Nurse Kaci Hickox Defies Ebola Quarantine in Maine, Goes for Bike Ride

Cops need a court order to stop her.


An Ebola nurse went bike riding with her boyfriend Thursday morning, defying state orders to remain at home for 21 days.

Kaci Hickox, who recently treated Ebola patients in West Africa, told reporters late Wednesday that day-long negotiations had failed to resolve a deadlock over the state's instructions.

The 33-year-old nurse, who earlier vowed to ignore the state order beginning Thursday, and her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, donned helmets, stepped off the front porch of his rural house and rode off on bicycles, followed by state police.

Without a court order, troops do not have the authority to restrain her.

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  1. “Sir, you did say shoot her down, right”?

    1. Which would totally aerosolize some of her body fluids.

      This is going to provide endless hours of diversion.

      1. Are her body fluids safe or not?!!!11!!?!

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  4. What a vapid obnoxious fuckstick of a human, how can a doctor be so fucking stupid?
    How does someone who helps people become a completely selfish reckless twat in a period of days?
    I hope she slowly dies of cancer if shes clean of Ebola

    1. I don’t want her to have Ebola, but I wouldn’t be surprised considering she has some kind of superwoman complex. She probably thought her sheer awesomeness would shield her from contracting. Great that she uses her powers for good, I guess, but sucks for us.

      1. You people are a bunch of paranoid cowards. She’s been checked, she’s had blood work done, and she went for a bike ride.

        No one is going to get ebola from her.

        1. No one is going to get ebola from her.

          Thank you Dr Brochettaward, I feel totally safe knowing you have administered your absolutely infallible Ebola test.

          Now, let’s all take a moment to sneeze on our neighbors, to show our bravery. Take that, virus! You can’t scare me!

    2. She’s only a nurse, not a doctor, but apart from that, I totally agree.

      You’d think that if she’s a trained nurse worth anything at all, she’d understand that until she’s clear of the incubation period, she’s enough of a public health risk that her selfish, shrill, obnoxious ass needs to be quarantined. She arrived back here with a high fever, and I guess she expected a parade and a big, shiny pageant crown instead of a quarantine order.

      1. She did not have a fever…

        1. As for her training, she’s very highly educated for ‘just’ a nurse. She knows a hell of a lot more about how people become infected than those people like you who are living in fear of something there’s almost no chance of catching.

          1. If your best argument is the assumption that anyone who disagrees with you is living in fear, you have no argument.

            1. I’m sorry, what is your argument, exactly, beyond accusing her of having some sort of super woman complex?

              You know, alls I’ve done is point out actual facts like she’s already been screened and she did not have a fever, she is trained and intimately familiar with ebola (you know, unlike the other nurses who had no experience with it, or you), and that ebola is spread through close contact.

              Here’s an argument for you that is irrefutable. Her going for a bike ride isn’t putting anyone at risk of getting infected with ebola. No one else would even be close enough to her to be infected.

              So, yea, I’ll go back to my point. You have nothing but reactionary fear which is the exact opposition of a rational argument.

        2. New Jersey officials additionally said that screeners determined that she had a fever at the airport.


          1. I like when libertarians blindly believe the spun narrative put out by officials/top men. Of course, when she went to the hospital – actual doctors determined she did not have a fever, that those at the hospital took her forehead temperature (as described in your link – and which is less reliable in general) and it was slightly elevated. Her temperature at the hospital was completely normal as it had been when it was first taken at the airport.

            So, yea – she had a fever on one unreliable measurement after dealing with bureaucrats for several hours after initially not having one. Then, at the hospital, she magically didn’t have one again when they took it orally.

            So, when I dismiss your arguments as being paranoid and driven by fear, this would be why.


            1. So someone exposed to a disease with a 70% fatality rate tested positive for a fever, and your response is “well, other tests disagreed, so there’s aboslutely zero chance she has the disease.”

              Ebola has a 70% fatality rate. So, when I dismiss your arguments as insane recklessness being driven by monstrous stupidity, that would be why.

  5. Don’t worry. Obama and the experts say ebola has very little chance of making it to the U.S.. Err..but if it did, our health system would quickly treat it…Duncan!…and there would be almost zero risk of American health workers contracting the disease…Doh!..and they certainly wouldn’t be taking mass transit..Frontier airlines for example…

    Ah shucks. It’s not like an American healthcare worker working with highly contagious ebola victims in a third world facility would be any risk to Americans once returning home within the Ebola incubation period. Trust us. We’re experts and we’ve formed a consensus.

  6. At least she’s wearing a helmet.

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