Probe: UNC Athletes (and Others) Directed to Phony Fake Classes to Raise Grades

As opposed to phony actual classes


An independent investigator found evidence of 963 North Carolina football players and 226 men's basketball players enrolled in no-show classes beginning in 1999, a scheme designed to raise their grades and keep many of them eligible, according to a report released Wednesday.

Kenneth Wainstein, a former U.S. Attorney and general counsel to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, found that most of the wrongdoing was pinned to Deborah Crowder, a longtime university employee who managed the African and Afro-American Studies Department, and Julius Nyang'oro, who became chair of curriculum for the department in 1992.

However, Wainstein also found that academic advisers who worked with the athletic department regularly steered athletes to these classes, which required only a research paper rather than class attendance.

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  1. Q) How many college athletes does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A) Only one. But he gets three credits for it.

  2. There has been a UNC version of Baghdad Bob posting on the GT board about how there is nothing to see here, its all lies by NC St fans.


  3. Let me put on my Tarheel blue and white shocked face.

  4. Shocked that there’s gambling at Rick’s. Shocked, I say.

  5. To be fair, I’m sure most major D-1 programs are doing something of this nature. Is it really any surprise that most of these athletes major in gender studies, african american studies, liberal arts, basketweaving, or whatever? There’s no question that these “degree” programs exist to allow fluff classes for students who don’t really want to learn anything useful (at least not if it takes effort). All of the schools I went to offered “inependent study” courses. They were typically just 1 credit hour and required a term paper at the end. No class time as I recall.

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