Philae Lander: One Small Step for Science, One Giant Sexist Shirt for Mankind?


So after landing the spacecraft Philae on a comet 300 million miles away, the real issue seems to be what one of people responsible, Matt Taylor (right), was wearing at the press conference announcing the achievement.

Among the negative comments: "No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt…" and "I don't care what scientists wear. But a shirt featuring women in lingerie isn't appropriate for a broadcast if you care about women in STEM."

In a deft take at USA Today, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit writes:

Matt Taylor, was wearing a shirt, made for him by a female "close pal," featuring comic-book depictions of semi-naked women. And suddenly, the triumph of the comet landing was drowned out by shouts of feminist outrage about…what people were wearing. It was one small shirt for a man, one giant leap backward for womankind….

What should have been the greatest day in a man's life—accomplishing something never before done in the history of humanity—was instead derailed by people with their own axes to grind. As Chloe Price observed: "Imagine the …storm if the scientist had been a woman and everyone focused solely on her clothes and not her achievements."

Read the whole thing.

A little more about that shirt, which is hardly offensive and was made by this British woman, Elly Prizeman, whose Twitter bio reads, "Into the rockabilly scene and enjoying life tons! I'm an alternative model, PA and work @eternalartessex removing tattoos with a laser."

She writes:

Dr. Matt Taylor is an amazing, kind, loving and sensitive person.

I never expected him to wear my gift to him for such a big event and was surprised and deeply moved that he did.

I made that shirt for his birthday last month as I make clothes just as a hobby and he asked if I would make him one.

He is a close and very loved friend so made sure I did this for his birthday present.

I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their opinion and having worked with people and events for a long time I have certainly learnt that you are never going to please everyone….

I am so proud of Matt and his achievements and the fact he is an interesting and very brave person to do what he did with the very sweet gesture he made towards my gift and to wear his individuality with pride.

It has certainly made history more exciting and bold.

More here.

Reynolds notes that just 23 percent of American women and 20 percent of us overall "identify as feminists, even though most are in favor of gender equality." A tendency to pivot toward humorless disgust in virtually any situation can't be helping the numbers.

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  1. Here is a close version of that shirt. Surely it is misogynistic enough for you reprobates.

    1. But this shirt would have been totally acceptable to the SJW crowd.

      1. I think they’d really have preferred one of these.


      2. Wish we could fire up the Alternate Universe machine and see what happens if Taylor was gay (or not) and wearing that shirt. The Maoist shame brigade posing as a webzine at salon.com would feature breathless denounciations of anonymous blog comments asking if Taylor’s a homo or not.

    2. Little known fact, Einstein accepted the Nobel Prize for Physics wearing his “Free Mustache Rides” t-shirt.

      And don’t call me Shirley.

      Between this, and last month’s “Batman’s Wife” controversy, its clear that the SJWs are sick and tired of being oppressed by novelty shirts. Novelty shirts are the single greatest impediments to girls aspiring to be astrophysicists and/or vigilante superheroes.

    3. I want one where all the chicks are wearing Burqas. Then nobody could complain, right?

    4. Apparently, this fool has no idea of what’s appropriate. Much like most of you fools here at Reason.

      1. Lol, I’d like to see you on Halloween.

  2. oooh a right wing pundit says that not many people believe the things he opposes. the barre for convincing libertarians is lower than i thought

    1. Fuck off troll. No one here gives a fuck what you think.

      1. thanks for going out of your way and taking the time to tell me so

        1. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Go whine for social justice warriors where someone cares.

      2. John, American Socialist just might.

    2. Nothing is lower than what you think.

    3. Right wing pundits? You are really stupid beyond belief.

    4. Funny thing. Those numbers the “right wing pundit” uses come from a Huffington post poll.

    5. Double fuck off, troll.

  3. Someone sent iowahawk this quote from Confucius:

    “When a wise man points at the moon, the imbecile examines the finger.”

    1. Well, I can’t get any use out of the Moon but that finger I can use right now.

      No homo.

  4. Were those two blog quotes the ones that go this whole thing going? They seem very tame.

    1. Here’s an Amazing Atheist video where TJ responds to another comment made about the shirt by the SJW crows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQPygz-lsZw

  5. All it takes to move womankind backward is a fucking shirt? Thank god not all women are as stupid and perpetually aggrieved, as these histrionic cunts.

    1. No, that’s not “all it takes.” However, male colleagues wearing sexist clothes is one factor that contributes to the shortage of women in STEM. The fact that he got away with it and none of his colleagues suggested he wear something that doesn’t show women being objectified as sex objects to a press conference suggests a work environment in which women might not feel welcome. Workplaces like this are one aspect of the problem, minor compared to the others, but still important.

      1. Well Done. I 100% can’t tell if you are serious or not. Exactly the right balance of stupid, missing the point, and sincere.

        1. I’m serious and sincere. The fact that you can’t tell is sad. I’d rather talk about Rosetta, Philae, and 67p, but I think it is also important to talk about the shortage of women in STEM. We can do both.

          1. Being offended at everything is a great way to promote yourself.

      2. Lol, faggot.

    2. Well, most liberal women sure seem to be.

  6. To me the issue is philistinism. If a department head chews out a mathematician for wearing that shirt while teaching an undergraduate analysis class, it’s one thing. If she chews out the same mathematician for wearing the same shirt while proving the Riemann conjecture, it’s another.

    1. Or that there are an infinite number of Sophie Germain primes. I decided to throw in a woman mathematician to keep with the theme. 🙂

  7. Incidentally, the T-shirt woman works on tattoo removal. Which probably stimulates employment more than most govt. programs.

    Oh, and there’s a comet in there somewhere.

  8. If some chick lands a robot on a comet, she can wear a half-naked picture of me on *her* shirt.

    1. No no no. Just no.

      1. Hey, you don’t even know me!

        1. I….well…yes. That’s true.

    2. If a chick lands a robot on a comet isn’t she some sort of goddess?

    3. A “chick” did land a robot on a comet. There were women on the team. They, and all the other team members, managed to wear appropriate clothing for the press conference, except for the clueless guy in the shirt with the half-naked women.

      1. Damnit. You were serious.

        Somebody fetch the faintin couch.

      2. And you do realize the “robot” is now dead. It landed in the shadows so the batteries wouldn’t recharge.

        Great accomplishment. Not.

        1. If you can do better……….

          Oh, appearances and all that.


        2. If you can do better……….

          Oh, appearances and all that.


  9. Ostensibly the outrage is over science’s “women problem” and how shirts like that create hostile environments for women aspiring to STEM careers.

    To which I say if you are so sensitive and weak that a shirt can deter you from an engineering career you probably aren’t cut out for work that’s frustrating and results in constant setbacks.

    1. That bitch insulted every woman in the world by implying they are so weak they would forgo a lucrative career because they couldn’t handle a tshirt. Dumb self centered bitch.

      1. Exactly.

      2. Precisely. The high salary and respect sound great and all, but you may run into a guy with a bawdy shirt!

      3. ^^This is what Matt Taylor should have said instead of apologizing.

      4. This female STEM PhD says, “Hear, Hear!”

    2. More to the point, if you are watching people land a space ship on a fricking comet and you are distracted by shirt, you might be well advised to choose a field other than STEM.

    3. You’d have to be profoundly weak-willed and pathetic to treat that shirt as an obstacle to your scientific career. Methinks this controversy says more about the complainers than Dr. Taylor.

      1. Think again, dummy. It is about a “professional” scientist knowing what is appropriate and what is not.

        Do you spend your entire life in a drug induced fog?

        1. @ john d
          1. urine idjit
          2. so, just what do ‘professional’ (as opposed to professional?) scientists wear ? ? ? mostly lab coats, huh…
          dickhead: apparently you have NEVER been around ‘professional’ scientists, because they wear ALL KINDS OF SHIT, you fucking moron… probably ONE small reason they go into the field: THERE IS NO ‘UNIFORM’ like many professions have, either formally or informally…
          3. i despair at the overly-juvenile libertard types of posts here, and there are some such responses, that does not mean the issue is decided on the basis of those few idiocies…
          4. say, WHY don’t you reply to the -for example- female STEM PhD who agrees with the ridiculousness of this faux ‘outrage’ ? ? ? (i know why, but you won’t admit it to yourself…)
          5. have i seen ANY argumentation in ANY of your posts ? no, mere assertion: ‘this is bad on my say-so, so you are bad for thinking so…’
          FOAD, grrlyman…

        2. Think again, dummy. It is about a “professional” scientist knowing what is appropriate and what is not.

          Keep telling yourself that.

          1. Fuckin A right peck! It would be alright if the mission failed as long as he wore a suit and tie!

    4. To which I say if you are so sensitive and weak that a shirt can deter you from an engineering career you probably aren’t cut out for work that’s frustrating and results in constant setbacks.

      A person offended by this shirt would only last at a defense contractor. Or in other words, a person incapable of getting a job where merit and ability matter.

      Full disclousere: I used to work for a defense contractor. I got out as soon as I could for the private sector. I have never looked back.

    5. Anyone want to guess how many of the outraged have STEM degrees vs how many have degrees in women’s studies?

      1. Wymyn’s Studies has petitioned to be reclassified as a STEM program, because of the reasons.

  10. How dare anyone imply women are shallow and brainless and are inferior to men? Hey, let’s talk about clothes!

  11. These people are very tiring. I think part of the success of the Rs this election, and maybe going forward, is that people are just tired of listening to all the whining and complaining.

    I’ve got a buddy who can be hilariously funny and a joy to be around but since 90% of what he talks about is what’s wrong with this, that or the other thing it makes it so I don’t ever want to hang with him.

    And lefties don’t even have that 10% of good stuff that my friend has, they are 100% mopey-complainy.

    1. I think you are right Warren. One of the resons SOCONs got such a bad rep is they are perceived as judge mental pains in the ass. People like this bitch have given the left the same reputation. In good times these people are indulged. But in bad times people quickly tire of their constant bitching and demanding of attention.

      1. But why indulge them in during good times? Too busy doing constructive, creative things and thy are not worth the hassle?

        1. You shouldn’t. But in good times people do for whatever reason.

    2. The reason the Rs won is because people are stupid. Republicans whine and complain as much as liberals and are twice as hypocritical.

      1. Yeah. Republicans complain about t shirts all of the time. And voting out the democrats is just stupid.

        Concern troll elsewhere you fucking half wit

        1. john if there were no trolls who would see your “the end is nigh” sandwichboard?

          1. You only show up to troll and defend bullshit. If want to criticize the right, there are plenty of treads to do it. You only do it here because you are a lefty troll wanted to shit on a tread critical of one of you beloved sjws.

            1. Why can’t there be a lefty-libertarian troll just as readily as there can be Republican-who-is-just-an-athiest libertarian troll?

              1. “you have the right not to care. “

      2. Anarchofoodie:

        The reason the Rs won is because people are stupid. Republicans whine and complain as much as liberals and are twice as hypocritical.

        Personally, I can’t wait for all of those stupid people to get smart again and vote D, so that we can have really smart policies, based on the decisions of stupid people, suddenly becoming very smart.

      3. You are really full of crap, aren’t you? The “R’s” won because Obama is a corrupt, lying POS that is destroying the country thanks to fools like you.

    3. What pisses me off is I read these stories about genital mutilation in Africa, women being sentenced to death for killing their rapist, or women being stoned to death because they aren’t virgins. Shit that is truly horrifying.

      Then come these first-world 3rd-wave feminist bitches and their first world problems. Guys saying hello to them on the street: a cat call. A fucking shirt from a guy landing a robot on a fucking comet. Being stuck with a Samsung Galaxy S2. Guys not “manning” up to buy them free drinks.

      1. I thought buying a drink is off limits now. Or maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

        1. Buying a woman a drink is attempted rape.

      2. Some people are just whiny complainers. If you take away their real problems (because they live in an extremely prosperous first world country), they will whine and complain about bullshit problems. It’s like anything, create a “position” (that of professional complainer, in this case) and the worst possible people will gravitate to it.

        The real question is: why is anyone listening to them? Why aren’t they just laughed out of the room?

        1. episiarch maybe its because you are the ones that are wrong and too arrogant or stupid to see it.

          1. That or maybe you are retarded and and don’t realize it.

          2. You started out so well as a typing-challenged incomprehensible retarded troll. Now, like every other troll here (and who knows if you’re not just the same sockpuppeteer), you couldn’t resist increasing your suck level to massive proportions.

            What a shame. You just can’t maintain quality. At all. You should probably work on that.

            1. “I know what is driving you. The impatience of a troubled conscience! Your conscience has been spoiled by constant attention; it groans at the slightest discomfort, and your reason bows before it respectfully instead of scolding it and putting it in its proper place. Your conscience is disturbed by the existing order of things, and your reason obediently and hastily seeks a way to change that order. But order has its own laws, laws that develop from the aspirations of human beings and that can change only with a change in these aspirations. On the one hand, we have the aspirations of human beings; on the other your conscience, embodying your aspirations. Your conscience drives you to change the order of things, that is, to destroy the laws of this order, laws determined by the aspirations of the masses;

              1. drives you to change the aspirations of those millions of human beings to conform to your own. It’s absurd — it lacks an understanding of history. Your reason, clouded and stunned by your conscience, has lost the ability to distinguish what is truly good for the people from what you imagine to be good, the imagined good dictated by your conscience. You must keep your reason pure. If you don’t want to or can’t, then it will be the worse for you. And not only for you. You will tell us that in the world you come from people cannot live with a bad conscience. So stop living. That’s not a bad alternative, either — for you as well as others.”

                Arkday & Boris Strgatsky – The Inhabited Island

                1. p.s.

                  “I advise you to remember this: I don’t know how it is in your world, but in ours no force remains long without a master. There is always someone who tries to tame it — either covertly or on some noble-sounding pretext. That’s all I want to say.”.

                  1. I’m at least glad you’ve realized that you can’t write coherently, so just copy-pasting Soviet science fiction writers is a big step up for you.

                2. so in your own words, what does this mean to you?
                  does it really mean anything or is it just some justification that being a statist piece of shit makes you somehow enlightened because you read it in a book?

                  heres a new philosophy for you
                  “accept existence, or expect resistance”
                  there’s no reason that the whole of humanity should have to serve one set of ideal or goals.

              2. “Order has its own laws”

                Communist much?

            2. Now, like every other troll here (and who knows if you’re not just the same sockpuppeteer), you couldn’t resist increasing your suck level to massive proportions.

              Epi, it’s admitted to being Mary on other threads.


      3. so whining that feminazis are ruining your toys and comic books is all perfectly rational and proportionate?

        1. Or maybe they are nasty fascist pieces of shit who want to control every aspect of life.

          Go fuck yourself troll

        2. “so whining …”

          Why do you care who whines about what?

            1. I don’t, nor once made any indication that I did.

              What I DO care about is why YOU care. Read. It’s not hard.

              Now again, because you’re slow

              “Why do you care who whines about what?”

        3. Boing boing writers just crashed a reason thread…

      4. That’s a false dilemma. You can do better than that.

        1. “you have the right not to care. “

      5. Having to actually buy your own contraception so that you can have carefree sex with just about anyone you want.

    4. Warrren|11.15.14 @ 5:27PM|#

      These people are very tiring. I think part of the success of the Rs this election, and maybe going forward, is that people are just tired of listening to all the whining and complaining


      They won their elections on ‘hope and change’; vague-but-optimistic rhetoric

      They will lose their elections on ‘bitter-divisiveness’ – where all they ever talk about is Kulturwar and Planetary Doom which can only be averted by strangling capitalism.

  12. I remember our last competent Secretary of State, Condi Rice took a little trip to Germany for a meeting. All the lame stream media did for days was talk about her German coat and her tall leather boots.
    So Mz Price, been there done that. Since the woman didn’t conform to your agenda, you failed to notice. Where was your faux moral outrage then?
    (For the record, I thought Condi was pretty ‘hot’ in her outfit, but I’m weak when women wear tall leather boots.)

    1. Yup. I knows that weakness. Add a tam-o’shanter, long scarf, and some nice gloves and….things start happenin’.

    2. You know who else wore a German coat and tall boots?

      1. Ilsa, She-wolf of the SS?

      2. M. Bison?

        1. For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

      3. One of the Pet Shop Boys?

      4. Der Kaiser?

  13. Whenever I run across a story about how someone got offended by something, I can’t help wondering why I’m supposed to care? Am I supposed to care? I mean, nothing else happened, and nobody got hurt, right? Is there something wrong with me because I absolutely don’t give a shit that someone was offended by a guys shirt? Because, you know, I got other shit to worry about.

    1. If you were a good person, you’d care. You’d care about all the people who are aggrieved all the time, and it’d be all you’d care about. You’d care when socons began bawling about all the bare rears on NYPD Blue in the 1990s, for instance, or when someone was offended by Elvis Presley wiggling his hips suggestively a few decades before. You’d care because other people care, and their opinions matter to you.

      That the world has at least a handful of more serious problems than a nerd in a garish button-up would never cross your mind. If you were a good person.

      1. Do Elvis hips twirling make you cum?

        1. You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog ?.

          Oh, my god, early Elvis was so much fun!

    2. That’s exactly right! They have the right to get p-ed off — you have the right not to care. It’s beautiful! But why is a libertarian magazine taking issue with this? Because it’s not really about libertarianism at all — but the Venn diagram of libertarianism + angry white males?

      Love, a real libertarianism

      1. My best friends ant loved a real libertarianism and earned $84.34656547 a period of time working at home from a Compu-box 3000!

        1. LOL — it was my autocorrect. 🙂

          1. Autocorrect made your posts suck?

            1. No, lack of firing neurons make its posts suck.

      2. “But why is a libertarian magazine taking issue with this?”

        “you have the right not to care. “

      3. Do you really not understand that reason covers all kinds of cultural shit? It’s not exactly a complicated realization.

        1. Well, I think they cover it because many people who vote also believe that they have a right to not be offended, along with their right to health care and their right to be forgotten. But, the more they whine, the less I care.

          1. I’m sorry…are you implying that reason–in the form of Nick–is complaining about the shirt? Because if you are, your reading comprehension is so bad you might want to go back to elementary school.


          2. By the way, what happened to Reason 24/7?

            1. Taken out behind the barn and shot.

              1. They really should have just made a page of links like drudge does.

          3. because many people who vote


            This is reason magazine. A very large contingent of reason magazine’s readership does not vote on principle….and another large contingent intentionally vote for candidates who they know have no chance of ever winning an election.

            1. Whiners vote in droves. Reason is letting you know what they will be voting for. IOW, fuck you and the freedom you rode in on.

              OR, you can believe that Reason covers stuff like this because it’s “cultural shit.” Whatever. It’s your brain.

      4. That’s exactly right! They have the right to get p-ed off — you have the right not to care.

        SJWs have the right to get pissed off.
        Other people have the right to get pissed off at SJWs.

      5. Why?

        Because these SFSJW’s are totalitarian assholes, and we hate them. And mocking them is fun. And they deserve to mocked whenever possible. Don’t have to be angry, white, or male to enjoy it.

  14. Important question: what -gate suffixed name are we calling this brouhaha?

    1. I believe #shirtgate is the answer.

    2. Shirtgate. Or maybe feminist butt hurt gate. But I think that is too generic

      1. “Feminist butt hurt gate”: too broad? Or is “broad” an offensive term nowadays?

        1. Always use the term “stupid broad” to avoid ambiguity.


        2. “Broadgate”

    3. Cometgate.

      I thought it was obvious.

      1. SpaceFeminazi

      2. heavens gate….. too soon?



    1. 19 ISIS douchebags just died from me just looking at that thing.

      That is power!

      1. Died of laughter maybe

    2. That’s cool. I’d rather spend the money on a Sig 716

    3. $2,250 for a D/I rifle? Even with all that shit hanging off of it I can build one much cheaper.

  16. What no one seems to be pointing out is that the Indignation Industry creates thousands of jobs a year, and generates billions in revenue… and it’s entirely unregulated.

    1. HA HA HA HA HA!

      I love it. Hoist them upon their own petard!

  17. One of the original tweets from the aggrieved is here:

    “Thanks for ruining the cool comet landing for me asshole.”

    So the person who headed the team (you know the person responsible for getting the damn probe there in the first place) is an asshole because he ruined it for you? And who is this “reporter” anyway?

    The pattern here is simple: fake outrage, followed by people calling you an idiot, followed by original observer saying “See all the hate!”. Pathetic.

    But she reports for the Atlantic, so what can one expect?

    1. How about the guy who had what should have been his defining moment ruined by these cum guzzling social justice warriors?

      That’s the reason to care about the social justice warriors. They have enough power and clout to ruin lives. In this case, they simply robbed someone of the joy of their life’s work.

    2. Thanks for ruining the cool comet landing for me asshole.

      Yeah, ’cause it’s not like the comet landing was his achievement or anything, right? It’s not like your nothing but a bystander in the matter, right? Yeah, you’re entitled to his achievements on your terms.

    3. If fashion choices “ruin” the glory of a scientific achievement for you, then you probably aren’t that into science.

  18. OT – http://oi59.tinypic.com/30nk66b.jpg

    My Internet connection should not be going crazy when the page has FINISHED LOADING, Reason.

    Can you please, please get rid of those auto-loading videos that consume bandwidth even when I never click Play?

      1. While Ghostery or AdBlock is potentially a practical answer for MBC, I think it’s worthwhile to complain about the crappy ads plastered all over Reason, because it is a mission-oriented publication and such obnoxiousness has the potential to drive people away.

        1. We noted last night that many people (myself included) were encountering frequent browser lockup/crashes due to flash imploding from the amount of embedded video @ H&R

          It is distinctly bad. Try going to the previous weeks H&R posts; all the autoloading video takes minutes to settle down and even then will hog your resources.

          1. Reason’s ad bombardment is what finally got me to install AdBlock Plus. It’s a shitty way to raise revenue. All it does is piss people off.

            1. why do you hate capitalism

          2. FYI, sidenote / correction of little consequence:

            Last night you at least once referred to the Flash plugin as “Shockwave”; Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave are actually separate products, even though Adobe Flash shows up as “Shockwave Flash” in the plugin panes of Chrome and Firefox. It is the legacy of a poor marketing decision by Macromedia (the previous owner/developer of both Flash and Shockwave, acquired by Adobe years ago).

            1. Oh, and on the off chance you do have Adobe Shockwave installed, and not Adobe Flash / “Shockwave Flash”, you may want to consider removing it if you don’t have a specific reason for using it.

      2. Ghostery sells your information if you opt-in:


        Adblock is open source, plus you can add your own black or whitelist.

    1. looks like a Sqr1L stampede

    2. I have my browser set up not to load Flash until I tell it to, and surf H&R with only cached images set to load.

      That having been said, if I let the front page continue loading after the text loads, it’ll bring the browser to its knees.

  19. Excuse me & hello — I love Reason and I love Nick — but nobody called the government out on this one. Methinks the white male pop is just rankled. Nonissue — non story. Libertarianism working at it’s finest — SHUNNING. The ladies thank you for the counter shun.

    1. From the about page:

      Reason.com is updated daily with articles and columns on current developments in politics and culture.

      Emphasis mine. As someone who “love[s] Reason”, it seems like you would be aware by now that they occasionally cover issues where the government plays little or no role.

      1. Okay — fine. As a female libertarian, I love having to come to a so-called libertarian site to get my dose of white male handwringing. I can accept that — but it still has nothing to do with libertarianism.

        1. “you have the right not to care. “

      2. I get that — I just thought that this was particularly ridiculous and hypocritical in terms of libertarianism, so I thought I’d drop in on the comments and — lo and behold — this is where the “rape the bitch” crowd hangs out. I think that’s sad for libertarianism, which is, technically, a neutral philosophy. It’s too bad liberals are too stupid to adopt it, because they’re attitudes are about a million times more interesting than white male outrage.

        1. *Claims to be libertarian*

          *Whines about ‘white males’ as a collective*

          Yep, totally consistent there. Also, please point to exactly where someone wrote ‘rape the bitch’.

          1. See, “failing to care about a person’s shirt” means you want to rape people.

            It makes sense. You just need to spend more time on Tumblr

          2. I never used the word collective — and besides, I think that all of social science would laugh your ass out of the room for this odd position on not being able to assign people to groups based on their cultural beliefs. I apologize, though — I should have written “angry” white male, to be clear, which has a general understanding to be just about everyone in this thread.

            1. “I never used the word collective”

              He never said you did.


              “”you have the right not to care. “

            2. Where did I suggest you used the word collective? I did not. I suggested that by collectivizing a group of people based on gender and skin colour and projecting specific negative characteristics on them you discredit any claims of ‘libertarian’ ideals, as you embraced a collectivist worldview rather than an individualist perspective.

              And again, where did someone say ‘rape the bitch’, and if that was the case, how does that statement broadly apply to a group of people who did not say that but are instead talking about people complaining about a shirt?

              1. Who is the bitch anyway?

                It was Chris Plante who wrote the article. He is a white dude by the way.

            3. “all of social science would laugh your ass out of the room “

              social scientists have a room now?

              Because they were laughed out of the actual ‘science’ field a long time ago.

              1. Let’s be fair. Social Science is like soy “milk”.

                Because if I said “empirical observation of human behavior” would you have intuitively known to what fields of inquiry I was referring to?

                1. Anthropology?

                  1. Well, a large part of anthro is behavior, but anthro also includes physical anthropology. Still anthro is a contender for the discipline upon which the other fields in social science could be considered “applied” versions of it. Not that I would necessarily agree with that, but I could see where the argument was coming from.

                2. ” if I said “empirical observation of human behavior” would you have intuitively known to what fields of inquiry I was referring to?”

                  Macking hard on the mad fly honeys?

                  1. Pimpology. Ph.D. just means “Pimpin’ hoez, Dog!”

            4. I think that all of social science would laugh your ass out of the room for this odd position on not being able to assign people to groups based on their cultural beliefs.

              In case you have not noticed academics in social sciences and libertarians don’t get along very well.

              1. “Social sciences” LOL, that bastion of productive intelligence which attracts the most readily employable academics!


                These idiot leftoids would be unemployable as fry cooks in the real world, they are a subsidized cancer on humanity. Time to cut the cord (iow, student loans and subsidies).

        2. “you have the right not to care. “

      3. they occasionally cover issues where the government plays little or no role.


    2. I find cultural lynch mobs a revelant topic to libertarianism.

      1. Relevant. And I’m not even drinking ociffer.

        1. Government oppression doesn’t randomally happen. It all starts with sanctimonius ninnies who want to force their version of morality on everyone else. Just because they didn’t call for goverment action in this case doesn’t mean we should ignore the threat these people represent. They certainly have infuence. Look at the DOJ’s pressure on universities to lynch their male students over accusations. Where do you think that started?

          1. Sorry — I don’t do slippery slopes.

            1. We’re talking about choices of stories on a blog. There doesn’t have to be a slippery slope even implied. Just a connection. If the National Socialist party started gaining popularity I would want to know about it even if they weren’t infuencing policy…yet.

              1. Hey my first Godwin

              2. Are you concerned, on a regular basis, about the Koch Brothers on a regular basis? You know — corpofascists masquerading as libertarians? And by NS — did you mean the official Nazis or some sort of imaginary authoritarian left-wing socialist group? No snark — just to clarify. You have to brain check people these days.

                1. I wouldn’t say I’m all that “concerned” about feministas. And quite frankly I tend to get a little bored by these types of articles (i.e. stupid people are being stupid again) myself. I’m certainly not wringing my hands or losing sleep over this. But that doesn’t mean that groups who seek to stifle free speech or encourage presumptions of guilt concerning half the population, regardless of their methods would be of zero interest to a libertarian rag.

                  1. I think you’re forgetting how libertarianism is supposed to work. Unless we as a society have become THAT cynical where anything does go — the idea is that society, without the coercion of a government, will turn into some sort of decent place to live. It’s the same answer that libertarians give when they’re asked, “Howrye gonna stop Little John from stealing pies?” The answer is “shunning.” Social science, tells us that sexism is dangerous and it keeps women from fulfilling their destinies in a modern society, where they don’t necessarily need cavemen to protect them at every turn. I believe that it’s right to seek the end of the objectification of women — that doesn’t mean I want to call in the government to stop it, but societal pressure is fair game. I wasn’t happy with the Mozilla thing, for instance — I thought that guy had the right to free speech — and I was outraged. But then I remembered that everything there — the pressure, the firing, etc. was all settled in the public sphere. So what, then — I’d have to switch my concern to making sure that the world was safe for homophobes. Frankly, it’s only my more prejudiced and poorer nature that would side with his right. I believe in his right — but not his opinion.

                    1. But it’s 6th grade civics 101 — unless it’s the government, nobody’s taking away your rights. The shirt wearer here should have given a tin can of spinach to his balls and stood up for himself if there was something to stand up for. However, it’s becoming clearer to thinking individuals, that it’s not something to stand up for — it’s a holdover from some other ridiculous time – like socialism or communism. So the public begins to change its mind — except for those who benefit from it — those who internalize their dominance/ability to objectify as a category on their scorecard. Without it — things get scary. Like everyone here scary. I’m disappointed that there are not intellectual libertarians here — this is actually a good debate — but no one can get past the chest-pumping feminize bullshit. Why don’t Republicans go to Republican message boards?

                    2. tl:you’re stupid

                    3. I think you’re confusing advocating with general interest. You just basically stated thatvwhat the feminists were doing was am example of libertarianism in action. I wholly disagree but even if you were correct that would make it a reason for reason to cover the story. You said the story doesn’t belong here and I said it did. You’ve spent a lot of energy discussing something that “as a libertarian” you care nothing about.

                    4. Libertarianism like any other aysyem of political philosophy or thought is about attitudes and beliefs as much as anything. An attitude I think that many people share here is tge desire to be left alone. To not be told what to do, what to wear, what to say, what to put in our bodies, who to fuck etc. Not only do feminist want to control the male/female relationship for everyone else, they will use any means to do so. That is not libertarianism. And while I’ve been giving you the benefit of the doubt, other things you have said here cause me to doubt that you are a libertarian. That’s ok that you’re not but no need to pretend.

                    5. Fat thumbs.

                    6. To clarify, there is nothing un-libertarian about the method they used to show their disproval…this time. It’s the message itelf that is not.

                    7. Libertarianism like any other system of political philosophy or thought is about attitudes and beliefs as much as anything. An attitude I think that many people share here is the desire to be left alone. To not be told what to do, what to wear, what to say, what to put in our bodies, who to fuck etc.

                      So much this

                    8. to be clear — I meant “private” sphere — meaning no laws with threat of coercion from government were invoked.

                2. Koch Brothers on a regular basis? You know — corpofascists masquerading as libertarians?


                3. Hi Mary. Take your meds.

      2. Feminist lynch mobs are like an invasion of gigantic ants. Nothing about this is remotely pleasant or relevant to reality.

        1. Sexist portrayals of women are offensive to many women. They’re not offensive to some women. A vocal group of women used the very effective libertarian tactic of social pressure to make the wussy dude apologize. Nothin’ to see here. Why are you so mad?

          1. “you have the right not to care. “

          2. Foodie needs a burger.

            1. Foodie needs a weiner….c’mon.

          3. Generally, because sanctimonious bullies aren’t very highly thought of around here.

          4. The people attacking the feminists are doing the same thing the feminists are doing by attacking the wussy dude. The libertarians are using a very effective libertarian tactic of social pressure to defend the wussy dude from feminists.

            It is not against libertarian ethics to condemn the actions of a group of people, even if those actions don’t involve the state.

          5. A vocal group of women used the very effective libertarian tactic of social pressure to make the wussy dude apologize.

            And a vocal group of liberals and libertarians are telling the vocal group of women that they are a bunch of whiny hypocrites. Why are you and they so mad?

    3. Fuck off troll. Everyone sees what you are

      1. A libertarian that believes in the right to believe what you want? Sure. I hope that people can see that. I’ve dedicated my life to libertarianism and alienated all of my liberal friends — and even my husband — for the last 10 years because of my beliefs. I’m sure that you can see that because I said that feminist outrage = white male outrage = blueberry clafoutis. You’re the one trolling me.

        1. “you have the right not to care. “

          1. Or think something is particularly clever when it’s not.

            1. “you have the right not to care. “

        2. Cool story bro.

          If you think libertarian means you can’t judge the behavior of others, you are a moron More likely however is that you are lying and trolling the board

          Either way fuck off an troll somewhere else

          1. You just proved my point. Some women judged the behavior of the man as poor. You judged their judgement as poor. I’m judging your response as entitlement, fear and idiocy.

            1. “you have the right not to care. “

            2. Because the judgement of said women is not based on entitlement, fear and idiocy at all.

            3. The article made some pretty specific claims about the shirt. One that it was intended to hate on women and two it is an example of how misogyny keeps women out of STEM fields. Both are provably wrong claims.

              Not sure pointing out the falsehood of those claims are judgements.

        3. Take your meds, M

          1. Oh, that makes sense.

        4. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that’s not your ideological stance that alienates people.

          1. I’ll second this. As a female and a libertarian, I’m incredibly resentful at the original shirttrolls for:

            a) Essentially saying nonconforming shirts are the reason that girls don’t do science
            b) Wearing the tread on what “feminism” means that much more thin

            All I see you doing here, Foodie, is trying to frame this argument as “if you like the shirt, you’re an angry white male corpofascist” (which, what?) which seems much much closer to a SJW argument than a libertarian one.

            Your vociferous defense of your bone — whatever your bone of the day might be, and whether it’s worthy or not — might be what’s alienating everyone. It certainly did me, and I’ve only just barely metcha.

            1. 1. I didn’t ever say anything about the shirt itself.
              2. I’m expanding feminism — libertarians can be feminists, just like they can be dressed up Republican assholes.

              1. “you have the right not to care. “

                1. Fuck you Joe Biden’s liver. That is all.

                  1. Fuck you bo.

              2. I would argue that egalitarianism is not a libertarian ideal. So no. Libertarians cannot be feminists. Equality is a utopian impossibility precisely because, as Libertarians understand, value is subjective. There is no way to objectively judge equality when everyone’s values are subjectively personal. Any attempt to make everyone equal would require one set of values to be decided upon which would require one person, or a group of people, to be set above the rest, which means equality is already defeated.

                1. I would argue that egalitarianism is not a libertarian ideal.

                  It depends on what you mean by egalitarianism. If you mean that everyone is equally human with equal human rights (the dictionary definition of the word), then libertarianism is certainly egalitarian.

                  1. Dude, you are talking to SJWs here. Of course they don’t mean the dictionary definition. They mean the current cool defintition that comes out Hate Studies 101. And they reserve the right to change the definition when they start looking stupid(er).

      2. The dude who can never ever fuckin type I think it’s adan smith or so said you enjoy the fat ladies…

        I respect that even tho I prefer petite blonds… I have fucked around with a big girl and her husband which was cool but are you the rEason expert on sweet flesh fucking of large sugar mammas?

    4. “you have the right not to care. “

      1. I don’t know if you mean “Mary” as in “Betty,” like a universal term — or you’re referring to a specific troll. But I’m not the second one — but if you wan’t to call me the first one cause it makes you feel like you have an average sized penis, that’s fine.

        1. “What is a Mary?”

          Goddamn, you’re good.

        2. I don’t know if you mean “Mary” as in “Betty,” like a universal term — or you’re referring to a specific troll. But I’m not the second one — but if you wan’t to call me the first one cause it makes you feel like you have an average sized penis, that’s fine.

          Random person shows up, somehow knows Mary is a specific troll, then insults a poster’s penis.

          Yeah, totally not Mary.

    5. And I’m sure you take just as sanguine a view of traditionalists shunning young women for “dressing like whores” and looking like prostitutes, right?

    6. This is very much a political issue, with President Obama trolling for female votes based on fake inequality statistics and a fight against imagined misogyny. The “offender” here is also a member of the high priesthood of intellectuals that we are usually supposed to worship.

      In reality, he’s an incredibly nerdy and smart guy who worked his way up from the working class and was wearing the shirt as a gesture of friendship and appreciation to a female friend.

      The entire event is representative of the distortions and lack of decenty of SJW, and how they increasingly hurt people who are actually very supportive of their causes. And that matters a great deal, politically too.

  20. I guarentee you that the the shirt maker is much more interesting and much more woman than any of the faux outrage brigade

    1. She is empowered, creative, independent, entrepreneurial. She seems bright, centered, and articulate.

      Tits are kinda saggy, though.

      1. Where are you seeing her tits? I ‘m asking for academic reasons.

        1. This is why women can’t be scientists.

  21. Because of this incident, my default response to anyone proclaiming that they are offended will be “go fuck yourself, you useless guilt-peddling git”.


    1. Feminists circa 2014 do not orgasm… hence the hammer on the man temple.

  22. Elly is a fine woman with her head obviously screwed on right.

    We need more of her and less of those unproductive dopes complaining.

  23. “No no women are toooootally welcome in our community

    There’s yer problem right there.

    Who said there was ‘a community’ at all? I missed the part where “doing science” was about being a member of a fucking tribe.

    that’s these people’s schtick = everything is identifying themselves as an amorphous totality which people are either “for” or “against” (clearly this very hip dude is ‘against women’, duh!); and identifying others as part of some ‘antagonistic community’ rather than just as individual people who may or may not give a flying fuck what other people’s cultural sensitivities are. because they’re *grown ups*

    I said something like this on RawStory once, and someone instantly goes, “TYPICAL MRA!”. They were not being ironic.

    Its TEAM/TRIBE all the way down for some people.

    1. *(insert standard rebuttal where ‘naturally white-male-heteros deny tribalism because they are the dominant tribe! it is in their socioeconomic interests to pretend to be ‘beyond tribalism’ etc etc.)

        1. Which is pretty much the level of thought that goes into the self-reflection of cultural tribalists.

          1. If they can’t fit you into a group, they don’t know how to deal with you, because they don’t know how to interact with people as individuals, because they are mild sociopaths. See my comment (in response to your original one) below.

      1. Add in the part where they employ a bunch of philosophical and pseudo-scientific jargon, mostly invented by white males, to show how white males are like OMG so totally the most worst Evarrrrr.

    2. Science must put WomynSpace before Outer Space!

      1. Outer space has secret aliens that actualy want leftover horrible cretanious feminist fucks… no rules in space and these secret aliens actually want dworkins by the ton….

        Can you imagine how lucrative le’ black market would be for horrible dowrkin berkley mit gruber feminists would be? maybe 35 k bitcoins, delivery on the eastern galaxy left of planet 12659 ipod.

        Space aliens would def create the new Mexico.

      2. Can we send all feminists on a one way trip to Mars, please? We can ship the Obama cabinet and the old Bush cabinet right along with them.

    3. I totally agree. Soon enough — and it’s already happening — women will be like way smarter and more powerful than the bulk of the white, non-jewish men. I fully applaud the stance that we do not have to be inclusive of anyone.

      1. “women will be like way smarter ”

        like, tell us way more

        1. That’s a logical fallacy.

          1. “you have the right not to care. “

      2. Take your mess Mary before we have reason avn you again

        1. That’s a logical fallacy.

      3. “white, non-jewish men”


        1. I don’t have to be PC, right? Jewish men are generally smarter and more capable than WASPS in most of the real ways that men can be better — as in not muscle heads or bowling champs. You know — money, brains. Just sayin’.

          1. Well, this Jewish man has a message just for you.

              1. Goddamn Millenial, back in my day we used html correctly the first time or were beaten with a fire hose!

                (I’m actually a Millenial too but shhhh, I’m undercover)

                1. Sorry, but I was careless and forgot the quotation marks.

          2. You are comparing wasps and jew bros yet have the temerity to fuck with me on feminism? What the fuckin lord jesus sharia?!!!

            1. Yes — I never said anything about the shirt, or people liking it or people liking feminists or anything like that. I’m saying that the women who spoke up used libertarian tactics to make the pantyboy cry on TV. I love America.

              You guys can’t handle it — because you don’t realize that your stupid opinions are the same as the feminists’ stupid opinions. I just think its funny, because I know the psychology of where a lot of this particular opinion is coming from. Fear, entitlement “men is men and women is women” — boring, really.

              1. God, shut the fuck up with your whining. It’s bad enough you think you’re clever trolling under your other sockpuppets then sneaking back in here to get the last word.

                You’re a pathetic fucking thing.

              2. If by “libertarian tactics”, you mean they used their right to free speech, you are right. However, the bigotry and prejudice that has spewed forth fromt these privileged anti-science social justice warriors is about as far from libertarian philosophy or ideology as you can be.

      4. Soon enough — and it’s already happening — women will be like way smarter and more powerful than the bulk of the white, non-jewish men.

        Exactly. Which means that feminists demanding equality are hypocrites.

    4. They’re collectivists. It’s what they do. They are incapable of thinking outside a collective framework (except when it comes to themselves and what they want, of course). I posit that it is actually a form of mild sociopathy or mild autism. Other people aren’t people to them. They’re merely members of a group (tribe), and therefore can be ignored as individuals, because once they’ve been grouped, they know all they need to know about them just by the group.

      This is why they will do everything in their power to assign you to a group in their mind, even if you fit none of them. Because they don’t really understand how to interact with others as individuals.

      1. Very insightful. Kudos.

  24. So are the feministas saying these women on his shirt are dressed inappropriately? Interesting.

    1. I suppose the people who won the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards portrayed only fully-clothed women.


      1. The Patriarchy approves.

    2. I think the feminist attitudes towards women closely reresemble the Puritans attitudes towards women?

      1. No, Puritans respected women.

        1. Exceptions: Ann Hutchinson, Rebecca Nurse.

        2. Puritans did not respect my mmf or ffm I’ve had in the last 3 weeks. I would’ve likely been drowned in a river you fucking Notorio.

          1. According to the feminist there’s a 99% chance those were rapes.

            1. True nuff… lady brunette did use an appendage up my pooper without my approval upin which I ejaculated with zero stlye or control- fuck that rapist whore… I simply refused to accept that she is anything less than remarkable… we all played monopoly and drank cockatrices afterward…

              1. sounds like a fun wholesome time except for the first part.

                1. A pooper can be fun, broseph.

                  1. Not my thing. Pitching or catching.

            2. there’s a 99% chance those were rapes.

              Better round up.

    3. The feministas only approve of women dressing that way if they tip the scales at 300 pounds or more.


  25. Just think about it – this guy is being vilified by some, and he just contributed more to humanity than all of them put together and multiplied exponentially. That’s assuming the world wouldn’t be better off without most of them.

  26. FUCK Feminism. May they all rot in a 14th century dungeon I am now fantasizing that the King of whatever has put me in charge of.

    1. But what if, like me, you believe in equality in all people, endowed by a creator and you’d love to work to see a meritocracy so that we’re all the most excellent as we can be and you happen to believe that that includes changing certain images/symbols and stereotypes of (women/minority/etc), and you do so by social pressure (i.e) nongovernment channels. Would you hate that kind of feminist? Or would you just be as terrified of them as you are of the other kind?

      1. Hey, I did my part – see my link above to the Feminist Porn Awards.

      2. I would torture the images and symbols of lousy female brains into the rainbow of ecstasy. King John and le’ crew would eat hogs by the ton and watch feminist ass writhe in pleasures… after 14 days I would insist they be let go with oaken dildos and 4 pieces of gold.

        I would cum tons obviously as the torturer of these miserable horrid wretches…

        As a libertarian, however, my dungeons would have no prisoners… I would just imagine feminist ass arched against my aching hard cock

        1. This is my fantasy every night.

          1. foodies are horrible addicted to getting off….

            which is why I subscribe le’ said lifestyle.

      3. If you think that you or they are doing this for meritocracy and equality, you’re either a fool or a liar. These “feminists” are trolling the Internet for hits and personal gain, nothing more. And calling them out for their bigotry and greed isn’t fear, it’s a natural and justified reaction.

        1. This sockpuppet’s all for equality and getting rid of stereotypes, yet has a chip on its shoulder about white males, and talks about the innate differences between WASPs and Jews. Which one of our libtard regulars is behind this mask?

      4. and you do so by social pressure (i.e) nongovernment channels.

        Why do you think the pressure, judgement, shunning, or any social tactic only goes one way?

        I never understand this attitude thinking there’s only one legitimate social direction. It’s pretty simple. You fuck with me, I fuck with you. Don’t pressure me, I won’t pressure you.

  27. In Space, Nobody can Hear You Acting Like a Whiny Bitch.

    1. A shirt with famous abortionists would have been funnier, eh?

      1. I have no idea what exactly you’re going on about this time.

        Now, I’m not saying you’re a beardless youth, but I *am* saying my beard is longer.

        My beard cascades down my chest
        Your beard is half an inch at best

        My beard is long, thick and pointed
        Your beard leaves women disappointed

        My beard is a thing to behold
        Your beard is scarcely two days old

        My beard is like Santa Claus’s
        Your beard sustained serious losses

        My beard is like Duck Dynasty
        Your beard is puny and nasty

        My beard is well-trimmed and nice
        Your beard is covered with lice

        1. Been stroking your beard a lot today, huh?

          1. I wonder if you recognized the reference:


            1. I tend not to read most of your responses, your initial comments are the gold mines

              1. You’re missing out!

                1. Come on, you know you want to check the link…the message may at first seem a little subtle, but you should be able to work it out.

            2. I guess you did.

              Straight to DVD.

              1. Do you cum gold leaf?

                1. Stay crazy, dude.

                  1. reason threads are love threads

            3. Is that band called the Dunphys?

  28. Remember these issues will all go away if we just ask their approval of everything we want to do.

  29. And some day, we’ll have real problems to deal with.

  30. “”Imagine the …storm if the scientist had been a woman and everyone focused solely on her clothes and not her achievements.”

    Er, I’d agree the complaints were knee jerk silly, but this response is equally as silly, equivocating on the common focus on what women wear with what’s depicted on a shirt.

    1. (loud, sarcastic, sigh) What’s the appropriate response, Bo?

      1. I think the appropriate response is that these critics are recklessly attacking the guy. But that particular response is silly too, for the reason I gave.

        1. So, on the one hand, you agree that this is an absurd controversy, but you have some concerns about that particular argument?

          1. No concerns, it’s stupid.

            You seem concerned that I find it so…

            1. You seem concerned that I find it so…

              Lol, you are the very soul of irony. Never change.

              1. Nice backpedal. Can you juggle at the same time?

                1. That wasn’t a backpedal – I’m not in any way disavowing the comment that you’re an insufferable concern troll, just adding that you’re also a parody of yourself.

                  1. Whatever, Lance.

            2. No concerns, it’s stupid.

              So what, why cry about it.

              1. Crazy doesn’t take vacations. Heck, crazy doesn’t even take a weekend!

                1. No one except Agile Cyborg cares about your sex life. So, why are you crying.

                  1. Now you’re just being sloppy crazy guy

                    1. I’m sorry, I had to shit my dog, you were crying about something?

          2. How dare you suggest that Botard is a concern troll, you, you, Republican you!!!

  31. Dear SJW crazy cat ladies who will die cold and alone,

    This dude just landed a piece of heavy equipment on a fucking MOVING COMET HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY FROM EARTH.

    Please wake me when you’ve managed to successfully parallel park your Prius at Whole Foods.


    1. “This dude just landed a piece of heavy equipment on a fucking MOVING COMET HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY FROM EARTH.”

      Thousands, hundred-millions, meh. Pool, pond. Pond would be good too.

    2. This dude just landed a piece of heavy equipment on a fucking MOVING COMET

      Wait a minute, did the comet express affirmative, enthusiastic consent to being ‘landed on?’ Because that could be a problem

      1. Galactic colonial-imperialism, hello?!

      2. Do comets have vaginas?

      3. Don’t worry, if you think Earth cops are slow, Galactic cops take a couple thousand years to get here from Tau Ceti V.

      4. The transmission was garbled due to gamma rays but it sounded like a yes.

    3. Micheal, you would still lie silently on a bed for a Prius mangler if she gently sat on your cock tho. Sapceships and comet-landings be damned….

      life is about sweet lady lips on the peen… gets even better if we dudes get smart non-male-hating long-termers ridin’ le’ peen…

      1. Boy, you’re going to look like an ass when Michael tells you he’s gay.

        1. well… there is that, o Lord Mulattoastio…

          I love toast, bro….

          1. Mulattoast = setting the toaster dial right in the middle.


            1. yumulattoast… yum….

              Is toast heroic?


        2. Dude, WTF? I’ll come out when I’m good and ready, okay?

            1. This made me completely lose it for some reason.

      2. I gotta know what you’re imbibing this evening.

    4. The guy who owns whole foods is a Libertarian.

      1. Which is sweet irony, since so many progs overpay there. Like Steve Jobs being a giant prick and conning all those fashionistas out of their coin.

  32. I’d rather we have an Ebloa thread than this bullshit.

    1. What about having actual ebola?

      1. At this point, it’s a close call.

      2. ebola can suck my fat dick if she is blonde and sweet…

  33. Good thing the guy didn’t go with his first choice of shirt:


    1. Dick only rule when granted permission by the tied-up sweethearts.

    2. I was so expecting the “I fuck on the first date” t-shirt

      1. Gilmoroscopy?

  34. Fuck Feminism and anyone that is offended by that awesome shirt.

    On to more important things: Clown Shoes Bladecorn Unicorn is my current beer. It’s a good Russian Imperial stout. Earlier this evening I had some BBC Coffee Porter and a bottle of Cooper’s Extra Stout that I brought back from Australia.

    1. I had a Yeti Imperial Stout on draft Thursday night which was quite good. I also have Victory Storm Kings Imperial Stouts in the fridge. Big fan of Victory beers.

      1. I’ve seen the Yeti Imperial Stout but I don’t think I’ve had it.

        I’ve never tried any Victory beers. I grew up not far from Downington. We called it “Dying-town” when I was a kid. I’m leary of anything from there. I’ve heard the place has changed, which boggles my mind.

        1. Victory beers? I been drinking Storm Kings for 9 years at 50 bucks a week.

          I might be the only reason le’ Vic exists in this empty fucking wasteland I love called rural nothing fucking Ohio west central…

          1. I wasn’t living in SE Pennsylvania when Victory started up. I moved out of Pennsylvania a few years after Victory started. It wasn’t until I had been in New England for about five years or so that I heard about Victory.

          2. Lima? I’m sorry.

          3. How far is this place from you? A friend that lives near Cincinatti showed it to me. I was impressed by their booze and food selection.


            1. I’ve heard about that place but have never been.

              1. I suggest stopping by.

                1. Yes. JungleJims is quite impressive. Allow at least 2 hours if your woman is along.

        2. I’m in Columbus but we occasionally get Victory on tap in bars here. Golden Monkey was the first one of their beers I tried of theirs. A Tripel. Very nice. At 9.5% it will sneak up on you though.

          1. I’m in Columbus all the time… the family loves Polaris.

            Storm King is 9.2. I drink about 30 bottles a week.

            1. That’s awesome. Good choice. I’m Hilliard area on the west side. Columbus beer scene has really picked up over the last few years, especially around the Grandview area. Actually, they just built a Hofbrauhaus that I need to go visit soon.

          2. I’m enjoying Golden Monkies tonight. A fine brew.

  35. Libertopia!

    ‘Millionaires tax’ possible in Seattle? Council asks city’s lawyers
    The Seattle City Council on Friday approved about $14 million in changes to Mayor Ed Murray’s proposed budget, including fast-tracking a higher minimum wage for city employees and exploring a so-called “millionaires tax.”


    1. And by the way, when they say “higher minimum wage for city employees”, they mean higher than the $15 minimum which is now law in the city of seattle.

      1. Isn’t that just for the SEATAC airport area?

    2. This is amazing shit. The city is actually in a boom and the parasites are so pathetically stupid that they will kill it in record time just to try and steal some of it. I can’t think of much stupider than a “millionaires tax” for destroying the startup culture here. Holy shit these people are stupider than even I imagined.

      Maybe it’s time to get out of here for someplace new relatively soon.

      1. The Seattle city council is nothing more than an ongoing criminal enterprise.

        BTW, I’m going to try to be at the Dec 13th gun transfer fuck-you, you going?

        1. It’s not even a criminal enterprise–that would imply competence–it’s basically a smash-and-grab crew, except it’s the city they’re smashing. Amazing.

          I applaud you going to the demonstration/rally/fuck you, Paul, but I’m not going to Olympia just to add my voice. No, I’m saying fuck you the more personal way, by selling the guns I want to sell before the initiative and buying the guns I want to buy as well. Then after, if it stands, I will continue to say fuck you buy buying and selling without background checks from people I trust. Just like I did back in New York.

          Good luck, though, I hope you make an impact.

      2. It’s not that Seattle’s proposed millionaire tax is too high, it’s that the rest of the country, and many foreign jurisdictions, set the tax too low, enabling tax evasion. Time for the UN to stop the bleeding!

        1. /sarc

        2. This tax-cutting race to the bottom is the reason why governments at all levels are so starved for the revenue they need to provide the basic functions that hold our society together.

      3. I took Seattle off my list of possible places to live.

        Back when it was on my list of places to live, I went to Seattle often. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake I made with New England, in other words, move to a place without having seen it.

        I noted lots of construction when I was interviewing at Seattle companies. But after reading the local papers and getting to know a few locals, the area struck as me as too similar to New England for my tastes. It doesn’t surprise me that the parasites are coming out and doing what parasites do.

        1. Seattle is San Francisco’s insecure kid brother

          1. Hah! That is awesome and apt.

        2. Seattle is beautiful and New England is beautiful. I’d cut off my arm before I’d move anywhere else. Particularly the exurbs of Southern Cities. Gross.

          1. Can you cut off both arms? Maybe just to the wrists, for less-posting purposes.

    3. Said it before but obviously bears repeating: these urban liberals who are so worried about the urban poor, maybe before they try more theft they could think about cutting regressive taxes like the ones on gas, cigarettes, etc that tend to be quite high in cities.

  36. Thanks to the folks that posted links to where one can buy the shirt. One it’s back in stock, I’m going to buy one.

  37. One of the great* feminist icons of all time is Eleanor Roosevelt, who once famously said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Today’s feminists have so absolutely rejected that notion that Ellie is surely turning somersaults in her lesbian grave.

    *-their adjective, not mine

    1. Helplessness is the new empowerment.

  38. The guy showed up wearing a shirt with drawings of active, confident, armed women. Women who are unlikely to be rape victims or any other kind of victim.

    In contrast, the reaction of the feminist SJWs displayed all of the best Victorian-era stereotypes of women as the weaker sex. Of women who need the protection of an uptight, patronizing, patriarchal society.

  39. I just read about a third of this thread. I conclude it was kind of a waste of time, although Mary’s meltdown continues apace.

    1. In all fairness, that could be said about almost every Reason thread from the last 10 years.

      1. My question is… what does 2/3 idios of Irish look like?

    2. a third of actual space is irrelevant… means nothing. shit just gets floated and burnt up…

    3. My scroll wheel finger got a hell of a lot of exercise on this thread.

      1. Anarchofoodie and Flaming Ballsack are both totally not Mary though. They’re just weird trolls that happened to show up at the same time, both know who Mary is, and who both like to insult people by claiming they have small dicks.

        They are totally unrelated to Mary and you are paranoid if you think otherwise.

        1. It’s kind of sad that their technique never improves. It’s not just that they rely on the same mode of argument, but they can’t even avoid the exact same words and phrases from one account to another. The spambots have better programming.

        2. I don’t run reasonable or any of the other plugins. I want to be able to easily read the troll’s posts on occasion. Sometimes their posts provide a little value say through showing a talking point the progs use or providing a chance for me to hone an argument. But sometimes life is too short, so I’ll just scroll fast past them.

        3. I made a coherent argument and no one chose to respond to it with anything that wasn’t a logical fallacy or an insult. I haven’t trolled — just LOL’d.

          1. Is that you Pixiejen?

    4. Who is Mary exactly? Someone mentioned that she made youtube videos in a thread about a week ago as well.

      1. Mary is a crazed troll that’s been coming to H&R for like 5 years, has serious emotional problems, and periodically shows up when she’s off her medication to have a meltdown.

        She makes youtube videos about how mean we are for saying mean things about her.

        1. Thanks. Any you can link to?

          1. Fuck you bo.

            1. Do we have a problem?

              1. You do bo.

                1. I’m not Bo

                  1. Fuck you bo.

                    1. Again, do we have a problem?

                    2. You do bo.

                    3. I’m not Bo

                    4. Fuck you bo.

                    5. So we don’t have a problem then?

                    6. Fuck you bo.

                    7. I’m not Bo

                    8. Fuck you bo.

                    9. Well, then tell Bo

                    10. Fuck you bo.

                    11. Fuck you bo.

                    12. This is really fucking tiresome. Is one of you going to stop it or is this going to continue all night?

                    13. It is out of my hands. I don’t start these games, but I don’t give in easily…

                    14. Fuck you bo.

                    15. Whoa

                    16. Someone needs to step back, realize they’re spewing insanity all over the thread, get off their computer and do something that will make them feel better about themselves.

                    17. If you all insist then I will. I do wonder who Scold Crybaby is?

                    18. Fuck you bo.

                    19. Don’t call me bro buddy

                    20. Mary on a bender

          2. Here is Mary in her prime.

            She’s the one pretending to be an anarcho-primitivist and talking about how life would be better if we didn’t have cities and everyone was free to gambol over the hills and plains.

            Then people start mocking her and it gets confusing as to who is Mary and who are the parodies.

            1. Damn her and the ending of the one-off satirical handles.

              1. Warren, do you have a link to one of her videos?

                1. Kizone Kaprow or some such shit on YouTube

            2. I was talking more about the youtube videos, but I didn’t specify. Thanks though.

              1. The youtube videos aren’t by “Mary” per se, but by a shitty musician living in upstate NY who made the mistake of posting, on the Google Plus accounts of “Kizone Kaprow” and “Todd Gakk” (sock puppets he uses to troll Derptologist) the same picture of him holding, in his chubby fingers, the ghost peppers he grew.

                1. This is all very strange.

                2. Wait, the Youtube videos aren’t by Mary? I thought Kizone Kaprow was Mary?

                  We’re through the looking glass.

                  1. There was further evidence, but in the past few minutes shitty musician seems to have hidden the links to Kizone’s and Todd’s channels in the “channels” tab of his main page, which was ipse dixit evidence that they all belong to the same person.

                    The cross-posted pictures of his baby hands holding the peppers still are viewable for now.

                    1. Note that I’m using the phrase ipse dixit in its literal sense and not with its modern-day connotation.

                    2. So where did the name ‘Mary’ come from?

                    3. Mary Stack was the real life name of another psychotic troll who accidentally cut and pasted her email address into a comment. Her mantle was taken up by shitty (possibly Objectivist) musician soon after, thus they are often confused.

                    4. So instead of Mary we are dealing with an Ed

                    5. Fuck you bo.

                    6. So instead of Mary we are dealing with an Ed

                      At this point I don’t know what’s going on. I thought I had a handle on the plot, but then everything got flipped on me. It’s like I’m living through the end of Inception.

                    7. I’m sure you’ve also noticed that his “music” videos employ the same “OMG! Look how bizarre found footage from the late 50’s and early 60’s is!” aesthetic as Calzone Craphole’s.

                      At least when Mary adopted new new personality, she played the role to the hilt. Just like Sally Field in Sybil.

                    8. Her mantle was taken up by shitty (possibly Objectivist) musician soon after, thus they are often confused.

                      Wait, why do you think this guy is an objectivist?

                      And why would an Objectivist be so concerned with attacking libertarians?

                      This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard.

                    9. As Craphole’s about page reads…

                      “The anarchist is the scum of the intellectual world of the left, which has given them up. So the right picks up another leftist discard. That’s the Libertarian movement.” — Ayn Rand

                      Rand wasn’t a fan of the LP.

                    10. The about page might be one of the most unintentionally funny things I’v ever read

                    11. Fuck you bo.

                    12. You’re way more annoying than Bo at this point.

                    13. I promise, whining about it will get you exactly what you want bitch.

                    14. I love the Reason.com comments section lore.

            3. Irish|11.15.14 @ 8:20PM|#
              “Here is Mary in her prime.”

              I don’t remember that specific thread, but now that I think about it, did anyone ever see Tony and Mary in the same thread?

              1. Tony isn’t nearly that nuts. He’s just a pathological authoritarian with delusions of moral superiority.

                1. The Kizone Kaprow Google Plus profile is absurd.

                  1. Fuck you bo.

                  2. If you’re a regular commenter on this site, sooner or later you’ll be mentioned on that Google plus page

                    1. Every comment from the Kizone Kaprow youtube page is about this website.

                      All of them. Whoever’s running it is crazy.

            4. What if Wiegal is Mary?

      2. The reason why hit’n’run comments have a word count limit.

  40. So now that the Bulldogs glass slipper has been smashed in Tuscaloosa, who’s number one?

    1. Everyone hates you and your sockpuppets.

      1. The irony, it burns.

        1. What are you crying about now.

          1. Whoosh

            1. Nike? What a stupid thing for you to cry about.

    2. It should be Bama, but it will probably be Oregon, with FSU two assuming they win. Then Bama three. But who is 4th?

      1. Good question. Miss St barely losses to Bama and TCU barely beats Kansas. Coin toss.

        1. I’m just worried it’s going to come down to who lost early. tOSU and Oregon lost early. I don’t know if MSST has the time to regain their status.

          1. I’m not seeing a likely scenario where OSU makes the playoffs. I think they’ll be Fiesta bound possibly aganst ASU. Still football to be played though.

    3. It will be interesting to see how far they fall. Can’t imagine it being too far. Probably still a good chance for them to be in the playoff. Not that I really care.

    4. I just want to thank Northwestern for completing my football day.

      1. You are welcome!

        C. Anacreon, Northwestern Alum and donor to football team for many years

        ….and boy, did we need this one. We’ve been snakebit since we were 4-0 last year and hosted OSU and GameDay at our stadium, and narrowly lost a great game in prime time on national TV. We should have done well from there but instead have been in this bad-luck morass where our team has lost on miracle last-second plays over and over again. Last week we lost vs Michigan after scoring what should have been a game-tying TD with 4 seconds to play, and our coach decided to go for 2 to win instead of the game-tying extra point. Another L.
        So today we were 18 point dogs and played a great game, but really needed — and finally got — some good luck and good bounces. It was amazing to have their kicker have a bad game due to a new holder, that really ended up being the difference.
        We’ve got a terrific group of young players and a great recruiting class coming in, hopefully this game starts us back on a positive path.

  41. Almost 300 comments on a post about shits and shirts?

    1. You get that on the weekend threads. No place else to go.

    2. Sometimes drunks bump the numbers up.

    3. Three words: Weekend. Open. Thread.

      1. Three words

        Bat shit crazy

  42. “Feminism – because bullying a meek human being to tears, on the day of his greatest success, makes you the victim.”

    1. Wow. Right the spot on there.

  43. AP finally puts out a Gruber feed:
    “Obamacare ‘stupidity’? New energy for repeal push”

    OK, but here’s some of the copy:

    “Many Republicans contend there was a lack of transparency when the legislation was being put together. However, according to Democratic tallies, House lawmakers spent almost 100 hours and the Senate more than 160 in public hearings and debate on the measures, much of it televised on C-SPAN.”

    So the lies were well televised and that makes things “transparent”?

    1. Lawmakers spoke on television Sevo. Lawmakers. On television. Democratic lawmakers. Not Republicans. Democrats tell the truth. Republicans lie.

      It’s simple. Check the AP stylebook.

      1. Has any actual person been able to watch more than 5 minutes of C-span without falling asleep or changing the channel to Billy Mays because a Shamwow commercial is orders of magnitude more interesting?

        1. BuSab Agent|11.15.14 @ 9:05PM|#
          “Has any actual person been able to watch more than 5 minutes of C-span without falling asleep”

          Yeah, given C-spans numbers, it’s laughable that AP would pitch that as evidence of glasnost.

      2. Ya know, it just dawned on me: I’d love to see a break-down on that “100 hour” claim.
        I’m just skeptical enough to believe it was 2 hours of debate with 50 congress-critters in attendance.

        A check of Bing an Google:
        “ABC, NBC, LAT Continue Censorship of Gruber Eight Days After First Video Surfaced”
        “As of Saturday afternoon and a full eight days after the first video of ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber surfaced, major broadcast networks ABC and NBC and the Los Angeles Times have persisted in keeping their audiences in the dark on this story. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/c…..ZZ8G3.dpuf
        Do they think they are still the monopoly on news delivery?

      3. AP playbook is more like it.

    2. They were transparent lies. I mean, have you ever heard of “transparent truths”?

  44. After randomly sampling bits and pieces of this thread, I find this to be the appropriate response:

    I’ve been to one World’s Fair, a picnic, and a rodeo, and that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard come over a set of earphones.

  45. But were they able to destroy the comet after the gizmo landed on the comet? Like Bruce Wilis?

    1. What Jew talkin’ bout Wilis?

    2. No, Ben Affleck has to drive the drill to the planned landing site first.

  46. On balance, the 15 minutes I just wasted wading through this thread would have been better spent jerking off a hobo.

    1. In haiku form:

      Cool Tucson weekend
      Engaged in hobo fondling
      Reason’s trolls erect

    2. Well, I’m sure the hobo would have found it more productive.

      1. God shut the fuck up.

    3. I thought you said you’d never go back to that.

      1. Bumwanking is a difficult habit to break.

      2. Jerking off hobos is like eating Pringles: you can never stop at just one.

        1. Once you pop, you never stop!

          1. That is the way I feel about dealing with backne.

  47. This whole story is stupid and boring, but I chuckle whenever I see Phil(ae) Lander.

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  49. I love how feminists don’t even get the camp that is the rockabilly scene, often seen in avant-garde city districts with burlesque shows and a whole ton of half-naked women and the like, often driven by the women themselves, as is the case here. Think Jackrabbit Slims, but cool and tacky. This is so stupid. Harrrghhhh.

    On a serious note, this is what happens when you don’t get out enough and you stick to NE liberal arts schools and race straight into academia and writing for serious publications.

  50. If (some) women want to play up the stereotype that they’re more interested in fashion than in things of import, they’re perfectly free to do so.

    If (some) women want to play up the stereotype of the mean girl organizing social ostracism over trivial matters against geeks, they’re perfectly free to do that, too.

    And if (some) women want to play up the idea that they’re delicate flowers whose sensibilities are so fragile that pictures of women showing less skin then your average beach-goer would drive them away from a whole career field, they are perfectly free to do that as well.

    But if they do so in the name of feminism without vigorous protest from feminists, well, that’s a pretty good joke on feminism.

    (Though, of course, absolutely not funny in any way.)

  51. Shirts aren’t why there aren’t more women and minorities in STEM. Parents who don’t show up and schools that suck are why there aren’t more women and minorities in STEM. Women who spend their time patrolling for outrage instead of figuring out ways to engage kids in science and math are why there aren’t more women in STEM. There may be something to sex-based neurological differences, too, and there are cultural effects, sure, but those only come into play when a kid never gets the inspiration or drive to study science or math in the first place; you default to what comes easiest to you or to what the rest of the people like you are doing.

    Also, as a parent-to-be, things like this keep hammering home a very depressing realization. Stupid assholes may be a (slight) minority, but they use intensity and volume to ruin lives. You can assume that your day will get fucked up by some piece of shit with a chip on his/her shoulder and no empathy on a fairly regular basis, and I’m genuinely sad that that’s a lesson my kids are going to learn early on in life.

  52. Tacky shirt, probably a poor choice for a professional press conference.

    Reason for women not going into STEM fields, not so much.

    1. Yeah, my first thoughts when I saw that dude with his hipster beard, hipster tats, and hipster shirt was, “what a hipster attention whore douche.”

      1. I saluted his great scientific achievement, and then laughed at what a crying pussy he is after buying into the Feminazi crap.

  53. A little more about that shirt, which is hardly offensive and was made by this British woman, Elly Prizeman,

    How are the feminists reacting regarding this fact, if they’re even aware of it?

    1. By not giving a fuck, of course

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  55. This isn’t about Feminism, or geek shirts, or women in science. This all boils down to one self-centered little idiot who just couldn’t STAND that the whole event wasn’t about her.

    Sit down, princess, the adults are talking.

  56. To be fair, that’s not what would be considered professional dress where I work.

    You’re only allowed to wear shirts like that if you work deep in the IT department where you never get to see sunlight or women.

  57. People wearing shirts with the Hulk and Superman gave me unrealistic bodily expectations, and that’s the main reason I never wore capes or torn purple pants.

  58. Those aren’t women! They’re transgender men trapped in women’s bodies.

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  60. If a black lesbian had been wearing the shirt, it would have been widely praised and admired as “edgy” and “transgressive”.

    But, since it was worn by a presumed hetero white male, it is EVIL EVIL EVIL, as hetero male EVIL taints anything it comes in contact with.

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