Meet the Guy Humiliating Jon Gruber (Besides Gruber), Veterans Day Recognized, Missouri Prepares for Ferguson Decision: P.M. Links


  • Meet Rich Weinstein, the guy who keeps finding Obamacare architect Jon Gruber saying damaging things like the subsidies were only meant for states who ran their own exchanges and that details about Obamacare were deliberately kept non-transparent because voters are "stupid."

  • Today is Veterans Day, where politicians acknowledge the sacrifices made by members of our military while simultaneously figuring out how to use them to advance their own agendas.
  • The New York City doctor diagnosed with Ebola has been cured and is now free to bowl again. There are now no more Ebola cases within the United States.
  • Somehow the governor of Missouri is involved in explaining how law enforcement is going to respond when a grand jury announces whether the officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson will face charges.
  • Eight women have died in central India as a result of government-backed sterilization surgeries intended to help control the population, though apparently not this directly.
  • Spain's government has rejected Catalonia's call for self-determination.
  • Russia has managed to push CNN out of the country while expanding its own state-run media services.

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