A.M. Links: Cuomo Eases NY Ebola Restrictions, Bushes Preparing for Jeb Run, Philly Seized 5 UberX Cars After Surprise Launch


  • White House

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has backed off some of his quarantine restrictions for doctors and others who may have been exposed to Ebola. The state will also reimburse quarantined individuals for lost pay if their jobs don't (and why would they if they know NY's gonna?). The White House criticized Cuomo's restrictions, as well as those of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, as too restrictive.

  • The Bush clan is preparing for Jeb Bush to run for president.
  • Uber unexpectedly launched UberX in Philadelphia this weekend; the city responded by seizing at least five cars after having parking authority employees call in rides.
  • Staffers at NYC TV are complaining that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is treating the government-owned channel like his own personal campaign media arm.
  • Police in Canada say the Ottawa gunman was motivated by ideology and politics to commit a terrorist act; his mother wrote an open letter over the weekend blaming mental illness and insisting her son wanted to go to Saudi Arabia to study Islam not Syria to fight with rebels.
  • Voters in Brazil re-elected Dilma Rousseff president by the narrowest margin in three decades.

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  1. Uber unexpectedly launched UberX in Philadelphia this weekend; the city responded by seizing at least five cars after having parking authority employees call in rides.

    You know who else wanted all the Ubers for themselves?

    1. Hello.

      Hans and Franz?

      1. “I have never met anyone who could outsmart booolit.”


    2. There should be a betting pool on gov’t private car seizures. What’s the Uber/Unter?

    3. An Uber driver told me the police did this in Orlando, then Uber used the city credit cards (on file to book the rides) to pay the fines and towing fees.

      I cannot confirm this with any links, so it is probably a pretty funny urban legend.

  2. …his mother wrote an open letter over the weekend blaming mental illness and insisting her son wanted to go to Saudi Arabia to study Islam not Syria to fight with rebels.

    The first I believe; the second, the facts don’t seem to support.

  3. The Bush clan is preparing for Jeb Bush to run for president.

    Fuck you, Bush clan. Seriously, have some decency and just go away forever and leave this poor country alone.

    1. And the GOP primary dipsh**s will vote for the f***er.

      1. This is H&R. You’re welcome to use naughty language.

        Or are you trying to suck up to Postrel? 😉

        1. You’re welcome to use naughty language.

          As long as it’s civil and on-topic.

          1. “fornicate off, involuntary servituders!”

            1. No, fuck you – YOU cut spending.

              /unclear on the concept

    2. If Bush just leaves this country it would lead to thousands of laid off Brazilian waxers and lazer removal technicians.

      1. On the one hand, I don’t want another Bush. On the other hand, the possibility of a DerpBook meltdown over a headline like “President Bush signs repeal of ObamaCare” (as if he would) would be worth it.

        1. You can’t have your bush and eat it too.

          1. That’s of, I don’t like picking hairs out of my teeth

        2. “President Bush signs repeal of ObamaCare”

          “And Resigns”

          1. If only politicians would take up the “mic-drop resignation” as a common tactic following a major policy change.

        3. Yeah, I hope he at least runs for the derptainment.

    3. Ugh. If Bush gets the nomination, I’ll vote Warren or Hilary or whoever opposes him. If the country’s going over the cliff, it might as well happen the fastest way possible.

      1. I couldn’t go that far but I would tell every pollster that I did, and that was the reason why. There is no way I could ever pull the lever for Warren. The only way I could ever even consider a vote for Hillary is if it was between her or Santorum/Graham ticket.

    4. And before the Clintons have even had a chance to even the score. How gauche!

  4. NOOOOOOOOO! Bush again!

    1. The country will need someone to blame for the failure of Obamacare, and the Dem’s already have their signs printed. Just think of the savings. BOOOOOOOSH!

  5. The White House criticized Cuomo’s restrictions, as well as those of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, as too restrictive.

    I wonder if the White House’s science advisors are the same as their economic advisors. I mean, Valerie is back…

    1. Somebody there is really trying to project an air of incompetence – and succeeding.

    2. Hey. Don’t you dare criticize the party of science!

    3. Officials said that policy will be ready in days and that the government would urge all states to follow it.

      Hmm. Let’s see what that policy actually *is* before the “urging” part kicks in.

      1. you don’t have to know what it is to know it’s going to be awesome.

      2. They have to urge all states to follow it to find out what’s in it.

      3. The policy will be ready on Nov. 5.

  6. Staffers at NYC TV are complaining that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is treating the government-owned channel like his own personal campaign media arm.

    Wait, isn’t de Blasio a Democrat?

    1. Taking notes from Chavez, huh? Can’t say it surprises me.

    2. Public TV is purely non-partisan, you insensitive teabagger!

  7. his mother wrote an open letter over the weekend blaming mental illness and insisting her son wanted to go to Saudi Arabia to study Islam not Syria to fight with rebels.

    If this is a man who simply wants to study Islam, imagine what a man willing to fight for it might do.

  8. Man shoots 400-pound bear dead after it broke into his house for the second night in a row – but now he faces charges

    Victor Peters called 911 on Tuesday evening after the bear entered his glassed-in porch by smashing out the windows to get dog food
    Peters removed the dog food from his porch, but the bear returned on Wednesday evening
    When the bear ignored his yells and kept approaching, Peters said he shot the bear in the head from a distance of 10 feet
    It is illegal to kill bears in Florida


    1. It is illegal to kill bears in Florida

      What about twinks? Are they also protected?

      1. Only in South Beach.

    2. Is it illegal for bears to kill people in Florida?

      Just wondering.

      1. It is illegal to hunt them since 1971.

      2. A well-terrorized populace, being necessary for the existence of a police state, the right of criminals to assault victims shall not be infringed.

    3. …. Peters said he shot the bear in the head from a distance of 10 feet…

      Christ minerva, 10 feet? That takes some testicular fortitude.

    4. So the castle doctrine doesn’t apply to bears?

      1. Damned furries are winning the day.


    5. the black bear population is out of control because of these absurd restrictions. even the 1 or 2-bear bag limits and short seasons are too limiting.

      it’s going to take a black bear eating children on a field trip in the DC suburbs for this to change.

      1. DC suburbs or maybe Ferguson. Of course a polar bear would get Sharpton down there quicker.

      2. Fortunately black bear attacks are extremely rare. In more populated areas like this you are going to need to shoot those that get too comfortable around people.

    6. I RTA but didn’t WTV, did he say what he used?

    7. The bear was just looking to but some skittles.

      1. If I had a son…wait, I do have a son. He doesn’t look like a bear.

        Never mind…

    8. http://www.wftv.com/news/news/…..ice/nhqkL/

      The FWC is going to give it to a prosecutor to decide but their own agents think he did the right thing. This is just a process they go through.

      But yes, it should not be illegal to kill these things. Stand your ground laws should apply to animals as well.

  9. “his mother wrote an open letter over the weekend blaming mental illness and insisting her son wanted to go to Saudi Arabia to study Islam not Syria to fight with rebels.”

    Relevant. Don Cherry’s impassioned plea and tribute to Cirillo and Vincent. Great viewing. Grapes is the PM of our hearts!


    1. I initially read that as “tribute to Carcillo” and barely questioned it because of course Don Cherry would love that prick.

      1. Cherry is hardest on goons and punks. He praises the old world fighter with honor. He’s not that big on the Carcillo’s and Marchand’s of the world. He accepts fighting in hockey but not the bs antics of Lucic and Cooke and those types of players.

        1. So it’s an unfair reputation then. Good for Cherry.

          1. Cherry often gets misquoted and misunderstood by mostly jerkoff mainstream sports guys who spend a tad too much time writing ‘huh, look at how stooopid Cherry is’ articles.

            I learn more about hockey from him than I do most hockey writers.

            1. My favorite Don Cherry-ism, from the “Russian Five” days in Detroy-it, was, “Now I don’t wanna knock the Russians, b ut….”

              He HATED the Rooskies! “Too soft! European!” Haven’t watched in years, so dunno if he’s changed his tune.

              1. He generally still believes it takes North Americans to win the Cup. Or at least, the majority of the team needs to be. He’s not alone on this. I hear this a lot.

        2. I love the Blackhawks, but I cannot understand their infatuation with Carcillo.

          1. Every team in the league has guys that the fanbase just cannot understand why the coach / GM love (or hate). Ask any Devils fan about Stephen Gionta, Adam Larsson, or Peter Harrold and you’ll likely get a spittle-flecked rant about Pete DeBoer’s mental capacity.

            1. Exactly.

              No one could understand the fixation on Patrice Brisbois back in the 1990s with the Habs.

              1. Brisebois.

            2. Yeah, I mean they have two Cups, so I have to trust them…but the guy is out, once again, with an injury and doesn’t seem to contribute much when he isn’t hurt. I know he came cheap(er) this go around and they have a mere $100K in cap room. But still…

  10. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has backed off some of his quarantine restrictions for doctors and others who may have been exposed to Ebola.

    He’s allowing no more than seven exposures, even if your medical worker can hold ten.

    1. LOL

  11. Obama hugs Ebola nurse, so Slate spends a few thousand words frothing at the mouth about Reagan.

    With bonus Henry Waxman love:

    A year after the first recognition of AIDS, Rep. Henry Waxman held a congressional hearing on the crisis and directed AIDS funding to the National Institutes of Health. (We’re really going to miss that guy when he retires at the end of this term.)

    1. It would have been more impressive if Obama had swapped soem bodily fluids with the nurse…

      1. He ain’t no Slick Willy!

      2. LOL

      3. Doesn’t have to. He probably impregnated her with his stare.

      4. Michelle would tear him in half if he tried to get with an Asian girl.

        1. Someone should draw Michelle – wearing nothing but a skimpy red bikini – up tearing up white people.

            1. You came through for me SF.

              It looks like her.

                1. You ruined the moment.

    2. From the article:
      How does this:

      Some people did behave nobly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was on it from the very beginning, with research, new surveillance programs, and prompt and clear updates and reports.

      Jive with this:

      But Ronald Reagan? He didn’t do a goddamn thing. He was president when the first cases were reported. He was president when Congress, the National Academies of Science, and anybody with a sick loved one or a conscience called for the federal government to do more to fight the medical and social crisis.

      1. “Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew…” Stanhope.

        1. ROOOOOnnie!

    3. Because gays are so infantile that they can only get money for AIDS research if it comes from the government.

    4. Barack Obama displayed inspiring leadership on Friday. He also promoted public health, fought bigotry, and helped calm raging paranoia. His heroic act? He hugged somebody.

      The new Obama, more hugging, less droning.

      1. A hug is just a Hellfire that your heart launches.

        1. So what do you call an ICBM that your heart launches?

          1. Prom night.

  12. insisting her son wanted to go to Saudi Arabia to study Islam not Syria to fight with rebels.

    Saudi Arabian Islam? With all due respect, Mom — that’s probably worse.

  13. Wotsit all about? Bearded wonders gather for the world facial hair championships in Portland

    World beard and moustache championship took place at the Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon
    The event was made up of 17 categories, including ‘full natural beard’ and ‘freestyle full beard’
    Almost 300 contestants took part from nine countries and the overall winner was local Madison Rowley


    1. I have beard envy.

    2. Portland? Check. Ironic beards? Check. Ironic accessories, such as glasses, hats and eye patches? Check.

      I’ve been sucked into the hipster dark energy vortex.

  14. Don’t Cry for Me Brazil, you morons.

    1. Hi, Johnny!


  16. Poster girl for Kurdish freedom fighters in Kobane is ‘captured and beheaded by ISIS killers’ who posted gruesome pictures online

    Female Kurdish fighter whose picture became a web hit ‘killed by Isis’
    Image of ‘Rehana’ making a peace sign was retweeted thousands of times
    Now there are claims that she has been captured and beheaded by Isis
    She reportedly fought for the Kurdish Women’s Defence Unit or YPJ
    It’s thought she was involved in the defence of Syrian border town Kobane


    1. Image of ‘Rehana’ making a peace sign was retweeted thousands of times

      Demonstrating unequivocally the true power of the hashtag.

    2. She was pretty.

      God bless the Kurds. The only people with balls in the region.

      1. You know who else liked balls?

        1. Earl “The Pearl” Monroe?

      2. It’s the Kurds vs Turds war. And I’m rooting for the Kurds.

    3. I liked that she was flipping off the photographer with her other hand.

  17. having parking authority employees call in rides.

    at least the rest of the philadelphia citizenry could park in ambiguously vague legal parking spots without fear of retribution for a day.

    1. “Ambiguously vague”? A phrase whose redundancy sums up Philly parking perfectly.

      1. Do people park in the median anywhere else? Because I’ve never seen it outside of Philly.

        1. Pfluffyans will tolerate corrupt politicians, terrible schools, brutish cops, bribing judges, etc. but keep your damn hands off the privilege of South Pfluffyans parking in the Broad Street median.

        2. Do people park in the median anywhere else? Because I’ve never seen it outside of Philly.

          There are some roads in Albany where I’ve seen it too.

      2. I think he meant “vaguely ambiguous”.

  18. CBC tolerance.


    “I’ve been fired from the CBC because of the risk of my private sex life being made public as a result of a campaign of false allegations pursued by a jilted ex girlfriend and a freelance writer.

    As friends and family of mine, you are owed the truth.

    I have commenced legal proceedings against the CBC, what’s important to me is that you know what happened and why.

    Forgive me if what follows may be shocking to some.

    I have always been interested in a variety of activities in the bedroom but I only participate in sexual practices that are mutually agreed upon, consensual, and exciting for both partners.”

    1. CBC execs confirmed that the information provided showed that there was consent. In fact, they later said to me and my team that there is no question in their minds that there has always been consent. They said they’re not concerned about the legal side. But then they said that this type of sexual behavior was unbecoming of a prominent host on the CBC. They said that I was being dismissed for “the risk of the perception that may come from a story that could come out.” To recap, I am being fired in my prime from the show I love and built and threw myself into for years because of what I do in my private life.

      He’s in media. If the CBC thinks that it will affect ratings then they’re well within their rights to can him. Moral of the story – Never allow crazy to tie you up and spank you.

      1. Yes!

        /bites ass.

        1. +1 Marv

          1. Marv was done in by all the backbiting in the office, eh?

      2. But they’re the only type willing to participate in said acts.

      3. Saw Gone Girl last night. Avoid the crazy bitches.

      4. It seems like he’s getting fucked over pretty good though if what he says is true.
        Maybe it’s not the sort of thing the CBC wants to be associated with, but it’s going to be a much bigger deal now.

        Maybe he’ll get Moxy Fr?vous back together.

        1. I hear he’s suing for $50 million which is unprecedented here.

          1. That seems like an awful lot. How much were they paying him?

  19. Bloombergers talk about FATCA and the traitorous wreckers and hoarders renouncing their American citizenship. Vapid ninny host chick asks, “But this helps the IRS, right?”

  20. “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has backed off some of his quarantine restrictions for doctors and others who may have been exposed to Ebola.”

    Hey, he wants to be responsible! Get him!

    1. Then he should resign over his vast corruptitude.

  21. The Bush clan is preparing for Jeb Bush to run for president.

    Chad Bush was hanging on the fence, but he finally agreed.

    1. I didn’t even know he had an opinion, did someone make it up for him? If so we should see if he recalls who convinced him.

  22. Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required

    the money was seized solely because she had deposited less than $10,000 at a time, which they viewed as an attempt to avoid triggering a required government report.

    You have to draw the line somewhere. For the IRS, it’s “less than $10,000”.

    1. This kind of practice has been talked about on H&R before. Glad to see that IJ is on the case there.

    2. Here’s yet another thing for my prog Farcebook friends to be deafeningly silent about.

      1. The proles need to know it’s not their money and can be seized at any time.

      2. They’ll say she was laundering money instead of paying her “fair” share.

        1. Economic justice! FTW!

    3. On Thursday, in response to questions from The New York Times, the I.R.S. announced that it would curtail the practice, focusing instead on cases where the money is believed to have been acquired illegally or seizure is deemed justified by “exceptional circumstances.”

      The Feds dance for the Times. Good to know.

      [Richard Weber, the chief of Criminal Investigation at the I.R.S.] added that making deposits under $10,000 to evade reporting requirements, called structuring, is still a crime whether the money is from legal or illegal sources. The new policy will not apply to past seizures.

      Of course not.

      1. First rule of bureaucracy, never admit you’re wrong

      2. In government-speak, I’m guessing that “exceptional circumstances” means “that person pissed us off, and he’s going to pay”.

    4. I had a client that this happened to. As far as I know his money is still frozen in that account. He hired other counsel for the federal thing, so I am not sure what happened.

    5. to avoid triggering a required government report

      How dare you deny me my TPS report!
      \IRS minion

    6. In totally unrelated news, more and more Americans giving up their citizenship for some reason.


      1. Fucking FATCA. I tried to open a new bank account the other day here in Japan. Had all the documents ready and they were all ready to go. “BTW, what nationality are you?” “American” “Oh, um, eh, that is going to be very difficult. Um, sorry, but, um….”. Fuck your goddamn international agreements on compliance Uncle Sam. When they have the opposite of a green card lottery, I’ll be first in line.

    7. The whole reporting requirement is terrible enough. But going after people like that is just appalling. If you run a cash business it’s pretty obvious that you are going to be making frequent somewhat large deposits. What is she supposed to do, wait until she has $10k before going to the bank?

      The IRS and law enforcement just hate cash.

  23. War on Women

    The first sentence in the article is “The so-called war on women that Democrats love to talk about on the campaign trail may be losing some of its luster.”. I chuckled when I read it.

    1. “Women’s rights are the canary in the coal mine. If you don’t protect women’s rights here at home and around the world, everybody’s rights are lost,” Clinton said.

      Oh, Jesus felching Christ.

      1. everybody’s rights are lost,” Clinton said.

        And that would bother her how?

        1. Oh no, she cares about all the rights. The right to gay marriage, the right to abortion, and the right to free birth control pills. What else is there?

          1. The right to trigger warnings! The right to non-Cis-genered-normative-hetero categorizing!

            Or something!


    2. Those three words caused the audience at a debate to laugh at the candidate who spoke them. So I think at least large chunks of the population stopped buying it.

      (referenced incident here )

    1. They ran Coakhead again? They’re trying to lose that one.

    2. Know how pathetic that woman is? When she complained of her opponents’ salary he reminded her she signed off on it when she was AG for Mass. She replied by saying she wasn’t which she was.


      1. She helped brainwash a bunch of children into believing they’d been sexually assualted, in order to further her political career. What kind of evil do you have to be to do such a thing?

        1. An ambitious politician?

        2. See, as much as I dislike most politicians, Coakley is the only one I can say is objectively evil.

          1. When Coakley ran for Senate, I was still on facebook. A former co-worker posted something stating she supported Coakley.

            I posted, with citations, information about how Coakley worked to keep innocent people in jail and dragged her feet on the case of the former Somerville cop molesting his niece. I called Coakley evil.

            Another former co-worker chimed in and said I shouldn’t be using such strong terms. He asked how would I like it if global warming deniers were called evil because of the harm they wreck on the poor in Africa?

            I responded with keeping innocent people in jail causes actual real harm, right now. That’s objectively evil. Denying global warming might or might not cause harm. There is no guarantee it will happen and humans are adaptable.

            The silence was deafening. I believe both voted for Coakley for senator, and will probably vote for her for governor.

        3. And I believe put a family (mother, son and daughter) who owned a daycare in prison and refused to let them out after it was revealed they were innocent. The mother died in prison.

          She’s a pure evil cunt.

          If she were to die being fucked up the ass by a moose I would change the channel.

          1. The mother died after being released, though she had a bag packed ready to go back to prison since Coakley refused to let it go even though it was known she was innocent.

            She continued to hound Gerald Amirault for years after it was known he was innocent and after the parole commission in Mass. (tougher than the one in Texas, apparently) voted 5-0 to release him, noting that he was clearly innocent. Coakley got the Governor to overturn that and keep him in prison

            And if she were to die painfully I’d pay $50 to watch it on pay-per-view.

            1. Ah. I knew my recollection was sketchy.

              In any event. Pure evil.

              Make my blood boil watching that piece of shit.

          2. I think Violet Amirault (the mother) got out before she died.

            This case and WBZ host David Brudnoy’s highlighting of it, is one of the things that turned me libertarian. I can’t believe that Brudnoy died almost 10 years ago already.

  24. his mother wrote an open letter over the weekend blaming mental illness

    That line could fit any of the morning link items – Bush, Cuomo, de Blasio, Christie, or Philadelphia. I think I’ll just add something like that as a permanent tagline.

    I Blame Mental Illness. IBMI.

  25. Murderer slashes attorney with smuggled blade during sentencing, gets life, now has new case w/ charges or attacking his attorney.


    After his handcuffs were removed in anticipation of sentencing, a convicted murderer reportedly stood behind one of his lawyers in a an Oklahoma courthouse conference room on Friday and slashed the attorney’s neck with a smuggled razor blade.

    The unidentified lawyer was not seriously hurt but “did have quite a bit of blood on him,” reporter Emory Bryan said in a News On 6 video clip.

  26. Thousands of pigs killed in huge barn fire

    Roughly 50 percent of the hog farm was destroyed by the fire, that took the help of 10 responding agencies from across Martin County to get under control.

    No employees were hurt in the incident, but roughly 4,000 sows and 6,000-7,000 piglets were killed.

    That’s sad. But it must have smelled really, really good.

    1. Noooooooooo!

      What will happen to the price of bacon?

      1. Pigs breed fast – there will be a blip, then a regression to the mean.

        1. Although, given the size of the domestic stock, it might cost more to process a price change than to eat the variation for the duration that this incident will cause.

    2. Asian women delivering newspapers better be careful.

  27. After the court in Kansas denied the motion of the married couple to intervene in the gay marriage case, the Westboro Baptist Church has filed their own motion to intervene. It’s just as insane as you’d expect from them.

    1. Will they start picketing funerals of judges?

  28. Bloomberg ran a clip of Christie a few minutes ago.

    “We can’t trust people to do what we want voluntarily. That’s what government is for.”

    There’s your Republican Presidential candidate: GOVERNMENT EXISTS TO MAKE YOU OBEY.

    1. Hey Christie, sodomize yourself with a running chainsaw, sideways.

    2. Notice he said: “We can’t trust people to do what we want voluntarily.

      That’s really fucking creepy.

    3. http://bit.ly/1xsZf1c

      Check out the comments at Real Clear Politics in praise of Christie.

      1. And Christie should know about voluntary systems not working — he couldn’t stop eating until they installed the lap band. He can’t seem to stop pandering to Democrats on his own, either…

      2. Thanks, Rufus.

        Maybe Christie should just declare martial law and be done with it.

        1. They ‘clearly’ can’t see things to their logical end.

    4. Unpossible! My prog acquaintances keep telling me that Christie is a government-hating Randroid teabagger. Something something one tunnel project that was a bad deal anyway something something.

    5. If he is talking about contagious disease, in fairness, there is a doctor dying of Ebola who ran around New York despite knowing that he might have it who would seem to confirm Christie’s claim. People do stupid things. When those stupid things involve giving people deadly contagious viruses, the government probably has a role in stopping them from doing that.

  29. You were drunk driving, but I got to see you naked, so no big deal, right?

    DUI case dropped after arresting officer allegedly forward’s suspects phone pics to his own phone.

    blah blah blah, under the influence charges, blah blah blah, BUT
    prosecutors declined to charge her, and one of the arresting officers is now under investigation in a potential felony case . . .

    That’s because he is accused of transferring photos of the 23-year-old in a state of undress that were stored on her cellphone onto his own cellphone while she was being booked at the Contra Costa County jail

    1. So he was too stupid to use a computer, which would have been untraceable in terms of copying the files off?

  30. OT from TapPants: Voter fraud


    Earlier this year, organizers fanned out across nearly every one of Georgia’s 159 counties and registered nearly 90 thousand people who have never voted in their lives, most of them people of color, many of them under 25 years old. But when the groups checked back in late August, comparing their registration database to the state’s public one, they noticed about 50,000 of the registrations had vanished, nearly all of them belonging to people of color in the Democratic-leaning regions around Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus.

    1. There is no voter fraud, so I guess we can just ignore this.

      1. This won’t make them change their minds about the possibility of voter fraud in general, it just proves how racist Republicans are. Democrats aren’t racist, therefore they would never engage in voter fraud.

        1. The rules only apply to the other side. It is just like how it is okay for Gawker to joke about raping conservative women and sending the mob out to get people fired but total uncool for someone to go after their advertisers after they joke about bringing back bullying. So vote fraud when they do it is just fine.

    2. That’s not voter fraud, that’s disenfranchisement!

      Seriously, there has to be a way to cull the voter rolls of people who haven’t voted in some certain amount of time, if only to get rid of the deceased.

      OK, you can all stop laughing now.

      1. If memory serves, I do believe removal of a deceased voter from the voter rolls is illegal in Chicago.

  31. [Richard Weber, the chief of Criminal Investigation at the I.R.S.] added that making deposits under $10,000 to evade reporting requirements, called structuring, is still a crime whether the money is from legal or illegal sources.

    Following the law is illegal.


    1. making deposits under $10,000 to evade reporting requirements, called structuring, is still a crime

      Hate crime! That’s why I make all my deposits under $10,000 for the convenience of the teller, explicitly *not* to evade reporting requirements.

  32. Detroit’s trying to get in on the ‘bash Uber/Lyft/jack up taxi prices’ game:


    I took a Detroit monopoly taxi from the airport once. Never again. Smell of BO was almost literally nauseating.

    1. BBO? Beyond BO was it?

    2. I took my first Uber ride(s) to/from the airport in DC (NOVA) a couple weeks back. Was happy with the experience overall, but noted that the drivers were both of the same demographic as regular cab drivers, but with much less BO.

  33. What’s the over-under on I-bonds going to 0.2 in November?

  34. Numbers of LSAT takers drop further.

    The number of people taking the Law School Admission Test dropped 8.1 percent for the test this fall, compared to the fall test last year, after declining 9.2 percent for the June test.

    Those latest figures from the Law School Admission Council indicate a downward trend over the last five years, report TaxProf Blog and the Excess of Democracy Blog. The total number of LSATs administered in June and September/October is 52,745, a drop of 40 percent from the totals for the same test period in 2009.


    1. Law is dying. I don’t know a single lawyer, and I know a lot of lawyers, who is telling their kids to go to law school.

      1. I don’t think it’s dying, but I have banned my daughter from going into law when she grows up. It’s not worth it. I have a good, steady job, and I’m still wishing I hadn’t gone into this profession.

        1. So many things that used to be done by lawyers, wills, contracts, incorporation and such can now be done by computer. That is only going to become more so as computers get better. Also, the scam business model that is big law is finally starting to run out. The only area in the law long term that I see remaining stable is criminal law. You can’t defend yourself against a crime without an actual human lawyer.

          1. I would add family law for rich people to that list.

            1. Probably so. But that is a pretty narrow range of things.

              1. Agreed. Plus there are probably only a handful of lawyers in any given county that can actually attract the big money family law clients. I know I’m lucky if I can get half my retainer paid.

            2. Business law also, that will probably always have a demand. Most of the lawyers I know in the US actually work for organizations, not a law firm or themselves.

              1. I’d agree with this (business law). As regulatory burdens increase, the need for someone to navigate the maze will become increasingly necessary, even for mom-and-pop operations.

            3. That’s where the only money to be made is in family law.

            4. IT is unfortunate but lets not forget Patent law. Or are people considering that a subset of business law?

              1. I don’t know if people in general do, but I would.

                I have a cousin that handles Patent / IP for a large clothing retailer. She spends most of her day overseeing handbag design because of how blatantly that department has ripped off their competitors.

          2. It’s amazing how many law students go in without any conception of what they’re doing there. Then they expect 150k coming out.

            These are the soon-to-be underemployed lawyers who have no future. There’s still a market for those of us who actually did some research before taking the LSAT.

        2. And with the Internet/computer legal services and the inevitable loosening of restrictions on paralegals doing basic legal scut work on their own for way less…

        3. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that feels this way

      2. It’s a really shitty time to be a lawyer for sure. I probably wouldn’t go to law school if I could do it over again. I really do enjoy some of what I do, courtroom stuff, but the payoff isn’t really worth the stress.

      3. How does anyone even know that the hell a law is anymore in this country? Ok, a couple of things are obvious, you can’t kill anyone or rob a bank. Everyone pretty much understands that, but outside of that?

        There are so many laws that no one even knows about a majority of them. And even if they did, laws are now just interpreted to mean whatever a cop, judge, or elected official wants them to mean.

        If you are one of the aforementioned, pretty much nothing is illegal. If you are one of us serfs, then everything is illegal as soon as one of the privileged class decides that it is.

        What we really have is rampant lawlessness. I told my wife, who is a lawyer but not in the US, when she brought up the subject of practicing law here, that all you need to know is that everything is illegal at any given time and that you can sue anyone for anything no matter how trivial or ridiculous it is.

        1. In the regulatory field, here is how it works and has worked really since I started practicing law in the 1990s and for a while before that. The lawyer doesn’t so much interpret the law but act as a regulator whisperer. Your job is not just tell your clients what the law is, they usually can figure that out on their own, but to make sure the regulators feel confident your client is doing so and thus leave them alone.

          The thing is that the regulators can always find something anyone has done wrong if they want to look hard enough. So the idea is to make sure your clients never give them a reason to look hard enough.

          I fully realize how awful a system that is. But that is how it works and is of course the totally foreseeable result of trying to regulate everything.

          1. Makes sense. Something I’ve deduced over time.

          2. The Greek method of slipping the regulator a few bills to go away is less expensive and more honest.

  35. http://freebeacon.com/blog/gaw…..st-not-us/

    Gawker shocked that after spending years punishing and ridiculing people for their words that they could have the same thing done to them.

    1. Has anyone writing for Gawker actually lost their job or sponsorship? Because I don’t really see where they were smacked down commensurate with the abuse they’ve shoveled out over the years.

      1. They have lost a couple of major advertisers. So, yes it has hurt the organization if not the brain dead idiots who run it.

        I would also imagine there was before all this a large number of video gamers who also read Gawker. Gawker’s stock and trade is the kind of assholish humor that appeals to gamers. After this, I bet that number is a lot lower and Gawker’s ad revenue lower as well.

  36. Oklahoma Man Says He Pissed On, Destroyed Ten Commandments For Satan

    According to KOCO-TV, 29-year-old Michael Tate Reed Jr. admitted to the crime after being detained Friday for making “vague threats” at the Oklahoma City Federal Building, telling officials “Satan told him to do it.”

    The Secret Service says Reed additionally copped to pissing on the monument, as well as threatening to both spit on a picture of the president and?somewhat more seriously?murder him.

    For their part, the Satanists that planned on erecting a statue of Baphomet next to the now piss-soaked monument have condemned the vandalism and put their plans on hold.

    1. piss-soaked monument

      Nice band name.

    2. Pretty good. He could have gotten more style points by drawing a pentagram out of goat’s blood or something, but piss is a decent desecration choice.

      1. How about having sex on it? That sounds more fun that this. And of course I bet he won’t be pissing on the Koran anytime soon. I guess Satanists are as risk adverse as everyone else these days.

        Say what you want about Alistair Crowley, he was at least an interesting guy.

        1. How dare you not include a link to Randy Rhoads shredding.

          1. Before dreary progs took it over and make it into just another lame ass political stunt, Satanism used to be so fun.

            1. Oh, it’s still fun. There’s still any number of bands proclaiming Satan and playing shows covered in pig’s blood and whatnot. You just don’t see enough of it in this country.

              1. Like many things, the Europeans probably do it better.

        2. I had sex in a graveyard once.

          1. Did you at least rebury the poor bastard?

            1. No. I married him.

              1. I told you fuckers that gay marriage was going to ruin this country.

    3. Whatever happened to selling your soul to become a great blues musician? God Satanism is lame these days.

        1. That had better be a Metalocalypse clip.

          *clicks link*

          Oh hell yes.

          “Let me sleep on it and talk to a notary.”
          “I’m a notary.”
          “Let me sleep on it!”

      1. The satanism that people invent is always more interesting than the real thing.

    4. Oklahoma Man Says He Pissed On, Destroyed Ten Commandments For Satan attention.

      fixed it for him.

    5. “For their part, the Satanists that planned on erecting a statue of Baphomet next to the now piss-soaked monument have condemned the vandalism and put their plans on hold.”

      Nice going, piss guy – you managed to reflect poorly on the Satanist movement.

    6. I’m really a as “long as it makes you happy guy”. But of all the supernatural dieties to worship why would throw your lot behind the lord of darkness and a documented loser.

      1. Has anyone ever really let Satan tell his side of the story?

        1. Do we ever hear the loser’s side of the story?

        2. Hillary Clinton has written her memoirs, and I hear Miley Cyrus is writing hers.

          1. Milton did more for Satan than a thousand bad metal bands.

            1. Even Deicide?!?!?!?!?!?

              1. Deicide? You mean 1101 in the Green Lantern Corp penal code?

        3. VH1 really needs to do a “Behind the Music Damnation” on the Number One Fallen Angel.

        4. Yes. Its called the Screwtape Letters or if you like epic poetry, Paradise lost, if you just can’t pay attention for more than five minutes Sympathy for the Devil. And it turns out Satan is a pretty interesting guy. In fact he is a hell of a lot more interesting than you would ever realize if you only listened to what he followers said about him.

          Satan is kind of like Ayn Rand in that his followers really let him down. Must be the wages he pays.

          1. or the company he keeps

          2. Job: A Comedy of Justice by Heinlein.

      2. A lot of satanism is really more self worship and hedonism than actual worship of a deity.

        1. That and just asshole socialists looking for a new way to tear down the opposition.

          1. You really need to read the articles, John.

            The Secret Service says Reed additionally copped to pissing on the monument, as well as threatening to both spit on a picture of the president and?somewhat more seriously?murder him.

            1. Fair enough, this guy was a legitimately entertaining crazy.

              1. But the Secret Service is on the case! Because nothing’s going to get by then again!

            2. Yeah, socialism can’t be blamed for quite all of the stupid and absurd things in the world.

              1. No, because it is one of them.

        2. Non serviam is a philosophy that should appeal to most libertarians and an-caps.

          1. I wonder if satanists tend toward any particular politics. Seems like they would be a lot closer to something like Objectivists than any kind of socialism.

            1. I wonder if satanists tend toward any particular politics

              Well, I’m here at HyR. And sometimes vote. And really hate the prog/left.

            2. Since Satanists mostly consider themselves radical individualists, you are probably right.

              Wiccans are probably all Greens.

              1. There are actually a surprisingly large number of libertarian wiccans but yeah you won’t exactly find a lot of Republicans.

                If you want conservative neopagans go find some Aasatru (neo nordic vikings), they pretty much range from libertarian to Republican with unfortunately a lot of Stormfront style white supremacy thrown in.

      1. Love that band. The video for the title track of that album is a blast. NSFW, boobs, gore.

  37. People are beginning to figure out the “legal profession” isn’t a license to print money (as if it ever really was)? What a surprise.

  38. Are Americans really dumb enough to elect another Bush or Clinton? Well, let’s think about this for a minute. We just elected Obama twice. So the answer is a definite YES.

    1. Are Americans dumb enough to _________?

      The answer is “yes.” The answer is always “yes.”

    2. Unlike Hillary, I honestly don’t know much about Jeb other than he was seemingly competent governor of Florida.

      There may be really good reasons not to want him to be President but his last name isn’t one of them. If he is a bad choice, people would be wise not to let the reasons why get drown out in a chorus of “but the sins of the brother”.

      1. Jeb was groomed for Pres, I understand, GWB was originally not intended for the presidency until he won governor of Texas.

        1. Jeb was always the good son allegedly. What is funny is to hear the same people or worship Joe Kennedy for grooming his sons to be President look at George HW Bush as the great arch villain for doing the same thing.

          It goes back to what I always say, in a sane world people like the Bushes would be Democrats and we would have a Democrat Party that while in favor of big government was at least run by sane people of acceptable intelligence rather than the group of insane retards that run it now.

      2. Well, he’s white and a man. If his surname isn’t a disqualifying attribute, aren’t those?

        1. I would love to see what would happen if the Republicans could come up with a good, black female candidate.

          1. Sarah Palin X infinity….

      3. Jeb seems like he would have been the better Bush to be president.

        Good reason or not, his last name will not work in his favor.

  39. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_x4p…..an1[1].gif

    If I had any balls I’d post this on FB.

      1. If I had any balls I’d post this on FB.

        And then get called a pussy. Kick a self deprecator when he’s down. Man.

    1. This is awesome, and I am posting it…now…

    2. It totally rocks. And you would probably piss off a ton of people. But why not? It’s so close to an election everyone is getting pissed off anyway.

    1. Or the Friends theme. One of the two.

      1. In fairness that costume will always be there for you.

        1. I’m going to keep going as Grumpy Cat until it comes back around as ironic cool.

          1. Have I reached that point with the budweiser frogs yet?

            1. Of course. Years ago, in fact.

    2. But it only works if you have a date who can dress as Mrs. Rice with a fake black eye.

      Here is the funny thing, I bet you more than a few couples do that and most who do will be black couples. If Olbermann figures that out, he may have to be hospitalized from the shock.

    3. I like the Rickenbacker guitars. I have a 4001 bass. You know how much those guitars cost?

      What does this have to do with Olberman or Ray Rice?

      1. Ninety percent of the reason I like Tom Petty is that wonderful twangy sound of a Rickenbacker 12 string. And that sound also had a lot to do with why the early Beatles records are so catchy. Some day I will be a competent enough guitarist to own one of those. They are just fabulous.

    4. Dammit, I still had that link on my clipboard. Grr.

      1. The little kid one was awesome.

      2. Which is the worse sin to the politically correct: the blackface or the joking about woman-beating? Or is this one of those questions that causes the computer that runs Adam Weinsten to exclaim “DOES NOT COMPUTE!” before exploding?

        1. That’s an interesting conundrum. I would imagine that they would say that it was the corruption of the white’s man money that gave Ray Rice the privilege to punch her in the face, because domestic violence is unheard of in authentically poor non-white communities.

        2. The women beating. Black face is hilarious.

      3. FlowbeeBryantHudson Hongo
        Yesterday 2:28pm
        You people still want to tell me how wrong I am about the average white American or do you give up?

        Mmmmmm. Gawker always delivers.

        1. They always do. I wonder what they guy thinks of black people who wear the costume.

      4. from the comments:

        I don’t know why, but the Janay Rice dolls is what really disturbs me the most. They’re literally dehumanizing her, and it’s bad enough that her husband probably only sees her as his property. It’s hard not to notice that costumes are getting more and more offensive, but I guess that’s the point of it these days. Anything goes. Whoever has the most offensive costume “wins”.

        the equivalent would be an existential review of the power rangers.

        1. It would be less offensive if he dragged around a real black woman?

    5. I’m-a be Snow Miser for the office Halloween shindig. If I don’t come down with full-blown rhinovirus, that is.

  40. Voters in Brazil re-elected Dilma Rousseff president by the narrowest margin in three decades

    It was actually quite amazing that Aecio almost beat Dilma. He came from pretty much out of nowhere. A couple of months before the election, no one even considered him having a chance. But he beat Dilma up pretty badly in the debates. Everyone I know in Brazil voted for him. He’s definitely right of Obama, a pretty pro-business guy, he would have been better for Brazil. I can’t even imagine the guy saying something like ‘you didn’t build that’, or ‘businesses don’t create jobs’ Well, Americanos can’t really criticize the Brazileiros, we elected Obama a 2nd time, it doesn’t get much dumber than that.

    1. True fact. Brazil has both a Socialist Party and a Socialist People’s Party. It is a real life Judean People’s Front and People’s Front of Judea.

      1. Doesn’t the CFL have a Roughriders and a Rough Riders?

        1. No. Only the Roughriders.

        2. Used to.

          It was a running joke up here that out of nine teams, two had the same name. As if one hyphenating it made it any better.


          Now the Ottawa team are the Red Blacks.

          1. That just proves the superiority of the league. Just look at the SEC (13 original teams, 3 Tigers).

      2. Dilma is from the Workers Party. Brazil has many parties, it’s more like Europe. Aecio is from the Socialist Democrats, which sounds very leftist, but he is still right of Obama. Even Dilma is not left of Obama.

        Trying to truly understand Brazil politics for me is like trying to understand Euro politics, it’s not easy.

    2. I read words to the effect of “Dilma raised millions of poor out of poverty” reported as straight news about the election. I think it was AP. I can only imagine what the local “news” was like.

  41. 21 Days: An expert in biological warfare warns against complacency in public measures against Ebola.

    It’s a rather long, but worthwhile read for the Atlantic. The subject is to be Dr. Steven Hatfill.

    If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he was the man falsely accused by John Ashcroft, the Federation of American Scientists, and Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times as being the perpetrator of the anthrax letter killings that took place after 9/11.

    1. I say we arrest him for spreading Ebola. We might even be right this time.

    2. I think Hatfill deserves to be awarded Kristof and Ashcroft’s testicles in a handsome display to be mounted on his wall. What they did to him was reprehensible.

    3. Hatfill: You know, I went for a Department of Defense interview years ago. They wanted a scientist down at the Pentagon that could invent stuff that would support presidential policy. … They just wanted a spokesperson that could kind of come up with a plausible explanation to explain a higher-up directive. And I think this is the same thing.

  42. Dissident journalist claims she was spied on by authoritarian regime, classified documents planted on her computer to set her up.


    1. This is outrageous. Worse than anything Nixon ever did. I wouldn’t have believed something like this could happen in the United States of America,” Attkisson quotes the source saying.

      Yes, and I bet she continues to vote for Democrats.

      1. I bet not. I would be surprised if she votes at all. Atkinsson really seems like an honest person. How she became a journalist is a mystery.

        And the hacking of her computer is terrifying. You can go to prison for years for having the wrong thing on your computer, be that child porn or classified information. We know that the NSA can hack into any computer they like.

        The Democratic Party has gone full fascist. And media is either fellow believers or too terrified to say anything.

        1. And the hacking of her computer is terrifying

          But not surprising at all. Most of us around here just expect behavior like that from this administration. Look what they did to that kid from Reddit, stalked and harrassed him until he committed suicide. And what about that journalist who mysteriously crashed his Mercedes into a tree at 3am in the morning? I have no doubt they murdered the guy. And their treatment of Glenn Greenwald and other journalists and reporters? Not to mention their use of the IRS and other agencies to harass people on their enemy list.

          This administration is the worst ever, they and yet the reporters and journalists keep covering for them. It’s like we don’t even live in the US anymore, but something more like the former USSR.

          1. And Andrew Breitbart.

          2. They really are. It is why it drives me crazy when people say there is no difference between the two parties. There are. The Republicans are idiots and often toadies to government. They are not however anything like this. And to the extent they are, they can’t get away with it because the media will actually stand up to them.

            We have reached the point in this country where electing a Democrat means electing someone who is totally above accountability for anything. It is scary.

            1. They are very similar in their love of big government and cronyism. But now, the Dems are really trying to distance themselves and are going full on insane. They’ve jumped the shark, went off the deep end, whatever. It’s almost like they are trying to come up with the looniest candidates they can. And their attacks on business and free speech is really getting to be over the top.

              1. The Republican politicians mostly want to be left alone to engage in petty graft from the current system. They won’t to rock the boat and end a good thing. And they also want to be liked and don’t want the Democratic culture machine making them into figures of public scorn. They are really terrified of that. As worthless and craven as they often are, they are not generally full on insane fascists. The Democrats in contrast have become that.

            2. The two parties certainly have different deficiencies. There are differences.

              But I fear that electing the next republican president will mean the same thing unless somehow they manage to get someone like Rand Paul in. The big spy-on-everyone maching got started under Bush, Obama made it even worse. I don’t see it being very likely that subsequent presidents from either party will roll it back much.

              But, at least right now, I think that the Democrats would be much better as the opposition.

              1. Zeb,

                I don’t think it will mean the same thing for the simple reason that the media would report this stuff and make it an issue if a Republican were doing it. There is just no way a Republican President could ever get away with half of the things Obama has done. But a Democrat can and will.

                1. I certainly agree that it would be bad to have another Democrat for president after Obama, if for no other reason than the one you give: they will get more scrutiny in the mainstream media. And the anti-war left will magically reappear.

                  But at best the increasing tyranny of the presidency will stop growing. I don’t think either party wants to give it back.

        2. Atkisson would be my favorite reporter if not for the anti-vaccination idiocy.

          But yes, while there’s been some pushback from the media against Obama, the continued fellating of him, despite that, astounds me. And it takes a lot to do that nowadays.

          1. Atkisson would be my favorite reporter if not for the anti-vaccination idiocy

            Then I’m assuming that she’s also jumped on the anti-GMO looney train. It seems that those 2 crowds run hand in hand.

          2. Just because she is wrong about some things doesn’t make her wrong about this.

  43. Are Americans dumb enough to _________?

    The answer is “yes.” The answer is always “yes.”

    “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American People.”

  44. Actual Navajo Nation High School Mascot IS REDSKINS


  45. More Halloween costume hyperventilation…

    Jezebel on the sexy Ebola costume

    1. soundsaboutrightIsha Aran
      Yesterday 3:55pm

      Why are people so bent on celebrating suffering this year? Domestic violence, pandemic disease and death (where thousands of people have died and thousands more inevitably will), racism?

      I just. I genuinely don’t understand. Do we have such a fundamental lack of empathy for one another that we can mock suffering so openly.

      I think I’m just going to get back in my bed until Halloween is over, so I don’t completely lose faith in humanity.

      I can’t improve on this.

      1. Notice the ‘racism?’ tossed in there with no explanation or support.

        Proggies are programed with a small number of set responses and the same course of action no matter the situation or issue at hand.

      2. Why are people so bent on celebrating suffering this year?

        This year?? I think this Jezzie needs to bone up on her Halloween history.

      3. Someone missed the point of Halloween.

        1. It reminds me of the freak-out when a student dressed as a Palestinian terrorist – OMG how can you dress up as someone evil?

    2. I like the Ray Rice one with the blowup doll to drag around. That’s awesome.

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