Larry Pressler's Adventure in a Closet

Political anecdote of the day.


The best anecdote about a politician that I've read in a while:

Inevitable closet gag.
South Park

[Sen. Larry Pressler (R-S.D.)] once mistakenly walked into a closet while intending to leave a Senate committee meeting. He stayed there for several minutes. Virtually everyone in the room seemed aware that the senator was in the closet. When he stepped out—to cover his embarrassment—he paused and waved as though conferring with someone who was still inside.

That's from an old Washington Post profile of Pressler, who left office in 1997 and is now running to retake his seat, this time as an independent. The Post piece doesn't seem to be online, but The National Journal's Emma Roller has more about both the article and the ex-senator here.