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The Dallas Ebola Outbreak Is About to Be Officially Over

In Africa, alas, the epidemic is still raging.


Assuming there are no terrible surprises in the next 24 hours, the Dallas Ebola outbreak is officially coming to an end, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services:

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The last person being monitored in connection with the state's three diagnosed Ebola patients will be cleared from twice-daily monitoring by the end of the day Friday after reaching the 21-day mark, the longest incubation period for the disease.

No additional cases of the disease have been diagnosed in Texas.

A total of 177 people—a mix of health care workers, household contacts and community members—have been monitored over time because they had contact with at least one of the three Texas Ebola patients, specimens or medical waste. The last person being monitored Friday is a hospital worker who handled medical waste Oct. 17….

Texas also recently cleared the people who were being monitored in Texas because they were passengers on one of the Dallas-Cleveland flights that carried a Dallas health care worker before she was diagnosed with Ebola.

In less happy news, there is a new outbreak in a part of Sierra Leone where doctors thought the disease had been contained.