The Democratic Party Has Become So Useless It's Making Young Liberals Look Longingly at Rand Paul


Democrats have become so frustratingly useless to young people that it's inspiring Salon writers to say semi-nice things about libertarians. Yes, my friends, perhaps the partisan apocalypse really is nigh.

Andy Blue 415/Flickr

In a piece at Salon today, Tim Donovan explores how millennial-voter turnout in the recent midterm elections was low, and that didn't bode well for Democrats. He scoffs at the idea that the dismal showing had much to do with voter identification laws or other logistical barriers. Rather, Donovan suggests (as I, too, did recently) that Democratic candidates have done a crap job of focusing on issues that actually matter to young voters: 

For those of us who follow "millennial issues," this generation's low turnout hardly came as a surprise. Last April, the Harvard Institute of Politics found something surprising while talking with young voters: considerably more young Republicans expected to vote than Democrats. Armed with this troubling data, Democratic candidates had months to adapt their messaging and court our votes. What happened? Universally, Democratic candidates didn't bother to address the (very real, very serious) problems that are on the minds of many millennials: the racist and costly drug war, ballooning student loan debt, long-term unemployment, flat wages at shitty retail and restaurant jobs, and an imperiled climate. Democratic strategists seemed to assume that running as the Not-Republican Party would carry them to victory among young voters.

I don't know that the issues Donovan mentions are necessarily those that excite millennials the most, nor that it's true Democratic candidates didn't focus on wages or climate policy this election season. But he's certainly right that they focused much more on scaremongering about Republicans than actually setting themselves apart from them in substantive ways. Donovan continues: 

Personally, I'd vote for Rand Paul for president faster than you can say "libertarian wacko" if I thought he would actually end the drug war, slash corporate welfare and plow the savings into student loan debt relief or a robust infrastructure bill. If someone like myself—a pajama-festooned, latte-sipping, liberal hipster who writes for Salon, fer chrissake–is willing to ignore party preference in favor of actual legislative gains, I can only assume that less ideologically committed millennials are even more willing to vote Republican for the right candidate or platform.

Woo! Sure, Donovan may still see Paul as a "libertarian wacko", but being a bit wacko seems like a comparatively good thing in this context. The alternative is doctrinaire Democrats and Republicans who put partisan needs over ever accomplishing anything. And millennials are less likely than generations past to stand for that noise, as poll after poll and anecdote after anecdote show. 

If millennials are a "politically unclaimed" generation, however, it's never been so true as right now and won't be as true for much longer…. Thanks, Obama! There are still plenty of people who want to talk about the spell President Obama cast on millennials, and how anyone who thinks they can get young people to vote Republican (or libertarian, or any oddball third party) is deluding themselves. But I think this drastically underestimates the extent of millennial disillusionment with the president, and the political potency of this disillusionment.

It's the first-cut-is-the-deepest phenomenon: Millennials mostly came into political consciousness during cartoonishly-evil, Karl Rove-era GOP power. Then came Obama, promising to care about civil liberties and end the Iraq wars and let gay people get married. And for a minute, the narrative of Democrats as a more modern, less authoritarian party and Republicans as rich old men who want to bomb everyone while banning sex seemed cemented in the millennial mind. "Thanks to truly epic Republican awfulness on just about every possible issue from gay marriage to foreign affairs to budget-busting, the Dems have indeed been able to take the kids for granted in recent years," as Nick Gillespie writes

Then Democrats spent the past six years systematically squandering their millennial advantage. Obama turned out to care about civil liberties as little as Bush did and like bombing people about as much. Little changed in a Democrat controlled Congress. Then little changed in a Republican controlled Congress. And progress on issues like legalizing marijuana and allowing same-sex marriages continued with little help from Congress or the White House. For all but those most inclined to be partisan hacks, the idea that either side is inherently distinguishable from the other seems to be quickly dissipating among Gen Y.

But this is likely a strike while the iron's hot kind of moment. A gift, really. Here's a young electorate too let down by politicians on both sides to feel especially tribal, yet too optimistic (as of yet) to let this sour them on politics entirely. A lot could change by 2020. Right now, here's a group practically begging to be won over, if only anyone on either team red or team blue could manage to actually stand for something. 

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  2. ENB, we needed more attention and you gave it to us. Thank you for your service.


    What do I win?

    1. An exclusive interview with Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, and Lawrence O’Donnell. Congratulations!

    2. Lou Reed’s compilation album.

      1. Did you know Lou Reed died?

        1. What a letdown.

        2. Really? Why didn’t the editors do anything to commemorate him? An article, or something like that?

        3. Who’s Lou Reed?

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          1. They were just going to make sandwiches and walk the dog, TM. Gee whiz.

              1. You can tell this man is a millenial. He speaketh in Youtubian.

            1. As a centipede.

        1. If you’re willing to play sugar daddy you can have them as long as you like.

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      1. That better be a free millennial orphan.

          1. But are they artesinal?

  4. if I thought he would actually end the drug war, slash corporate welfare and plow the savings into student loan debt relief or a robust infrastructure bill.

    That’s not a bad deal. We should talk.

    1. What could be a libertarian way to reduce present student loan debt?

      1. Change our education system and move to a Swiss-style apprenticeship model.

      2. Send fewer kids to college. Supply less Fed cash to reduce costs. Reduce number of colleges.

      3. If we could make real and substantial progress towards ending the drug war and cronyism, or at least severely curtailing them, I’d be willing to give quite a bit on student loan debt, regardless of how libertarian it is.

        1. Don’t people stone you to death for speaking such blasphemies?

      4. Green-powered ships; Row Well and LIVE!

      5. Ending of all university “diversity” offices should cut down on overhead. But as for reducing present student debt, I have no ideas.

        1. I don’t see how you reduce current debt absent forgiving some or all of it. The money already handed out and spent.

          1. We could make it eligible for bankruptcy?

            1. This. To me it’s the only acceptable solution.

              1. Retroactively modifying the terms of a contract against the will of one party…. how does that square with libertarianism again?

                1. Because it FEELZ good?

        2. What the fuck are y’all talking about? You can’t cut off the student loan spigot. Universities must continue to expand and expand until there are 100x as many administrators as professors. How the fuck else are we going to employ all of the social science majors? African American Translesbian Diversity Study PhD’s have to pay off their loans and eat too ya’ know.

          1. My degee in Dialectical Leftoidism gonna get mah rent paid mmm-hmm!

      6. Maybe allow companies to contribute to paying off student loan debt? Instead of a company matching your 401K contribution, they could match your loan payment?

        1. Another interesting idea.

          1. I guess it’s a chicken and egg thing – you need to have a job before a company can match your loan payment.

            Without defaulting, I think the only way to handle student loan debt is to spread it out over as many years as possible, but that would kill the income of the banks that hold the debt.

            I had a friend who got into some trouble with credit cards and still owed about $8,000, but the interest rates were killing him. I was seriously considering paying off his debt completely, and then he could just owe a certain percentage of each pay check with no interest. Maybe people could voluntarily do the same with student loan debt?

            1. “Without defaulting, I think the only way to handle student loan debt is to spread it out over as many years as possible, but that would kill the income of the banks that hold the debt.”

              Uuuhh no. That actually increases the banks profits.

              The longer you use someone’s money the more they charge you for the use of it.

              As it should be.

            2. “I had a friend who got into some trouble with credit cards and still owed about $8,000, but the interest rates were killing him. I was seriously considering paying off his debt completely, and then he could just owe a certain percentage of each pay check with no interest.”

              That would probably be a great way to ruin your frienship.

        2. “Maybe allow companies to contribute to paying off student loan debt?”

          Allow ? What’s stopping them now ?

          If you consider the salary they are paying the employee they already are.

          1. You could make it tax deductible, although you’d want to make sure it didn’t apply to new student debt.

      7. Make universities responsible when their former students default to discourage them from accepting students into programs that are expensive yet unlikely to lead to employment post graduation.

        1. End student loan programs so Universities are forced to offer tuition people can actually afford and keep costs down instead of buying a new gym every 5 years.

          1. Exactly

          2. If the market will bear the price, why should we get involved?

        2. What’s wrong with holding the individual borrower responsible for his decisions ?

        3. What’s wrong with holding the individual borrower responsible for his decisions ?

          1. Nothing is wrong with it. Also, nothing is wrong with someone who knowingly made a super-shitty loan taking it in the nutsack.

            1. Except that the loan was a VOLUNTARY arrangement made between both parties and the one shouldn’t be held in contempt because the other lacked the foresight to consider the benefit of their arrangement.

        4. I like this idea. How would you do it so that it didn’t disproportionately hurt the poorer students, though?

          1. The poorer students are already drowning in debt with no job prospects and no way to pay it back.

      8. Not a Libertarian|11.17.14 @ 5:13PM|#
        “What could be a libertarian way to reduce present student loan debt?”

        Have students pay what they borrowed.
        Why would that be libertarian?

      9. Allow student loans to be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

    2. ” slash corporate welfare and plow the savings into student loan debt relief”

      Someone apparently doesn’t understand either ‘corporate welfare’ OR ‘debt relief’.

      Both things are basically stealing taxpayer money to pay off excess risk.

      or, as this commenter put it =

      “”Bank Bailouts/Corporate Welfare” – Banks lose money on bad loans: sugar daddy government steps in and says, “don’t sweat it, take this taxpayer money instead and it will be OK”

      I’d probably add, “Price of Sugar Falls = Big Government Ag Subsidy steps in and says, “Don’t worry; take this taxpayer money and it will be OK

      “Student Loan Debt relief” – deadbeat students don’t want to pay back the loans they took out for their useless liberal arts degree: sugar daddy government steps in and says, “don’t sweat it, we’ll pay your loans back for you with this taxpayer money and it will be OK”

      1. But I want free shit, and I’m entitled to my advanced degree in Interpretive Puppet Dance.

  5. All millenial gaffings aside: a high calling has rarely ever been placed so bloodlessly on the doorstep of a uniquely-positioned collective that can literally spawn revolution through the most mundane and nearly ineffective civic activity called voting.

  6. You know who else used to respond to the Commnentariat?….

    1. Virginia Postrel?

      1. Can we talk about her now?

        1. I understand that it’s recommended that you don’t.


          1. You’re not the boss of me.

          2. Sweet Lucy was a dancer
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            Beyond our fingertips
            And none of us could reach that high

              1. No, anal sex references about Lucy are fine. What are you, a monk?

              2. It’s not against the law.

                Like we would care if it were.

    2. DON’T TALK ABOUT ____!

      1. FIGHT CLUB!

    3. I was told Hitler is always the answer to these things.

      1. You know who else thought that Hitler was always the answer to these things?

  7. “If someone like myself?a pajama-festooned, latte-sipping, liberal hipster who writes for Salon, fer chrissake?is willing to ignore party preference in favor of actual legislative gains, I can only assume that less ideologically committed millennials are even more willing to vote Republican for the right candidate or platform.”

    Ummm, isn’t someone who is willing to cross a party line to get a particular idea passed more ideologically committed?

    1. He admits to being a mere party hack. But he’s really pissed at his party. Come ’16 he’ll be sucking blue crank again.

      1. I know I said that it might make sense to be motivated by issues right after the ’14 election was over, but that was before I realized how bad Rand Paul would be on (Dem scare issue)!

  8. I remember when people were saying how many liberals would consider voting for John McCain, the “moderate” Republican.

    Rand Paul has tried to appeal to liberals, for example his recent condemnation of Darren Wilson. Innocent until proven guilty? Not if you’re a White male police officer. But he has too many skeletons in the closet. Remember when he implied he might not be 100% in support of forced integration? If he ever becomes a serious threat, the liberal controlled media will blow that up.

    1. his recent condemnation of Darren Wilson.


    2. Shut the fuck up, American.

  9. Out of curiosity, is that a t-shirt for 2003 San Francisco Mayoral Green candidate Matt Gonzalez?

    Would there have been any change to politics (other than to Gavin Newsome’s political career) if Gonzalez had won?

    1. Not a Libertarian|11.17.14 @ 5:22PM|#
      “Out of curiosity, is that a t-shirt for 2003 San Francisco Mayoral Green candidate Matt Gonzalez?”
      Good eye! Sure looks like it.

      “Would there have been any change to politics (other than to Gavin Newsome’s political career) if Gonzalez had won?”
      Prolly. Newsome’s a statist, while Gonzalez adds proggy econ to the mix.

  10. Paul won’t and doesn’t expect to get the liberal vote. All of his posturing is designed to appeal to independents/moderates.

  11. I’m at KCI waiting for my flight, watching the TSA.

    Two by two, hands of blue.

    1. Stay shiney!

    2. Just don’t hold your cheeks together too much during the mandatory rubdown, or pack a roll of Kennedy silver dollars in there, or you will end up in the interogation room, for a full cavity Search.

  12. I think an important thing to keep in mind is whether or not millennial dissatisfaction will merely result in apathy.

    That being said, apathy is not necessarily always a negative.

  13. A true, open-minded person should really just stick to party ideology. I mean, that is what having an open mind is all about. Plus, anyone with a R next to their name is not cool. Chuck Schumer, Nan Pelosi, Harry Reid, Carl Levin… they epitomize cool.

    1. Don’t forget Joe Biden. Who is also turning into Max Headroom, which makes him cool, right?

      1. Politicians: 30 years behind on the Cool Scale.

  14. Hey, in the end you’ve got to give Democrats credit – they packaged up a dildo from Illinois who had little to no experience, hung a narrative around his neck, and got 5-6 good years out of him to fuck up this country nicely. Now the star has faded as far as getting the millenials moist (maybe0, but he’s still there firing off executive orders and other nonsense at a decent clip. It’s like dining and dashing from a five start restaurant and getting chided you got a small stain on your tie.

    1. A fist-bumping, hip, dildo with a jump shot and abs. Thank you very much.

      1. Jump shot and abs? I think not. There is no evidence of either one.

        1. This was a thing:…..25shkl.jpg

          1. Jesus Christ. That is the definition of skinnyfat.

          2. Trans? Or it body waxes?

            Thats fuckin’ creepy.

          3. How many hours did some intern spend photoshopping that?

            1. Chris Matthews did it in his spare time.

    2. Whoever made you wear a tie couldn’t be serious. Are you serious?

    3. The Democrats didn’t do that, the Republicans did. If Jack Ryan doesn’t choke Seven of Nine no one would ever have heard of Barry O, and that’s before we get to the three Republicans he faced being despised by large swaths of their own party.

      1. Hey now, running a rabid social conservative like Alan Keyes against Obama may seem like a mistake in hindsight, but who could have foreseen that a vocal opponent of the theory of evolution might have a difficult time winning a statewide election in Illinois?

        1. Forgive me: the Borg do not evolve, they conquer.

  15. Salon decided at some point to be the clickbait capital of the liberal internet. “Two days have gone by without an article about Richard Dawkins or Bill Maher, quick get some copy out!”

    No liberal has any reason to consider Rand Paul. That said, Democrats have been stunningly incompetent at being a political party at times in the last couple decades. I’m no expert but seems to me that conceding the premise at every step of the way to Republicans is just a way to get Republicans elected and make yourself look useless.

    1. No liberal has any reason to consider Rand Paul.

      Fascists gonna fascist.

      1. It’s pretty hilarious that Tony and his ilk voted for Obama even though he increased the droning of brown people overseas and expanded the security state. I guess the blood of brown people is the price to pay if one wants free birth control.

        1. Cytotoxic is apparently willing to have the US and Canadian governments kill them by the millions if he feels that his rights are threatened, so I don’t think you are going to find a sympathetic voice.

          Many liberals are hardcore Democratic partisans, which would explain why the anti-war movement got significantly weaker after Obama took office.

          1. Hard to get anti war people to march against a Nobel a Peace prize winner…

            1. Replying to your sockpuppet is fucking gross.

            2. My history is a little rusty but didn’t antiwar people despise Henry Kissinger?

            3. Creditionals over actions.

        2. Well, it’s not like McCain and Romney were going to be better on those two issues.

          1. Absolutely not, and McCain was guaranteed to be worse, but neither of them ran on a platform of breaking with the failed foreign policy of the Bush administration.

            1. I haven’t been remotely disappointed in Obama’s foreign policy. Hardly overjoyed at the utopia that resulted, but a fair person doesn’t blame Obama for the mess his predecessor caused. And Obama has made mistakes. But he hasn’t broken any promises–he never said he was a pacifist. His Nobel Peace Prize speech was about the proper role of armed force.

              1. And Obama has made mistakes. But he hasn’t broken any promises…

                Can’t you say Afghanistan? Or, is the current failure there exactly what he promised?

                And, of course, if we move on to social policy, then we see several broken promises, like: “If you like your doctor/policy…”

                But excuse me for raining on your parade. It sounded good.

                1. You must understand, to a person who was nearly radicalized by the previous president’s massive global fuckups, these things seem like, I dunno, total bullshit straw-grasping by someone who’s motivated not by truth and sanity but by blind partisan lizard-brain reflex.

                  1. Tony|11.17.14 @ 10:36PM|#
                    “You must understand, to a person who was nearly radicalized by the previous president’s massive global fuckups, these things seem like, I dunno, total bullshit straw-grasping by someone who’s motivated not by truth and sanity but by blind partisan lizard-brain reflex.”

                    That’s because you’re a fucking idiot.

              2. Tony|11.17.14 @ 8:35PM|#
                “I haven’t been remotely disappointed in Obama’s foreign policy.”

                That’s because you’re a fucking idiot.

      2. “No liberal has any reason to consider Rand Paul. ”

        He’s got a point. Modern American Liberal’s are dyed in the wool Statists.

        1. I think you misspelled “Stalinists”

    2. If Tony degrees it, it be so!

    3. ” I’m no expert”

      Really? Because you really do seem like an expert at times. Its in the intricate detail and flawless reasoning you apply to even the most complex arguments. Your humility is truly a noble virtue.

      1. Remember the time Tony claimed that the voters don’t agree with Republicans on any issue, despite the fact that we’ve got tons of evidence that they agree with Republicans on immigration, low taxes, and net neutrality?

        Yeah, Tony has a rough time with this ‘looking at and considering the evidence’ thing.

        1. Remember when Tony said that his master was going to kill us all with heat seeking missiles and even posted pictures from Raytheon?

          Tony is a really funny guy.

          1. He’s just focused like a laser on taking care of poor starving children and old people.

            Sometimes, his compassion just comes out a bit rough.

    4. Wow, who would have ever predicted that Tony would come here to say that no statist luddites should have any reason to vote for Rand.

      How totally unpredictable Tony is.

    5. Tony:

      I’m no expert but seems to me that conceding the premise at every step of the way to Republicans is just a way to get Republicans elected and make yourself look useless.

      Denial: the first stage of grief.

  16. Then came Obama, promising to […] let gay people getting [sic] married

    No, he was pro-traditional marriage in 2008.

    1. Are you serious? Are you serious?

    2. Indeed

    3. ENB has never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

      Anyone else notice that her steady stream of War on Women shit abruptly ended on Nov 5?

  17. Rand Paul libertarian? Now, who is the desperate here!

  18. Millennials are still politically irrelevant because they haven’t figured out how to think for themselves. Isn’t that the core of Libertarianism? Thinking for yourself without influence from “the man”? They will still only say and do whatever is cool at the moment. A million dollars will buy you at least 1000 of their votes. Pathetic.

    1. Well that and their voting numbers outside of an Obama 2008 campaign are shit.

    2. When did that become the core of Libertarianism? I thought it was non-aggression.

    3. Libertarianism would honor people’s right to conform if they so choose.

  19. Having a left winger say something nice about you isn’t much of a compliment.

    1. Yes, but having a Left winger make an argument that doesn’t boil down to Principals over Principles is unusual.

    2. Shhhh, the popular kids said something nice about Reason’s hair! Maybe they’ll let them eat at their table in the lunchroom tomorrow!

    3. Don’t take this too lightly. No matter how stupid we think Bill Maher or these other so called liberal talking heads are, the liberals actually listen to them ‘because’ they are unable to think for themselves. All it will take now is for Jon Stewart to start fawning over Rand and we’ll be on our way to a Randslide in 2016. Useful idiots. Sometimes they’re useful.

  20. Didn’t we just sort of have this conversation?

    Ok, here’s the worstest thing that can come out of Rand being elected POTUS in 2016.

    Reason writers will write articles declaring ‘The Libertarian Moment has Arrived! And it’s all because Millenials are so libertarian!’. Yeah, I know this will rain all over our happy parade and we’ll be tearing our hair out hoping that the Millenial Libertarian Moment! articles will stop, but they won’t stop, they’ll just keep on coming…

  21. The Millenials who came of age under GWB are actually still pretty pro-Obama and Dems. It’s the 18-24s who have only known Obama who are sour on him and the Dems, according to the exists.

    Just as GWB lost a generation, so too Obama.

    1. I have to confess, only a few months ago, I thought the country will probably be stupid enough to elect that old bag, Hillary, but now I see too much momentum gaining behind Rand. If he plays all of his cards right, he could go into the election season like a juggernaut that will be very hard to stop. Getting the GOP nomination will be his biggest hurdle. If he gets it, he could very well be our next president.

      1. “I thought the country will probably be stupid enough to elect that old bag, Hillary”

        Remember, she couldn’t even close the nomination last time.

        1. Yes, I do remember that, but then there was that dreamy Obama who would be the first black potus. There is no more Obama. What there is, is Rand Paul, who is a good speaker, has the legacy of his father but who is much more pragmatic and a better speaker, who is an all around likeable guy, young and good looking. There isn’t much Rand doesn’t have going for him at this point. Cankles? Not so much.

          1. Compared to Ron Paul my parakeet is a great pragmatist so that ain’t sayin much. Rand has had several serious political blunders, and doesn’t understand how to deal with hostile media or even debate the opposition (Hilary memorably kicked his butt during the Benghazi hearings). He’ll be lucky to hold on to his Senate seat in 2016.

            1. Hilary memorably kicked his butt during the Benghazi hearings


            2. Hilary memorably kicked his butt during the Benghazi hearings

              What universe do you live in?

              1. The one where public opinion matters.

                You and I may have thought she was a blithering, over-rehearsed liar during that hearing, but that’s not how the public saw it.

                1. Turd.Burglar.

                2. According to who?

                3. Handlebar|11.17.14 @ 9:03PM|#
                  “The one where public opinion matters.”
                  So the best lie works?
                  Fuck off.

  22. , Democratic candidates didn’t bother to address the (very real, very serious) problems that are on the minds of many millennials: the racist and costly drug war, ballooning student loan debt, long-term unemployment, flat wages at shitty retail and restaurant jobs, and an imperiled climate.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They always shoehorn this in despite the fact that no one gives a shit about the climate and people don’t vote on that.

    Literally all available polling data says that climate is a total non-issue in voting. Climate change is irrelevant as an electoral issue.

    For the pro-science party, they sure do have a difficult time reading polling data.

    1. A blind faith in 1000 year old technology and irrational abhorrence of anything more recent than the 19th century doesn’t make them the pro-science party.

    2. He just can’t help wishing they actually cared about it. Because he does. Except he really doesn’t, of course. For 95% of the people who profess to worry about “climate change”, it’s just another social signaling device, while they then turn around and use tons of electricity and fly in planes and so on and so forth.

      The reasons it’s not an electoral issue are 1) it’s unproven, lie-infested bullshit which is obvious to anyone with half a brain and any sense for when people are trying to scam you, and 2) not even the people who profess to really, really care about it actually give a flying fuck about it…especially if that would crimp their lifestyle in any way.

      Of course it’s not an electoral issue. It’s pure, unadulterated KULTUR WAR bullshit at this point. TEAM HOT and TEAM NOT!

    3. Hard to sell global warming when most of the country is seeing late January temps in mid-November.

      1. That’s weather, not climate!

        /cues Tony

    4. Global warming is going to destroy the world. The NYT had this story:

      PICKING up where a high-school chemistry class might end, ”Nova,” the public-broadcasting science series, offers the nonmatriculating viewer an advanced course in worrying. The cause of the concern is all the carbon dioxide that’s being pumped into the industrialized and motorized air. The hourlong broadcast is called ”The Climate Crisis: The Greenhouse Effect,” at 9 tonight on Channel 13.

      The conclusion, conveyed with great authority by several big-league climatologists from government and private research organizations, is terrible: by the year 2000, the atmosphere and weather will grow warmer by several degrees and life – animal, plant, human – will be threatened. The experts say that melting ice caps, flooded cities, droughts in the corn belt and famine in the third world could result if the earth’s mean temperature rises by a mere two or three degrees.

      So get rid of that SUV and stop using electricity. Move into a tent and eat artisinal mayonaise.

      Published: June 24, 1986

      1. How about this:

        While doing research 12 or 13 years ago, I met Jim Hansen, the scientist who in 1988 predicted the greenhouse effect before Congress. I went over to the window with him and looked out on Broadway in New York City and said, “If what you’re saying about the greenhouse effect is true, is anything going to look different down there in 20 years?” He looked for a while and was quiet and didn’t say anything for a couple seconds. Then he said, “Well, there will be more traffic.” I, of course, didn’t think he heard the question right. Then he explained, “The West Side Highway [which runs along the Hudson River] will be under water. And there will be tape across the windows across the street because of high winds. And the same birds won’t be there. The trees in the median strip will change.” Then he said, “There will be more police cars.” Why? “Well, you know what happens to crime when the heat goes up.”

        This was published in 2001, so ’12 or 13 years ago’ was 1988-1989. So he predicted that by 2009 all the birds in New York would be dead, the highways of New York would be flooded, and crime would be exploding.

        How’d those predictions work out, James?

        1. Al Gore saved us, obviously.

      2. I used to know Herbert Mitgang’s daughter (now also deceased).

    5. We’re terrified by it you moron. You would be too if you had the slightest grasp on reality. How does it feel to be part of the mass of semi-retarded sheep who cares more about the black man on the TV than about the fact that nature is going to kill you and your children?

      1. Tony|11.17.14 @ 10:40PM|#
        “We’re terrified by it you moron.”

        Yeah, that’s because you’re a fucking ignoramus.

      2. the fact that nature is going to kill you and your children

        By raising the Earth’s average temperature a few degrees? Yeah, right.

      3. We’re terrified by it you moron.

        I can tell.

  23. Why would he think Rand Paul would plow savings into “Student Loan Debt Relief”? I mean seriously.

    A. Doing that robs from the poor (people without degrees) and gives to the rich (people with degrees).

    B. Doing that removes any incentive students have to be frugal with their college choices. No going to a $50,000 a year private school for a completely unmarketable degree.

    C. You’re also in effect penalizing the responsible, the person who takes two years at a cheap community college before finishing at a public university in a degree that businesses actually want employees to have, and who worked while going to school, who has less debt, while rewarding the irresponsible: The person who did as under B above, but also didn’t work, and probably took out loans to cover living expenses like flat screens and Netflix.

    I fully understand a liberal progressive not understanding economics and not realizing how a bailout of poor decision making is not a good idea. Rand Paul would realize that though, and not do something so stupidly populist.

    1. Furthermore you’ll make future debt problems even worse because you’re essentially incentivizing people to A) not pay their debt and wait for a bailout and b) you’re incentivizing colleges to jack up tuition as much as possible since the government will pick up the bill anyway.

      Student loan debt relief would create a MASSIVE moral hazard and cause even worse tuition inflation.

      1. No it won’t, because the money will be given to the students and not the colleges. Duh.

  24. Obama turned out to care about civil liberties as little as Bush did and like bombing people about as much.

    Less and more, actually.

    Little changed in a Democrat controlled Congress.

    Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, NDAA of 2011, filibuster obliterated, whatever.

    Then little changed in a Republican controlled Congress.

    When did the Republicans control Congress during this admin?

    1. When did the Republicans control Congress during this admin?

      Next year. Thanks to war on wiminz, climate change, and other stupid non-issues.

      1. ENB has some verb tense confusion?

        1. Well the GOP certainly has not had control of Congress in what? 8-9 years?

    2. The GOP retook the House in 2010.

    3. I think she means the House.

  25. Sounds like a whole lot of crazy smackl to me dude. Wow.

  26. They can’t stop us!

    I believe that they’ve already stopped you, dipshit. This is getting to be too boring.

  27. If I were a desperate Republican pundit, who’d looked at the demographic shifts that are surely going to sweep my party away, this is exactly the article I’d plant on an ostensibly ‘independent thinking’ type site.

    Rand will not be president. It doesn’t matter if he gets the Republican nomination or not.

    1. You sound scared to me.

    2. Some minor flaws with your argument:

      1) Demographic shifts. Black people and Mexicans are not genetically guaranteed to be Democratic voters forever. Wild shifts in voting behavior occurs over the course of relatively small spans of time (Republicans used to get crushed among the white working class and now own them) so this argument is irrational and a bit racist every time it’s uttered.

      2) ENB is the most liberal person on this site. This is a woman who has approvingly retweeted Amanda Marcotte. Yeah, I’m sure she’s a paid shill in the employ of the Republican Party.

      Your point about Rand is right though.

      1. Good first point, I wish more of the anti-immigrant ‘we can’t have more immigrants because they’ll vote for Democrat socialists’ people would get it too.

        1. Your pony really needs a second trick.

          1. The logic stands.

            1. Good to know that you will personally guarantee my bank account from increased taxation if they do, though. I mean, it’s obviously a safe bet, isn’t it?

              1. Bo has this problem; his mommy said he was *smart* and she lied.
                He’s average at best. At best.

            2. No, it does not. Just because it’s possible for a voting block to shift allegiance does not mean it’s a good idea to add to the Democratic/statist voting block.

        2. Hilariously, in Canada, I’ve seen the argument reversed. Immigrants are socially conservative and like pro-business economics, and that’s why the Tories have been in power for so long and the Liberals have collapsed (ignoring, of course, the Liberals’ lame duck candidates of the past couple years).

          1. That could be true, since Canada got all the Hong Kong immigrants. We keep the law abiding ones out as a matter of policy.

            I still love the idea of Rand issuing unlimited visas to Iraqi and Syrian Christians and Hong Kong democracy protestors.

            1. Eh the data’s kind of fuzzy, I need to see what happens when the Liberals try to manage themselves competently before I make any judgments. But broad visas for political refugees is a really good idea.

            2. IIRC Canada has a program for people to (in effect) buy citizenship. That means they get high earners instead of a lot of Third World peasants who think socialism sounds like a great idea.

      2. You know who screwed Obama – the other Dems. They didn’t support him enough and caved in to the Republicans. They made him continue the wars, bail out wall street and GM, increase NSA snooping, and keep Gitmo open. What did he do for black people?

        ** Maybe a story like that will encourage black voter to think twice about reflexively voting Donkey.

        1. It was the Bushpigs who bailed out Wall st. Yes, Senator Obama voted for it but the large progressive caucus was against it.

          1. What about the Obamapigs? Repeat after me, libertarian guy, Obamapigs. Say it.

          2. 43 donkeys and 31 elephumps voted for TARP, 9 D’s 15 R’s and the asshole voted against it.

            Wrong again, shreik. The progs loved them some guvmt giveaway to the 1%.

            1. They loved them some wars too. They voted for Bush’s wars. Ain’t that right, Buttpig? Say Obamapigs, Shreeky. Say it you fucking pussy.

            2. Bushpigs. The executive branch begged it through. Hank Paulson knew that we were in full collapse, idiot.

              1. Say Obamapigs, pussy.

              2. Palin’s Buttplug|11.17.14 @ 9:06PM|#



            I dealt completely with the White House on this. They were representing that they had the 100 votes. They got 65. That was really a disappointment. Maybe if they came up with 90, then we could have compensated for that. But 65 was just rejection. You have to give the Republican members credit, though. They don’t believe in a public role?the same attitude that got us where we were that day, of lack of interest in supervision, regulation, discipline, a cop on the beat. So it was totally consistent with the Republicans in Congress to say, “We didn’t believe in any intervention before. Why would we believe in an intervention now?”

            A modified version of the package passed a few days later. What changed?
            They never got their 100. At the end, they had 91, and the total vote was 263. That’s still not half of the Republicans voting for it. It was something necessary for our country, but it never was fully understood by their constituents: They saw this as a bailout for Wall Street rather than a rescue of our economy.

            1. It’s almost too late now to stop this global warming! This is the last warning, you deniers! Now give us all your money so that we can save you. This is your last warning! We really mean it this time!

              1. And for a limited time, we’ll throw in a FREE bumper sticker that glorifies collectivism!

        2. Enough of them sure fell on their swords to get Obamacare passed over the wishes of the people who sent them to Washington to represent them.

      3. I think Rand could win the general election. He probably has the best chance of any Republican.

        The hard part for him is to get the Team Red nomination.

        1. Rick Perry and Scott Walker (and a lot of other people) would do better in the general.

          1. Rick Perry? Are you fucking serious? Why not Jeb? Jeb, he’s great, and that Christie guy too.

            1. Nobody named Bush is getting elected in the next 50 years at least. Even if Reggie Bush runs for prez he’s going to have some mansplaining to do.

              The GOP base will completely revolt if Christie gets the nom.

              1. I still don’t know why you would like Perry. He’s be a Bush clone if I’ve ever seen one.

                1. Also, way to open the Republicans to a campaign season dominated by the culture war. That old video of Perry decry gays in the military would get played over and over again.

                  1. Oh gods. I forgot what a moron he was about that.

                    GOP, please accept that any candidate who has a homophobic record is now fucking unelectable. If your reaction is to complain that that disqualifies half of your best candidates, well, there’s your problem.

                  2. I’m sure a candidate who went on national TV and said he would have voted against the Civil Rights Act would do much beeter.

          2. Maybe. Perry better put on a better show than he did the last time. Walker is a little bit charisma challenged.

            I will concede the point that they are fairly successful governors, and that would help them in the primary and general elections.

        2. He has the only chance of any Republican.

          1. Walker. Kasich.

    3. Must be that nitwit Palestinian over at the Beast.

  28. I will ONLY vote for RAND PAUL if he runs as an independent.

    I will Support Gary Johnson if the Congress remains RED.
    I will support Elizabeth Warren if the Congress Goes BLUE. AND I MEAN BLUE.

    Everyone talks a bunch of BULLSHIT when they say OBAMA had the HOUSE and the SENATE in his first 2years of the 1st term. That he had 61 Democrats in the Senate. HE DID NOT. 13 of those DEMOCRATS where BLUE DOGS…effectively Republicans.

    If the SENATE can gain 61 REAL LIBERALS and the Majority of the HOUSE, I’ll vote for Warren.

    If the SENATE can gain 61 REAL LIBERALS and the Majority of the HOUSE, and Hillary (or something similar) is the Candidate, I will vote for Gary Johnson.

    1. I don’t even get your internal logic, why wouldn’t you support someone like Warren if ‘Congress remains RED?’

      1. Because we would have the same Gridlock that we had with Obama.

        If the Congress is RED, I will vote Libertarian (I am a very left leaning Libertarian). And, it has to be a WHITE MAN like Johnson or Paul.

        1. “And, it has to be a WHITE MAN like Johnson or Paul.”


          1. I learned by Lesson with the 1/2 breed.
            America isn’t ready for a brown fellow with Kinky hair regardless of who his mother is.

            White America only voted in Obama back in 2012 out of an ANGERED STUPOR of what GWB did to this nation and the alternative for John McCain.

            ELECTION 2008:

            1. Fuck off American.

            2. That’s some racist bullshit there friend. Fuck off back to Stormfront.

              1. Is Obama not a Nigger?
                Is Biden not have a fake hair transplant?

                Is McCain not a Mummy?
                Is Palin not a Dummy?

                It’s a Joke. Us coloured people have word ownership over the word Nigger. Get over it.

                1. “Us coloured people have word ownership over the word Nigger. Get over it.”

                  Uh, and?

    2. Wow, you’re going to vote for Gary Johnson or Warren? Are you schizophrenic or just really, really ignorant?

      1. I think its just really, really weird. Probably Mary.

        1. I see it’s quickly turned into a racist above. Maybe it’s the illegitimate love child of Mary and Murikan? I wonder what they named it? Marykin?

          1. It’s a joke. I’m not a racist.

            I didn’t even create that statement. But I found it pretty Funny when I heard it.

            1. Ok, then tell me that voting for Lizzie Warren was also a joke.

              1. No. I love Warren. But I know she or any other progressive presidential candidate would be useless with a RED CONGRESS present.

                1. I wish there were more progressives like you out there speaking your minds.

      2. It depends on the congress?

  29. The solution to not getting enough people to vote the way we want is compulsory voting, of course.

    1. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain when they pass compulsory voting laws.

  30. “But this is likely a strike while the iron’s hot kind of moment.”

    Why? It seems to me like if they pay any attention at all they’re only going to get more cynical. What’s team blue going to do to reverse they’re apathy beyond more meaningless derp? They’re either going to wise up or they’re not.

  31. OT: The Gruber hits just keep on coming. Here’s an unearthed video of Obama saying he has stolen ideas from Jon Gruber “liberally.” You know, that guy Obama had never heard of before he read about him in the paper the other day.

    1. He didn’t say that. He said he stole ideas from “many of” the people he listed. That doesn’t necessarily mean he stole ideas from Gruber.

      However, it is hard to pass him off as “some advisor”, just like when Bill Clinton referred to Lewinsky as “that woman”.

      1. Funny how we thought of “that woman” line at the same time.

    2. Obama: I did not have (anti-)intellectual relations with that man.

    3. Gruber is the author of Romneycare. Not Obamacare. Of course they are pretty similar in their private marketplace exchanges.

      1. Gruber is the author of Romneycare. Not Obamacare.

        Hahahaha! You really think people believe that??

      2. Technically true, but unimportant. You can’t deny that Gruber had a huge impact on the ACA, at least as much as any other policy guy out there.

      3. Palin’s Buttplug|11.17.14 @ 8:36PM|#
        “Gruber is the author of Romneycare. Not Obamacare.”
        Assertion from congenital liar, turd.

        “Of course they are pretty similar in their private marketplace exchanges.”
        Private in like they are coerced, turd?
        Fuck off.

    4. That was only 8 years ago but he looks 20 years older now. Sad.

  32. Even Obama Girl is running away from Obama.

    Ettinger has spoken about her tepid feelings toward the president before. Earlier this year, she expressed concern that her label as “Obama Girl” was holding back her career. She also gave Obama some credit, but said that he hadn’t necessarily done enough to win her vote yet.

    Democrat politicians feel your pain, Amber Lee. BTW nobody would know who the heck you were if it weren’t for your label as Obama Girl, ungrateful skank.

  33. We’ll see what happens when they all drop off mommys and daddys insurance.

    1. And have to get a job and see their first paycheck? Wow, I made $1000 this week! Oh, wait… wtf? What is this net thingy? WTF, I only made $600? What is this FICA shit? Hey! What? $150 for health insurance? It’s not fair!

      1. I once had a boss who said he came from a long line of Democrats, and then he looked at his first paycheck with all the deductions, and instantly became a Republican.

  34. If you’re under 40 the Clinton years were the best of your life. The USA began its decline in 2001.

    1. I’m 50, and the clinton years (eight years of peace and prosperity) WERE GOOD !!!

      1. “peace” is a relative term

        1. Not relative in comparison to the GWB years.

      2. Meh,

        I’m fifty too. And the Reagan years were way better.

        The Clinton years began for me with a long multi year period of unemployment, leading to bankruptcy, my house being foreclosed and near homelessness in 1996. Followed by a several good years culminating in my having a higher income when Clinton left office in Jan 2001 than I had in Jan 1993, but no home as I had in 1993.

        For me the Bush years were much better. I bought a house and started a business, which both almost, but not quite, tanked in Obama’s depression and mostly survived thanx to the reserves that I built up in those horrible Bush years.

        1. Whay you felt in the early 90s was what REAGan and Bush did to you. It takes years for these policies to kick in.

          As far as being foreclosed on and going bankrupt, you were financially irresponsible and got into debt that you could not mitigate with job loss and but too expensive of a House. At least that is what a Libertarian would tell you.

          1. and got into debt that you could not mitigate with job loss and but too expensive of a House.

            Could you try again? English, please?

    2. Palin’s Buttplug|11.17.14 @ 9:14PM|#
      “If you’re under 40 the Clinton years were the best of your life. The USA began its decline in 2001.”

      Fuck you turd. Go away.

      1. Based on Alice Bowie’s comment, this implies that the Bush years are due to the Clinton presidency, and the Clinton years are due to the Reagan/Bush presidencies.

        God, I wish these people could make up their minds on how thinking works.

      2. If you’re over 55, the best years of your life were when you were a kid.

    3. Luckily for Clinton, Reagan had won the Cold War and destroyed the USSR, and the personal computer revolution took off. Neither of which he had anything to do with.

      Oh wait, Clinton does deserve some credit: the first two years of his administration created a GOP House in ’94, which then restrained spending (kind of, for a while) and reformed welfare.

  35. What’s the best free video editing softward for Windows?

    1. putty + a Linux computer

      1. You mean, I’d have to learn how to do stuff rather than just click-copy-paste kind of stuff?

        Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    2. cavalier973|11.17.14 @ 10:10PM|#
      “What’s the best free video editing softward for Windows?”

      You think something is free?
      How much do you want to pay for your free shit?

  36. How about team yellow dammit

  37. No worry, the GOP majority in congress will insure that no Republican nominee can win.

    1. This is not far fetched at all, the stupid team rarely disappoints.

  38. To add to that I tend to like gridlock…what’s not to like when either party is unable to pass “landmark” legislation. Can anyone point to any “landmark” legislation wasn’t completely fucked up.

    I like my gridlock shaken, not stirred.

  39. that, friggin cheap whiskey.

  40. Electing a president is like voting for Brad Pitt vs. Tom Cruise. Mid-terms are like voting for Dustin Diamond vs. Dean Cain.

  41. If “an imperiled climate” is high on millennials’ fear list as they go broke, they really have been brainwashed.

    1. Climate Control to Democrats is like Abortion to Republicans: an issue at the National level to make a lot of noise about “rallying the base” with the full knowledge little or nothing will change.

  42. Students in this country would be rioting if they realized that the are being fleeced not only by the banking system but by higher education as well. Simply compare tuition and student loan interest rates in the UK compared to the USA:

    UK Maximum Tuition Rate: 9000 GBP, about $14,000.

    UK Student Loan Interest Rates:

    2014/15 1.5
    2013/14 1.5
    2012/13 1.5
    2011/12 1.5
    2010/11 1.5
    2009/10 0.0
    6 March 2009 – 31 August 2009 1.5
    6 February 2009 – 5 March 2009 2.0
    9 January 2009 – 5 February 2009 2.5
    5 December 2008 – 8 January 2009 3.0
    1 September 2008 – 4 December 2008 3.8
    2007/08 4.8
    2006/07 2.4
    2005/06 3.2
    2004/05 2.6
    2003/04 3.1
    2002/03 1.3
    2001/02 2.3
    2000/01 2.6
    1999/00 2.1
    1998/99 3.5

    Comparable USA Tuition are $40,000 – $50,000. True, many types of student aid are available but the process is Byzantine. But the UK took one major step to control education costs: ABOLISHED TENURE.

    For that period, USA student loan interest rates are approximately 2x that of the UK.

    This could be a major issue for a progressive candidate to rally the not only the young base but some of their parents as well.

  43. Ha!

    Got a good laugh at this:

    “Personally, I’d vote for Rand Paul for president…if I thought he would actually…slash corporate welfare and plow the savings into student loan debt relief or a robust infrastructure bill.”

    Riiiight. That’s on Rand Paul’s agenda. Guess he’ll never vote for Rand Paul.

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  45. “Then came Obama, promising to … let gay people get married.”

    Yea, he was for traditional marriage his first term and didn’t have an “evolution” on the topic until the polling was favorable.

  46. Of course the would look to Republicans!

    Why, they are the part of getting the Gubment off our backs……oh, shoot, look what just happened…

    “Republicans block overhaul of NSA surveillance reform”

    Oh, well, Republicans will be Republicans (authoritarians)

  47. “Of course the would look to Republicans!”

    Could you try again, in English?

    Deja vu.

    1. “Could you try again, in English?”
      Republicans=Authoritarians……now and always. Give them power and sit back and watch.

      Is that clear enough?

  48. No offense intended towards any of our Democrats friends, but, maybe you should take some of what your Gruber guru had to say to heart. Not saying your own political church political religion cult political religion political group of willing affiliation is playing you for “stupid,” ignorant suckers or anything like that. If you people only honestly believed even a fraction of what you claim you believe your support should be behind libertarian, or at least libertarian leaning, candidates who have a helluva lot more in common with you than the backstabbing A-holes you keep backing up time after time.

    1. You mean like Rand Paul who just helped kill the NSA reform? He felt bad that his vote caused it to lose….

      One can only imagine him voting against pot legalization because there would be a tax on it. Better to keep things like they are!

      In theory, true libertarians should lean left – at least center-left. The fact that they went far right and are corporate (Koch) controlled and financed is an indication that today’s libertarians are anything but libertarian. They are more authoritarian and fascist (corporations rule the state).

      No one plays me for a sucker. If I voted in this election (I did not) it would have been for Charlie Baker. I am anything but a card carrying Democrat – however, let me repeat, I think the Dems have it about 50% right and the GOP only about 30%. That generally makes the Dems more toward libertarianism (decrim, pot, marry who you want, less war, etc.)

      The GOP, on the other hand, is closer in actual practice to being American Fundies who want to control from the womb to the painful death (they are generally against death with dignity). And, while you are here they are against you smoking dope, etc……a free mind being dangerous to their authoritarian way of thinking.

      1. Here’s what you wrote.

        “I don’t know anything about libertarianism, and my definition of libertarians are based on caricatures by uninformed lefties. And I only care about limited government if it involves few cause celebre issues”

        Hey, the left says it loves dissent, free speech, due process, and transparent government.

        So they should lean center right and join the Tea party, oppose stupid consent laws, and limiting free speech to specific zones in college?

        Because this will educate you – The Dems want nationalization of economies, healthcare, and education.

        1. “The Dems want nationalization of economies, healthcare, and education.”


          What reasonable people want is some regulation of these things and more. As an example, not regulating education means our kids could be taught that a Male God created the world in 6 days about 6-10,000 years ago. That’s not education – it’s story telling.

          In the case of health care, insurance have always – at least in relatively modern times – been regulated. That’s the only thing standing in-between ripping people off with “lose one eye and one hand at the same time and receive $5,000” policies and actual insurance which reflects the real world.

          If we didn’t have the most dysfunctional and most expensive health care in the world, there wouldn’t be much sense to regulate it more. But the fraudsters, who we now elect as powerful pols (Rick Scott, etc.) will get away with anything they can while preying on the sick, the weak or our tax dollars.

  49. ” if only anyone on either team red or team blue could manage to actually stand for something. ”

    That about sums it up

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  51. The political problem in the US today is that the old style left versus right is over and done. Today the far left and the far right are liberty hating regulators. They want to rule people’s lives and they will do everything including telling blatant lies to achieve their goals. The Obamacare debacle is a perfect case study – we know what is best for you, you’re too stupid so just leave it to us.

    1. “we know what is best for you, you’re too stupid so just leave it to us.”

      Are you going to claim that people are NOT stupid? If so, you’ll have to first explain how Palin – a person who should be nowhere near even a desk job selling copying machines – was elevated to Presidential status by a large % of the population.

      While I detest the close-mindedness of the far left, they simply are nowhere near as numerous as the American Talibs on the right. So I’ll generally put up with that tiny minority – while trying to make sure that the fundies don’t get more power than they already have!

  52. elizabeth, your a moron

    1. Thanks for your contribution, Beavis.

  53. If anything, I’d hope that millennials will realize how shafted everyone is by our current two-monolithic-parties system. It’s the political version of too big to fail. We desperately need multiple parties and coalition building for reasonable governing. Evidence: articles like this that advocate abandoning vanilla for French vanilla. It’s still vanilla.

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  56. i am a fan of democratic party

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