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Say Hello to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: The GOP Has Won Control of the Senate


Gage Skidmore

That's the ballgame: Multiple news organizations are now projecting that Republican Joni Ernst has won the Iowa Senate race, definitively giving Republicans 51 seats in the Senate.

It's officially a Republican Senate, folks, and the margin is likely bigger than one seat. The Associated Press and CNN have already called the North Carolina Senate race for Republican Thom Tillis, giving the GOP at least 52 vote majority in the upper chamber, and possibly more. And there's still a runoff yet to come in the Louisiana Senate race, which is likely end up going to the GOP as well. The results of the Alaska Senate race are also still outstanding. 

This is a seven seat pickup for the GOP for sure, and could end up being a nine-seat win for the party. 

It's looking like a big enough win that MSNBC commentators Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd both just described this election as "a wave." Expect the Dem blame-game to go full-blast starting…well, tonight. 

What this means is that longtime Kentucky Senate veteran Mitch McConnell, who was widely described as in danger of losing his own Senate race even over the last few days, will be the Majority Leader. Republicans will control both chambers of Congress. 

The 52-vote majority, which could end up being even larger, also means that Republicans don't just have control for now—they have a bit of a buffer built in for the 2016 elections, when the map is expected to be much less favorable to the GOP. 

NEXT: Oregon Becomes Third State to Legalize Marijuana

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  1. Don’t worry so much, Rand can get control of Turtle Head.

    1. They do say that Rand has had some influence on him. We’ll see.

  2. What the hell is wrong with NH? They keep electing Democrats and I’ll have to rethink my plans to move there

    1. Someone said that the state is being slowly taken over and ruined by retired Bostonians.

      And I hope her colleagues investigate that cunt for her role in the IRS targeting scandal.

      1. Oh, yeah. In fact, I insist on it.

    2. NH is too close to Boston; it was always doomed.

      1. Fuck. I’m going to have move to the deep south. I hate the deep south.

        1. There’s also the Dakotas.

        2. How about Tennessee? You could also try states like Missouri, Arizona, Oklahoma or Texas. They have better policies than most when it comes freedom (particularly economic).

          They aren’t really my cup of tea, but I think there are certain cities that could be cool to live in those states.

          1. Tennessee is certainly not the Deep South, but it’s become pretty hostile to Democrats outside of Memphis.

        3. Austin man. I don’t ever tell people to move here. But I’ll make an exception for you. If you get weirded out by personal contact with proggies you can go to an outskirt.

          But it is hot as shit.

  3. This will be interesting.

    And yay for Tillis. He’s supposed to be decent on paper, right?

  4. I only like this for the prog tears of tonight. Tomorrow it will sink in that the Elephants have Congress….meh.

    1. There really aren’t any particularly exciting libertarian leaning Rs winning either. Are there any new Amash or at least Massie types in the House?

    2. Yep, yep, yep.

      Most of the things that draw criticism on these boards will continue forward, full speed ahead. I almost wish the Dems could have maintained control over the Senate. Let’s not fool ourselves, only after a prolonged session of lubeless ass raping will the American public decide to truly change course. A Republican majority in both branches will only drag out the misery.

      It’s the darkest just before dawn, or some such shit.

  5. “The 52-vote majority, which could end up being even larger, also means that Republicans don’t just have control for now?they have a bit of a buffer built in for the 2016 elections, when the map is expected to be much less favorable to the GOP.”

    Now we just need the GOP to nominate Rand Paul and keep their stupid mouths shut on culturally conservatives shit for two more years!

    Damn it, I’m more likely to get bitten by a shark.

    1. +1 Bethany Hamilton

  6. Shot to recommend to bartenders =

    – 40% Blue Curacao, topped with 60% Fireball =
    call it the ‘Political Bitchslap

    yes, its cheap, disgusting, and probably tastes like shit, but that’s politics

  7. By far the #1 casualty of this evening: the so-called “War on Women”. One of the biggest and most dismal strategic political flops I’ve ever seen.

  8. Karl said “White House officials are saying that you can expect the president to set an aggressive, and defiant tone tomorrow. You’re not going to see any mea culpas, no big firings, no change in direction.”


    Doubling down is always a wise course of action.

    1. Welcome to day one of the Obama dictatorship.

      If you think he has been difficult to stomach the last six years, you’ve seen absolutely nothing yet.

    2. I’d start hiring lawyers.

  9. It’s just turtle heads all the way down!!!!

    But, weed is now legal in Portlandia, just like I predicted it would be.

    This is very important, libertarians, really, a lot more important than the GOP getting control of the Senate.

    So, my thought is this. What it’s going to take now is for a state that IS NOT on the west coast or even west of the divide to legalize.

    So what state will that be?

    I’m guessing KY. I bet you didn’t guess that?

    So, what do you think?

    1. New Hampshire!

      1. Even crazier than that shit, is that MD is about to elect a GOP governor. I must be really fucking drunk.

    2. I read Washington D.C. legalized pot tonight, not the sale of it, but allowing possesion of up to 2 ounces and the cultivation at home of up to 6 plants. That’s a pretty big deal.

      1. That’s sort of fucked up, even being a step in the right direction. So where are you getting your 2 oz if not growing?

        1. It’ll be seen as a “tax”.

        2. Like a lot of things, legal to buy but not sell.

        3. You get it trick-or-treating. Duh.

    3. So, my thought is this. What it’s going to take now is for a state that IS NOT on the west coast or even west of the divide to legalize.

      Didn’t Florida have over a 50% vote for MJ legalization today which didn’t pass because they needed 60%? Couldn’t Florida do it in the near future?

      I could see Vermont or New Hampshire too.

      1. That’s only for medical not recreational.

      2. Yes, but Fla. was medical only.

        1. But considering that nobody in Fla. is under 60 YO, everything there is medical anyway.

    4. Guam legalized weed today!

      Do they count as west coast or east coast?

      1. Both, I’m pretty sure the island has an east and west coast.

      2. I think it counts as “capsized”.

        1. And the military guy holding a straight face is one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen.

    5. I don’t see legalization passing through a legislature any time soon, so the only states I’d even consider (unless you’re predicting more than four years out, in which case, who the hell knows) are ones with the initiative.

      So, of the states east of Colorado, I’d only consider picking from the two Dakotas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Maine. Of them, I’d go with, hmm, Maine as the most likely.

      1. Soon I think you’re likely to get a cynical kind of med mj in one or more states where it’ll really be mostly recreational because the pharmacies (and it’ll be regular drug stores) will want the business. The politicians won’t want to concede that’s what they’re doing, but it will be as they intend. It’ll be a schedule 5 controlled substance under the state uniform model controlled substances act, dispensed like ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.

  10. Say Hello to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

    Assuming there isn’t a coup. Cruz was very coy about a potential attempt at a Majority Leadership tonight. There could be an attempt on McConnell in the near future.

    1. As there should be. Business as usual won’t cut it.

      1. Business as usual won’t cut it.

        Ask yourself one simple question: How many incumbents lost their seats tonight?

        If you need any proof that voting doesn’t matter, look at the business as usual going on in Washington, D.C. even in the face of the various Obama scandals, the NSA going rogue, the push for bombing all the brown-skinned people in the world, the umpteenth year in a row the spendaholics have promised that they’ll start getting serious about the budget next year if we just agree to spend a little more this year, etc, etc, etc. They said it here earlier – meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        1. True enough. What hope there is is slight.

        2. What does it matter?

          People talk about incumbency as if it’s a problem–it’s not. The problem is shitty people getting into office.

          Thomas Massie was on the ballot. This came as a shock to me–because I’ve not heard one ad, seen one sign, or gotten one mailer. And he won 68% of the vote.

          Is his incumbency a problem?

    2. Assuming there isn’t a coup.

      Is that you Dick Morris?

    3. Any idea if Cornyn would be their choice as replacment?

  11. I was checking the results on Google News and saw headline after headline about fraud, chaos, racism, the whole nine yards. I suspect the number of people who will come running when the media cries wolf for the fiftieth time has shrunk.

    Sure hope there is at least a thread of reform-mindedness in the GOP. If they act like they did early in the century, they might as well not bother. We need deep and fundamental change before it’s too late.

    1. “Sure hope there is at least a thread of reform-mindedness in the GOP.”
      We can hope.

  12. MSN’s homepage is using a photo that is ostensibly focused on McConnell, but there’s a vignette highlighting Rand Paul, who is set in the middle of the picture looking towards the camera.

  13. I’m sad because the dipshits in NYC have re-elected governer malignant. Oh well, it may not be too long before he’s indicted for corruption anyway.

  14. ?Dick Morris: GOP Win Means ‘Coup d’Etat’ in DC Coming

    I know this sounds like fearmongering but considering how Obama intends to rule by EO and how supine the media, the GOP and Dalmia have been it doesn’t seem that outrageous.

  15. I forgot to mention on my earlier post…

    Up yours, Obama!

    Wasn’t it Suderman who pointed out, earlier this week, that if the Democrats lose the Senate, it’s because everyone hates Obama, and if the Democrats win, it’s because they distanced themselves from Obama?

    Who was that Democrat that wouldn’t even admit she voted for Obama? Was that Hagan in North Carolina?

    1. Who was that Democrat that wouldn’t even admit she voted for Obama?

      Grimes in Kenrucky

      1. Awesome typo.

      2. ruh roh!

    2. Ken Shultz|11.5.14 @ 12:16AM|#
      …”Up yours, Obama!”

      You left out, ‘you lying bastard!’, but I think we can all agree on that.

      1. No, Ken left out “you fucking cunts!!”. 🙂

  16. “Expect the Dem blame-game to go full-blast starting…well, tonight.”

    Those grapes are really sour…
    People don’t know what a good deal they’re getting from O-care…
    Racists won!…
    And for our fave turd: 8%!!!!!!!

  17. OT: Governor Quinn refuses to concede the election to Bruce Rauner

  18. Nothing about Harry Reid? It’s worth it to have the Republicans take the Senate just to remove him as Majority Leader of the Senate.

  19. Kucinich is losing his mind on Fox.

    1. Kucinich lost his mind years ago.

      Still – he remains the nicest, least douche-baggy politician I’ve ever met. Nice guy 🙂 Weirdo – but a really nice person.

      1. He has always seemed genuine, but it obviously isn’t easy to tell from afar when you’re dealing with politicians. Too bad he is so far to the left though. At least he opposed wars consistently

      2. I don’t think he’s a douchebag either. He’s a comnmie fucktard, for sure. But an honest, principled, non-douchy commie fucktard. I’d actually prefer more of those in the population than less.

  20. Am I living in an alternate universe or did they just call the governors race in MD for the GOP? My vote counted? In MD? Are you kidding me?

    1. Think what would have happened had you not voted, right?

  21. Liberals explode with racial hate after Tim Scott wins Senate race in S.C.


    right on cue the party of tolerance strikes again.

  22. Since we are the campaign cowboys, can I punch Karl Rove in the face?

  23. My politically active Facebook friends are already bemoaning the low voter turnout which they blame for these results. The idea that constantly fucking people makes them proportionately more likely to turn out never seems to cross their minds.

  24. Con: Mitch McConnell has a face like a bowl of creamed corn and a brain to match.
    Pro: He’s not Harry Reid.

  25. Anybody got links (twitter, youtube, facebook, etc.) to some good proggy tears? Something in the same vein as this:


    Ha ha that fuckin’ clip never gets old.

  26. Oh God…the “Its a Mandate!” crowd has started their frothing at the mouth crusade. I’m sick and tired of the idiocy of one group using the hammer of government to beat their ideological opponents to a pulp. If it weren’t happening to us in this nation, it would be interesting to watch. However, our nation has gone full retard yet again. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. And I’m SUPER pissed that Medical MJ failed here in Florida by 3%. We reelected Lurch the Ghoul cause Slimey Used Car Salesman was too much of a sleazebag. Would have been fantastic if Adrian Wyllie hit double digits. The other bad news is that Cunt Extraordinaire Pam Bondi was reelected. I fucking hate my state at times….

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