Election 2014

President's Approval Ratings in the Toilet as Election Looms

Not looking good, Barry.


Voters will not see "Barack Obama" on the ballot on Tuesday, and the president might count himself lucky. A record low 44 percent of Americans report a favorable impression of him in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

President Obama's image is considerably weaker than during the past two election cycles, along of course with his job approval ratings. Half the public now see Obama unfavorably, two points shy of his record high from last November amid the botched Healthcare.gov rollout. Today's six-point unfavorable-favorable margin matches the worst since Obama rose to the national stage.


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  1. Hey, it’s better than 8%.

  2. Unless he’s running for some office, I don’t imagine Obama cares what the people think of him.

    1. IMHO it seems Obama truly believes public opinion will come to love him eventually no matter what he does. He is a true narcissist.

    2. sasob|11.2.14 @ 9:16PM|#
      “Unless he’s running for some office, I don’t imagine Obama cares what the people think of him.”

      Disagreed. He is the ultimate narcissist and hates that even one person (outside of rethugs) doesn’t like him.
      What’s more is the general dislike of him is likely gonna cost support for his further ‘programs’ to save the world!

  3. He saved the all the wimmens from becoming Mormon chattel sister-wife broodmares back in ’12 and this is how they repay him?

  4. The Dems have to find a way to continue spending money without the cost being easily seen by the voters. QE was a godsend for them politically and resulted in a moribund economy, a result which the simpleton electorate seems incapable of recognizing. We end up with the public saying things like “the country is on the wrong track” and thus the Dems can claim it’s due to a lack of regulation and low taxation. More unseen costs whiz over the public’s head and you wind up with a Liz Warren emerging as a savior among the left. Democracy does not favor conceptualized thinking, it favors theft.

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