Election 2014

Where Major Gubernatorial Candidates Couldn't Convince Voters, Libertarians Covered the Spread


Tuesday night saw control of the Senate move to the Republicans after a string of victories for seats presently held by Democrats but around the country—in thirty six states—the governor's office was up for election too. About a fifth of those races saw the party in power lose control, including in "deep blue" states like Maryland and Massachusetts where Republicans will replace departing Democrats, and Illinois, where incumbent Pat Quinn lost to Republican Bruce Rauner. In Vermont, meanwhile, Democrat Pete Shumlin failed to secure 50 percent of the vote, meaning the state legislature will choose the next governor. Some Republicans blame Dan Feliciano, the Libertarian candidate, who received about 4.4 percent of the vote, for their candidate not reaching 50 percent.

Check out the graphic below:

Gubernatorial Election Map
reason graphic

Note: This graphic has been edited to accurately display which libertarians covered the spread.

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  1. So PA is the only state that went from red to blue? Voter fraud in Philly?

    1. Voter fraud in a State where Obama got 110% of the vote in some areas ?

      Nah. Couldn’t be. Voter fraud is just a myth anyway.

    2. For Governor? More likely that Corbett is a bumbling fool.

  2. In Colorado, the Republican challenger’s total, plus the Libertarian’s, plus unaffiliated, libertarianish Mike Dunafon’s covered the spread.

  3. Covering the spread? Is that like a participation trophy?

    1. D.C.is Hollywood for ugly people, and politics is a very special sort of Olympics.

  4. I was berated by a prog acquaintance of mine for voting for Adrian Wyllie in Florida, because he thinks we libertarians gave the vote to Rick Scott when Charlie Crist would otherwise have won.

    And a few screenshots of people making similar claims on Wyllie’s Facebook page:



    (there were more, but the fascist Reason mods will only allow two links)

    1. I am sure your prog friend was excited to vote for Crist in the last election when he was a Rep.

  5. The libertarian candidate in Arkansas came in under 2%. I have no idea where 3% is coming from.

  6. I voted for both L candidates here in Kansas. Keen Umbehr was denied access to debates and was left off of polling calls and still pulled 4%.
    We petitioned and harangued the debate hosts and pollsters etc. to no avail. WHY DO THEY HATE LIBERTY?

  7. Slightly OT

    Democrats just pulled all ads during the runoff in LA.

    They say they still support Mary, just not enough to waste any money on her. ( they didn’t say the last part of that sentence, I did )

    I would post a link but I heard it on the radio and don’t know how to post that.

  8. Is there ANY possible reason for this article? I can not think of one. If the Libertarians truly want to become legitimate alternatives then they need to earn placements on Republican Party ballots. Being a spoiler in hotly contested races earns Libertarians only the contempt of most Americans.

    The Democratic Party has become little more than the American Socialist Party. Attempting to run as a Democrat will rarely work without the concealment of the practical affects of being elected. Can anyone conceive of being elected (running as a Democrat) while advocating the privatization of education or universal education vouchers? It’d be difficult as a Republican, but not impossible

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