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Brickbat: Locker Room Visitors


Drug Enforcement Administration agents conducted surprised inspections of NFL team doctors and training staffs over the weekend. The inspections targeted teams playing away games to make sure physicians and staff weren't illegally giving pain pills or other prescription medications to players.


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  1. This is a joke, right?

  2. No joke,the DEA is a out of control.They are awful at their jobs too,seeing the supply it steady or growing and the cost has went down.They really see themselves to be on a holy mission

  3. Among other things they said it was illegal for doctors to prescribe controlled substances outside their geographical area of practice. That sounded pretty strange to me… in this case the team doctor’s area of practice is the team.

    In other cases it might be your oncologist faxing you a prescription for Percodan while you are visiting family in another state. I suppose they are trying to target “Pill mill” docs with this rule, but I hardly think they are alleging that NFL team doctors have a thriving business distributing Percocet prescriptions as they travel the nation.

    Percodan and percocet being a couple of the drugs team doctors are accused of giving injured players illegally. For pain. But not because they have pain. Because they can’t play with the pain. So they give them narcotics. For the pain. So they can play.

    1. At least that was they justification they offered. Apparently ex-players are suing because they say they were given painkillers so they could keep playing. They are also worried that trainers and other medical staff are handling controlled substances instead of just doctors. And dispensing them from bottles without labels. I think the idea being that they keep a bottle of painkillers on hand so that when a guy tears his ACL they can just give him a couple of pills for the pain. But that would be illegal. Because drug dealers.

    2. a few years ago,we were staying in Nags Head for the week and my wife forgot her inhaler.I called our doc,who was a also a client of mine.He sent a script to CVS in Nags Head.So,was that against the law?

      1. With some meds, yes. You’d have to get a local doc to prescribe it. Pretty awful if you’re dependent on a medication.

    3. Screw the full faith and credit clause.

      1. It’s probably due to the Interstate Commerce Clause which either giveth or taketh away, depending on what some jumped up bureaucrat wants to do at any given moment.

  4. Surprise, not surprised.

    And the DEA’s war on painkillers is pretty much responsible for the heroin epidemic that’s hit recently.

    There’s that saying about not ascribing to malice what can be explained by incompetence, but I think the DEA is just plain evil

    It’s like when the Prohibition people poisoned industrial alcohol (which they knew was being stolen/re-purposed) and killed a whole bunch of people.

    1. as always,it’s for the children,casualties of war and all that

      1. And the way to show you care about the children is by continuing to do things that have been proved by experience not to work, like humiliating people into going to the pharmacist to get effective over-the-counter cold meds.

  5. Another thought,if they want to lower use of these drugs let the players smoke a little pot,yeah right

  6. Funny, I was just watching a show on the epidemic of prescription pain pill abuse and, while they admitted that pain pills are so addictive because they make you feel so good, nobody bothered explaining why feeling good in this particular manner was a bad thing that you should be locked in a cage for. It just went without saying apparently that opioids are bad for you because they’re illegal and they’re illegal because they’re bad for you.

    1. I’ve noticed this too, and not just at a government/media level. Locally I have a bunch of acquaintances who find the idea of taking something to get high objectionable at a deep level. It seems to be an obvious wrong at the same level of obviousness as kiddie porn.

      They’ve shared these thoughts with me during discussions of ending pot prohibition. Over a couple of beers at the local pub. Without a clue as to the irony.

      I’ve gotten the same reaction from various political stripes, from far-right Rush listeners to way, way left social-justice warriors with “non profit” in their job title. Gay or straight matters not, everyone seems to understand that getting high is just…. wrong.

  7. Two bickbrats and no 7AM post? They shut down 24/7 and things go to pot.

    1. Careful, you’re giving the DEA reason …

  8. I don’t get this. Do doctors need to know the laws in each state all 32 teams operate in?

    If so, such undo pressure on NFL medical staffs.

    Sheesh. End the war on drugs already. It’s making people coo-coo.

    1. How about those Italian fans? 🙂

      1. What did they do? I watched the game. All I saw were Croatians throwing flares and Kovac and the players apologizing to the media.

        1. in the media.

          1. “Croatian reporters at the stadium told ESPN FC that fans of rival clubs Hadjuk Split and Dinamo Zagreb, both occupying different corners of the stadium, were responsible for causing the disruption.”

            From ESPN. Which is not surprising, given A) the history of Eastern European teams involved in such incidences and B) the two sides being rivals.

        2. The commentators on Fox Sports were saying it was fans from both Italy and Croatia.

          1. Of course they did. It’s ESPN. More anti-Serie A/Italian you can’t get.

            If you look at the game, the ‘tifosi’ were on the other side so I don’t know what they were seeing. Nor was there any chanting from the Italian side.

            All Croatia just like it was all Serbia.

            1. FOX/ESPN.

  9. TED talk worth hearing. I’ve been preaching this for 25 years after reading Peter McWilliams book. Maybe our time has come.…..e#t-972034

  10. Sadly, there are going to be a lot of people who cheer this on because they want Roger Goodell to look bad.

    1. The sport of football, rather than Goodell in particular, would be the haters target.

      1. Oh, I know a lot of football fans who were cheering the Ray Rice video thinking this would force Goodell to resign.

        I haven’t seen quite so extreme comments regarding this raid, but there does seem to be a distinct anti-Goodell sentiment.

  11. Well the Vikes played like Jim Carroll had given them the wrong drugs right before the game. Why weren’t we targeted?

  12. The proverbial elephant in the room is the human need and want to self-medicate. They will never legislate this away. And, as has been shown over the past hundred years (going back to Prohibition), they cannot bully it away either.

    1. The proverbial pink elephant in the room


  13. Since we can’t get alt-text from the Lords of Reason, I submit my own:

    Hell coach, I love needles.

    1. Coach says it’s okay when my ears bleed.

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  15. So DEA is acknowledging that the drugs are actually being used to treat pain in these cases, but say that treating pain in order for a professional to keep working is not within the scope of professional practice of the practitioner as understood in the state (of the USA) in which the prescribing or dispensing practice occurs. Would it matter if the work the patients were doing were something just as physically demanding, but less spectacular than football?

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