ISIS Fighters Nearing Baghdad

Despite US-led anti-ISIS coalition efforts


Despite airstrikes from the U.S.-led coalition, Islamic State militants are in a position to wreak havoc on Baghdad after making gains in nearby territories, adding to the sense of siege in the Iraqi capital.

Yet some military experts believe that the terror group, who now control a large territory along the border of Iraq and Syria, won't be able to defeat the forces now massed around the capital.

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  1. Did anyone save a few skin cells from the Shiite-executed corpse of Saddam? Seems to me that some entire huge nation-wide conglomerations of assholes NEEEEEEEED a bigger asshole to keep them all in check… Some assholes just NEEEED a Saddam… When the cat’s away, the mouse will play at resurrecting tribal, ethnic, end religious spats! Bring back (clone) Saddam, and there will be FEWER suicide bombings, etc., among these that them there barbaric GOAT-FUCKERS over there, than BEFORE we (USA fuck-heads) meddled, and took out the cat, that was keeping these that them that even-more-barbaric-than-the-cat, goat-fucking BARBARIANS-mice, in check! “The enema of my enema” philosophy is going to see us ALL covered in shit and Shiites!!!

    1. Q: What do you call an Arabic or an Iranian terrorist clinging to the edge of a roof?

      A: A Shiite on a shingle!

      Q: Why do they call camels the “ships of the desert”?

      A: They are full of Iranian Sea-Men!

  2. Good God, the Iraqi male and that weak, sick culture are pathetic. Any half-assed street gang can go take the place over.

    But then again, the DNA in the US is changing and is on its way to the same thing.

  3. There are millions of Iraqi men. They were quite happy to shoot at US soldiers. If they can’t be fussed to fight against ISIL, I can’t be fussed to care about doing it for them.

    The sooner Baghdad falls, the sooner this farce will be over. As mad as the various chicken hawks are, an invasion is an altogether different task.

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