Watch: ISIS Releases Training Camp Propaganda Video


The Islamic State (ISIS) has released a video titled "Blood of Jihad," though the footage is actually bloodless.

Shot in northern Iraq, the six-minute film released Sunday shows approximately 100 recruits training in different ways: crawling on the ground while dodging gunfire and retrieving wounded soldiers, taking kicks to the gut, and even unleashing some Bruce Lee-style martial arts moves on each other.

Speaking with CNN, Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies suggests that the video is not actual training footage, but their latest piece of propaganda:

This kind of hand-to-hand fighting – with automatic weapons, mortars, artillery, vehicles  – almost never really occurs. Throughout this entire video what you have is a stage set of exercises. You look at them and this isn't really a training exercise but a video exercise.

Watch it here:

The Guardian's Steve Rose recently noted that "ISIS's global media operation appears to have two key objectives: to provoke the US and its allies, and to recruit from outside the Middle East. Both seem to be working."

Vice estimates that 10,000 westerners have joined ISIS, about 100 are Americans.

The same day the terrorist organization published "Blood of Jihad," they also released a hostage video of John Cantlie, the fourth British journalist forced to speak on ISIS's behalf.

The Islamic State has been putting out a steady stream of information on social media, making itself relevant in western pop culture. Reason's Scott Shackford highlighted their use of Grand Theft Auto-style animation, and I noted their commentary on the death of Robin Williams.

In a warzone, both sides use propaganda, and the U.S. State Department has been distributing information of its own through a social media campaign called "Look Again, Turn Away." It focuses on ISIS's hypocrisy and un-Islamic practices, as well as the lives of women and children ruined or ended by the war ISIS is waging. 

On the battlefield, ISIS is gaining strategic ground, indicating that American airstrikes are not as effective as anticipated.

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  1. NYC Reasonoids: MEET-UP ALERT!

    When: Thursday, October 16, 2014, 6:00PM
    Where: Rattle N Hum, 14 East 33rd Street

    1. Ah, boo. There’s no way I can make that day and time. Pick something different!

      1. And on a different coast.

        1. I’m good with Thursday but isn’t Friday better? Payday and all.

    2. I thought the idea was to meet next week, when Jesse is in town.

      1. I thought he’s in town this week

  2. More important news on the subject of ISIS: the TV show Archer is changing the name of the spy organization on the show.

    1. Well that sucks. Hopefully they’ll make a topical joke about it if they actually do it. Otherwise I’ll be annoyed.

      1. Calm down, Colonel Panic.

      2. Apparently they are going to leave the spy business and sell cocaine instead.

        1. That was last year. They already tried.


    2. Ma, they done killed old Rando

      1. Classic Rando.

    3. Considering ISIS is just a name given to AQ so as to not spread panic, I don’t think they should.

      Damnit! My “Secret Agent” jacket is ruined!

    4. Seriously? Now this is affecting me (sort of)! RAAAAMMMMMPAAAAAGGGEEE!!

  3. Actually, they do say that Lysol “is expected” to work against Ebola virus, but that seems to mean that it hasn’t been thoroughly tested and they aren’t willing to makea claim regarding its efficacy.

    So where do the other 9,900 hail from?

    1. Wrong paste…

      Vice estimates that 10,000 westerners have joined ISIS, about 100 are Americans.

      See question above.

      1. So where do the other 9,900 hail from?

        That’s the entirely inflated/made up number to make the threat seem plausible.

        1. I’m very suspicious of the number. When you claim that 10,000 “western” fighters have joined ISIS, and only 100 of them are from the most populated of all western nations, either one of those tiny European nations is REALLY well represented, or it’s bullshit.

  4. You can’t reverse roundhouse kick a 2,000 pound GPS-guided JDAM dropped from 20,000 feet, Muhammed.

    1. Maybe you can’t.

    2. Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain JDAM, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

  5. “Here at Camp ISIS, your child will learn valuable life skills, from beheading infidels to suicide bombing. He could get a job arresting unveiled women – and he’ll get to “frisk them for weapons,” if you know what I mean. And he’ll get healthy exercise in the outdoors! When Achmed came to Camp Isis, he was 300 pounds, now he’s a healthy 130 and carries his rocket launcher wit ease!”

    1. *with* ease

    2. Is that 130 with or without his suicide vest?

  6. Vice estimates that 10,000 westerners have joined ISIS, about 100 are Americans.

    They’re not westerners. They may have been residents in the west but as evidenced by their affiliation with the goals of ISIS they are most decidedly not of western culture or society. I’m especially tired of hearing about how “Europeans” are joining ISIS in droves, at least the term “westerner” can be construed to have a geographic instead of cultural meaning, not that it does here.

    1. “European” doesn’t have a geographic meaning? Or are you referring to the fact that many of the people joining ISIS who are called “Europeans” are not native to Europe and were only resident there for some time?

      1. called “Europeans” are not native to Europe and were only resident there for some time?

        That’s how I interpreted it.

        1. called “Europeans” are not native to Europe and were only resident there for some time?

          Pretty much. But to take it even a step further I think it’s fair to say that also applies to many 2nd or 3rd generation North Africans or Middle-Easterners that don’t learn the local languages and stand in opposition to European, i.e. ‘Western’ cultural values.

          And I don’t mean table etiquette kind of culture, I mean the Morrocan who sews his daughter’s vagina shut with a shoestring or the friendly young chap that stabbed Theo van Gogh with a dagger in the street because he was offended. These are not Europeans regardless of what their passport says about whichever political institutions they are affiliated with.

      2. “European” doesn’t have a geographic meaning?

        European as used here is an adjective describing a group of humans. I don’t think fair use of that adjective involves grouping those of European ethnicity and nationality with those who merely resided on the continent or whom in the span of 2 generations have done basically nothing in the way of assimilating into or identifying with European culture. Unless we are talking about Bosnians, Muslim Serbs or even possibly Chechens, it’s misleading to call these recruits ‘Europeans’.

        By any standard ‘multiculturalism’, necessarily involves more than one culture existing within a society or area (as in non-European along with European cultures), but when there is a bloody crime to report on or some such thing, they just instantly become full fledged Europeans in the media.

        Of the Pakistani’s in Britain demanding the implementation of Sharia Law and turning Britain into an Islamic state, would it be fair or accurate for the headline to read; “Englishmen Demand Sharia Law and Britain to become Islamic State” ?

        1. You could write the same diatribe about “Westerner”. They both have geographic as well as cultural meaning.

          1. I did actually. And these news pieces aren’t using the term in the geographic sense, it’s using the cultural context. I never said they didn’t live in the west, just that they aren’t ‘westerners’.

            1. I guess I misunderstood what you meant by “at least the term “westerner” [vis “Euorpean”] can be construed to have a geographic instead of cultural meaning”.

  7. The same day the terrorist organization published “Blood of Jihad,” they also released a hostage video of John Cantlie, the fourth British journalist forced to speak on ISIS’s behalf.

    Speaking of which, I was utterly shocked to learn #hashtagtivism doesn’t have particularly significant affect on global events. Sadface.

  8. ISIS is also recruiting “fighters” from this cultural pool. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    1. Uhm, it appears that WE were recruiting fighters from that pool.

      1. I’m assuming these were the best and the brightest, then.

        1. Man is that giving them some … credit.

  9. Popular joke circulating in ISIS camps right now:

    How many Yazidi slaves does it take to strap to tanks and buildings as human shields?

    Who cares?


  10. there’s gotta be a better ISIS parody video out there.

  11. 2:07

    no need to stabilize that dude’s neck first or assess his injury at all.

    1. Think of it as “expediting martyrdom” and corpse retrieval instead…

  12. So ISIS is trolling Obama and the Pentagon again, and I’m sure Obama and the Pentagon will respond to the trolls like they always do.

    …’cause, you know, the war is never won until all the ISIS trolls stop trolling.


  13. So ISIS is finally updating that old Al Qaeda video? CNN and FOX will be very happy to have some new footage they can air for the next decade when ever somebody says “Terror!”

  14. The only way these murdering yahoos will pose any threat is if the US continues bombing various factions in the Middle East, to help ISIS keep recruiting.

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