Stop and Frisk

Brickbat: Stop and Frisk


A New York City police officer was caught on video taking what appeared to be a roll of cash from Lamard Joye. Joye says it was $1,300. When Joye complained about the theft, the cop pepper-sprayed him. When Joye's sister tried to get his badge number, the officer pepper-sprayed her, too.

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  1. Want to bet him and his buddies do their shopping in the evidence room?

  2. OT:

    Operation That Second Nobel Peace Prize Ain’t Gonna Happen Without a Bigger Body Count

    1. He’s going for the Nobel in Physics this time for his contributions to the field of showing the practical battlefield use of semiconductors and autonomous systems.

  3. Why do you hate our —

    Fuck it, I got nothin’.

    1. Why do hate our Heros in Blue. HEROS. IN BLUE.

      1. They’re not heroes. They’re a street gang with dental.

  4. A simple case of civil asset forfeiture. Nobody needs to have that much cash on them so it’s a sure bet the guy was going to commit a crime with the cash. The cop was being proactive in disarming the guy, taking away the weapon that was going to be used in the crime.

    On a related note, why don’t cops hang around payday loan and title pawn and even regular pawn shops and bust the customers as they come out? Those people are going to be carrying large amounts of cash so they’re obviously up to no good.

    Or if they’re not carrying cash, they’re going to be carrying checks that are cash precursors – and what about debit cards that are as cash precursors as well? Hell, a lot of people are carrying around their entire checking accounts on a plastic card, bust all those terrorist-supporting drug lord wanna-be’s.

    1. don’t forget watches ,rings,hell all bling

    2. The guy was probably also going to use his life to commit crimes, so a really proactive cop would’ve taken that away as well.

  5. OT Hong Kong officials circulate fake photo of beaten cop… Then fail to realize that it is a screenshot from a cop drama. Hilarity ensues.…..ght-shift/

    1. That’s a hoot.

  6. And nothing else happened.


  7. When Joye’s sister tried to get his badge number, the officer pepper-sprayed her, too.

    This was obviously a violent attack on a brave public defender. *continues to ramble pretentiously*



    1. What happened to that fucktard, anyway? He was gone forever, came back (if it was really him), then vanished in a puff of powdered sugar again.

      1. Don’t think it was him – just a sometimes amusing, sometimes tedious parodist.

  8. “One of the most disturbing things about the video is the other cops standing around watching and doing nothing to stop the wrongdoing”

    Ah, the mythical honest officer willing to take down the bad cops… I think he is hanging out in Shangri-La with the moderate Muslim who is willing to stand up to the radicals.

  9. FTA:

    He vowed to rid the force of any officer “who’s so callous, so brutal, so corrupt, that they feel comfortable engaging in those acts of brutality, acts of corruption without fear.”


  10. Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said, “A 35-second-long video does not provide enough information about a police encounter to come to any conclusion about what transpired.”

    In other news the president of the Rapist’s Friendly Society said “direct video evidence of a rape doesn’t tell the whole story of how the victim secretly liked it.”

  11. It’s clearly his own fault for attracting the attention of any cop. We should all treat cops as potentially vicious animals – unpredictably violent and lacking any moral agency or accountability.

    And just like vicious animals, it’s really important to keep them the fuck away from your pet dogs.

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