Robby Soave: How a Republican Congress Can Kill Common Core


Paul and Cruz
Gage Skidmore

Republicans have retaken control of Congress on a promise to reverse President Obama's failed policies. They should start by honing in on an initiative now synonymous with federal overreach and creeping nationalization of local education matters: the new Common Core national curriculum standards, which give parents everywhere nightmares about their kids' trendy, incomprehensible math homework assignments, according to Robby Soave.

The GOP should tell Obama to back off and stop forcing the standards down the throats of various state legislatures. In doing so, Republicans would draw praise from Common Core's many critics—including conservatives and libertarians, parents, and even teachers—but also some of its most devout proponents, who believe federal involvement has resulted in nothing but bad PR for the initiative.

If Congressional Republicans pick a fight with Obama over Common Core and federal coercion, they will have everyone on their side—except the president. That sounds like a fight well worth having, writes Soave.