Nick Gillespie, Talking Smoking Bans in the Military on CNN's Smerconish


I'll be on CNN's Smerconish today, talking about possible bans on smoking in the military.

The show airs at 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. ET. More info here.

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  1. Yeah, that will work. Alcohol abuse and prescription drug use among the enlisted has been a major issue for quite a while now. They think a ban on ciggies is going to be obeyed? By issuing an order that you know won’t be followed, you undercut your authority.

    Nevermind that the military was one of the institutions that helped get a generation of smokers hooked.

    1. Yeah, that will work.

      They don’t care if it “works”. They don’t care if it addresses any numbers that Hagel pulls out of his ass. They just care about “sending a message”.

    2. I remember when every C-Ration meal had a pack of five cigarettes. High-value trade goods.

  2. Nobody’s allowed to smoke around anything flammable as it is, and that ought to be enough. I think our service members need some opportunity for a smoke break in their day, if we want them to serve as effectively as possible.

    1. Back in the 90’s, we had a server hard drive crash because of the tar buildup on the platters.

      1. I remember having time for a smoke whenever a computer rendered just about anything in those days.

  3. Bionic eye partially restores blind man’s sight – he can distinguish brightness from darkness…..ionic-eye/

  4. Snowden documentary, CitizenFour, indicts Obama and reveals a 2nd high level whistleblower.

  5. Army War College strips U.S. Senator of degree over plagiarism charges.

    And if you look at the *fourth* paragraph, you’ll see the Senator’s political affiliation. #namethatparty…..11782.html

    1. How does an individualistic place like Montana elect donkeys?

      Ted Turner??

  6. want to bet the officers will still smoke their good cigars,

  7. One great leap of progress we made in this latest patch of warmongering since 9/11 was that we didn’t have a draft. It seems to partially be a lesson we learned after Vietnam–I mean, Cheney, Rumsfeld and company didn’t resist the urge for conscription out of the warmness of their bitter hearts, that’s for sure.

    That totally awesome all volunteer army relies on…volunteers, and I don’t see how making military life unnecessarily less attractive to volunteers could be a good idea–if we want to avoid having the next draft.

    It’s rather telling, actually, if progressives get all hot and bothered thinking about what they can make captive audiences like prison populations, public school kids, and people in the military do. Maybe progressives would like to reinstitute conscription and get us all into the military, so they can order us around like that–for our own good.

  8. What in the hell are these clowns thinking?

    “O.K. We know you’ve been running dismounted patrols for 4 days, and now we’re going to stick you on a 48 hour guard shift. Oh, and you can’t smoke to stay awake.”

    Frickin’ idiots.

  9. This is right in there with the ban on tattoos and the berets-for-everyone fiasco.

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