Election 2014

Election 2014: The Google Poll

Google gives us a glimpse into the electorate's minds.


The most entertaining election data of the day comes from Google, which has posted the most popular search terms associated with candidates around the country. Here, for example, are the results for Georgia's would-be governors:

Deal is ahead in the polls, but evidently he's losing the word-association race. I mean, "Related To Jimmy Carter" isn't the first thing I'd want people searching with my name, but Deal clearly has it worse.

In Michigan, meanwhile, the gubernatorial race appears to be a contest between "Net Worth" and "Not Prepared":

"Not Prepared" has been a popular pair of words in this race: The Democrat deployed the phrase in a gaffe last spring and the GOP has been running with it ever since. Snyder's net worth, for the record, is "in the vicinity of $200 million."

Elsewhere, Scott Brown's Cosmo centerfold is still on people's minds, in whichever organ those minds might be located:

Finally, these are the results for President Obama, who isn't running for anything this year but looms ominously above all the Democrats who are:

The term at #3 surprises the staff of The Federalist: "The third most-searched term connected to Obama is 'divorce'? Really?" I'm not so shocked: Given how hard The National Enquirer has been hitting the dubious idea that an Obama divorce is on the horizon, I'm surprised the word isn't ranked even higher. There are people who buy supermarket tabloids, and there are people who wait til they get home and then Google what they saw on the cover. Or, um, so I hear.

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  1. Completely and totally off-topic, but I typically read comment threads on the articles long after they’re dead, and I’ve been wondering for several months – what is the story behind the Shreek 8% thing? I’ll hang up and pole millennials.

    1. One 8% of true libertarians know this one.

        1. All we ask is that you tow the lion and go along with it.

    2. I’ll hang up and pole millennials.

      I can only assume you’re referring to some sort of medieval torture device to be inserted into a millenial anus.

      1. Best when performed by a gay Mexican who is feeding you artisinal pot edibles.

    3. Its a little foggy, but I seem to recall he claimed that a majority or plurality supported ObamaCare, and linked to a survey.

      The survey showed 8% actually supported ObamaCare.

    4. Shriek tried posting a poll that was purported to show how beloved Obamacare was….when you actually looked at it, only 8% of people thought it was fine, no changes needed.

      He has been getting pelted with “8%” ever since.

      1. Also, 8% as an emoticon looks like shreek sucking government cock.

      2. Thanks, that’s what I was looking for. Back to the lurkcave!

  2. Jesus, the Liz Warren zombies chased Scott Brown all the way out of Massachusetts?

    I know the woman is vile, but I didn’t think she could chase someone clear out of the state!

  3. You would think that #GoogleNSA already knows how every individual voter votes.

    1. Probably knows the winner even before anyone votes.

  4. You know that Google search trends can be totally gamed right? Remember online Ron Paul supporters? Remember them?

    1. Didn’t they turn out to be mostly fake Facebook accounts?


      1. No, they were just paid operatives of the Koch Corporation. Just like all of us here.

        1. You mean we’re supposed to get a check?

          1. Mine is gold bullion.

            1. Mine is gold bullion.

              You mean Goldschlager.

              1. I think I meant Acapulco Gold.

                1. Aaaahh.

                  The old days !

            2. Bitcoin, of course.

          2. HEY!

            Dude, I didn’t know we got PAID!

          3. Mine is in Bitcoin.

        2. Just like all of us here.

          Hey! Remember the first rule of Koch Club!

          1. Please. Now that we libertarian oligarchists control Fox News and the Washington Post, no one can stop us. Muahahaha.

        3. I seem to be neither getting Koch nor getting paid. What am I doing wrong?

          1. You just got to hold on tightly to your Koch.

  5. …”Given how hard The National Enquirer has been hitting the dubious idea that an Obama divorce is on the horizon,”…

    Wow! And I do so try to keep up!
    Need to spend more time in the checkout lines.

    1. It’s like that time the Enquirer was pushing that ridiculous story about John Edwards having a knocked up mistress.

      1. Flye,

        You magnificent bastard!!!

      2. WOW! SLAM!

    2. I remember when they were flogging the dubious idea that Bill Clinton was banging a White House intern. Then there was the time they were flogging that ridiculous story that John Edwards had a love child with a mistress.

      Stupid tabloids.

    3. The idea that anybody with rock star cred and a dick would stay married to Michelle seems pretty farfetched to me!

      1. I have to admit, I don’t get this. Is she repulsive in video? Does her voice sound like Wolverine climbing a slate roof in cleets? Because,,based on her pictures, I just don’t get the “Michelle Obama is ugly” narrative. She’s anattracive looking Black woman, without the scowl and snit lines so common among the women of the Progressive Left.

        Nancy Pelisi looks like an undead horror. Shrillary is a frump in a suit. Michelle ain’t all that bad.

        Her politics are idiotic, but that is only to be expected.

        1. She’s cuter than most of the men in Washington, but unless they’re at Henry Waxman levels of scariness, it rarely gets commented on.

        2. I sorta agree, she is not as ugly as Harry Reed, but let’s not get carried away.

          You are REALLY stretching it though with the “attractive Black woman thing”. She is not BFugly, but attractive?

          I don’t think so!

        3. Yeah, I’ve never gotten it either. If we were both single and contemporaries, it would basically come down to whether she was at least kinda fun to hang out with. She’s at that level where her looks wouldn’t excuse serious personality flaws or like halitosis or whatever, but neither does she require an exemplary personality in order to look past physical shortcomings.

          1. The point is that Barry can take his pick.

            He married her back when he was in Chicago or somethin’. Now he’s a rock star!

            It’s not that she has to be inherently awful–but on a bad hair day, Obama could pick any French model off the runway, and have a pretty good shot.

            Did you see the chick the last French Premier married?!

            Obama could probably do better than that?

            Every middle aged guy gets sick of listening to his wife complain–it’s just that very few of them have the chance to swap her out for a young model, one that he doesn’t necessarily have to marry and doesn’t complain!

            Obama has that option. He’s basically a rock star. Once he’s out of White House, he doesn’t have to listen to Michelle talk about nutritious meals for fat kids anymore if he doesn’t want to. And–seriously–who wants to listen to Michelle?

        4. Well, I was going to have a look at her in a video, and the first hit in the YouTube list for “Michelle Obama” is “Michelle Obama a Man?”


          I can’t tell whether it’s tongue in cheek or serious. Apparently Serena Williams is a man too.

  6. Joe Genius is on the case of keeping the Democratic Senate majority.


    1. I love Joe Biden. Every monarch needs a court jester.

    2. Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.

      I think a Crazy Joe Biden reality TV show would be one of the best recruitment tools the LP could employ.

      If nothing else the laughs would be epic.

  7. OT, someone — at Daily Kos, but that’s actually irrelevant for once — really did do a funny gloss of some CNBC reporter who’s kind of confused about the UK and the EU and the UKElele or whatever it all is.


  8. The #4 for Mary Landrieu in Louisiana is keg stand.

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