Obama Administration Announces Ebola Travel Restrictions, ISIS Snags Airdropped U.S. Weapons, North Korea Releases American: P.M. Links


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  1. U.S. weapons airdropped in Syria for Kurdish allies got picked up by ISIS fighters instead.

    They’re bypassing the manditory waiting period before we arm them directly!

      1. Manditary?

        1. Diractly, geez.

    1. Hello.

      Standing ovation for Bayern.

      That was a very good Roma side they bitch slapped.

      1. 8 matches, 40 goals. But surely there is no match-fixing going on.

        1. You’re saying because they score a lot it’s fixed?

      2. Unlike Shakhtar, they gave up a goal.

        And the test for Bayern was always going to be in the knockout stages.

        1. Where they can still draw a sauce team.

          Champions League has been watered down a tad over the years after all. They can get a weaker team than Roma.

          Roma was supposed to be a good test. Disappointed.

    2. U.S. weapons airdropped in Syria for Kurdish allies got picked up by ISIS fighters instead.

      Good enough for government work.

      Turkey says it’s helping Iraqi Kurdish forces move into Syria.

      …by bombing the Kurds?

      1. “We fight theme there, so we don’t have to fight them over here.”

      2. As a libertarian, should I be happy with government incompetence? Or should I be sad that people will want to kill me because of it?

        1. Yes.

    3. Fast and Furious comes to Syria.

        1. +1 Middle East city

  2. U.S. weapons airdropped in Syria for Kurdish allies got picked up by ISIS fighters instead. ISIS is making ground in Iraq, but Iran is pledging to help the neighboring nation, and Turkey says it’s helping Iraqi Kurdish forces move into Syria.

    “Don’t do stupid stuff.”

    1. “We’re learning from this and changing our protocol.”

      1. I sincerely hope our new protocol is ‘Leave the region’.

        1. “Leave the region in better shape than we found it.” 8-(

          1. Pottery Barn rule. The British and French break it, America buys it.

            1. I want my money back.

            2. That’s the classic rule of the last century. I guess we sold some kind of warranty to them or something. When does it expire?

  3. The Drudge Report ruined my life, says Monica Lewinsky…

    He’s ruined everyone’s life!

    1. A friend of mine was in the same restaurant as Lewinsky about three years ago. Supposedly she repeatedly did “little things” to draw attention to herself at the fancy restaurant. Primarily she would burst out in cackles of laughter that were clearly designed to draw the notice of others until she was noticed and recognized.

      1. I’d have a hard time ever eating in that restaurant again. I’d spend the whole time wondering whether I was eating from the spoon that’s been in the same mouth as Billy’s willy.

        1. Considering most women have had numerous willies in their mouths, though perhaps not ones quite as promiscuous and disease-ridden as Slick Willy’s, I’d suggest disposable silverware.

        2. So, do Mark Ungar and Monica Lewinsky share the “Cock-breath” nickname?

  4. Oh no, Michael Sam was released!

    The Cowboys are 6-1 without him, but I am sure they are still homophobic assholes.

    1. The cynic (and Cowboys hater) in me says that Jerry Jones realized that now that the team is good (until December. These ARE the Cowboys after all.) they don’t need Sam for the publicity boost.

      1. The Eagles better get their shit together because the Cowboys haven’t suffered enough.

        1. Hey, 5-1, coming off a blowout of the Giants (who admittedly suck) ain’t bad. Play the Cowboys twice in 17 days in November/December. Hopefully that’s when the Eagles ruin their series.

          (being a Philadelphia sports fan is hard.)

          1. (being a Philadelphia sports fan is hard.)

            That’s why they invented vodka.

          2. Yeah but the defense is atrocious and they don’t do well offensively inside the 20.

            You can’t keep scoring off special teams just like in hockey.

          3. Ronde Barber sends his regards.

            The past is all I have. I fucking hate football. We hatesss it forever.

            1. The one good thing Mike Sherman did as Packers coach was stnad up to Warren Sapp for his dirty hit on Chad Clifton.

              1. Dirty? Ha! Pay fucking attention to the game, that’s what I say.

                Sapp’s an ass, incidentally. But one thing I do like about him is that he was loyal to teammates. Gives a fuck about fans or anything else, but he did do that okay.

        2. The Packers can win a playoff game in the Jerrydome. 🙂

  5. 3D-printed gun maker draws jail term in Japan

    A Japanese court on Monday sentenced a man to two years in prison for making firearms with a 3D printer.

    The Yokohama District Court handed down the sentence to Yoshitomo Imura, a 28-year-old former employee of Shonan Institute of Technology who made a number of guns with a 3D printer in his home in Kawasaki outside Tokyo last year.

    1. Imura no longer dishonors himself by printing firearms.

      1. *3D prints a tanto*

        1. …and promptly commits seppuku.

    2. I’m not sure I understand. If he knew it was illegal and would be imprisoned for making the guns, why would he not USE the guns on the men that came to arrest him?

      Seems like the logical choice, doesn’t it?

      1. He failed to 3D-print ammo.

  6. The Obama administration announced an Ebola travel restriction policy that takes effect tomorrow.

    They shouldn’t be issuing the Ebola a passport in the first place!

  7. Otherwise excellent alt-text ruined by a typo.

  8. The head of the AFL-CIO called upon Obama to take executive action

    Because, immigration hurts the AFL-CIO?

    1. Because ebola hurts nurses.

      1. Oh, ok. Huh, most of the nurses I worked with were SEIU.

    2. Executive action to legalize the illegal virus strains?

  9. The Drudge Report ruined my life, says Monica Lewinsky

    Yeah, because you and Bill had nothing to do with that outcome.

    1. She’s still making money off talking about that? Chris Rock was right when he said there’s a future in sucking the President’s dick.

      1. “Give that woman a cigar!”

        1. Cigar = Penis

          Just thought I’d clear up the innuendo, for those not in the know.

    2. Seriously.

      The justice system ruined my life for putting me in prison for murdering someone!

      1. To be fair, it IS technically true.

    3. The best part of this story is her taking to the twitters to end bullying. Has she not been on the internet in the last decade?

      1. “B-B-But, it’s different when I do it! I’m talking about serious matters. Obviously, I have to be respected.”

      2. Monica Lewinsky will not ever prevent even a single instance of bullying. She could take up this crusade in her private diary and be just as effective.

        1. Sales of her handbags must be down

        2. She should just do porn.

          1. I was going to say “Who would want it”, but somebody decided there was a market for octomom porn, so I guess anything’s possible.

            1. Oh for fuck’s sake, why did you have to remind me of that foul beast?

        3. “Try not to bully! Just give it 24 hours!”
          “You’d do it for Randolph Scott Monica Lewinsky.”

          1. *takes hat off and stands in admiration*

            Monica Lewinsky!

    4. The people who smeared the fuck out of her and insulted her publicly were named Clinton, not Drudge. She’s a very confused woman.

      1. Battered wife syndrome.

        1. Or it’s typical prog unreality glasses. It’s amazing in this day and age that people let their emotion cloud their judgment so much. I mean, she’s a fucking victim of those horribly slimy people, yet she appears to be toeing the line, nevertheless.

          1. *towing the lion, dammit

            1. Look, I’ve been here since commenting had to be done by fax, so I can use or not use whatever memes I choose.

  10. The World Health Organization says that it will begin vaccine trials in Africa in January.

    And if they’re successful, wide distribution starting 2024.

    1. And the FDA will approve it for US use in 2035.

      1. And the FDA will approve it for US use in 2035.

        Approved, but can only be dispensed with a prescription from three separate physicians and the dispensing site must have at least three union-member nursing staff present.

  11. Wyoming became the latest state to legalize gay marriage.

    You’d think the “BrokeBack Mountain” state have been the first.

    1. You’d think your sentence have all the verbs it needs.

      1. I think you need shut up!

        *runs out of room crying*

  12. The other one, where you get a hoverboard just like Marty McFly.

    But Spider-Man 3 ruined the hoverboard for everyone.

    1. Spider-Man 3 ruined everything.

      1. See, I remember Spider-Man 1 and two bags of flaming dog shit.

        Is that wrong?

        1. SM1 wasn’t that good in retrospect, but it was certainly better than everything that came after, including Webb’s awful Amazing Spiderman movies the latest of which is actually worse than SM3. God why oh why can’t they get this right? The kids cartoon in the ’90s was amazing. Most complex nuanced plot lines you’ll find in kids TV…or most television outside of HBO.

  13. Three American Girls En Route to Syria Planned to Join Militant Groups, Official Says

    The girls have not been identified.

    Oh, surely *someone* can point to their Facebook pages.

    They were turned around and sent back to the United States, the official said, noting that because they are minors it remains unclear whether they will be charged with anything or be “arrested.”

    With all due respect, then, why we they sent back to the US?

    1. With all due respect, then, why we they sent back to the US?

      They had a fever.

      1. DHS agents should be equipped with cowbells for such situations.

    2. I think the appropriate punishment would be to let them continue. They’ll regret it once they’re forced into the harem.

      1. forced into the harem.

        Those ‘Yes Means Yes’ laws mean something, dammit!

      2. “Your *brain* is the only thing we wash!”

      3. Sadly Playa is right. And then they will beg for people to go save them.

    3. Well, they were minors, after all.

  14. The Drudge Report ruined my life, says Monica Lewinsky,

    I’ve been ignoring the news today. I didn’t see this one coming.

    1. She’s one of those that complained bitterly that she didn’t want to be “in the spotlight” while continuously chasing it.

      1. Her argument seems to be to point fingers at everyone but herself and Bill Clinton. I have little or no sympathy for that kind of folly.

        1. She seems to be forgetting who it was that saved the cum-stained dress.

      2. “You sold out a long ago. You are no different than that movie star who let everyone look up her skirt in that film and then did nothing but complain that nobody took her seriously as an actress. Have you seen that movie? Maris and I rented the video. I don’t mind telling you we pushed our beds together that night?and that was no mean feat; her room as you know is across the hall.” ? Niles Crane

  15. The weapons to ISIS is a very bad thing, but it does not matter that much because ISIS already had lots of weapons. The Kurds are poorly armed the arms they are getting will be much more important.

    1. Were we giving the Kurds worse weapons than ISIS had already?

      Have you never played Borderlands, man?

      1. Not the original, just the Sequel and the Pre-Sequel.

  16. Teach women not to stalk!

    1. “She seemed totally cool until the first flag was her actually being on my roof two weeks ago,” Lawrence told KTLA.

      1. It’s like “Fiddler on the Roof”.

        But with rape.

  17. ‘More questions than answers’?

    What questions? There’s a tourism industry in North Korea (as in, they take you on a very carefully planned trip through the Juche monuments and bugged hotel rooms for Western money). There’s night clubs in North Korea, mostly for high ranking officials and foreigners only. And distribution of religious texts is really, really illegal.

    1. Did you see the Vice news North Korea travel guide. It was heartbreaking. Interestingly the locations are identical to the ones drawn in Guy Delisle’s graphic novel on the same subject.

      1. On the bright side, not many fat chicks there.

  18. The head of the AFL-CIO called upon Obama to take executive action to stop Ebola

    His godlike powers shall turn back the Ebolian hordes.

    Smite the Ebolians, oh Lord.

    1. 67 – And Lo, Chocolate Jesus did say unto him “You are healed!”

      68 – And lo, he was healed.

      69 – Upon the next fortnight, the man came again upon Chocolate Jesus and said unto him “I am not truly healed, Lord. Look upon me, for I am dying.”

      70 – And Chocolate Jesus did indeed look upon him, and saw his pain. Chocolate Jesus spread his arms and cried “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

      71 – Upon hearing this, the man died, his heart giving out as understanding dawned. “You have no true power!” the man gasped as his life fled his eyes.

      72 – His final words were heard by none but Chocolate Jesus, who smiled.

      1. From the New New Testament, Obama, chapter 6 verse 67-72.

        This message brought to you by the Church of Latter Day Obama.

  19. Also, Lewinsky is not joining Twitter to “end cyberbullying”, a thing that will last longer than the internet itself. She is doing it to be a publicity whore, so she can get large checks for speeches, articles, and books again.

    So when she gets tweets that say “Don’t fuck with a married man”, that is not cyberbullying. It is a proper response to her pattern of sleazy behavior.

    1. Surely some Clintonite is paying her to stay in the news so that the post-election reactions to the Dems shellacking can be spun by the news hacks will be “It sure is interesting to see Monica Lewinsky back in the news, remember how competent the Clinton presidency seems compared to this mess? Hillary 2016!”

      1. She’s probably out as a troll magnet in order to play up the War on Women angle.

        It’s already happening in some media. “Look at all those hateful men and their vile comments!”

      2. No, they’re putting her out there so they can claim it’s old news, move on(.org!), nothing to see here, etc. when the Hillster finally announces. The Clinton machine is trying to preempt using her as a campaign issue.

    2. So when she gets tweets that say “Don’t fuck with a married man”, that is not cyberbullying. It is a proper response to her pattern of sleazy behavior.

      I fuck with everybody, all the time. But the in-house counsel gets all stabby if I fuck anybody else.

    3. She is doing it to be a publicity whore

      As opposed to a regular whore?

    4. If you were President Clinton, would you be happy with jerking off? Consider the non-adulterous alternative.

  20. Chicago voting machine votes only for Dems. Bug or feature?

    While using a touch screen voting machine in Schaumburg, Moynihan voted for several races on the ballot, only to find that whenever he voted for a Republican candidate, the machine registered the vote for a Democrat in the same race. He notified the election judge at his polling place and demonstrated that it continued to cast a vote for the opposing candidate’s party.

    1. Tammany Hall, Chicago version.

    2. “Machine not calibrated correctly”

      Yeah right. Calibrated to work as instructed until someone points out that it doesn’t work properly. Probably after lots of incorrect votes have been taken already.


    3. This is why electronic voting is bullshit.

    4. It’s the Chicago way.

    5. This is why we neet voter ID laws.

      /sarcasm: I have sympathy for such laws, but think the massive fraud is elsewhere.

    6. Why is nobody facing voter fraud charges for this?

      This is a rioting offense if I’ve ever seen one.

      1. Yeah, how come no one’s bitching about korporashuns and the kochtopus when the machines vote for TEAM BLUE?

  21. San Francisco county is now letting Uber, Lyft, and SideCare pick up and drop off passengers at SFO. I’m not going to bother linking. It’s another victory for the Libertarian Moment.

    How important is the taxi cartel to city politics, in particular Dem Machine Cities like Chicago? What effect will scuppering these cartels have on politics at the local level, and beyond?

  22. So I just did my civic duty and voted even though it doesn’t matter and they had a question if I want to keep paying more taxes on my property so orange county can “retain highly qualified teachers” “protect the arts” and keep “sports and after school programs”. How in the hell is it legal to write the questions in such a loaded way? Any who I voted I would be happier keeping my money, but I have a feeling all the people that don’t know what a millage is will vote for all the good stuff they will get for free.

    1. Oh yeah, they swiped my license in a computer, I signed the screen, filled out my form and put in in the scanner myself. Pretty tight system as long as someone doesn’t hack the system or lie about the results.

    2. Was option B “Do you want to keep paying more taxes on your property to murder puppies?”

      1. might as well. They didn’t even pose it as lower taxes for less government services vs higher taxes and more government services. It was do you support keeping current millage rates and then all this happy feel good stuff. I’m guessing a not insignificant portion of the voting population either thought “heh, lets keep it the same” or has no idea what millage is, or rents and doesn’t pay property taxes directly anyways.

    3. That’s not legal at all. The ballot has to present an opposing view.

      1. Shall the School Board of Orange County, Florida, renew the current one mill ad valorem millage for essential operating expenses in order to preserve academic programs, retain highly qualified teachers, and protect arts, athletics and student activities beginning July 1, 2015, and ending four (4) fiscal years later on June 30, 2019, with annual reporting to ensure proper fiscal stewardship of these funds to the citizens of Orange County?

        1. Jesus.

    4. How in the hell is it legal to write the questions in such a loaded way?

      Great stuff, ain’t it, FM?

      Would that the question is something like: Are you in favor of replacing [existing section of the law] with the text posted on our website and outside the county courthouse for the last three months?”

    5. I’m in favor of killing puppies and…. children, yes definitely children….

      Please put that on the ballot.

      1. No child killing but I did get to vote yes for legal pot as long as a man in a white coat with a state license says it’s okay. So there is that.

        1. Was there an anti-edible Dowd Clause?

      2. I didn’t know you were a cop.

        1. The kids are just collateral damage.


      1. you don’t need to tell me brotha.

        1. I just wanted to make sure all Floridians were on board with my strategy.

          1. On Board, Cap’n.

  23. In particular, the AFL-CIO urged Obama to direct his administration to issue “uniform enforceable national standards”

    Well. that *is* more specific than “We must do something.”

    1. “uniform enforceable national standards”

      Snappy new uniforms for everyone! They’ll have pants with sides that angle outward, and this cool armband with a twisted up plus sign on them! It’ll be awesome!

      1. We’ll get Hugo Boss to make them.

  24. North Korea released a tourist from Ohio who was arrested earlier this year for leaving a bible in a night club.

    Since I imagine all North Korean night clubs to be darkrooms, it’s easy to misplace one’s bible.

    1. who vacations in North Korea?

      1. Missionaries.

        1. Someone who goes there to leave a bible behind in other words.

      2. Crazy people.

      3. Pete Seeger

        1. It’s not a vacation if you’re on the payroll.

      4. If I had money and time, I’d do it. I know it’s all bullshit, and I know I’d only see the things my government minders wanted me to see, but it’d be damn interesting.

      5. Dennis Rodman.

  25. Terror attack in Quebec.


    Welcome to the party Canada.

    1. The religion of peaceful driving?

      1. It was a native Quebecer radicalized by Islam.

        1. Can you imagine how close to Peak Asshole we must have gotten, when we combined a fricking Canadian Frenchie with a radicalized Muslim convert?

          Fuck, just have him guest blog for Marcotte for a week to complete the trifecta.

          1. but doesn’t the jhiadists going to Quebec make you laugh? They actually managed to go to a place full of bigger assholes than they are. I wish them luck with that.

            1. *Suicide bomber throws open his coat* “Allah akbar!”

              En francais…” Replies the clerk shortly before he’s blown to pieces.

              1. Good one.

          2. You guys talk about Quebec like I’m not here!

            I’d like to say that nationalist Quebecers are silly. The rest of us are fine and no different than most places (other than the language) and some are even hard core pro-American.

            1. In fairness I love Montreal and would live there in a minute, French or no.

              1. Really? You would?

                It has its moments.

                1. Totally. Sadly I doubt I will ever get a job there. Maybe retire there is the dollar isn’t spending like the Paso by then.

          3. Fuck, just have him guest blog for Marcotte for a week to complete the trifecta.

            That was his plan, but the cops shot him dead first. Once in a while they get it right.

    2. Is the car the perpetrator or the victim?

      1. Neither, silly. This was a mass shooting. I checked the Every Town and MILFs Demand Action web sites.

        1. MILFs Demand Action web site

          Oh man, I love that site! I go there every day and. . .do. . .things. . .

          We’re not talking about the same website, are we?

  26. they had a question if I want to keep paying more taxes on my property so orange county can “retain highly qualified teachers” “protect the arts” and keep “sports and after school programs”.

    “If you would like the world to be a better place, check this box. You will be billed later.”

    1. pretty much this ^^

      1. … or move to Seminole County.

  27. Wyoming became the latest state to legalize license gay marriage.

    You do understand, don’t you, that by equating “unlicensed” with “illegal” you are reinforcing the fascistic Total State mentality of people you are supposed to be opposed to, yes?

    1. Yes. Gay marriage was legal and and a lot more free after the sodomy laws where struck down and before the state decided it must sanction it.

      1. No it wasn’t.

        1. Let me count the ways they were more free.

          1. No community property. All prenups were legal and enforceable and no ex spouse took the other’s stuff.

          2. No alimony. No judge would ever tell one party they had to support the other after they broke up.

          3. No need to go to court to breakup.

          4. Polygamy and other multiple partnerships were perfectly legal. I can’t call me a bigamist if the government doesn’t recognize my marriage.

          All of that and more is now gone. The gays are now no longer free to create their own relationships as they see fit and now must make their relationships conform to what the state tells them.

          By any objective measure they are less free. All they gained was the right to coerce other people to recognize their marriages and get a visa for their foreign national spouse. That is it. Outside of immigration, they gained nothing.

          1. They also gained tons and tons of legal protections particularly in the area of inheritance. I love how you flippantly dismiss immigration too. As if that isn’t massive. There were also states with *explicit* bans on officiating gay marriages.

            The gays are now no longer free to create their own relationships as they see fit and now must make their relationships conform to what the state tells them.

            Unless they, you know, don’t get married.

            I love how butthurt you are over this and how it’s melted your mind. You lose freedom wins.

            1. They also gained tons and tons of legal protections particularly in the area of inheritance.

              No they didn’t. Gays were free to write whatever wills they wanted to before. There was nothing stopping a gay from leaving his partner everything. Parents and even children have no forced share of an estate.

              Spouses have a forced share of an estate. So you just gave another example of how they are less free. Before gays were free to write their spouses in and out of their wills as they wanted. Now, every gay spouse has a forced share that can’t be eliminated. They didn’t gain anything in estate law.

              Unless they, you know, don’t get married.

              No. You can be married without the license. All getting the license does it make you conform to the government rules. Marriage is a private relationship. It doesn’t need the government sanction to exist.

              I love how happy you are that gays are now less free because it came with the added bonus of the government now putting a boot on the face of people you hate.

              1. “You must want black people to be less free because you are against anti-miscegenation laws.” -John, 1950

                It’s delicious how desperate you are to fuse the desire to allow gays to marry and get legal equality with using force against those who disagree. You’re such a mendacious sack of shit that only you don’t see how lame and obvious your tactics are.

                Here is a list of all the inequities gays faced when their marriages weren’t recognized. Feel free to educate yourself. An example.

                Death: If a couple is not married and one partner dies, the other partner is not entitled to bereavement leave from work, to file wrongful death claims, to draw the Social Security of the deceased partner, or to automatically inherit a shared home, assets, or personal items in the absence of a will.

                Inheritance: Unmarried surviving partners do not automatically inherit property should their loved one die without a will, nor do they get legal protection for inheritance rights such as elective share or bypassing the hassles and expenses of probate court.


                1. “You must want black people to be less free because you are against anti-miscegenation laws.” -John, 1950

                  Those laws made black and white people living as married couples illegal. No law after 1985 made living as a gay married couple illegal. So your analogy fails.

                  Death: If a couple is not married and one partner dies, the other partner is not entitled to bereavement leave from work, to file wrongful death claims, to draw the Social Security of the deceased partner, or to automatically inherit a shared home, assets, or personal items in the absence of a will.

                  That is just simply untrue. Lots of companies had domestic partnership benefits. And “bereavement leave” is only unpaid leave. It isn’t much of a benefit and companies were free to give it anyway and often did.

                  Inheritance: Unmarried surviving partners do not automatically inherit property should their loved one die without a will, nor do they get legal protection for inheritance rights such as elective share or bypassing the hassles and expenses of probate court.

                  That means gays had to “gasp” write a will. It also means that they now are subject to forced shares. So in return for not having to have a will, they lost the freedom to divide their estates as they saw fit.

                  Gays are less free under this. They only gained the right to get the government to coerce other people. that is it.

                  1. Lots of companies had domestic partnership benefits.

                    And those that don’t…?

                    Read the link. This only scratches at the surface, your wanton ignorance notwithstanding.

                    1. I’m with John on this.

                      I think the state should be removed from ALL marriage, and personal and individual contracts should be the norm.

                      I’m not entirely sure where you’re coming from, Cyto. Begging the state to force certain conditions upon your life in exchange for the blessing of “legitimacy” isn’t very libertarian.

                      Equality in no way equals moral or free. It just means we’re all treated exactly the same. Marriage laws suck already, so why is extending them to others, rather than doing away with them completely, your best-case scenario?

            2. Unless they, you know, don’t get married.

              I’ve sometimes wished I had this option in this part of the frozen Canadian tundra. You cohabitate with someone in a sexual or romantic relationship for two years, gay or straight, you’re married and FYTW.

    2. The semantic games you obsessives play over this are amazing.

      1. Is not! Is not!

        What are you? An anti-semantic?

      2. Go back to your rape cave, demon!

        *shakes burning sage leaves*

    3. Um. If I do contract work without a license, I am pretty sure it’s illegal.

      1. Not the same. In no state was it illegal for gays to call themselves married. Do occupational licenses force me to hire you?

        1. Um. There was also no law against my calling myself a licensed electrician. The enforcement part came upon getting paid to do work.

          1. There is no law against calling yourself gay and married either. You just couldn’t use the government to force other people to recognize it. If you could just wipe the slobber off of your face over the thought of the government finally punishing your enemies and think about it, you would see it.

            1. “Force other people to recognize it”

              Well isn’t that the crux of the issue, rather than the legal equality sought by gays? Maybe you should focus on that instead.

              If you could just wipe the slobber off of your face over the thought of the government finally punishing your enemies and think about it, you would see it.

              If you weren’t a retard that felt the need to set up straw men and ignore the actual arguments I and others put forward, you’d be able to pull your head out of your ass.

              1. Well isn’t that the crux of the issue, rather than the legal equality sought by gays?

                Sure. You just admitted marriage is about government coercion. And your solution is to make sure that gays get to equally coerce and oppress others.

                Your problem here is that you are mad that gays can’t get in on the government coercion action. Sorry but “We don’t get to force our views down everyone’s throats like everyone else” isn’t much of a moral case. You only find it compelling because the resulting oppression is against people you don’t like.

                1. You just admitted marriage is about government coercion.

                  No I didn’t you turd. Are you this psychopathically mendacious IRL? No wonder you work for government.

                  So when are you getting a divorce? Because I am tired of you forcing your marriage on me! “Look at the violence inherent in the system!”

                  1. If government coercion isn’t the crux of the issue, what is? What is the point of getting legally married other than to force other people to recognize such?

                    And if it had been up to me, I would have never gotten legally married. There is no point in doing. It just costs you taxes. My wife disagreed.

      2. However – your church has always been able to marry homosexuals if it chose to do so.

        What’s happening *now* is the addition of all the legal bennies that came with *secular* marriage.

        IOW – you’ve always been able to get gay married its just now you can get the tax breaks and all the other free shit the state gave hetero-couples.

  28. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs…..event.html

    What the hell happened to Renee Zellweger?

    1. No way. Sheesh.

      1. That’s just amazing, and a cautionary tale to any woman who is considering plastic surgery. Sheesh indeed! She’s on a path to becoming Michael Jackson or Joan Rivers in the near future.

        How about the freak show boyfriend? I look at her being with someone like that and can only think he must have some special cock or something else that makes her put up with the weird look and the vacant brain.

    2. Her mouth looks like an asshole now.

      1. That changes nothing.

        1. WOW! Just WOW!

      2. You should see her asshole.

        1. You should see her asshole.


  29. Monica’s aged pretty well, hasn’t she? It’s funny that she’s blaming Drudge for her ruined life. I wonder if power still gets her wet.

    I challenge anyone to find a better site for hatereading than Vox. Ezra’s little site is one gigantic whine. Even the name is a not-so-subtle whine about Fox News and every article is whining about how we need to be smarter like the author. Example.

    3) Guns

    Danger to Americans: Guns kill more than 30,000 Americans every year, about as many deaths as caused by motor vehicles. But only about one in three of those deaths is a homicide. A few thousand are from accidents but most are due to suicide.

    Worst-case scenario: We have already chosen to live in a society with the world’s highest gun ownership rate and some of its loosest gun control laws, so the worst-case scenario is pretty much here. Still, gun deaths per year are on the rise.

    How freaked out should you be: It all depends on whether you see America’s uniquely permissive gun laws as worth the trade-off. But you ? and, yes, your children ? are at risk, regardless of your views about gun regulations.

    Mmmmmm. Delicious.

    1. Ha, every few days an article pops up in which the author whines about the treatment/depiction of women in comics. It is always from Vox.

      1. They hate kitties too. Monsters.

        1. Holy shit, he hates cats too?

          Fuck him. Fuck him right in his bitch hole.

    2. Presumably, if I commit suicude with a gun, it’s because I wanted to. So no, I’m not at risk.

      1. I say we ban poisons, sleeping pills, rope, gas ovens, bridges, bathtubs, and razor blades too. It’s the only way to be sure.

        1. Don’t forget tall buildings, cars, and the police.

          1. That’s a long way to get around to banning police, but I like the way you think.

    3. Is the gun ownership rate accurate? Doesn’t everyone in Switzerland own a gun or something?

    4. I wonder if power still gets her wet.

      This snark bears more truth than you probably realize. Once Monica took on the dick of the Leader of the Free World(TM), she was pretty much ruined for any other man because none of the good, well-behaved Jewish doctors or lawyers she would have otherwise married could measure up (in her mind) to her need to have that much power in her hand…and in her mouth…and on her face.

      1. That wasn’t snark. I’m genuinely curious if, now that she’s been used up and thrown aside by him, she would still blow Billy-Bob Clinton.

        1. “Once you’ve had Slick Willie, anything else would just be silly.”

          -William Jefferson Clinton (Blythe)

    5. I dismiss the nonfictional Vox in the same manner I dismissed the fictional Vox in Bioshock.

    6. How freaked out should you be: It all depends on whether you see America’s uniquely permissive gun laws as worth the trade-off. But you ? and, yes, your children ? are at risk, regardless of your views about gun regulations.

      So, 10,000 homicides a year in a country of 300,000,000 people means that in any given year my odds of getting killed in a gunfight are…0.003%, if my math is right.

      I dunno, I kinda like those odds, how about you? Is Vox arguing that something with a 0.003% chance of happening is something I should have pressing concerns about?

      1. BUT GUNZZZZ!!!!

      2. Think of how much smaller that chance gets if you are not in a street gang.

        1. And stay way from cops.

          1. *away I live in Taiwan. These are AM Links for me. With my morning coffee. Hung over.

          2. And don’t run around in a deer costume during the fall.

            You only have to learn that lesson once…

      3. My guess is, even the 0.003% number is an overstatement. The homicides aren’t randomly distributed, and there’s a distinct self-selection into the high risk category.

    7. Are people who kill themselves with guns somehow uniquely more dead? I only ask because USA, Canada, and UK have almost identical suicide rates despite very different attitudes toward gun rights.

  30. Not exactly cars but it appears the revolution is nigh:


    1. *Cue conniption fit from area luddites*

  31. I find it totally amazing that Monica Lewinsky had not changed her name. Now I realize the only reason she did not change it is that she genuinely likes the attention. Maybe she has a career in politics ahead of her.

    1. Apparently having sex with a Clinton makes you qualified for the US Senate with no other experience, so perhaps that’s next for her.

      1. This makes the rumored Chelsea campaign seem…darker.

  32. U.S. weapons airdropped in Syria for Kurdish allies got picked up by ISIS fighters instead.

    *wink, wink*

    As in, the weapons got the people the White House wanted them to get to; the brave boys of the Free Syrian Army/the Kurdish Rebels ISIS.

  33. Nobody saw this one coming – the White House intruder may be nuts!


  34. CRACKED catches up to Reason – conservative messages in Ghostbusters



  35. Gamergate: An un-PC Rebellion

    Some very strange political alliances are forming. I’ve seen self-described socialists and communists write impassioned comments of gratitude beneath pro-gamer articles on right-wing news site Breitbart. I’ve seen trans activists join forces with right-wing commentators to stick it to the activists of the authoritarian left ? those very same activists who claim to speak on their behalf!
    To me, it suggests that there is a crisis brewing for the cultural warriors. In their attempts to police language and culture, they are alienating the very demographics they used to rely on for support. This isn’t a right-vs-left battle, it’s an authoritarian-vs-libertarian one ? and the authoritarian side is hemorrhaging support (if, indeed, it had any to begin with).
    If we are at the point where women, minorities, and left-wing sympathisers prefer to support right-wing libertarians over the authoritarian gaming press, it suggests something interesting is taking place in this surprisingly large arena of cultural politics. The full results have yet to be seen, but I suspect it won’t end happily for the new class of moral crusaders.
    The game is on.

    1. This is a good point on gamergate. All of the things the Left is screaming about over gamergate, the mob attacks on social media, the threats and such are the exact same tactics they have used for years. They are just shocked to have them used on them for once.


      1. They took on a bunch of gamers. If someone’s spamming hits on you, duck and spam right back. These guys have been fighting with keyboards for years, and they were paying attention.

      2. At the risk of engaging in some questionable psychoanalysis, allow me to suggest that one of the reasons the left is so disturbed by the rise of #GamerGate is that this is the first time in many years that these self-proclaimed Social Justice Warriors have met any sort of organized pushback. And they find it doubly infuriating to see the tools they have used so successfully?the Twitter mob, the email campaign, the claims of grievance?turned against them.

        It was beautiful seeing all the articles a few days ago decrying the same tactics they were using the a few months ago. Total lack of self awareness, or classic doublespeak?

        Also, some gamergaters found Anita’s death threat guy. He’s a games journalist from Brazil

        1. I knew that was a fake. If it were real she would have called the cops and gone into hiding like the “everyone draw Muhamad” lady had to.

        2. These control freaks have to outsource their fake death threats now? Fuckin’ LOL.

          1. And seeing as she’s white and he’s brown, doesn’t that mean that she has to “shut up and listen”?

    2. The whole thing that the leftist moral crusaders didn’t realize/forgot is that ‘gamers’ had already fought a long and stupid war with more traditional moral crusaders complaining about portrayals of violence in their medium. Hell, this was going on for most of the 90s and even the late 2000s. Now it’s driven less by parents and Christian groups and more by journalists and feminists, but they act like the massive backlash against the Jack Thompsons of the world didn’t happen. ‘Gamers’ are long time veterans of the culture war and they know what they’re doing.

      1. It’s different this time. Before, the game journalists led the push-back. Now, it’s like they’re uncritically praising Jack Thompson and simultaneously shield him from criticism.

        So, understandably, the gamers are pissed.

        1. That’s what I mean in regards to ‘forgot’. You’d have every major gaming site I’d read in my teen years lashing out every time someone made a comment about ‘gamers’ being violent psychopaths or shut-ins. Now those exact people are engaging in the same tactics with zero self-awareness.

          I stopped following most gaming media awhile back, but I do think part of this is journalists’ rather pathetic desire to be taken more seriously. These are the people who wrote articles about ‘Are games art?’ for YEARS after the general consensus was ‘yes’ in a desperate attempt to be more relevant in the cultural zeitgeist. They really, really want to be the privileged intellectual gatekeepers of a medium and aim to achieve that through embracing cultural Marxist media interpretation and information control.

      2. There’s another element. Even if the SJWs’ stereotype of the gamer as a fat nerd living in his parents’ basement were true (I don’t think it necessarily is), that would make him virtually immune to the tactics the SJWs had in their arsenal. That guy isn’t particularly concerned with your approval or disapproval. Hell, he’s spent his whole life not being approved of. He isn’t all that concerned with your attempts to ruin his social life. He doesn’t have one to start with. He doesn’t have much sympathy for your sob stories of victimhood. The “micro-aggressions” you rend your hair over are probably topped by the crap he takes before lunch on a good day.

        1. Correct.

          Why Gamers will win in Gamergate.
          The first thing to remember about gamers, is we literally have nothing left to lose.
          The “other side” has literally dehumanized us as human beings so much, you literally can’t call us anything worse. We are slammed by media, “Normal” human beings, feminists, and this social justice warrior movement in what seems to be an unholy concerted effort.
          Literally any effort on our part, can’t make us look any worse. If we accomplish nothing by the end, we have literally lost nothing.

  36. President of Belarus declares country’s sausage is free of toilet paper


    1. I always wondered why gay Russians were sticking sausages up their asses.

  37. I read the War Nerd’s blog this Sunday (intro link courtesy of John Derbyshire), the recent posts anyway. Breathtaking, but then football started. I’ll still call it very interesting.

    I have to wonder why, with all the tin-pot dictators the US supports and overthrows, we couldn’t drop some fucking bottled water on the Kurds defending their home in Kobani.


  38. The sad parents of Gamergate

    All around the country, parents are sitting down to have the talk with their children. Not about sex or mortality or college. They’re having the talk about Gamergate. From our own comments:

    I have a 17 year old son and trying to point out the actual facts in this story is like trying to convince a rabid 70 year old FOX viewer that Obama is not a terrorist, born on Mars, here to take your guns.
    “It’s about ethics, mom. Don’t you care about ETHICS?”

    He’s not down with the death threats though, so I guess Yay?

    Imagine! You hear your child talking animatedly about something. He steps closer and you hear him say “bias” and “Sarkeesian.” The words drip with spite. Later, you hear him through the bedroom door, talking to his webcam: “No, it’s about corruption in games journalism!” What do you do?

    Bonus: Adobe dumps Gawker over gamergate coverage.

    1. Could this be the moment where the milenials finally grow a fucking pair of balls and tell their lefty parents to fuck off? Could this finally be the birth of an actual rebellious youth culture? Is that just too much to hope for?

      1. Way too much to hope for. You’ve said some wildly optimistic things here, but this one has no basis. Youth rebellion is dead.

        1. Oh, I don’t know. This may be a turning point of sorts. Calling millions of gamers sexist etc. because their games do not conform to the PC thinking (of this week) may have opened a lot of eyes. And the SJWs are just doubling down and compounding the problem.

    2. They are pumping estrogen into the water supply. Estrogen can also manifest itself by microwaving food stored in plastic containers. Apple products are coated with estrogen. Duh.

    3. Prog tears: so yummy.

    4. That first link has to be to a parody site.

      1. Poe’s Law in action. Even if it is, it was linked by several feminist sites as legit.

    5. “He’s not down with the death threats though”

      The death threats that ended up being planted by a corrupt journalist from Brazil? Yeah, bud, keep mentioning that. It just makes your case stronger.

  39. I’m happy for all you clowns fapping yourselves raw over this gamergate thing.

    Seriously, I am.

    1. U mad bro?

    2. It’s a sea change. Tons of hardcore lefties are beginning to question the media for the first time in their lives.

      1. Absolutely. I read a few random tweets where guys were like, “The New Yorker and NPR are lying about us, how can we trust them to cover Iraq or the economy.” Stunned me.

    3. I am happy you are sad that a bunch of asshole leftist journalists got their asses handed to them.

    4. Oh Brooks. Don’t tell me you don’t have a little schadenfreude boner over watching the Proglodytes deploy their typical tactics against people who are not only largely immunized, but are familiar with them and have no problem turning those same tactics against the Progs?

      Not even a little chub? C’mon, we’re all friends here. You can tell us.

      1. I’m barely following this whole business. What’s new?

        1. This happened.

          The tweet in question.

          And a few more:

          Ultimately #GamerGate is reaffirming what we’ve known to be true for decades: nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission

          ? Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) October 16, 2014
          Bring Back Bullying

          ? Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) October 16, 2014
          Sarcastic Vindictive White Manchild Nerds are a greater material threat to my way of life than ISIL

          ? Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) October 15, 2014
          this is the face of #gamergate. a young man wearing an anime t-shirt and a scarf, yelling into a webcam. pic.twitter.com/K2K7DKYoZE

          ? Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) October 15, 2014
          We’re Offering $10,000 For Unretouched Photos of a Male Gamergate Participant We Would Actually Fuck

          ? Erin Gloria Ryan (@morninggloria) October 16, 2014

          And advertisers are pulling from the Gawker network at a rapid pace.

          1. Lovely. Gawker is a face of evil, that we can all acknowledge. Well, unless you have stock in whatever production company runs Dr. Who.

          2. Those tweets are serious, and not made-up to try to satirize the SJWs?

            1. Re: Ted S.

              They’re pretty serious. And disturbing. Doubly-disturbing, considering a) they are engaging in bullying and b) they’re doubling-down against a community that knows how to counterattack.

              1. Good. The more these shitheels reveal the true face of their fucked-up worldview, the better.

  40. St. Louis police PR.


    My favorite part:

    After “basic training,” officers sent the officials out in pairs to respond to two scenes. One scenario featured a prostitute soliciting johns while her pimp was nearby. Another scenario included several men suspected of dealing drugs.

    The only scenes they can come up with are victimless crimes.

    1. Those scenarios aren’t as frequent or sexy as the cops everyday routine: writing citations and getting paid overtime to direct traffic.

      1. Modern cop contracts are written such that the cop gets paid a middle to lower-middle class salary of a $45k/year. This prevents outrage from tax payers. But putting on his uniform is overtime. He gets paid to drive to work and paid again to drive home, portal to portal. They get paid for all kinds of ordinary tasks that the rest of do for free. It adds up to over $100k/year here in CA. I’m not as anti-cop as most posters are here, but they’re make way too much money to fuck up as often as they do.

        1. And then, just before they retire on their fabulous pensions, they have tricks to boost it in that last year. Plus, the always lucrative “I wrenched my back on my last day and now I’m disabled” ploy. That’s paid for many a Jet Ski vacation.

    2. After “basic training,” officers sent the officials out in pairs to respond to two scenes. One scenario featured a black prostitute soliciting johns while her black pimp was nearby. Another scenario included several black men suspected of dealing drugs.


      1. Transcript:

        Officer Jones: “Keep your hands in the air! I said put them up! I SAID PUT THEM UP!” *proceeds to act as if he is shooting the scenario actors. “How’d I do?”

        Sgt Smith: “You did alright, Rookie, except that you forgot to put real bullets in the gun! Have that rectified before we head to our next scenario: a warrantless house entry that’ll turn out to be a wrong address. There will be dogs there.”

  41. As I write this, Michell Obama is at an event just three blocks from my house. I dread the commute home.

    1. Try not to look like a libertarian.

      You’ll be lucky if all you get is a bevy of broken bones.

  42. Not mad.

    Not sad.

    Don’t give a shit. Don’t understand why it gets linked to over and over and over and over. Don’t bother trying to “explain” it to me.

    1. So why do you keep making insipid disparaging comments on it.

      1. For the same reason you keep making insipid comments about marriage?

        1. My comments are trenchant, not insipid.

  43. Wyoming became the latest state to legalize gay marriage have “same-sex marriage” made legal for it by a judge.

    Fixed it, did I.

  44. U.S. weapons airdropped in Syria for Kurdish allies got picked up by ISIS fighters instead.

    “By mistake, m’kay?” – The WH changing the talking points as events unfurl.

  45. Wyoming became the latest state to legalize gay marriage.

    Which is great for a state that has about the same population as the city of Boston.

  46. This admin is too dumb to do the old “explosive ammo in the ‘accidentally’ misdirected arms delivery” right?

    1. God help us if they try to get cute like that, because they’d fuck it up.

      Did you know that this administration has access to nuclear weapons? Chilling thought, isn’t it? As bad as the past one was, I never even briefly thought they’d intentionally or accidentally nuke anyone.

      1. I suspect I’d find one of those cool cases on my doorstep marked “Illegal in California”.

        I mean, I have several already, and good things always come inside!

  47. Resistance continues to spread to other movements.

    SJW pushback from a proggie, no less. They’re even losing the people who mostly agree with them because of their tactics.

    1. Who would go to a World Atheism convention? And why would you go?

      1. I’d go if someone else paid for it because I’ve never swum in the Great Salt Lake.

      2. I don’t believe in this!

  48. The head of the AFL-CIO called upon Obama to take executive action to stop Ebola

    “Effective immediately, I am ordering all US public healthcare workers not to get Ebola.”

    1. They’ll go on strike and demand that be a clause in the new contract.

  49. Religious extremists attack a bus in Israel. Israel miraculously manages to resolve the situation without flattening the entire village:


    1. As bad as the Ultra-Orthos are, they’re still not as bad the Palis.

  50. If anyone has ever wondered why Clinton had a thing for Monica (beyond his “any female over 18” thing), check out this picture of Clinton’s mother.

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