LP Senate Candidate Sean Haugh, the Scariest Political Ads, and Other Midterms-Related Independents Segments


On Tuesday night's episode of The Independents, the beer-swilling, pot-smoking, election-complicating Libertarian Party Senate candidate in North Carolina Sean Haugh came on for a second time to talk about his candidacy:

Townhall.com Political Editor Guy Benson and progressive strategist Richard Fowler also provided some color commentary on some of the more striking campaign ads of the season:

And Kennedy took to the streets of midtown Manhattan to see if anyone gives a rip about the midterms:

Other recent midterms-related Independents content:

* Former Hillary Clinton aide Basil Smikle and GOP strategist/Sun Sentinel columnist Noelle Nikpour on the likelihood of a Republican-controlled Senate.

* FOX News contributor Deroy Murdock and Washington Free Beacon writer Ellison Barber on voter fraud and the potential impact of third parties and independents next Tuesday.

* Guy Benson and Richard Fowler make their cases for voting major-party on Tuesday.