I'm a 'Conservative Anarchist Isolationist Humanist Libertine'. What Are You?



We've all heard of "The World's Smallest Political Quiz", but are you ready for the strangest? Then I suggest you check out the "5 Dimensional Political Compass", which has been making the rounds, to much merriment, on Twitter today.

Because the survey measures attitudes in five different political dimensions—collectivism, authoritarianism, internationalism, tribalism, and liberalism—and applies a corresponding label to each, it ends up generating some pretty silly-sounding results. I, for instance, was deemed a Conservative Anarchist Isolationist Humanist Libertine. Reason magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch got Right-Leaning Anarchist Non-Interventionist Progressive. Former Reason staffer Cathy Reisenwitz was labeled a Centrist Anarchist Total-Isolationist Humanist Libertine.


While some of these terms may sound contradictory—conservative libertine? centrist anarchist?—it helps to remember that each label applies to a different political dimension. The quiz also gives you a score, from 100 percent to negative 100 percent, on your collectivist, authoritarian, internationalist, tribalist, and liberal tendencies.  Here's mine:

Before anyone goes getting all huffy about how this quiz is imprecise, meaningless, Buzzfeed-worthy drivel: Of course it is! It's also fun. Enjoy