Former Obama Adviser Admits Gruber Was Behind Obamacare, IRS Wants to Tax British Mayor, KKK and Anonymous Face Off Over Ferguson: P.M. Links


  • Jonathan Gruber

    "Jonathan Gruber was, back in the day in 2009, the guru on health care," says former Obama adviser Steve Rattner, contradicting, just a tad, his former boss, who denies any knowledge of the troublesome Affordable Care Act architect.

  • To head off unilateral presidential action on immigration, Republicans are looking at cutting off the flow of cash that's already been authorized.
  • The Internal Revenue Service says that Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, who was born in the United States but hasn't lived here since he was five, has to pay American taxes. Johnson, who is considered a possible future British prime minister, says the IRS can get stuffed.
  • A lot of Americans don't realize that they're in for a tax penalty because they haven't signed up for Obamacare-approved health coverage. A lot of other Americans do know what's coming, but would rather pay the damages than knuckle under.
  • Even before anybody know what will come out of the grand jury in the Michael Brown case, heavy-handed security precautions are raising a few eyebrows.
  • Germany's foreign minister is shuttling back and forth trying to keep the situation in Ukraine from getting even more shoot-y.
  • After a bunch of KKK losers threatened "lethal force" against Ferguson protesters, they were targeted and doxed by Anonymous.

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