A.M. Links: Gay Marriage Suffers Major Legal Defeat, Russian Tanks Enter Ukraine, SEALs Denounce Bin Laden Shooter


  • Credit: C-SPAN

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit has upheld the constitutionality of gay marriage bans in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee. This is the first federal appellate court ruling against same-sex marriage since the 2013 Defense of Marriage Act decision by the Supreme Court and virtually guarantees an eventual SCOTUS ruling on the matter.

  • President Barack Obama will meet for lunch today with congressional leaders, including the Republicans who now control both the House and the Senate. No, that won't be awkward.
  • "Republicans' big midterm wins throw a potential curveball at President Obama as he weighs his replacement for outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder—forcing him to decide whether to introduce a nominee during the lame-duck session or take his chances with a more hostile Senate majority after January."
  • The senior leadership of the Navy SEALs is speaking out against the former SEAL who has come forward to say he shot Osama bin Laden.
  • Christopher Epps, the former head of the Mississippi Corrections Commission, has been charged with accepting more than $700,000 in bribes.

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