are basically in control of the state government in 24 states. That could soon hit 25if they win the still-undetermined governor’s race in Alaska.

                      The Democrats, meanwhile, control just six states, with a seventh likely to come when the Vermont legislature picks Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) as the winner of last week’s closer-than-expected election, in which neither candidate attained the necessary 50 percent.

                      That 24-6 split is actually significantly bigger than it was after 2010, when Republicans emerged from that wave election with complete control of 21 states, to Democrats’ 11 — about a two-to-one advantage, versus today’s four-to-one edge.

                      That is how bad things are at the state level for Democrats Bo.

              2. Quit lying, you cock nibbler. I said repeatedly that the election would follow recent historical polling averages or norms.

                And it did.

                VA was close like when Webb won. NC is less Red than in the 90s. NH went Blue again. AR/KY are pure trailer trash.

                1. No you didn’t. everyone on here read it. You talked more shit about the election and how sure the Democrats were going to win.,

                  Again, you fucking retard stop pretending everyone on here is as stupid as you are.

                2. Once again we see the anti-democracy elitist racism inherent to the Left.

                  1. I’m not “left” you fool. But elitist? Sure.

                    1. Shreek,

                      You are totally left and retarded people can’t be elitist. You have to have an IQ above room temperature to be an elitist.

                    2. The guy who histrionically trades insults with people under the name “Palin’s Buttplug” is an elitist. Sure, you’re a regular Thomas Jefferson.

          2. Heck, nobody forgot Hillarycare, and we didn’t even get it!

      3. I agree, what good is his bucking his party if he couldn’t buck it on that terrible bill? The vote for that should hang around the necks of those that voted for it like that Kryptonite necklace Luthor hung on Superman in 1979.

        1. People forgave the GOP for the Iraq War in six years and those fuckers have a new hard-on for a war in Iran.

          1. The Iraq War did not seem to have the real-life consequences that the ACA has. People who did not have a relative or friend in the military suffered very little from the war. Many more people are facing negative consequences of the ACA.

          2. Don’t forget the hardon for Syria and Iraq part tres.

            Oh wait, that’s the President’s hardon you’ve got shoved in your mouth.

  2. So… more of the same, but better-er and harder?

  3. No doubt the Clintons are already preparing a campaign to paint him as a chickenhawk who is too busy as a general in the #Waronwomen to vote for important military interventions to “fight them over there, rather than over here”.

    1. The problem is that the Democrats who most object to intervention are also the most pig ignorant socialists. Webb is not great on economics but his is not insane either. So the anti-interventionists will never rally around Webb. Remember they love socialism more than they hate war.

      1. Are we still not allowed to call the current government-corporate Cronyarchy “fascism”? Because it has all the qualities*.

        *At this point, I feel like the Republicans would like more corporate in the government and the Dems want more government in their corporate, but neither want free people or free markets.

        1. “you got your corporate in my government!”

          “you got your government in my corporate!”

          Two bad tastes that taste worse together… Reese’s Statist Cups!

          1. +1 Lunch time snack

    2. Obama won in 2008 using a lot of the same “tone” that Webb seems to be using, yet he was re-elected with vigor in 2012.

      Who knows what goes on in the mind of the average Democratic voter, but Hillary might just win the nom because the Party of Identity Politics wants a two-fer.

      1. Obama won on being black and pretending to be a centrist. The one reason staffer summed it up perfectly, “I have always wanted to vote for an acceptable black man for President”.

        Webb isn’t black and even if he were, Obama maxed out the race card. Everyone got their “I finally voted for a black man” on and won’t be interested in getting it on again for a very long while.

        1. If you don’t think that your run-of-the-mill Democrat isn’t relishing “voting for an acceptable woman” for president, you’re not paying attention.

          1. Sure they are. But that is only about 30% of the vote. And half of those people are ready to vote for Warren and hate Hillary’s guts.

            1. I’m not sure about that. The Democrats still sometimes refer back to 2000 with Al Gore winning because of “principle” votes cast for Ralph Nader. I think they’ll throw themselves behind a more likely winner.

          2. “If you don’t think that your run-of-the-mill Democrat isn’t relishing “voting for an acceptable woman” for president”

            Not just Democrats, a lot of independents are going to be sold on that too.

          3. What are the chances the Republicans try to put a woman as top billing on their ticket in 16?

            Not that it would matter because the Dem’s would paint her as even worse than Palin.

            1. I think the GOP is certainly going to try to get ‘diversity’ in their ticket in 16. Don’t forget their last national convention.

  4. Is he a secularist? Capitalist? Anti Stupid War? Pro 2A?

    Those are my issues.

    I know you Peanuts don’t agree with me but I don’t give a shit.

    1. He has even less chance of getting elected president than you do of ever working for the Washington Post again, you poor little sad clown.

    2. Is he a secularist? Capitalist? Anti Stupid War? Pro 2A?

      Those are my issues.

      Yeah, that is why you spend every waking our worshiping at the alter of Obama. Its all about the war and gun rights with you.

      Tony is just sad and getting sadder as things turn against his idol. You in contrast get even funnier and more pathetic.

      1. No one here is anti-gun with the probable exception of Tony. Why dive into your nut-clumping pro-gun pile-ons?

        1. No one here is anti-gun with the probable exception of Tony. Why dive into your nut-clumping pro-gun pile-ons?

          It is your commitment to gun rights that has caused you to spend the last seven years worshiping Obama. You are just that kind of guy Shreek. You love guns so much you have spent your entire life devoted to the party of gun control and gun confiscation.

          You really are comedy gold.

          1. Obama hasn’t tried to ban guns, you imbecile.

            Reagan actually supported the Brady Bill – so was actually a gun grabber for real.

            1. Obama hasn’t tried to ban guns, you imbecile.

              yes he has. He spent his entire first term trying to get “gun control by other means”. He tried to get control over the bodies of the dead kids in Connecticut and threw a temper fit when he didn’t. He had DOJ smuggle guns into Mexico in hopes of creating political support for gun control.

              We all know you are retarded. But is it too much to ask for you to stop thinking everyone else is as dumb as you ?

              1. I have to agree with John. If Obama has not damaged gun rights it’s because he’s been stopped, not by his choice.

              2. The slimebag even ordered the government to try to corner the domestic market on off-the-shelf ammunition so that regular people couldn’t buy it easily. Another pathetic and dismal failure.

      2. Weigel here must kind of like him though, because he has about a dozen tweets about him in the last 12 hours.

        1. You read the plug’s Twitter feed? You’re a brave man, Mike M.

          1. It’s kind of entertaining watching the pathetic scumbag post the same exact stupid shit here that he does there while he pretends to be a completely different character.

            When he posted the news about Philip Seymour Hoffman dying here and there at the same exact time, that was when I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt who it was.

            1. So there is actual evidence for shreek being Weigel? I never took the charge seriously. But maybe I should.

              1. I just stated the evidence.

                That, and also the fact that he loves calling people “ratfuckers”, which absolutely no one else does.

                1. Would be hilarious if it is actually true

    3. Secularist? You won’t vote for religious people? Then why do you support Obama? He’s both a Christian AND a Muslim!

  5. “He doesn’t intend to try to ride in on Obama’s coattails.”

    Who would at this point?

    1. Come on Shreek and Tony both insist Obama is beloved and is the greatest President in like hundreds of years.

      1. Obama is hardly “beloved” but his 42% approval is about twice that of Bushy Boy when he left office.

        1. You mean he is not beloved? I don’t believe it. Next you are going to tell me his Presidency has left the Democratic Party with the smallest minority in the House since the 20s and control of fewer state houses than at any time since reconstruction.,

          Your racism is showing shreek. You just are trying to walk away because you can’t handle the fact that there is a black President. Thanks to racists like you, the Democratic Party is now a regional minority party because the racists just can’t forgive it for putting a black man in the White House.

        2. Still got 2 years.

          1. Yeah. Bush’s ratings were a lot higher than this in early 2007.

          2. I bet in 2 years Obama’s approval rating will be closer to 8%.

      2. Its not Obama’s coattails they’d like to ride on.

    2. Hillary and Bill are going to run so far away from his dumb ass, the poor guy won’t be able to see her pantsuit with the Hubble telescope.

  6. Suddenly the truth hits home that we’re going to have to suffer through coverage of both Democrat and Republican presidential debates. There’s only one way out.

  7. Blah blah blah. Vacuous platitudes, honed smooth and harmlessly dull in focus groups and telephone call centers.

    How many cabinet level agencies will you abolish, Jim?


  8. Good like trying to steal the ‘nom from Joe Biden.

  9. …the fairness of our complicated multicultural society,

    And the FedGov is totally capable of dealing with this issue.

    1. If the government didn’t try to control every single aspect of society, society’s complexity wouldn’t be such a big problem anymore.

      1. Cut it out, John! Stop talking sense when we’re trying to talk politics!

  10. Hey, he’s better than Hillary and Biden. That isn’t really saying much, but still it is a plus.

    1. There’s no way he’s better than Biden. When’s the last time you ever laughed at something Jim Webb said?


  11. Is he a secularist? Capitalist? Anti Stupid War? Pro 2A?

    No. FUCK NO. No. OMFG NOOOOOO!!!111

    WARREN it is.

  12. “positive, visionary leadership”

    Yeah, we haven’t had anyone try to palm *that* off on us in the last 5 years.

    1. Hillary’s planned slogan is, I kid you not, “Pragmatic Optimism”. Think about how much damage the Kenyan Village Idiot has done to these people. The Progs were if nothing else always the party of big dreams. No matter how vile they actually are, they were always good for dreaming really big.

      Obama has reduced them to “we are just going to be practical”. He really might as well be a Libertarian Manchurian candidate. He is so fucking stupid, incompetent and too clever by half. He thinks he is playing the long game and “transforming America”. Instead he is instead of doing small things that later grow big and show their effects after it is too late, he is blowing everything and discrediting the entire movement.

      1. Pragmatic is the worst curse word imaginable in my political lexicon. I hope the other side plays up how awful pragmatism is.

  13. Everyone has been watching the GOP fight over their party – moderates versus conservative. Meanwhile the Democrats went full-retard and all the moderates are gone. Either quit the party,primaried out, or destroyed by Republicans in general elections in conservative districts for associating with Obama.

    I think Reid, Pelosi, and Obama may have destroyed the party.

    1. Eh. There’s still a place for legacy Blue Dogs like Gwen Graham.

    2. Dems need 39% of the white vote to win.

      Problem is that 60% of whites are Bitter Clingers with paranoid delusions about the UN, gun grabbers, and us atheists.

      1. “UN Gun-grabbing Atheists” would make a good name for a rock’n’roll band.

        1. What about ‘Bitter Clingers’? That is not bad for a C&W band.

      2. Or the problem could be that 90% of Democrats are retarded like you are and the party gave us in 2008 the single dumbest and most incompetent President in history.

        You are fucked dude. You built your party on hating white people and economic ignorance. That hasn’t worked out well.

        1. Educated whites tend to vote more liberal than the flyover igno set.

          1. No they don’t. Even Romeny won college educated whites by a wide margin. Democrats are made up entirely of racialsists and economic illiterates. That is what the Gruber videos show. The whole party is based on getting stupid people to vote against their own interests. And you of course being retarded are one of the said stupid people.

            1. I think Romney won more votes among the college educated but Obama won more among those with a graduate degree or higher, so you’re both sort of correct.

              1. People with PHDs in academia are the kind of stupid that Gruber was talking about.

                1. Graduate degrees would mean more like teachers and MBA’s than academics I would think.

            2. Wide margin? Obama won post grads by 13 points and college grads were 47-51. The more education the more liberal.


              1. What? Obama won with his largest margins with people with high school or less.

                1. Yes he did. The Democrats are a coalition of the uneducated and the over educated and stupid.

                  1. Yep, the dems do have the Schickelgrubers of the world locked up; the people who have to spend their entire life in academia and suckle millions of dollars of the teats of their cronies in government because they could never do anything in the private sector in a million years.

      3. Hence Obama’s speech tonight.

      4. I love that you try to pretend that you are pro-2a and then say shit like “Bitter Clingers”.

        1. I didn’t “cling” because I am not paranoid delusional about someone confiscating my two guns.

          1. Scumbag is lying again. He doesn’t own any guns at his home at 2124 12th St NW Washington, DC 20009. They’re still basically impossible to buy legally in the District.

            1. The local Fox station did a piece on trying to get carry permit in DC. Here’s a quote from the cop running the applications desk at the time:

              “I believe when the Second Amendment was written, that was more or less for when the British were coming.”

              Full retardation on display here.

    3. Do you think the moderates are gone from the grass roots of the Democrats, or only from their leadership?

  14. Gingers can run for President?

  15. Is this the same James Webb who wrote a history of the Scots-Irish, entitled *Born Fighting?*

    Maybe he should write a campaign book called *Born Waffling.*

  16. Jobless Claims Haven’t Looked This Good In 14 Years…..wA42vQtDMD

    Wow! Team Red has us back to the Clinton boom years already!

    1. When total employment goes back to 1960s levels, the number of people losing their jobs on a given week isn’t very high anymore. When few people have jobs, few people lose them.

      and that is bad news for you anyway. Fewer people losing their jobs means fewer people on welfare. And people on welfare are about the only ones voting Democrat these days.

  17. Democrats love minorities so much that their two nominees so far are white senior citizens.

    The race card. It’s not just for liberals.

  18. Jim Webb forgot to put the word “Vice” in his talking points, because he’s just exactly the kind of non-entity that would be perfect for the VP slot.

  19. The Democrat establishment already rejected the direction Webb represented for the party (as well as that of Howard “50 state strategy” Dean) when it rushed headlong into Obamaism in 2008.

    Webb was really about turning the clock back to the time of JFK and Hubert Humphrey when the rust belt and appalachia were Democrat strongholds. Dean represented a future in taking the midwest and intermountain west – “flyover country”. Both took a few token libertarian positions, such as pro-gun rights and anti-Iraq War, but combined those with “populist” economic positions from the left.

    Obamaism is nothing less that the repudiation of both Webb and Dean, the tossing of all of flyover country under the bus, and the ossification of the Democrats into what they really had already been for a couple of decades: the party of minorities locked into government dependency, cosmopolitan “diverrrrsity” types on the east and west coasts who think “rape culture” is a real thing, and nanny-mommy staters who want higher drinking ages, more speed bumps, universal background checks, traffic enforcement cameras, oversupervised children, and 44 ounce soda bans.

    They’ve made their bed. Now they have to sleep in it. I doubt Webb does any better than, say, George Wallace did in 1976.

  20. I also don’t trust Webb’s anti-war bona fides one bit. Sure, he was against going to war with Iraq both times, but solely on military strategy grounds. He is no isolationist or anti-imperialist. This was the same Webb who resigned from Reagan’s cabinet in protest of Reagan cutting a little pork from the naval fleet. The same Webb who refused to shake John Kerry’s hand for decades because the very idea of VVAW was an affront to his flag thumping Scots-Irish value system.

    He is good on sentencing reform and gun rights. And a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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