Zero Tolerance

Little Boy Suspended for Pointing Finger Like a Laser Gun

The school considered it a threat.



Stacy Middle School in Milford, Massachusetts, took steps to neutralize a dangerous public nuisance: 10-year-old Nickolas Taylor, who had threatened some of his classmates with his weapon of choice while cutting in line.

That weapon is an imaginary laser gun, which he conjured into existence by pointing his finger and uttering laser noises. Quick, get this maniac away from other kids before he disintegrates them with his mind!

Thankfully, school officials intervened and suspended the aspiring sci-fi villain, according to

School officials said the 10-year-old's actions indicated a threat, but his family didn't agree.

"It was absolutely ridiculous. Nickolas is a sweet little boy that was just standing in line at lunch playing with his hands," Linda O'Brien, the boy's grandmother, said.

The actions were taken very seriously at Milford's Stacy Middle School where the boy is a student.

The assistant principal sent Nickolas Taylor's dad a note explaining because Nickolas pointed a gun "made from his hand" at two girls in a lunch line and then blew on his fingers as if to cool off the gun barrel its considered "a threat".

Okay, back to reality. The principal thought thus constituted a threat? Really? How paranoid of gun violence do you have to be to consider an imaginary ray gun some kind of threat against other students?

Administrators should have told Taylor to behave himself in the lunch room and save the pretend target practice for recess. That's all. But not only did they punish him, they suspended him. He had to wait two days for school authorities to mellow out and let him return to class. I wonder how much trouble a kid could get into for attempting to use something more dangerous on his classmates, like, say, Force lightning? (Note to principals: That's not a challenge.)

Reason readers know that kids are routinely punished by unimaginative adult bullies for engaging in harmless fun. Consider the teen who was disciplined for writing a story in which he shot a dinosaur with a gun.

For too many kids, public school is where fun goes to die. Even if it doesn't get blasted by an imaginary destruction ray.

At least things might get better for Taylor now. His parents told local reporters that they plan to home school him.

More on "zero tolerance" school policies here.

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  1. Lazer gun…….you fuckin’ with us Robby?

    1. Those can be dangerous in the 40 watt range.

      1. Look, only what you see pal.

        I can see today is Terminator day, because we’ve done this like three times already.

        1. This does make me wonder: why didn’t the Skynet ever think of making little kid Terminators?

          1. What do you think American Girl dolls are?

          2. It did. In Screamers.

            I’m trying to remember if they ever covered “kid terminators” in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. They might have. God damn Lena Headey looked good in that.

            1. Would boan her for days. She was hot as shit.

    2. This article highlights another example of the mindless fools that are running the “education” system. When is sanity ever going to come back into vogue?

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  2. He’ll be back.

      1. + rwararawwrrawrww

    1. Could have been worse. He could have used an imaginary hand grenade.

  3. What, pew-pew is now illegal? Jesus, I phasered hundreds when I was a kid. To be fair, many of them were armed with disruptors.

    1. Death ray or GTFO!

    2. Anti-Klingon racist! You and that bigot Kirk!

      1. I’m not really that into spineheads.

        1. No, you like Hortas. You fucking pervert!

    3. nerd. I played wizard with a large walking stick.

      1. To be sure, most of our simulated combat was with M-16s, Vietnam being a thing when I was a wee lad. Though we often re-fought WWII battles, as demonstrated by Kelly’s Heroes. With some Cowboys and Indians to be sure.

    4. Some day a kid will get suspended for holding his hand as though he were holding a phaser on Star Trek (which I’ve always thought would be terrible ergonomics for any combat situation).

    5. That’s a pencil-stabbin’

      1. I got stabbed with a pencil in third grade. Naturally, we were both sent to the principal’s office.

        Oh, public school. Don’t ever change.

        1. I was once suspended half a day for being in the middle of a food fight. Not involved, mind you, in between two groups throwing food.

          None of the people throwing food got in trouble.

    6. “I’m crushing your head!” never really caught on but it would’ve decimated the phaser crowd.

    7. Rock, paper, scissors will be next to be outlawed (paper can be dangerous, really)

  4. This would be followed up with the story: “Father arrested for horsewhipping school officials”

    1. I mean, if they want kids to learn the lesson that threats and punishment work, I’ll be happy to teach that lesson to my children myself by such a demonstration.

    2. + Captain Woodrow F. Call.

      1. “If there’s one thing I can’t abide, its a surly [principal].”

        1. That was August Cray.

          Captain Call said “I hate rude behavior in a man, won’t tolerate it.” After beating the everyliving shit out of an asshole.

          Two of my favorite scenes ever.

    3. One could only hope.

  5. Look, first it’s just pointing a finger, but then it becomes ISIS jihad.

    1. that escalated quickly

  6. So what happened to the line cutters?

    Or do they in effect get rewarded for their behavior by the school?

    BTW, there are few people more pathetic than the most worthless educrats in the MA school system. These are the same people that concluded that confiscating a Lego mini-figure’s side arm and breaking it and then suspending the student who brought it on the school bus was an appropriate act.

    The only difference between them and the cargo cults that build airfields and mock-control towers out of bamboo in hopes that the World War II DC3 transports will return is that the south sea natives devoted less of their lives to becoming so superstitious.

    1. When I was 10 years old, touching my Legos meant you had a death wish. I didn’t care who the person was.

    2. If those fools pulled that in Georgia, there would be a major butt kicking by some good ole’ boy. And I would be cheering him on.

    3. The way I read the story, he was the line cutter.

      1. Yeah he was lucky he wasn’t shived for that shit.

  7. Ah, for the old days when grownups weren’t afraid of little children. I swear this is what it sounds like: that these alleged “adults” don’t feel that they can control their pupils.

    I’ll tell ya, the teachers and principals in my day had no such fears. Yeah, I know: it ain’t my day anymore.

    1. They’re not afraid. At all. They’re bullies. This is the warden showing everyone what happens if you get out of (arbitrary) line. Think of this kid as Cool Hand Luke, except less cool.

      1. It’s worse than that. Bullies would at least maintain control of the school.

        Last year, I attended a PTA meeting wherein the principal of my local elementary school came, hat in hand, to the parents asking what to do about the wild west that was happening in the cafeteria at lunchtime. I told her: find informers to tell you who the instigators are. Publicly punish the instigators. Tell the rest that you can play this game forever. Repeat as necessary.

        She thought I was joking. She had some kind of mental block when it came to any form of tracking down the troublemakers and dealing with them. And the problem was never solved.

        You’d never suspect any of this by talking to the woman. She is alert, articulate, personable. Someone has trained the basic common sense out of these people.

        1. She may appear to be alert, personable and articulate, but she is still a fool. And when did those three traits become evidence of reason?

          1. Most people take those traits, which can be observed quickly, as a reasonable proxy for intelligence and reason, which can’t. Obviously it doesn’t work for all cases.

  8. while cutting in line.

    Forget about the gun, THIS is what he should be punished for. Schools are so back-asswards these days.

  9. “His parents told local reporters that they plan to home school him.”

    This is exactly how I like to see this type of story end.

    1. This is the real lesson to be learned: There is an easy way out of the public schools! If only more little kids will learn to point their fingers while making laser sounds, they can bring down the entire system. It will fall into their hands like an over ripe apple.

      I simply taught my granddaughter to say, “Maybe the dingo ate cho baby,” with an Australian accent, and that was enough to get her reprimanded. Power to the little people!

  10. The girls should’ve waved their fingers back and yelled “cruciatus!”

  11. You know who I want for my son’s principal? Gran from Angry Boys. Yeah, I know it’s really a dude in drag but that bitch can administrate troubled youth.

  12. When I was in 6th grade I one took out my entire classroom with a finger gun. I personally am glad to see such tragedies avoided!

  13. When other parents in the school hear this story, how don’t they think to themselves: “how can I let my kid be educated/supervised by people who are so clearly insane?”

    1. Individual madness is quite rare, while mass insanity quite common. Many of the parents share the madness. Others are infected with the disease and don’t know how to cure themselves.

  14. I am counting down the days until some kid is sent home for pointing a plastic ring at some other kids crotch and threatening to use the power of the Schwartz to melt his penis.

    “May the Schwartz be with you.”

  15. I think this kid learned a valuable lesson. Time will tell.

    1. What lesson is that? Fingers are for picking boogers, not for pretending to be Han Solo?

      1. That government agents will fuck you in the ass for the smallest of things.

        Pretty good lesson to learn early.

        1. I hope his reaction to it is to understand why this is wrong and to fight government rule making and the violence required for enforcement of the rules rather than become a huge pussy who calls the police department every time he sees a kid outside unattended and not on a leash.

          “This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.”
          -Walter Sobchack

    2. And depending on how you mean that comment, you may be an idiot.

  16. “For too many all kids, public school is where fun goes to die.”

  17. Those girls should have shouted “RAPE!” I mean, how dare the little bastard. That finger is clearly phallic. And he shot it at them? Unbelievable. And then he blew on it, and probably holstered it, preparing it for later use? What a monster. Those girls will be in therapy for years.

    1. When I was in 2nd grade at a public school in Mass. in the early 80s, there was a boy in our class who liked to whip out his junk in the lunch line and show it to the class goodie goodie ( a girl, of course).

      He would get a stern talking to from the teacher but was never suspended-not sure what happened to him but I haven’t heard his name in the news-haven’t checked any sex offender lists either.

      Don’t know what happened to the girl either- her family moved that summer. Maybe she will decide to sue the school for not protecting her from sexual harrassment, causing her years of trauma and failure to self-actualize.

  18. Let’s say for the sake of argument that 99% of school children do not go on a shooting spree at school, that means 1% do. Maybe the zero tolerance policy could be more effective if they focused on the 1% of kids who actually shot other people at school rather than the kids who use their fingers as imaginary laser weapons. Maybe they should change it to a 99% tolerance policy… Someday, we will read an article about how America’s principals offices are filling up beyond capacity and zero tolerance will be to blame.

    1. I agree with the spirit of the point you’re making, but I’m certain the percentage of kids who go on a shooting spree is closer to 0.001%. If it were in fact 1% as you say there would a shooting spree hourly.

      1. I know. I was just trying to make the point without necessarily having to find the actual numbers. I can be lazy sometimes.

  19. The only cure for that is to post the pictures of the school administrators responsible for this and have every liberty-loving adult point their fingers at them and go “pew-pew” for the rest of their lives.

  20. And the stupidity train rolls on and on, unabated, forever. Sort of like Orwell’s boot.

  21. “Nickolas pointed a gun “made from his hand” at two girls”

    At two girls! Ah!, now i see the “problem” .

  22. I know of a great place for a zero tolerance policy: school administration. No excuses, the administrators involved should be fired immediately.

  23. If a kid shoots someone with an imaginary firearm, punish him with an imaginary suspension. Let the punishment fit the crime.

  24. It was an ‘assault’ laser-finger.

  25. This is an opportunity to equalize suspensions between white and black students…finger gun vs. real gun…same thing..right?

  26. What’s the official position on pretend cloaking devices? I mean, if you’re able to threaten someone with your hand and fingers think of the havoc to be wreaked when you’re running amok being pretend invisible.

    Or claim possession of corbomite. Suspend me? Suspend yourself, too. Your move, Principal Balok.

    If I didn’t have first-hand experience with these retards I’d have to go through life thinking that this shit is just made up.

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  28. I hope that gunslinger has a license to carry that cow lick.

  29. He shoulda used an imaginary Colt 45. Those get some respect.

  30. I wrote a google review on the Stacy Middle School places page.

  31. I also added a review on…..ab=reviews

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  33. How many movies do we have to make about idiot adults trying to crush the imagination out of children? How can those idiot adults end up having so much control over our children?

  34. This really isn’t about school shootings. This is about indoctrinating our kids from day one that all guns / violence is bad. Once you have an entire generation educated (loose term here) by the state, with state approved rules and instruction, the state can then do just about anything they want.

    The majority of the kids will grow up and believe that no one should have a gun, no one should fight back, and what the leaders say is always right.

    Damn, I’m glad we home school. At least my son will not grow up to be a sheeple (bahhhh).

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