NYC Councilman Wants to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes, Since Everyone Knows They're Strictly for Kids



New York City Councilman Costa Constantinides (D-Queens) wants to ban flavored electronic cigarettes—for the children, of course. "These flavors are direct marketing to children," Constantinides told the New York Daily News. "They appeal to children, and we're taking them out of that market."

I doubt that Constantinides has any evidence, aside from his own intuition, to back up his claim that e-cigarette companies are targeting children. But one thing is clear: Whether or not they appeal to minors, the flavors that offend him appeal to adults who switch from smoking to vaping. In a survey conducted by E-Cigarette Forum last summer, three-quarters of adult vapers favored flavor categories other than tobacco, including fruit (31 percent), bakery/dessert (19 percent), and savory/spice (5 percent). Sales data from Palm Beach Vapors, a chain of 14 stores that sell vaping equipment and liquids to adults only, confirm that supposedly juvenile flavors are popular with adults. Last fiscal year, only two of the chain's top 19 sellers were tobacco flavors. They finished 18th and 19th, far below flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, and cinnamon.

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Two-thirds of the ex-smokers in the E-Cigarette Forum survey said nontobacco flavors were important in helping them quit. Survey data reported in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health last December likewise indicate that flavor variety is important in quitting. That study, which involved about 4,500 vapers, found that they tended to prefer tobacco-flavored fluid initially but later switched to other flavors. Most reported using more than one flavor on a daily basis and said the variety made the experience more interesting and enjoyable.

Critics like Constantinides and Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-Va.), guided by little more than their own idiosyncratic tastes, want to decree which flavors adult vapers may consume, even at the cost of deterring smokers from quitting. "Studies show that e-cigarettes, particularly flavored kinds, are effective at helping smokers move away from combustible cigarettes," says Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association. "The AVA supports common-sense regulation of its products, such as New York City's existing ban on [sales] to minors. But adults are free to make their own choices." For now.

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  1. We need to be much more up front in pointing out how politicians like this actively hate the children. They want to infantilize the population, teaching them to use feelings and demonization instead of logic, and make state-sanctioned bullying a virtue.

  2. That face…. it’s unsettling.

    1. It’s like a frog fucked a white Whoopi Goldberg.

      1. Which one did he inherit the pedo-smile from?

        1. Probably from the “it’s not like it was rape-rape” side

        2. The pedo-smile develops when adults become obsessed with saving children from mysterious bogeyman.

    2. backpfeifengesicht

  3. Yeah, can’t imagine why anyone except for kids would enjoy fruity and spicey. Must be a fucking bunch of flavor pedos out there, man.

    Reason, you’ve reached your allotted reporting on Dolts for the day. At some point this thing is going to reach critical mass and explode Dolt brains all over your respective seaboards. If only…

  4. My father-in-law loves the e-cigarettes. It’s what helped him endure the 8 hour flight to Hawaii to attend my wedding. People who say that they’re only popular with kids don’t know what they’re talking about.

    1. Meh, if he likes strawberry he’s a damn flavor pedo that wants to children die. Whacka-boom.

    2. Really? I would have expected airlines to ban them already, because it “looks like smoking”.

      1. Paint over the glowing end and who’s to know? Just don’t hold it like it’s a cigarette and I bet no one woudl notice.

      2. Some do, some don’t. The first ecig I ever saw was on a plane. However, I’ve heard “including e-cigs” inserted into some safety briefings.

      3. I don’t know about all airlines, but I know for a fact Southwest tells you it is prohibited. The thing is, if you go to the restroom, you can vape all day and it won’t set off the smoke alarms.

        1. Southwest seems to be working hard at changing its image from the cool airline to the asshole airline.

        2. A warning to fellow vapers / would-be vapers reading this: Be careful.

          The smoke alarms are particle detectors and if you blow a big cloud upwards, it can set it off. You won’t have a good time if that happens.

          If you take small puffs and slowly blow downward, you will likely be fine. Additionally, if your lungs are okay, you can discreetly vape at your seat by holding your breath for a few seconds upon inhale. Nothing will be released.

    3. My next door neighbor definitely hasn’t gone from multiple packs a day smoker to 6mg e-cigs in a year, and he definitely didn’t have a fruit flavor loaded up the last time I talked to him. Nope!

      Even more, my pulmonologist neighbor definitely didn’t have heaping praise for a device that, while imperfect, keeps combustion materials out of people’s lungs!

      1. I’ve got a cherry one right here.

  5. The “appeals to kids” thing is such a load of shit. For one thing, liking sweet fruity things is hardly something exclusive to children. And when I was a kid smoking cigarettes is was some shameful shit to smoke flavored cigarettes. Even menthol was highly suspect. Rednecks smoked Marlboros and stoners smoked Camels and that was that.

  6. “They appeal to children, and we’re taking them out of that market.

    If anything should be banned “for the children” it’s creepy grinning schmucks like him. Afterall, everyone knows that grins like the one plastered all over his mug are used by pedophiles to appeal to children…

  7. That’s a face that should be trying to unload that sweet, low mileage ’84 Lincoln on you.

    1. “This car was only used by a sweet old lady to drive to church on Sunday. Now, these bullet holes probably come from a rival denomination.”

  8. Wow, that’s not just a backpfeifengesicht, that’s the ?berbackpfeifengesicht

  9. The AVA supports common-sense regulation of its products, such as New York City’s existing ban on [sales] to minors.

    I wanted to like you, American Vaping Association, I really did.

  10. There needs to be a bureaucracy to put limits on bureaucracy.

    Also, this applies:

    Specifically the bit where she talks about the study in russia where they aksed people to choose between several flavours of soda, and thanks to communism the subjects ability to differentiate (let alone choose) was so stunted that they didn’t observe there was any difference or choice to be made between say coke and mt dew.

  11. The pictur of that councilman scum sucker is pure backpfeifengesicht.

  12. “They appeal to children, and we’re taking them out of that market.”

    Because of course if kids want to rebel and do something risky that will really tick off people like Constantinides, we would much rather they take up smoking than vaping.

  13. These liquids are clearly NOT marketed to children,judging from the pic in the article. This moron has no evidence to support his claim, but there is evidence against it. He’s just another overzealous what-about-the-children politician. Let adults be adults and stop treating us like children !! The e-cig flavors help adults quit, so LET THEM QUIT !!! This guy is an ignorant dumbass !

  14. I want to sponsor a bill to ban FAT ASSES like this guy from running for office! What message are we sending our children when we allow gross fat tubs of lard into public service. It’s telling children that it’s OK to be Gluttonous, Putrid, disgusting, unhealthy Fatso’s. I’m serious, someone like this guy disgusts me and makes me wanna VOMIT.

  15. It’s a straw man (straw boy?) argument. The truth is, these people simply can’t stand to see anyone enjoy any kind of drug, especially without suffering some sort of consequence. In a sense, vaping is their worst nightmare. But since they can’t attack that directly, they charge that your enjoyment harms innocent others.

  16. Electronic cigarettes should not be used by children because they can be harmful to their health. There are some regulations prohibiting the sales of these devices to children under age. Products from http://www.blucigs.co.uk are ideal for adults who are trying to quit from smoking.

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