Obama Wants to Have Some Kentucky Bourbon With Mitch McConnell


At a lengthy, sprawling press conference this afternoon following significant Democratic losses in yesterday's midterm, President Obama said something that probably won't surprise anyone: He could use a drink. 

Specifically, Obama said he would "enjoy having some Kentucky bourbon, ah, with Mitch McConnell."

He continued

I don't know what his preferred drink is, but you know, my interactions with Mitch McConnell, he—you know, he has always been very straightforward with me.

To his credit, he has never made a promise that he couldn't deliver. And you know, he knows the legislative process well. He obviously knows his caucus well. You know, he's always given me, I think, realistic assessments of what he can get through his caucus and what he can't. And so, I think we can have a productive relationship.

If McConnell (who is apparently a Manhattan fan) and Obama do share a bottle of Kentucky's finest, here's what they ought to drink

Filibuster Bourbon

I've got a bottle in my liquor cabinet right now, and I can vouch for its tastiness. 

Obama was not always so keen on grabbing a drink with the Kentucky Republican: