Maine Nurse Rejects Ebola Quarantine: 'I Will Go to Court to Fight for My Freedom'


Nurse Kaci Hickox — who remains symptom-free after spending three days in a New Jersey isolation tent after flying home from Ebola-stricken West Africa — remains under quarantine at home in Maine, but for only another day, she tells TODAY's Matt Lauer.

"I don't plan on sticking to the guidelines. I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me, even though I am in perfectly good health and feeling strong and have been this entire time completely symptom free," said Hickox, who wouldn't emerge from Maine's 21-day voluntary quarantine until Nov. 10.

"I truly believe this policy is not scientifically nor constitutionally just, and so I'm not going to sit around and be bullied around by politicians and be forced to stay in my home when I am not a risk to the American public."

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  1. I think if I were a Judge on such a case I would want to tell her “Here’s the deal; we let you out, but if you have contact with people and it is later determined that you were a vector in spreading the disease, then we put you on trial for attempted murder.”

    The “scientific” consensus on this is all over the map and smells strongly of politics. Sensible authorities, dealing with such a nasty disease, are reasonably wanting to err on the side of caution, lest somebody die and their careers dies with him. Less sensible authorities are more worried about looking racist (they shouldn’t worry; if they are white, everybody knows they are racist. If they are non-white everybody will pretend that they aren’t).

  2. Typical goddamned nurse – they always think they know more than the doctors or anyone else.

    1. http://www.newsmax.com/newswid…..dgetphase2

      You mean like this prick?

      1. I should imagine she probably thinks she’s smarter than that “prick,” too.

  3. In Nigeria, Ebola has been stopped. How, you might ask? What did they do different than Liberia? Immediate quarantine.
    Here is a quote from the WHO site explaining how Ebola was stopped in Nigeria.

    “Unlike the situation in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, all identified contacts were physically monitored on a daily basis for 21 days. The few contacts who attempted to escape the monitoring system were all diligently tracked, using special intervention teams, and returned to medical observation to complete the requisite monitoring period of 21 days.”

    Seems this nurse knows better than WHO.

  4. This is an actual public safety issue. Kaci has no idea whether she has ebola or not. The only responsible thing to do (gov’t mandated or not) is to quarantine yourself. Only a selfish and reprehensible person would do otherwise.

    If she insists on going free, then turns up with the disease, I hope she is held personally repsonsible for any damage caused.

    To be fair, though, I have no doubt that the government is bungling the administrative side of quarantine. She has every right to bitch about that.

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