David Harsanyi on Deteriorating Relations Between Israel and the Obama Administration



The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg has written a piece detailing the deteriorating relationship between Israel and the Obama administration. None of it is especially shocking, considering the antagonism the administration has shown toward the Jewish state from the start, argues David Harsanyi. 

Most people have focused on the name-calling, and Goldberg keeps a list of pejoratives used by U.S. officials to describe Netanyahu, including "aspergery." Is being anti-Netanyahu tantamount to being anti-Israel? Well, no, writes Harsanyi—although, it's certainly fair to point out that the administration's public demeaning of an ally's elected leader is nearly unheard of. But you know what is unmistakably anti-Israel? Gloating over how the United States has strong-armed Israel into living with a nuclear Iran.