Joe Biden

Biden's 'Un-Serious' Image Reinforced by Gaffe

Or maybe he's just an idiot.


Biden's gaffes are a long-running subplot in Washington at this point. And most of them are along the lines of his "bitch" comment or using outdated and/or offensive terminology like "shylocks" and "the Orient."

All of it, though, paints a picture of a guy who can be pretty careless with his words. Sometimes that carelessness seeps into much more serious issues. And few things are as serious as international diplomacy.

But while using offensive terms and even plagiarizing (which sank Biden's 1988 presidential campaign) are bad, alienating the countries the United States depends on for supporting its Middle East mission — something Turkey is still weighing — is quite another. And foreign policy is supposed to be Biden's strong suit.

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  1. OK…..I want to go on the record officially!


    He gives me pleasure in ways that “average” politicians just can’t manage!

  2. If there was ever a sane decision made by Obama, this must be it. It doesn’t matter if the Secret Service is in turmoil, making Biden VP is the cheapest and best insurance policy a President can ever buy.

  3. La la la, my Obot acquaintances can’t hear you! Only Teathuglicans say hurtful or stupid things.

  4. Hey every King needs a Court Jester, right?

  5. Dan Quayle: “Miss me yet?”

  6. The narrative is set. From comments:

    “I’m an unabashed liberal who votes D because of lack of choice in my very red state. I feel bad for Obama because I think he meant well going in, but just didn’t have what it takes to carry through, and in many cases couldn’t because of the wall the opposition erected from day one as they planned. And angry at him for some of his purposeful un-Constitutional actions. He’s been a disappointment to many of us. So much potential squandered.”

    There never was any potential to begin with.

  7. Come now, surely there’s a paper trail of votes, policies and actual, you know, ACTIONS, to hate Biden for, rather than “his use of outdated or supposedly offensive verbiage”??

    “Tight-sphinctered, Puritanical speech-policing does not become good when it also consumes my enemy.” ~some sharp guy

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