Rep. King: U.S. Needs To 'Go All Out With Surveillance' Of Muslims

Today in terrible, no good, unconstitutional ideas.


Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., belives the U.S. needs to forget about political correctness and "go all out with surveillance" of Muslims.

King's statement came a day after a shooting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, where two people died, including the gunman.

"When you see a person who is a Muslim convert carrying out an attack two or three days after another similar type of attack, after ISIS has called upon individual Muslims to carry out these attacks, then we have to realize that this is a real issue and not something we can hide under this cover of political correctness," King said during an interview with Newsmax TV's "America's Forum. "Anyone who thinks this is a coincidence is crazy."

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  1. It’s not about “political correctness”. It’s about how the vast vast VAST majority of the 2.6MM Muslims in this country are fully Americanized, abhor terrorism and just want to go about their lives/jobs.

    Regardless of the Constitutional problems of such a campaign, targeting this specific minority for special surveillance will be counterproductive in multiple ways: (1) it will alienate Muslim citizens who could otherwise be helpful in rooting out actual dangers; (2) it will cost an unreasonable amount of money; (3) it will expand the surveillance state way beyond the worst excesses of Bush/Obama; and (4) so much attention will be focused upon people who are absolutely no danger, that people who are a danger will simply fall through the cracks.

    But the Honorable Representative from New York is not exactly known for deep thinking when he opens his mouth. And I’m sure he would thrown a fit if we insisted the same treatment for Irish-Americans in the 1980s (they could after all could have been sympathetic to the IRA).

    1. For Rep King, 3) “it will expand the surveillance state way beyond the worst excesses of Bush/Obama” is a bonus.

  2. How would Rep King react to a similar statement about Irish Americans?

    1. Did the Irish ever attack America?

      Let’s see 9/11, Boston Marathon, Ft. Hood, that beheading from this summer, and now a hatchet attack in NYC.

      What do they all have in common? Irish? Presbyterian?

      But yes, I know Libertarians are far too sophisticated for this cultural war stuff. But that’s not going to help you any when Shariah law is declared.

      1. The “New IRA” killed two British soldiers in March of 2009 . . . This attack against our close allies across the pond resulted in the same number of fatalities as the attack that just happened to the north . . .

        The comment about Irish americans was meant to be a reductio ad absurdum.

      2. No, our abhorrence of large, intrusive, top-heavy government and deep respect for individual liberty is what will “save” us when some moron tries to push a bill supporting the enactment of sharia law.

        Besides, hundreds more Americans are killed by police than by Muslims or terrorists each year. And they wear uniforms, so they’re easy to find.

  3. This guy is all over the place. It’s really hard to figure out who voted him into office.

    1. Morons?

      1. New Yorkers. Same diff.

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