3D Printing

Meet "The Reason," A New Metal 3D Printed Gun


Its creator, Eric Mutchler, alas informs me today the name of his new metal 3D printed handgun is not a deliberate shout-out to Reason, despite our early and often coverage of the world of 3D printed weapons in both plastic and metal. It was just named that "for the sake of it, it seemed a useful term" for such a gun since "who can argue with 'reason'?"

Mutchler tells me that, despite erroneous reporting all around the tech field this morning from TechCrunch to Gizmodo, his weapon is not an official product of his employer, Solid Concepts.

It was made by him and for him, merely as his personal example of how interestingly personalized 3D printing allows metal weapons to be. (Solid Concepts, now owned by a bigger, and publicly held, 3D printing interest Stratasys, is trying to avoid being too connected with the weapons field these days.)

The weapon was made mostly out of stainless steel with store-bought grips, using an EOS M280 3D printer. It chambers 10mm ammo and features the word "Reason" printed in the slide, and the preamble to the Declaration of Independence on the front of the grip.

The unique trigger was designed to look like Mutchler's last initial "M." Mutchler says all the work, including the inscriptions, was done via CAD and required no post-cleanup.

    The Reason in use:

Reason on 3D weapons.

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  1. Somebody’s a Snow Crash fan.

    1. (Although it should really say Ultima Ratio Regium on the barrel.)

    2. I’ve read it, but it’s been a few years. Not sure what you’re referencing.

      1. Louis 14? *the ultimate argument of kings?

        1. That’s the literal translation, though a more precise translation would be “final argument of kings” based on how the word ‘ultima’ is often used in Latin.

      2. At one point in Snow Crash, a nuclear-powered chaingun is featured. Its named “Reason”, for the exact same reason that Mr. Mutchler named his gun “Reason”.

        The pix I’ve seen of French cannons have the Latin motto around the muzzle. The English version of it is generally “The Last Argument of Kings.”

    3. I’m glad someone said it promptly.

  2. That looks badass, I want one.

    1. +1

    2. 9 mm just passes through. My buddy was shot in Florida by police (after a major brawl when a cop shot him in the thigh after kicking their asses) and patched himself up and flew back to NYC and went to the hospital, presenting himself as a drive-by shooting. He never got caught and was only treated as an innocent bystander.

      1. So, your buddy told you that he got in a fight with police, and AFTER he kicked their asses, he was shot by the police. He then was …released?…or somehow escaped after being beating up cops and being shot. He then somehow became an 18D and “patched himself up” good enough not to seep all over his pants-leg for a 3-hour flight….oh fuck it….BULLSHIT. Your friend is a fucking liar, and you’re a chump for believing such a bullshit story.

        9mm is 1mm different than a 10mm. ANY ball-round “passes through”, BUT cops don’t use ball rounds. Gang-bangers do though, because they’re too stupid and cheap to buy good ammo.

    3. Yes, yes it does and yes, yes I want one.

  3. For a gun called Reason…

  4. Sweeeeet:)

  5. Stratasys, is trying to avoid being too connected with the weapons field these days.)

    But “Stratasys” is a great, evil sounding company that would have been the fodder of many an 80s movie.

    1. It’s right up there with Skynet, Zik-Zak, and Omni Consumer Products.

        1. That’s not 80s! Stick with the narrative!

      1. Zik-Zak? Nah, that sounds like one of those twee Millennial company names that are all the rage now.


        I visualize a bunch of semi-socially inept HTML coders on a bright, colorful campus with slides instead of stairs.

        1. No, Paul. Think Max Headroom.

  6. The unique trigger was designed to look like Mutchler’s last initial “M.” Mutchler says all the work, including the inscriptions, was done by the CAD and required no post-cleanup.

    Now that’s impressive.

    1. I like my murders clean.

  7. …features the word “Reason” printed in the slider, and the preamble to the Declaration of Independence on the front of the grip.

    Automatically making the owner a terrorist.

  8. features the word “Reason” printed in the slider

    Slider? Lol is it burnt into the bun? Oh, you mean slide.


    1. Oh, you mean slide.

      IDK about Doherty’s familiarity with the topic (maybe it was a legitimate typo); but it very much reminds me of people who drool over ‘interestingly personalized’ cars with ‘tail fins’ on the back.

    2. Good catch, my typed notes from my chat with Mutchler had that typo and I carried it over. Fixed now.

      1. Typo.

        *nods knowingly*

        Sure, Big D, sure.

        1. It was a typo, yet also if one were someone using gun terminology on a daily basis, one which one would have caught easily upon merely glancing over your own notes.

          1. I never knew the terminology until a friend took me to the range.

          2. you just keep telling yourself that…

    3. I don’t know if it’s a thing or not, but I think most people associate “weapons” with bad guys. Good guys use firearms or pistols.

      1. I rock a gat, or alternately, a heater.

          1. shootin’ iron

        1. I thought heaters were cigarettes?

          1. No, no – cigarettes are “squares”!

              1. Whoa, whoa, whoa – it’s gettin’ all racial up in here!

                /Undercover Brother

            1. no, really fast boats…ref: Miami Vice…which coincidentily had lots of cool gats.

        2. I rock a gat, or alternately, a heater.

          I rock scissors, and burn paper with my heater.

    4. Slider? Lol is it burnt into the bun? Oh, you mean slide.

      Nobody likes a gun snob.

      How many rounds does the clip hold?

      1. I read it in a magazine once, but I forgot 🙁

      2. single stack 10mm in a 1911….I am guessing nine or ten.

  9. I bet 10mm ammunition and the word “REASON” emblazoned on the slide makes that gun pretty handy when the law comes looking for it.

    That much time, effort, and customization makes even the tragic canoe accident? seem a little unbelievable.

  10. They named a gun after Sloopy’s kid? That’s trademarked.

  11. Great. Now Hoobastank is going to demand royalties.

  12. Cerakote it orange and I will buy it!

    1. Agreed, some orange highlights with the black and chrome will make it even more badass. That should be a feature of the Freedom and Fuck The Government 3D Printer model 3001.

      1. And a threaded barrel!

        1. And it comes with a milk carton and a bag of potatoes.

        2. And it comes with a milk carton and a bag of potatoes.

        3. And a red dot!

    2. “What a lovely gold statue. I think I’ll have it bronzed.”

      It’s already stainless. Why ruin it?

      1. Jesus h- Perhaps you missed my name?
        But, you are right.

    3. I’d prefer nitro glycerine inlays. After the last shot you could chuck at them and hope it would go off.

  13. Now all we need is a 3D printed scary looking black semi-auto rifle named Liberty. That’s better than Bob Olinger’s Mean Ass Shotgun.

    1. How about an AA12 shotgun with some of them thar fragmentation rounds? OOhh, and the armor piercing incendiary!

      The AA12 is my zombie apocalypse ultimate firearm. Unless they are super sensitive to noise, then I’ll go Blackout .300.

      1. Well, if that 2nd amendment is truly about keeping government in check as some of our slave owning white patriarch founders said it was, then I’m thinking that the armor piercing incendiary might be a must for smart shoppers putting together this falls ensemble.

      2. the AA12 is the “shit just got real” ultimate weapon. The two words, “Automatic shotgun” get me hard.

  14. who can argue with ‘reason’?

    Tony, Shrike, Tulpa, Dunphy…

    1. No no. Not argue AT reason. Argue WITH reason.

      That list is much more interesting and includes most of our elected officials.

    2. Arguing with reason precludes all of those people from entering.

  15. Its creator, Eric Mutchler, alas informs me today the name of is new metal 3D printed handgun is not a deliberate shout-out to Reason

    …and yet, who among us will be able to resist using it vigilante-style as we yell “Fuck off, slaver” to a would-be felonious cop while getting literally all of the pussy?

    Alright, maybe Tulpa and Bo. Anyone else?

  16. Great, every time you shoot you can drink one too.

  17. Daily dose of retard:

    1. I guess the proggie education and propaganda worked better than anyone ever dreamed.

      1. Yup. If the fairness doctrine ever made it to a vote, I think it would be awesome if a troll snuck in an educational provision.

        1. Why Playa…that is an excellent idea.

          Why sneak it in? Ram it down their fucking throats the way they like to do. “You want the fairness doctrine? Fine….but it applies across the board.”

    2. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit found in June of this year that there is no “federal constitutional foundation” for the suit ? protecting natural resources is a matter of state law.

      So, the D.C. Circuit ruled the EPA unconstitutional?

      1. No, cause the EPA are the good guys!

  18. Shouldn’t it really have been emblazoned FYTW on the slide? I’d buy two.

  19. Gun registration laws or any law that doesn’t outright prohibit the manufacturing of guns is quite silly.

    It appears that the only people that register their guns are the non-criminals.

    Simple fact, if America wants guns, there will be shooting, murders, suicides, and crimes committed with guns. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  20. You know, I was totally not expecting it to be actually usable. That was a (cool) surprise.

  21. Ok, I’m at FULL ATTENTION, erect as fuck

    I’m not much of a gun person (I own one gun and almost never carry off duty), but this is just too cool for school

    Imagine a marketplace of 3d printer gun designs

    I own a line6 pod and access a user contributed database of guitar effect/cabinet presets on the web

    Imagine a similar one where you could download gun designs uploaded by users

    It would drive the anti gunners FUCKING NUTS!

    added benefit….

    Tired of your latest handgun? Smelt that mofo and print a different one!!!!


    1. Imagine a marketplace of 3d printer gun designs

      Oh, it’s much better than that. Think tattoo parlor. You go in with a basic idea, and you let a gunsmith design you a weapon to your liking. Then, unlike the tattoo parlor, you just transfer the CAD file to your 3D printer at home, and you have a new gun in a couple hours or days.

      1. It is my belief that the Internet is the greatest thing to happen to the 1st amendment and participatory democracy since Gutenberg

        Will this has Gotta be the best thing to happen to the right to keep and bear arms in a long time

        Heller was bitchen but this is just WICKED PISSAH!!

        Good point, btw

        1. No one cares about your opinion. You aren’t who you claim to be, why would anyone value what an imposter thinks about anything?

          1. Troll-o-meter

            Weakasfuck………………..not bad………….wickedpissah……


              1. Smooches!!

              2. Peggin’ the meter

      2. I assume it will have to make each part separately and you assemble it. I would love to see how it operates and the trigger pull. The sear contact surfaces are usually hardened for longevity and crispness. Lots of issues to be resolved if you want to make something as good as currently manufactured.

        1. To some extent true but one of the big advantages is you don’t have to make it as good as currently manufactured since you can use it for a while and then recycle the resources and print out another one with modifications even

          As an instructor I love the block because for a department wide choice it has a lot of obvious advantages but as a person who enjoys shooting I think it’s kind of craptastic

          Different goals – different means and ends

          1. you don’t have to make it as good as currently manufactured

            I wouldn’t shoot a single round through a gun with an expected lifespan of less than a kajillion rounds (unless it was a true kill or be killed situation). Sorry, that’s just me.

  22. 10mm?

    Well, maybe someone will modify it for a sensible caliber and then it’ll matter.

    1. Hey, it is a caliber starting with a 4 (in colloquial measurement), so it isn’t all bad.

      1. 10 mm is a caliber so impractical, it is intimately associated with the Fan Belt Inspectors

        1. Can’t handle it? Not surprised.

    2. Whut? The 10mm is just as hard hitting as the .45ACP but much faster and flatter shooting. It is an excellent choice in caliber. It is easily the best auto pistol chambering.

      I say this because my judgement is superior. Yep, there is nothing subjective about this.

      1. Ok, I actually lol’d

        That’s rare as hell, so cheers

      2. It’s not hard hitting if you miss due to the ridiculous recoil. 10mm would be a great cartridge for a carbine, though.

  23. Awesome article by Jack Dunphy at NR

    Great perspective on Ferguson!

    Ferguson is just like the duke case. Duke case smelled from the beginning and had the same stupid racial baggage, but the moment when I knew with near certainty they were innocent? When they volunteered to provide a DNA sample no warrant required

    Guilty people (with an attorney) never do this because if you volunteer it’s almost impossible to attack whereas warrants get attacked all the time and thrown out

    In the Ferguson case officer Wilson volunteered to justify in the grand jury and that is again something that guilty people almost never do

    We all know the grand juries are very much trommels of the prosecutor and there are a metric Astuto disadvantages to testifying before a grand jury for a client who is guilty


    1. Too bad anything you post is tainted by the fact that you have ZERO credibility.

      1. I have more credibility than anybody here on cop subjects since I walk the walk, bitch

        You go 15 yrs as a BEAT COP and proactive detective, make a metric assload of cases arrests etc and get ZERO complaints?

        Not zero sustained
        Zero PERIOD


        Also people here wank about deadly force incidents etc. and probably none or next to none have experience in an actual deadly force situation

        You can’t beat the real world and a bunch of pussues posting from their ivory towers are the ones w/o Cree


        Also you engage in the messenger logical fallacy

        Even if you’re stupid enough not to recognize my credibility Jack Dunphy’s credibility stands on its own . read the fucking article idiot

        1. Liar. Post as Dunphy and prove me wrong, and I’ll apologize publicly.

          But you won’t, because you can’t, because the real Dunphy owns the registration.

          You, are an imposter.

          1. Smooches.

            Fwiw, anybody who has actually followed my beautiful prose will note I consistently and periodically change logins

            I’ve been ‘artist formally known as…’ ‘The REAL ‘ , just plain Dunphy etc

            Either way, smooches!

        2. Oh that is just so precious, your cred doesn’t stand by Jack Dunphy’s does.

          That just makes my night.

          1. I’m all about spreading dunphy

            I explained in my first week posting that my name is an homage designed also to increase awareness of his Teh Awesum ™


            1. You’re not derpfee. NEEDS LESS CAPS

              1. As I explained the no caps thing happened because of the line of duty injury that happened to one of my hands and I got into the habit of just not using the shift key after a long time of only being able to type with one hand

                Now the typing thing is largely irrelevant since I use voice to text


            2. You can prove your him in 3 seconds. Post under the old handle, just once.

              Until then you’re just a Tulpa sock.

    2. Except officer Wilson isn’t a person, he’s a cop. Different rules.

  24. Nice handgun printed on that half-million dollar printer.

    1. See: sunk costs

      Be pretty sweet if Kinkos had 3d printers, too

      ‘Hey, I’m headed down to Kinkos to print up a new 40 cal, brb’

      ‘Pick up some milk too?’


      1. Prove me wrong or shut the fuck up.

        1. I’ll give you one quarto for a poor attempt at a trollchallenge

          Sorry, I went to grad school for psych, I don’t fall prey to a psychological ploy

          Believe what you want to believe

          An Anticop bigot is already surrounded by a swarm of false beliefs tgst follow him like flies on a summer’s day, to get a little Beetrand, believe what you want to believe, pumpkin

          My job is to speak truth to power, not satisfy your urges



          1. Fuck off then, Tulpa. You are a fucking idiot.

            I’ll have you know, while the real Dunphy was gone, I actually stood up for him, several times. He was an arrogant braggart asshole, but somewhat libertarian.

            You, are not he.

            1. Almost makes ya wonder if Mary wasn’t a Tulpa ‘personality’.

              1. Francisco, you are really outing yourself as an idiot

                It is me, and it will continue to be, and I’m sorry if that makes you butthurt

                I’m a cop

                I do not give in to threats

                Prove it or else is a threat and has galvanized my position and I would be selling my pronciples out if I did what you ‘demand’

                Fuck off, slaver

                It ain’t going to happen, brah



                1. Blah, blah, blah…totality of circs…blah, blah, blah…

                  Okay Tulpa.

                2. Prove it or else is a threat and has galvanized my position and I would be selling my pronciples [sic] out if I did what you ‘demand’

                  Because proving me wrong, would make you lose face?


                  You lose nothing by proving me wrong. In fact, you have everything to gain. You are a fucking liar. You won’t because you can’t…PERIOD! You are that lying piece of shit Tulpa.

                3. I’m a cop

                  I do not give in to threats

                  Given the well-documented propensity of members of your profession to promptly evacuate their bowels when confronted by the fucking family dog, that’s the funniest shit I’ve read all day.

                  You’re a coward and a phony, and an oxygen thief. Do the world a favor and drown yourself in your toilet.

      2. You have to go to a few Kinkos to print a gun, in parts. Kinkos won’t let you print a full gun from known specifications.

        1. Well, considering you can’t go to any Kinko’s to get any part of a custom gun fabricated, but you can go to a gunsmith and get a custom gun and any or all of the parts completely fabricated; I can only assume there’s huge element of DIY-3D-printed fanboy worship going on.

    2. Nice handgun printed on that half-million dollar printer.

      Cheers, I’ve gotten tired of making this point.

      1. “Nice car made in that billion dollar factory.”

        Geez, how impractical. Investing way more in a production facility than the value of any single product.

        1. “Nice car made in that billion dollar factory.”

          You’re goddamned right! With technology like this soon we’ll bring down the Big 3 and their automotive dictatorship. People will finally be free to print out their own custom-fabricated cars at home. The government will be completely powerless to regulate the entire automotive industry.

          What a pragmatic line of thought; if you can simply diffuse the means of production from the bourgeois and return it to the people things will magically be better.

    3. Memory was $1k/MB 25 years ago, how much now?

      How are the powers that be going to control a process that fundamentally changes all manufacturing? Economic reality will win out.

  25. There’s just no reasoning with you, is there.

    1. Drink!!!!

      Or I will when I go off duty

      And yes we can post the Internet on duty as I’ve explained several times so consider it your tax dollars at work


      1. How completely irritating you are. Francisco is right on the money.

        1. No, he’s wrong because besides the idiocy of his anticop position, he is making false accusation about me and bring a petulant child who can’t discuss like an adult w/o devolving to silly atracks


          1. For what it’s worth, I think you’re the real “Dunphy” who frequented these boards before. This is not to imply support for any particular viewpoint you may espouse, just to indicate that your particular blend of arrogance, entitlement, condescension, air of superiority, belligerence, duplicity, cowardice, deceit, boastfulness, malice and evil comes through in your posts.

    2. I was going for some clever word play, because the gun is named “Reason”

  26. “If Solid Concepts wanted to show me ‘reason’ they wouldn’t have sent an assassin.”

  27. Oh good, a false dunphy thread.

  28. Brian, next time you talk to Eric Mutchler, it would be great if you could ask some questions that might yield an informative article, such as what problems he ran into, how long it took him, what the material cost is, why he chose 10mm caliber, etc.

  29. Why would anyone dedicate a gun to cosmotarians who find guns icky?

  30. 3D printing has so many other applications, why is it that we seem to be so fixated on 3D printed guns?

    1. I totally agree. 3d printing WILL change the world. The applications for it are endless and I am almost giddy with the ideas that I have heard. Somebody mentioned Kinkos, another a tattoo parlour-esque design studio. Downloading and trading and improing designs with folks from anywhere in the world, etc.

      That said, 3d guns are particularly exciting because they are impossible to regulate, something that this community loves. No registration, no application, no background checks, none of that. That is freedom AND the ability to enforce it. It is exciting to any lover of the 2A, simply because it cannot be infringed.

      (Okay, forgive my ignorance — is your handle really a reference to the Dark Sun games produced by WotC? Because that makes you stealth dork, and an amazing one at that.)

    2. 3D printing has so many other applications, why is it that we seem to be so fixated on 3D printed guns?

      You’re absolutely right and, I think, it’s fanboy and/or taboo cultural hype. 3D printing will change the world the way nanotechnology, the sequencing of the human genome, and embryonic stem cells have changed the world. It will be as rapid and revolutionary as the printing press (i.e. 400 yrs. later, the majority of both the modern world and the world as a whole are/were unable to read).

      There are some things that rapid prototyping is fantastic for. This story is phenomenal. The problem with it is, it doesn’t have the mass market counter-cultural appeal that hipster/maker fanboys (and some Reasonites) want to drool over.

      No government is going to crack down on 3D printed tracheas and no establishment is going to be overturned by the overwhelming majority of innovative, but niche, applications that 3D printing is going to fill. But there is a conception that it *will* happen WRT firearms.

      I’m of the mind that it *will* happen immediately prior to the Second American Civil War and is intimately linked with whatever likelihood you believe that to happen.

      1. Followed your link to the trachea story.


        Thank you for that info.

  31. Where’s Tony??

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  34. Your gun control laws are irrelevant.

  35. Tsk. The preamble to the Declaration of Independence is “When in the course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation.”

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  37. It looks nice.
    I think it would be better named “If reason fails”, but that’s too verbose.

  38. Happiness is a warm gun! One ye made fer yeself? Sans blessings from Guv Almighty? Now THAT is an ORGASM!

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