Congrats, Luddites: Consensual Sex App Killed Off By Apple



It's already over for Good2Go, the iPhone app designed to promote consensual campus sex. Apple removed the app, which was developed by a third party, after determining that it violated official policy.

I gave the app a mildly favorable initial review. While I have no idea whether it would ever catch on or work as intended, I'm inclined to think that creative, entrepreneurial people are more likely to come up with innovative solutions to social problems than clumsy state legislators. I wrote:

Skeptics might say it's too weird to ask people to use an app before climbing into bed with them. But modern technology is already changing how people find romantic and sexual partners. Nowadays, people use apps like Grindr and Tindr to find sexual partners all the time. Why can't consent work the same way?

As it turns out, mine was just about the only remotely positive appraisal on the Web. Conservatives and liberals alike attacked Good2Go. Criticisms ranged: Some said the app would function as a way to "sign your own rape confession," others said the app would not help actual victims, and still others said it was too confusing or cumbersome to catch on. A major concern, highlighted by The Washington Post, was privacy:

When you use the trendy new consent app, Good2Go, you're theoretically practicing "affirmative consent": explicit, conscious agreement to sexual activity before it starts.

Incidentally, you're also telling a new mobile development company with no Internet footprint or track record to speak of (a) who you're sleeping with, (b) when you did it, and (c) how drunk or sober you were at the time.

Didn't realize you consented to that, did you?

To be clear: Those are all valid concerns, and it may be the case that Good2Go is unworkable due to some combination of the above.

But why did Apple yank it from the app store after already approving it? I spoke with Good2Go creator Lee Ann Allman, who said that Apple gave notice that the app violated company guidelines, which state "apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected." Apple didn't provide much explanation beyond that, although the company did explain that Good2Go wouldn't have qualified as "crude," leaving "excessively objectionable" as the only possibility.

Apple "suggested that we retool and try to re-submit under the education category," Allman told Reason.

Allman believes the negative reception from the media influenced Apple to shutdown Good2Go.

"I asked if they had heard from the public and they said yes," she said.

According to Allman, feedback was much more positive among actual college students than among journalists.

"The feedback that we've gotten from college students…I think there was some real interest," she said. "I received messages from people who had been very interested in using it."

Allman plans to redesign the app and re-release it next year. At a minimum, Good2Go will no longer store any information on the people who use it. This will render it less useful in the field, but Allman thinks colleges might be able to do something with it for educational purposes.

Apple is a private company, and it has every right to reject apps for any reason at all: good, bad, or arbitrary. Perhaps a consensual sex iPhone app is simply a bad idea. Perhaps it's a fine idea, but the practical hurdles are insurmountable.

I have no stake in the matter; if the app never works, oh well. But I can't help but wonder whether instinctive opposition to new vehicles for social interaction played a role in killing Good2Go. People laughed at the idea of using a phone app to find sexual partners before Tindr, Grindr, et al. The idea of making purchases over the internet was once suspect—how can I trust some faceless salesperson half a world away?—and then Amazon changed that. It may seem silly to whip out your phone when you want to have sex, but it once seemed silly to whip out your phone when you wanted to take a picture. Times change, folks.

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  1. Here’s what I don’t get. Gay men go to gay bathhouses to hook-up with other gay men and have sex while they are there.

    So why aren’t there any hetero bathhouses?

    1. Seriously?

      1. You wouldn’t go to a place where women were clearly there to get laid?

        1. You clearly know nothing about women.

        2. Women are the gatekeepers. There are no gatekeepers at a gay bathhouse.

          1. The portcullis is up and the drawbridge is down.

          2. So you’re saying Ghostbusters is some kind of extended metaphor for how heterosexuality will ultimately destroy humanity?

            1. Hugh really, really wants to be the Keymaster.

              1. I’ll cross streams with him.

                1. “It would be bad.”

            2. No, it’s a metaphor for how EPA bureaucrats will ultimately destroy humanity.

    2. Because patriarchy. No, seriously. That’s the argument.

      1. I’m not sure what to make of that. Women don’t want anonymous sex because of men?

        1. It’s because the slut shaming patriarchy.

          1. Never mind that slut shaming was and is traditionally done by women.

            1. I’m sure that is somehow the fault of men too.

    3. There are. You just have to pay the women.

    4. FKK clubs in Germany? You have to pay though.

  2. The developer can make a web app that doesn’t require App Store approval. There’s nothing special about this app that requires anything the web browser doesn’t provide. Users can bookmark web apps to their home screens and they can easily be built to feel like first class apps.

    1. This applies to at least half the apps ever made. Why not just used a website so you have a browser to update instead of 73 apps?

      1. Because apps, like fondle-screen technology, are trendy. Who cares whether it makes things easier for the end user?

        1. Fondle-screen?

  3. I gave the app a mildly favorable initial review. While I have no idea whether it would ever catch on or work as intended, I’m inclined to think that creative, entrepreneurial people are more likely to come up with innovative solutions to social problems than clumsy state legislators.

    The issue isn’t that innovators are better than legislators, it’s that consensual sex isn’t a social problem.

    1. The problem is that its very hard to prove rape absent any evidence of physical violence. The possible solutions are things that SJWs don’t want to hear.

      1. Personal responsibility.

      2. Dads with shotguns.

      1. I don’t trust dad’s with shotguns to determine what is acceptable consensual sex any more than college administrators or the DOE. Having daughters seems to break a lot of men’s brains.

        1. Teenage daughters can do that to you

    2. But just to be safe, you should record all of your sexual encounters on video.

      1. I’m married and these stories make me about 10% paranoid enough to do that

    3. yeah, its not like there weren’t 100 comments in the first post reminding Robby that the “problem” was documenting consent in order to comply with stupid fucking intrusive government regulations

      Apparently he missed the part where his ‘approval’ was considered fucking retarded, as it seemed to implicitly agree that there needed to be some ‘convenient and easy way’ to help the government police when people decide to bump uglies

      “As it turns out, mine was just about the only remotely positive appraisal on the web”


      Its possible that other people’s reasons for thinking the thing horrible were based in entirely different objections… but regardless: its hard to see WTF Robby still thinks is the merit of this particular concept.

      The main point would be that the app doesn’t actually ‘enable’ anything in the way “Tindr or Grindr” do.

      Those things help people find each other in the first place. They’re networking tools.

      This thing is just a technical tool which serves to ‘document’ what was otherwise called ‘human interaction’.

      because once you’ve convinced the boy/girl/trigendered-pyrofox-furry to come home to your crib? what’s the purpose of the App, again? oh, right = to ensure neither of you are later incidentally convicted of Rape for failing to document your interaction.

  4. When I need to make a moral judgement call, I ask my phone first.

    1. “OK Siri…is it alright for me to have sex with this chick? She’s kinda drunk.”

    2. What kids need these days is more reasons to rely on their phones.

  5. There seem to be some legitimate pitfalls with the app but I actually wonder if this was viewed by the current crop of California Victorian prudes that passed the campus consent legislation as a “short-circuit” of their intent. Intent of course being “place presumption of guilt on male based on nothing but accusation of sexual impropriety.”

    1. Could be; they may have been concerned that this app could potentially remove plausible deniability from the woman regarding her consent, and thus make it more difficult to railroad accused men.

    2. They should really stop fucking around and just classify hetsex as statutory rape (for the males). Much easier to prove and prosecute, fewer legal headaches.

    3. Epi hits it above;

      A lawyer walked into a boardroom at Apple and said, “But… Siri said it was OK to have sex with her!” and Apple bailed.

      1. As an inside counsel myself, I find this to be absolutely, totally and completely…believable.

      2. Epi NEVER hits it above! ba-dum-DUM!

  6. Its great that Apple did this. The problem is not that there needs to be an app to address a horrendous unworkable California law, its that California implemented a horrendous unworkable California law.

    Ooooh sorry about that when I say horrible unworkable California law I guess I’m being redundant with respect to all the laws in California.

  7. The real lesson here is not to buy closed computing systems.

  8. The meaningful result of this law = it speeds up the development of the fembot/sexbot by maybe 5-6 years.

    Cal Tech & Stanford brains + SoCal porn industry + silicon valley billionaires + 40% of the words best plastic surgeons + “all men rapist” mentality & legislation =

    California unleashes hot sexbot replicants before 2021

    How many years until feminists say female-looking machines must affirmatively consent or else it’s replicant rape?

    1. How many years until feminists say female-looking machines must affirmatively consent or else it’s replicant rape?

      *Turing’s grave catches fire from all the spinning.*

      1. Wrap him in copper wire and you got your clean energy right there!

    2. They will just lobby legislators to ban them so that women remain the sole arbiters of sexual availability.

      1. It’s just another form of market protectionism, after all…

    3. I suspect it’s already happened, so… -5? 😀

  9. So what if a guy and a girl are grinding on the dance floor and she starts kissing and groping his junk? Sexual assault, right? And if she leads by the hand into a bathroom stall for a bj, it’s rape, right?

    1. Go on…

    2. I’m not hearing a “No!”

      1. moff,

        In your hypothetical, it depends on how the guy looks. If he is ugly, then sure he is a rapist. If he’s attractive but does not call the next day, he is a rapist. If he does call the next day, but he is ugly, he is a stalker and a rapist. If he is attractive and homosexual, he is not a rapist but [crying] why oh why are all the good-looking single men gay?!?!!

        1. I think the question was whether the woman was guilty of rape.

          1. stop blaming the victim!

    3. “Here’s something you’ll never hear a guy say: Stop sucking my dick or I’ll call the police!”
      -George Carlin

      1. Was partying one night a few years back with some drinkers in the back of a mini van and I guess one of the ladies just wanted to suck my cock and somehow unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and started blowing me. She didn’t ask once. I even slightly recoiled due to just being surprised really.

        It was enjoyable but I was too drunk to cum so I gently pulled her off my cock, kissed her lips, and stuffed the junk back in the jeans on the way to the club. As an aside another girl was deep-throating the driver- how he was able to focus with all the blowing going on was something of a mystery to me.

        There is actually an after-story later that night that went pretty risque…

        No cops were called, no sexual assaults charged, times were enjoyed, life went on…

    4. No, it’s like statutory rape, it only goes one way. The progressive ideal is to treat women like adults when it comes to power, privilege, perks, and pay, but like children when it comes to responsibility or obligations.

      Consenting to sex confers responsibility for the outcome, so social justice dictates that women should be considered the legal equivalent of children for those purposes.

      1. Statutory rape seems to go both ways when the “rapist” is a teacher. Otherwise, yeah.

        What I want to know is why aren’t more women horribly offended at all of this shit? It really is treating them like stupid children. No means no. So just fucking say “no”.

        1. I went to high school with a guy who lived that Rod Stewart song, and she went to prison for it. He kept a clipping from the newspaper in his wallet to remember her by, and to show everyone of course.

            1. Such an incredible episode.


        2. Statutory rape seems to go both ways when the “rapist” is a teacher. Otherwise, yeah.

          No, it still only applies to the person legally considered an adult, which is what I was trying to say, however poorly.

          1. And if neither party is an adult (i.e. 14 year old has sex with a 12 year old), usually only the boy gets charged even though both kids are strictly liable for having sex with a minor.

            (Although I think I remember from my criminal law class that these laws were unconstitutional for precisely that reason.)

            1. Unless they sext, in which case both are toast for the rest of their lives.

        3. What I want to know is why aren’t more women horribly offended at all of this shit?

          Apparently, you don’t understand the degree of victimhood amongst (young) women#YesAllWomen#WarOnWomen

  10. This leaves the name “Good2Go” available for what it was intended for, rating public bathrooms. Eventually the original concept may be successfully realized with the name “Good2Cum”.

  11. Android.

    1. Gee, I can’t imagine a bunch of SJWs at Google dumping this from the Play store.

      1. But even if they do that average people can still install the app (just download and install it directly).

  12. I don’t think it was the Luddites. I think it was the Puritans.

  13. Rico….


    1. This reference was officially revoked the first time Robby issued his formal approval of “Internet Sex-Registration”

      he’s on probation until then. NO SUAVE FOR ANYONE

  14. So being on this app’s database is pre-consent to all sex? What if someone on the database actually is being raped? Could this be used against them?

    It’s amazing how good five years ago looked when we weren’t finding hairbrained solutions to some of the trumped-up new problems we have.

  15. I tried to use it the other day to tell the squeeze (who was in the next room), that I was thinking it might be time to engage in some adult consensual activities. I thought it would be silly.

    I thought I could get the app, then the app would send him a text (kind of like Waze does with navigation & ETAs), but no. Not that simple. He also has to have the app installed to get my sexy times green-light messages.

    So I just ended up yelling “It’s go time!” across the room.

  16. Four words: Duke men’s lacrosse team

  17. Not sure how this is “Luddites”? Prudes, perhaps. Or simply people who do not understand the new “legal” requirements for such an application in the great state of California?

  18. . . . think that creative, entrepreneurial people are more likely to come up with innovative solutions to social problems than clumsy state legislators.

    I think you mean ‘social problems *caused* by clumsy state legislatures’.

  19. It should be noted that these same “entrepreneurs” were out canvassing for some law in CA that would make consent super hard to determine unless you had really concrete evidence of it. Like what Good2Go would try and provide. Just a coincidence I’m sure.

    I have not pity for these people and their 2 bit app hack. Apple shut them down while they tried to get the gov on their side. Rookies. You’re supposed to get the government on your side before you launch and THEN put it in the app store. That way Apple is in a tough spot and you’ve got your captive customers. Amazing how bad at cronyism actual cronies are.

  20. As an older guy, I have a solution. Actually, a solution has been enforced upon me by the laws of human nature: I simply don’t try to get laid by 20 something women! Those of my (advanced) age group understand, that if they come home to my place, or if they invite me to go to their place, consent is not only implied, but REQUIRED!
    Also: God, sex in my 20’s was complicated and hard! (no pun intended). Becomes somewhat easier (again no pun intended) in my thirties, but now, in my forties, I must tell you: hallelujah!
    Yes, I am currently in mourning, so am not actively…um active.
    But before I met the Sainted Mrs. DenverJay, things were crazy! Women in their late 30’s/early 40’s are like guys when they are 17: constantly horny!
    So, all you young guys who can’t get laid, just go to an all male revue and hit up the cougars!
    Your welcome.

    1. Also, they (the cougars), will have more money than you, more experience in the sack than you, and generally will spoil you rotten. I wish somebody had told me this bit of wisdom when I was in my twenties, but, of course, that was back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and there was no world wide web of the internets to spread such inter-generational knowledge. Go, my young ones, go: find yourself a sexually knowledgeable, financially secure, Camero-driving MILF!

      1. I’ll lay odds someone did tell you, but you were in your 20s and didn’t listen.

  21. Because of the inevitable problems with “he said, she said” disputes in sexual matters, I think what’s needed is — before coitus (or whatever clearly defined variation) is attempted (first OR subsequent times) by unmarried partners — we need a WITNESS ON SITE to verify mutual consent. Such witnesses could be “on call” — perhaps pre-positioned in ambulances or fire stations.

    Of course, a drug and alcohol test would be mandatory, to ensure no diminished capacity by the parties to the contract. The actual consensual paperwork (properly witnessed by a notary) would be minimal, I’m sure.

    While the sexual stimulus doubtless would suffer, the economic stimulus of employing millions of such folks is undeniable. Just ask Paul Krugman!

  22. My apologies. I did not think my enhancement of this new law through. In order to comply with the California law, the government witness must do more than merely verify POINT-IN-TIME consent. Because the law mandates CONTINUOUS CONSENT, our intrepid public servant must remain onsite to verify same throughout the act.

    Now, some might object to having this diligent bureaucrat in the same room during the tryst, and I’ll compromise to accommodate such prudes. The government monitor can remain in the next room, with his ear to the door to listen for any change of thinking by either party.

    Wait. That’s less than reliable. And it does not treat mutes fairly. We need a video camera w/sound –transmitting the bedroom activity to a secure offsite location, where any uncertainties or reversals of thinking can be recorded and used later in a court of law.

    Given the crack security capabilities of government, I think that an ancillary benefit will come after these videos are hacked and go viral — finally we’ll kill off that repugnant porn business.

    See? For every problem there’s a pragmatic (government) solution.

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  24. Its great that Apple did this. The problem is not that there needs to be an app to address a horrendous unworkable California law, its that California implemented a horrendous unworkable California law.

  25. I think developer must get approval from Apple company.

    Voter ID
    Election commission of India

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