'Sex over Food the Clear Choice for Some Males,' Says Study


Food or Sex

I know, I know! SOME males? Who are the other guys who get a bigger dopamine rush from calories than from orgasm? Well, it turns out that the research was done on modified nematode worms that were given a choice between food and sex. As Genome News reports:

Researchers from the University of Rochester say they have shown that male brains—at least in nematodes—will suppress the ability to locate food in order to instead focus on finding a mate. Their study ("Sex, Age, and Hunger Regulate Behavioral Prioritization through Dynamic Modulation of Chemoreceptor Expression"), which appears in Current Biology, may point to how subtle changes in the brain's circuitry dictate differences in behavior between males and females.

In 2012, Glamour reported the results of a poll which asked women and men: Would you rather give up your favorite food or sex for a year? The results were:

According to, 1 in 3 single women say that if there was a toss up between food and sex, food would win! And though it makes more—but not total—sense to me that if you're not having sex anyway (considering you're solo), then food might take priority, there were also plenty of people in committed relationships—28 percent to be exact—that would forgo an orgasm for their best-loved dish. Guys, on the other hand, were less gung-ho. Only 16 percent said yea to food over sex. And, in case you're wondering, the food most favored was chocolate (26 percent). Next in line was steak and pizza.

Whatever the differences between males and females with regard to food and sex, remember "yes means yes" and "no means no."

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  1. Okay, so without the male sex drive, the species would’ve died off millennia go after a mass bingefest on some woolly mammoth?

  2. Wouldn’t this really depend on the partner and the dish?

    I mean, if the choice is between your favorite food ever and a guy who couldn’t find the sweet spots if you gave him a map, it seems like the choice is obviously pizza/gelato plus self-gratification afterward.

    1. Pretty much. Except it would be steak/cheesecake.

      1. That’s fair. I’m willing to accept alternatives.

    2. That’s why 1/3 of the women consider it a toss-up. Guys aren’t all that good at finding the ‘sweet spot’, especially the first time around.

      For guys the reward is more guaranteed – even with bad sex your gonna get off.

      1. War on Women/This is why there are no female libertarians/Patriarchy/etc.

      2. Guys aren’t mind readers and need some help from the girl in finding their spots. All she has to do is move a bit to find it and make him realize there, right there, like that. You don’t even have to say anything.

        1. See – blaming the victim. The woman shouldn’t have to move – just lie there and he should figure out everything. Just like women shouldn’t have to put up with being hit on by unattractive men.

        2. I’ve been with a couple guys who, if I moved, would move with me. I had to explain your concept to them – that if I move, you STAY IN THE SAME SPOT!

    3. This is why we invented Steak and Blowjob day.


      1. Clearly, the solution to the consent issue, to the rather dubious extent there is one on any large scale, is for the male to offer food in exchange for sex.

        1. Uh, isn’t that exactly how dating works?

          1. No. In a traditional dating format, the male disassociates the reward–that is, the food–from the act which he is attempting to encourage. A more effective operant conditioning methodology would be to withhold the food until the sex act is consented to and performed. Ideally, the male will employ secondary reinforcement, such as ringing a bell, to reinforce the desired behavior.

            1. I guess I’ve got a lot to learn about the dating world.

              1. Indeed. You should read my PhD thesis in psychology: Examining the Operant Hermeneutics of Coitus-Seeking Behaviors.

                1. B.F. Skinner would be proud.

                  1. I’m a disciple. Here, have a cookie.

  3. False dichotomy. What’s wrong with eating pussy?

    1. It’s not very filling.

      1. It’s not very filling.

        You aren’t supposed to finish that way.

      2. I’d guess that depends on the lady and her capabilities…

        1. + 1 squirter

      3. It’s not very filling.

        So fill it first.

  4. “OK, honey, now get out of bed, get me a beer, and make me a sandwich.”

  5. Would you rather give up your favorite food or sex for a year?

    Joke’s on Glamour. I don’t have a favorite food.

    And I’m sure there’s an American Pie joke in here somewhere.

  6. Yes means yes and no means ‘seconds, please’


    1. Let me guess. Something to with sigint listening stations?

    2. Yeah I had forgotten about the NRAU.

      1. Used to be an NSA facility, Now converted to astronomy, I think?

        1. NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory). NSA facility is still there (Sugar Grove). NRAO is a separate facility operating the Green Bank Telescope, which is one of the world’s best.

    3. Dear Congress,

      Fuck you. Feel free to pay me to not use my technology in that zone.

      Hugs, JW

    4. Drive past there every year on my way to snowshoe.

    5. I’m puzzled by the inclusion of Harrisonburg – it’s a big college town. They probably have exceptions there (and I do get 4gLTE service in that area).

      I’m still trying to figure out why Front Royal is a complete cell service dead zone, though. It’s a big transpo and tourist hub (northern entrance to Shenandoah Park)

      1. Front Royal is a terrible place. It may even be worse than Winchester.

        1. Unfortunately, I still have to pass through it to get to I-81 from here. I’m basically out of cell service from just east of Front Royal all the way to maybe 10 miles north of Harrisonburg. Then again from Harrisonburg to Christiansburg/Blacksburg, then again to Roanoke, then again to Bristol. Between Bristol and Asheville (with the exception of all the way at the top of the pass on I-26), I get decent service.

          1. I know what your talking about, used to go down to JMU quite often from Manassas Cell phone reception is very hit or miss all the way through I thought it was just my cheap sprint service. What service do you have.

            1. T Mobile. I asked them a while back when they were going to put in decent coverage (I;d settle for 2 or 3g) along I-81, but the low-level rep had no idea. Now that I see that YT video, it looks like the answer is “never”.

      2. The zone that extends to Harrisonburg is controlled, but not totally radio quiet. Transmitters have to point away from the observatory, basically. The last cell phone tower heading west on the way to Green Bank is on 250 outisde of Monterey. You get a signal again just after passing it.

    6. Why there and not in some uninhabited area in the desert or mountains?

      1. Desert’s too flat (LOS is too far to reasonably put in a no-radio restriction) and (amazingly enough) too populated by the time this came about.

        Plus I think this was already a fairly dead zone surrounded by hills and mountains that was converted to radio astronomy and then later got the protected status before it got too populated.

        1. The observatory was founded about 50 years ago. They also wanted it close to a university. NRAO HQ is located on the UVA campus.

        2. There are desert regions that would suffice. See the VLA (though it is less susceptible to interference than a single dish telescope).

  8. Either choice is pretty unfulfilling. There are four things every man must do to ensure a happy life.

    1. He has to find a woman who cooks well.

    2. He has to find a woman who’s great in bed.

    3. He has to find a woman with lots of money.

    4. He has to make sure these three women never meet each other.

  9. Eatin’ ain’t cheatin’

  10. Nematodes are whores.
    Just saying. Probably not the best test subjects.

  11. If I had to choose, I would easily give up my favorite food for a year rather than give up sex for a year. I think that’s an easy choice since there are all kinds of food that I can substitute. I don’t even know what my “favorite” food is. Beer?

    1. Eee, I would have to think hard about giving up beer. Me like beer.

      1. I could give up beer for a year if I had to. (I know this because I once had to give up alcohol entirely for several months on orders of my gastroenterologist.) I’m not sure I could give up coffee for a week, though.

  12. Whatever the differences between males and females with regard to food and sex, remember “yes means yes” and “no means no.”

    Unless she changes her mind hours or weeks later. Then “Yes” means “NO…GO TO JAIL, RAPIST PATRIARCHIST BASTARD!!”

  13. Nematodes? Really? Worm sex/food preferences have fuck all to do with human beings. Think of all the species that cannot eat when sexually mature, or the ones that sex is a guaranteed death sentence for the males, or that weird ass fish that the male is born without a digestive tract at all but massively hungry, and the females literally absorb them through their skin when the males attempt to eat her.

    Oh and I can give up any food, but the sex…oh hell no!

    1. Give the Jezzies another 10 years of pushing rape culture and a nice juicy steak will be looking awefully appetizing

      1. Not at all. Just as the unskilled are pushing for robots in fast-food, the unsane are pushing for robots in the bedroom.

  14. There are only three things on males minds, food, fighting and fucking. Everything we do is in service to those goals.

  15. there were also plenty of people in committed relationships?28 percent to be exact?that would forgo an orgasm for their best-loved dish.

    It would be interesting to run that against age. How many of the women were hearing their biological clocks ticking?

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