Brickbat: A Few Good Men Isn't What They're Looking For


Alaska's Anchorage School District has banned military recruiters from campus after female students complained that some were making sexual or romantic advances towards them. The recruiters also allegedly invited some high school students to parties where alcohol would be served.

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19 responses to “Brickbat: A Few Good Men Isn't What They're Looking For

  1. I am unhappy about the military impinging on my shtick.

    1. “Hey little girl, you want some combat boots?”

      1. or a MRE?

        1. Preferably a claymore.

          1. I think she was the meal he wanted to eat

  2. The leaked report also reads that the officer, who was married, also invited the female student to go to his house, telling her “it would only take five minutes.” She said she jumped from the recruiter’s car when he stopped at a stop sign and had to call her father from a stranger’s phone after she ran off.

    Five minutes, eh? The military knows how to put smooth-talkers in those recruitment roles. On the other hand, how am I supposed to believe a high schooler who doesn’t even have a cell phone?

    1. It’s Alaska, they only have land lines and the newly introduced FAX machine technology, which has caused a huge toner shortage and put a strain on the sled dog delivery system.

      1. Or more accurately, it’s not cost effective to put up towers to cover vast spans of nothingness for the one customer out there.

          1. You know who else wanted to end sarcasm?

    2. how am I supposed to believe a high schooler who doesn’t even have a cell phone?

      She got it taken away for accepting rides from strange men.

  3. My recruiter told me a lie
    Said join the Airborne and learn to fly…
    But I went to Recruiting Command
    All the chicks and booze I can stand!

  4. Must every sex scandal become a scandal?

  5. There is nothing you could report about military recruiting which would surprise me. I did my time in USAREC’s tender mercies and somehow managed to escape with something vaguely resemling my career intact. My marriage and health, not so much, but at least I avoided prosecution. It was a successful tour.

    And as terrible as USAREC is, in my experience the Guard makes them look like pikers. It takes the horrible, abusive climate of USAREC and combines it with an even smaller community which has little opportunity to import anyone who is not a part of the Good Ol’ Boy (and Girl!) Network.

    When I was in recruiting the push was to have the recruiters be recent combat vets who were in the general age group of the target market (OIF/OEF vets around 22-24 years old). So they take a bunch of young men who are relatively fit, have an actual job that pays well, who are being hailed as “heroes” in the press, put them into high schools, and then left them with little supervision or leadership. They were then shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to find out that some of them were having “inappropriate relations” with high school students.

    Whatever the allegations about these recruiters are, they are likely true. And it was something known, if not actually condoned, by the leadership at the lower levels, and willfully ignored at the higher.

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