Net Neutrality

President's Online Regulatory Scheme is 'Obamacare for the Internet,' Charges Ted Cruz

Oh, that's catchy.


For a long time the received wisdom about net neutrality, for those who tried to talk about it in so-called mainstream venues, went as follows: First, the average person did not know what it was and, if told, would be so bored that he would be physically unable to continue the conversation. Second, the only way around this was with some kind of unwieldy metaphor, preferably one that required a video animation of trucks and packages and sad stick figures sitting in houses waiting for those trucks. Here are just a few examples of what I mean.

And now Ted Cruz has gone and proved them right.

"Net neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet," he tweeted Monday, after President Obama came out in favor of forceful net neutrality measures, urging the FCC to treat Internet service providers as common carriers. "The Internet should not operate at the speed of government."

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  1. Cable companies need to be regulated. They’re working together to prevent having to provide better service or lower prices. The internet in the US is extremely slow and over priced.

    My cable/internet costs me $150/month (from Time Warner). Contrast with my other expenses:

    – Gym ($11/month from Planet Fitness)
    – Mobile Phone ($21/month from TMobile)
    – Car insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda)
    – Groceries ($90/month for me)

    Yes, that’s correct, my gym, cellphone, car insurance, and food COMBINED cost less than my TWC bill.

    This will be a win for consumers by increasing competition and expanding infrastructure. Prices drop and speed increases. Profits drop. Aww.

    1. They are regulated.

      Just because they’re not regulated the way you’d like doesn’t mean they aren’t at all.

      Instead, they garnered monopoly status in most areas because of clowns like you. Now they’re exploiting it; what a shock.

      A better way is to dissolve these monopoly/franchise laws that exist and allow others to offer competing service.

    2. Three words:


      It’s not incumbent on the government or taxpayers to lower your cable/internet bill.

      1. Sorry – four words…

    3. nema su|11.11.14 @ 11:55AM|#
      “Cable companies need to be regulated”

      fuck off, slaver. I don’t need your ‘regulations’ screwing up the internet like they have ever thing else.

    4. My TWC bill is $39.99/mo including taxes and fees. Are you including your TV and phone, and do you pay for their modem/router? Because you can reduce your costs and still get high speed internet from TWC (who is often the only high speed option).

    5. Cable companies need to be regulated. They’re working together to prevent having to provide better service or lower prices.

      The sole cause of cartels is regulation. Cartels can’t exist within an open market, as businesses have no means of artificially preventing newcomers from entering a profitable market.

      Cable companies enjoy protection from competition today via state licensing and, in some cases, monopolization. The government is already strangling new ISPs in the crib. Implement net neutrality and you’ll take away all incentive for innovation and competition from established providers, who will continue to install themselves in the FCC in short order.

      1. I wish that were true, but cartels will form simply because companies will decide it’s more profitable not to compete with each other.

        What keeps out competition for internet is the start up costs. Do you have tens of millions to lay down fiber? Unless you are a Google, apparently not.

        1. I dunno how the heck he only pays $90 a month for groceries. That’s like a week for me and I don’t exactly live the high life.

        2. You’ve got it exactly backwards.

          When companies form a cartel because they, in your words, “decide it’s more profitable not to compete with each other”, they have *not* somehow escaped the necessity of competition.

          But what they have done, is entered a Mexican standoff wherein the first company to *lower* his price wins the market, and thus negates their reason for trying to “cartelize” in the first place. It’s just like the old saying about “no honor among thieves”; when companies try to cartelize, the first one to break the pact wins.

    6. How are you paying $150 for internet? That is bullshit. I pay $50 and can stream HD movies from Amazon no problem.

      You are lying. I’m calling you a liar.

      1. He said “cable/internet”. So he’s paying roughly $100 for cable and $50 for internet.

      2. I pay $80 for internet and I have a cap of 500 megabytes a day.

        I suppose I should be happy I have any internet at all, but no one wants to lay a line from the road down to where I live, leaving Hughesnet basically the only option.

        And then another $70 a month for DirecTV

  2. BTW, the Chron headline had it that Obo was going to ‘equalize’ the net.
    Funny word for “price-fixing”, doncha think?

    1. Funny word for “fairness doctrine” if you ask me.

  3. I think Ted Cruz’s comparison of “Net Neutrality” to Obamcare is horrid. There just isn’t much that’s comparable.

    On the other hand, the phrase “Net Neutrality” is also complete bullshit. The advocates aren’t going for “Neutrality”, what they want is for the internet to be considered a “common carrier”.

    1. Cruz is the Republican version of Schumer. This was his chance to mug in front of cameras and remind Republicans how much Obama sucks. That he happens to be right this time is coincidental.

      1. “That he happens to be right this time is coincidental.”

        His clock stopped at 10:10, so he has to be careful when he gets in front of a camera.

    2. I don’t think he’s comparing Net Neutrality to Obamacare point by point. What (I think) he’s suggesting is that just as government has fucked up health care it will fuck up the internet.

      Everything the government turns to shit. This is an undeniable truth.

  4. my classmate’s half-sister makes $74 /hr on the internet . She has been fired from work for 7 months but last month her pay check was $18091 just working on the internet for a few hours. check my source……


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