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Rand Paul Laser-Focused on Hillary Clinton for Some Reason

One guess why.


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In the wake of Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell's victory over challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes, Rand Paul—who attended McConnell's victory rally—had just one name on his mind: Hillary Clinton.

Fox News asked Paul about the win; Paul framed the election as a referendum, not just on Obama, but also on Clinton, who actively campaigned on behalf of Grimes and Democratic candidates in other states. According to Mediaite:

"Mrs. Grimes ran as a Clinton Democrat," said Paul. "She tried to disassociate herself with President Obama, so she tried to attach herself to Hillary Clinton, but it turns out Hillary Clinton doesn't have many coattails in Kentucky.

Later in the interview, Paul repeated this line of thinking, saying the GOP wins are a "repudiation basically of the president's policies but also Hillary Clinton." While he said people were trying to say that Hillary and Bill Clinton are "somehow better for Democrats" than Obama is, in Kentucky, "they were soundly rejected."

Eventually, Bret Baier couldn't help but point out that Paul was taking every possible opportunity to trash Clinton, his most likely opponent in the 2016 presidential race were he to win the Republican nomination.

In other words, if anyone is still on the fence about whether Paul is going to run for president: He is going to run for president.

As I have noted previously, a Paul vs. Clinton showdown would invert some the traditional Republican and Democratic Party positions on civil liberties, foreign policy, and drug policy. That is undeniably exciting for libertarians.

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  1. She deserves a target on her butt and shots at it every time anyone gets a chance.
    The woman has two 'qualifications':
    1) She's ridden coattails to high office
    2) She's a shrill and bullying speaker

  2. Rand Paul Laser-Focused on Hillary Clinton for Some Reason


    I still think Rand is too far outside the Overton Window to win the presidential nomination, but he'd make a pretty good VP. Then he'd be just a heartbeat (or gunshot) away...

  3. Rand Paul Laser-Focused on Hillary Clinton for Some Reason


  4. A used roll of toilet paper could beat Hillary for the nomination. I don't see how it helps to bash someone who's not going to be your opponent.

  5. Kentucky House staying blue and another wacky tweet by Ron Paul conspire against a 2016 Rand Paul presidential run. He should focus all attention on Senate reelection and retain his national platform.

  6. For some reason? I'm assuming Paul is considering a '16 presidential bid. I don't know much about no politickin', but I'm guessing that if you're going to play in the big leagues, you need to start focusing your attention on the likely frontrunner/nominee early and often. Because if you don't, you'll find yourself sitting on the bench in triple A.

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