Justin Amash

Justin Amash Officially Re-Elected


Grand Rapids-area Republican Justin Amash (uh-MOSH') has won re-election to Congress.

The 34-year-old from Kent County's Cascade Township beat Democratic challenger Bob Goodrich in Tuesday's midterm election.

Goodrich is the longtime president and CEO of Goodrich Quality Theaters. The 74-year-old businessman from East Grand Rapids faced an uphill battle in unseating Amash in the Republican-leaning 3rd District, which includes parts of five counties and the cities of Grand Rapids and Battle Creek.

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  1. A relief. Once we get a good one in, it’s vitally important to keep them in…not for the old reasons of “making connections” and “collecting on tradeoffs” and “got to get in the game to play the game”, but specifically to NOT play the f’ing game the way it has been played.

    The latin saying “Senatores boni viri, senatus autem mala bestia” comes to mind. Amash is one of the few (hopefully, we someday say ‘one of the first’) boni viri who can stop, or at least begin to put a brake on the long, long, downhill acceptance of our bodies of governance as mala bestia.

    Hope must be the most powerful drug in existence…it takes such an infinitesimal nano-bit of it have an effect on years of hopelessness and cynicism.

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