Obama Throws Intelligence Director James Clapper Under the Bus

President Obama is attributing the rise of ISIS to the intelligence community's failures in order to deflect criticism of his own incompetence.


Department of Defense

When President Obama attributed the rise in Iraq of the Islamic State, or ISIS, to the failures of the U.S. intelligence community earlier this week, naming and blaming directly National Intelligence Director Gen. James Clapper, he was attempting to deflect criticism of his own incompetence. He was discussing the fact that ISIS, right under his own and the general's noses, gained control of nearly half of the landmass of Iraq. This is the same Iraq that the United States supposedly liberated from the clutches of a dictator, strengthened as a regional military power, and fortified as the Middle East's newest democracy as a result of our invasion in 2003 and our subsequent 10-year occupation.

Many who supported the war then realize now that we were duped into it by a deceptive and shortsighted Bush administration that was looking to deflect blame for its intelligence failures of 9/11, for which, unlike the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor, not a single human being in the federal government has been charged with anything. But that is a topic for another day.

ISIS captured Fallujah and Ramadi, two major cities in Iraq, eight months ago. Surely the president knew about that when it happened. He receives an intelligence briefing every day; more often than not, he prefers a written briefing rather than one where he and his briefers can zero in on problem areas in a face-to-face conversation. Yet since the February takeover of the Iraqi equivalent of Chicago and Los Angeles, the president has told the American people that ISIS is junior varsity and he had no plans to address it, and he seemed not to care about it until ISIS went over his head, so to speak, and beheaded two innocent young Americans and posted grisly videos of their horrific murders on the Internet.

If the president now believes we should fight ISIS because it killed two Americans and boasted about it, he woefully misunderstands his job, which is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, not every American everywhere on the planet. If he is convinced ISIS poses an imminent threat to the freedom of Americans and the security of our country, it is hard to believe that these two murders alone brought him to that conclusion. Does he genuinely believe that 25,000 ill-equipped fanatics 10,000 miles from here, with no navy or air force, could possibly be a clear and present danger to the U.S.? And if he does, when and how did he come to that belief if his intelligence team failed him?

These questions are of profound relevance to the American people, because with each passing day, it appears that the president is more indifferent to the facts around him and less competent at pulling the levers of government. Yet he is sending American troops into harm's way on an ill-defined long-term mission without congressional authorization as the Constitution requires.

Here is where his condemnation of Clapper comes in. Clapper is the senior intelligence officer in the federal government. All of our civilian spies, domestic and foreign, indirectly report to him. His job is to steal and keep secrets within the boundaries of the Constitution, which he, like the president, has sworn to defend.

Yet Clapper and his spies are more intent on spying on the American people than on those foreigners who have publicly boasted—however unrealistic their boasts may be—that they will cause us harm. This is, after all, the same Clapper who committed crimes in order to insulate his domestic spies from lawful congressional inquiry when he denied under oath that the U.S. government was acquiring massive amounts of private data about hundreds of millions of Americans.

He made that denial to a Senate committee when he knew what his spies at the NSA were doing. When his lies became apparent, the Senate committee before which he perjured himself—and whose members knew that he was lying at the moment of his lies—gave him an opportunity to correct himself, and he declined to do so. For lying under oath and refusing to correct his statements, Obama should have fired him.

But the president overlooked his spymaster's public lies and went on television's most widely watched program this week and publicly accused Clapper of privately failing to inform the president of something the president must have known about: the ISIS advance on Iraqi population centers.

This war we are now entering is unlawful because we have invaded Syria without a congressional declaration of war and without a legal or moral basis for doing so. It is morally wrong because ISIS is an imminent threat to the U.S. only in the minds of the members of Congress who love war, not in reality. And it is blind to recent history because it will become a more superior recruitment tool for ISIS than our original invasion of Iraq was for al-Qaida. The only reason al-Qaida and ISIS exist in Iraq is as resistance to the American invasion and occupation, an invasion that has materially detracted from the liberty and safety of the U.S. and the stability of the region.

Yet, if Clapper and his spies so miserably failed to educate the president about a threat he now claims is real, why do they still have their jobs? They have their jobs because if the president fires them, they might freely speak the truth, and the truth is the president's enemy. They have their jobs because the president is so bad at performing his.

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  1. Yet again the buck stops ..... somewhere else.

    1. Exactly...the buck never got to the Oval Office.

      1. Cabinet members are like dogs in a house during a wrongly targeted DEA raid, gotta sacrifice something to save face. Shot the dog.

        1. except it seems the only Obama staffer to be forced to resign over a scandal was the one in charge of the secret service for letting a gut hop the fence and another armed felon share an elevator with the Great One. Seems the only people Obama would fire are the ones who affect his liberty or security. Screw the rest of us.

    2. The Buck? I though you said the Duck.


  2. Throwing others under the bus is one of Obama's major talents. If Clapper really is as incompetent and clueless as Obama says, why hasn't he been fired?

    1. A defense ring of scapegoats is only as good as its ablative ability. Clapper can take a few more hits before he has to go.

      1. That's a funny visual.

      2. indeed, a human sacrifical anode. aint sicience wunderfull?

        1. Every highly-placed lying bastard needs one!

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            Most of those "highly-placed lying bastards" will be laughing all the way to their banks, and enjoying all of their perks, while you are still blasting them with all of your worthless posts on this site. In fact, I doubt whether any of those "lying bastards" even read anything on this site, much less anything you post on it.

            Have a great weekend, you low grade peasant piss ant.

            1. You admire government bureaucrats, you regard them as a heroic ideal--as you have been trained to do, by the left, since you first set foot in a government skool.

              What a pathetic creature, you could have been a man. You still have a choice.

              1. ..."you could have been a man. You still have a choice."

                I don't think so. Turdhood adopted in so meaningful a manner is hard to shed.
                Road guy was either born a turd or has practiced long years to reach such a state.

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                  Considering the severity of level of doucheness of this 'man', he will have to do the deed with a spoon in order to salvage the situation.

            2. Interesting. He (road) doesn't deny they're lying shitheads. He then responds that they are making bank, getting perks, and ignoring opinions of people who criticize them.

              The last line was mistyped it should have read . . . "your low-grade peasant piss ant." but he must have been consumed by passion.

              Go team socialist!

    2. Two reasons:

      1) He's a loyal scapegoat.
      2) As Napolitano says, if he's fired, he might talk.

  3. There's the'e could have stopped 9-11 if they just paid attention.'I just don't believe that.Sounds like criminal profiling and that is B.S for the most part.Sure,there were small s 'crumbs' of information ,but that doesn't mean it was preventable.You see this attitude with ever 'mass shooting'.Someone should have known.These are rare events and this is still a [some what] free country and you cannot track every one every where.Bad things will and do happen.The only thing for sure is pols and interest groups will take advantage of rare events for their own self intrest

    1. Can you try that again with coherent sentences and punctuation? I have no idea what you just said.

      1. Thanks, I thought it was just me.

        1. I.don't.know, looks fine.to me.

      2. I think he even mispelled his handle.

  4. I'm amazed that the aricle only has three question marks!

    1. Yeah, I could have replied four minutes faster, too, if I had been more succinct Mr. Ted "You can comment faster if you don't check your speeling" S.

  5. Ah, President Notmyfault again demonstrates true leadership.

  6. Is Napolitano blaming Obama for the failure? Does he think Obama himself should have known or does he think Obama should have chosen better advisors? Does looking back and finding someone to blame help us in looking forward and finding a solution? Would a President McCain or a President Romney done a better job? Is Napolitano suggesting that doing nothing is better than doing any something or just a particular something? Does he have constructive criticism to offer or is he just armchair quarterbacking the president? And, most importantly, did Napolitano use up all of his question marks in last weeks column or did his editor ban him from ever again using question marks?

    1. Yes.
      Yes, and maybe less than nothing, i.e., getting our noses out of that stuff.
      Who the fuck knows.

      No question marks.

    2. Jerryskids,

      I don't know know long you have been posting on this site. However, it does not take long to see from most of the articles and comments that the site is just another anti-Obama bashing web. Whatever Obama does is wrong. The man can do no right (no pun intended). Of course the articles are well written, although the people responding to them don't seem to be very bright.

      I'm sure if Rand Paul were elected President, that this Libertarian Hero could do no wrong. Libertarians would deny this until they turned BLUE in the face (ha!). However, I believe they would defend Rand Paul even if he did the same things as Obama does, although Libertarians would froth at the mouth and tell you that would never be possible.

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            Let's have a contest to see who can be the most hateful and abusive. What do you say? Come on. Be a sport.

        2. WTF,

          So what do you plan to do about it?

          1. Such a tough guy for a liar.

            1. SugarFree,

              Great follow-up to your previous response. Keep up the good work.

              1. its not really abusive, its entertaining to feed the trolls

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      3. Ok. Know that you got that off your chest, what about the substance of the article? Does the CAC hold any responsibility for the ineptitude of the intelligence agencies under his authority, or are you saying the job has become too big for any single person to handle?

        I ascribe to the latter. I've came to the conclusion that the power and scope of the presidency is unmanageable and should be split into two, POTUS/PM style.

        1. or we could go with the tweedledee & tweedledumb model...

          1. Hey, I'm all about dispersing power, even if it adds to public sector employment.

            I rather like this idea as well.


        2. IDK. Obama did push very hard for us to commit forces to support the rebels in Syria against Assad last year as we did in Libya. Back then, there were many articles revealing the Al Qaeda links to the rebels in those countries, so its hard to claim ignorance, especially if your the president and you have daily intelligence meetings and an incentive to pay attention to the press. If he had his way, ISIS would be in control of all of Syria and it'd chemical weapons now, rather than just the weapons and money he gave them back when he thought they wanted democracy. He has a habit of throwing in support to people he knows little about. He's incompetent. Plain and simple.

          1. Oh, I agree. Anyone with a modicum of common sense and resolve would have handled the situation, outside the scope of testing the political winds for short term advantage, differently. I'm not making apologies for the man.

            I'm just saying that in the grand scheme of things, too much power, responsibility, criticism and praise has been attached to the office. It has become a de facto elected Imperial Presidency.

            I think we would all be better off at this point splitting up the responsibilities and authority of the executive branch.

      4. Rand Paul is a republican not a libertarian, this is why no one takes you seriously

        1. Vic Rattlesnake,

          Yes Vic, you are correct that Paul is a Republican. However, it seems that a lot of Libertarians like him, because they believe that he has some Libertarian ideas. Is that correct or not? I am eagerly awaiting your response.

          1. im sure that they do, I am an Anarchist who sees libertarianism as the closest solution to my problem, so no Paul is not sufficiently libertarian to me, i believe they are nominating Johnson again whom is a libertarian and has real solutions on how to fix our country- thats why they (Illegally) excluded him from the debates.
            the 2 headed Obamney donkeyphant would have lost miserably because you cant argue with they guys stances on anything unless you think that the government has been doing a great job and statism is all the rage

            1. VicRattlesnake

              Your response is difficult to read. I suggest some tutoring in remedial English Composition. Good luck.

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                  1. Cuz i'm the anomaly, i believe in no government or governance by man, Road is one who has state as religion and cannot conceive a world without government other than chaos any more than a devout christian can believe in a universe without god.
                    Zealots are amusing

                    1. VicShit,

                      What you believe in, and what the reality is, are two different things. Your type will always be governed.

                      Have a nice weekend, you fucking retard. If I remember correctly, I think you are the fucked up veteran who can't stand authority anymore. In any event, undereducated slugs like you will ALWAYS be governed! You can count on it.

                      Adios, you fucking fool.

                    2. You're only governed if you accept governance without the application of force.
                      Sure you can call yourself king, sit on a throne and issue edicts to the masses, but unless you have mind control powers you will never govern them all. every society has free men who believe in self-determination.

                2. well it wouldn't be fun to post here without the proggies, it would be a big Libertarian circle jerk.

                3. J PISS Rate (alias Johnny Fuckerfaster)

                  I will pick up indeed, but ONLY after you shove that cucumber I sent you up your ass hole.

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              Along with all the rest of them.
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              3. Sevo -- that's an insult to shit-ridden shoes everywhere.

                1. I'm more interested in how many "have a great weekend"'s he can crank out.

      5. . . . the site is just another anti-Obama bashing web. Whatever Obama does is wrong. The man can do no right (no pun intended).

        So, uh, what has he done right?

        1. Agammamon,

          Good point. What would you do if you were President? I'm sure you must have a plan on how to save the country. You do have a plan/agenda, don't you? I mean, just on the off chance that you might get nominated, and elected. Keep me posted (no pun intended).
          Have a great weekend.

          1. Were you going to answer Ag's question or just dissemble?

          2. My one step solution-
            Abolish Government.

            1. VicShit,

              Government will abolish you first, unless you kill yourself, so government can mark your file DSAF - Did Society A Favor. Take care, ass wipe.

              1. Most likely, but then i get to be a super cool martyr

          3. You do have a plan/agenda, don't you?

            Prior planning/agenda is part, if not the entirety, of the problem. This is true, IMO, back as far as Carter, maybe even Truman, Obama is just the current iteration.

            Obamacare was the plan, closing Gitmo was the plan, getting troops out of Iraq was the plan (keeping them out was apparently a presumption), bailing out banks and carmakers to turn the economy around in short order was the plan, running the most transparent administration in history was the plan...

            Requesting others to have a plan before they criticize the current TOP MAN presumes that the problem lies in the critic and/or the TOP MAN and not with scheming power-seekers in general. More TOP MEN with more plans is the problem, not the solution.

            1. No EDIT BUTTON!

              My brain read 'Roosevelt' but my hands typed 'Truman'.

    3. Is Napolitano blaming Obama for the failure?

      Obama is the president, so yes.

      Does he think Obama himself should have known

      Considering that the president only attends half of the daily intel briefings, I would think that anyone who does his or her job properly would have known.

      or does he think Obama should have chosen better advisors?

      I don't dislike the president for anything more than surrounding himself with complete morons. While I do dislike his policies and approach to the office of president, he could have better people around him to ease his workload.

      Does looking back and finding someone to blame help us in looking forward and finding a solution?

      This is all the president does. React (vice pro-act), deflect, obfuscate, and blame.

      Would a President McCain or a President Romney done a better job?

      I would think those two would at least show up to the briefings, so possibly.

      1. Nope, Romcainbama would have acted the same script out, without missing a step except there would have been outrage cuz they are both "whitey"

        1. It depends upon what is meant by "better job".

          If it means "not sucking as much", then maybe either whitey could be better. If it means "continuing the douchitude", then likely either whitey would succeed.

          We're screwed either way, with the dipshit we have and the dipshit we could have had

        2. VicNumbnuts,

          Great English Composition.

          1. Here we go. =)

          2. Road to Mandingo-
            Thankzzz i tries realluh hard i promiz but itz hard fer us to get edukatin out in da woodz cuz of the illegalz shootin the jobz and blaks livn off teh systum

            1. VicPuke,

              Remember that "Mandingo" had three testicles, which is probably three more than you have.

              1. no just 2 more, lost the other to testicular torsion when my intestines broke through into my scrotum due to a hernia.
                it totally looked like i had 3 balls though

      2. The funny thing was everyone made fun of romney for his statements about foreign policy during the campaign and he was more accurate than anyone.

        1. I really don't like Romney, but at least he had the instincts to call out Islamic Extremists when he was them. I doubt he'd be giving them weapons, money, and training the way Obama has in the name of spreading democracy (wasn't that a Bush idea?).

  7. "The only reason al-Qaida and ISIS exist in Iraq is as resistance to the American invasion and occupation..."

    What if the last American troops left Iraq in December of 2011 and ISIS was killing Iraqi civilians, and not American invaders?

    What if ISIS' goal was to establish an Islamic state in the Sunni-majority regions of Iraq, regardless of whether or not there were American "occupiers" in Iraq?

    What if the American invasion of Iraq and subsequent overthrow of a violent dictator was actually just the opportunity for for ISIS to form and grow, and not the actual REASON it came into existence?

    What if we didn't intervene in ISIS' takeover of Iraq, and they established a State with billions in oil revenue and a goal of establishing a global islamic caliphate using terrorism and mass-murder of civilians to accomplish that goal?

    1. Anon E. Mouse,

      Your comments are well thought out. All of your question marks aside, what would you do if you were President? Thank you.

      1. 1.Cut all foreign aid (no exemptions)
        2.Pull all our troops back to our shores
        3.Leave the UN
        4.Make the new foreign policy "scorched earth" if you or anyone from your country fucks with us or any of ours expect the full force of our military to crush your country into dust and never give you a cent to put any of it back together
        5.End the war on drugs, terrorism, and all other ideas that have no corporeal entity to defeat.
        6.Malicious and thorough prosecution for anyone who tries to deprive any citizens of any amendment in the bill of right
        7.Abolition of the federal bureaucracies of alphabet soup
        8. prosper in a new golden age of man leaving the rest of the world to their dark ages until we emerge so technologically superior we seem like magic users to the rest of the world.

        1. Vic,

          Great post. What militia are you with? Can I join up? Please let me join up! What kind of uniforms do you have? Do you have ranks? Do you drill at least twice a week? What about the salute? I need an update on this.

          1. No militias bud, its all about living freely and not conscripting our children to more multi-generational war, debts, and "laws" that they didn't get to decide on.
            just sayin as supreme overlord its what i would do

            1. VicShit,

              Just thinK. You could organize your own antigovernment militia, and fill it with morons like yourself.

              1. If i were to do that, i would be a moron

                or i can live in the woods off the land, and invite those who wish to do the same to join me in peaceful assembly... oh wait i already do that 🙂

              2. Oh I see, you're that 72 year old fuck that does the long form emotes and acts morally superior over curse words. That's why you keep coming back after saying you're done... nothing better to do.

                1. This is why I can't stand HuffPo and Salon, it produces these half cognizant psuedo intellectual snobs, that word vomit the same tired shit over and over and over and over

      2. I would have never pulled our troops out of Iraq in the first place. Doing so was a serious mistake. This is simply a continuation of OIF. Once we decided to invade Iraq and "liberate" them from a violent dictator, we should have had the will to accomplish the mission, regardless of public opinion and politics. We broke it, and we should have stayed until it was fixed. Everyone who was ever there knew that the day we pulled out, would be the day that things fell apart, and that we'd be back. The job simply wasn't finished.

        As to what I would do now: Islam is an existential threat to freedom and democracy everywhere. Islam and the West need to have an understanding. That understanding needs to be that if you fuck with us, we will annihilate you. We will kill you, your wives, your children, and leave your holy sites as radioactive wastelands for the next quarter-billion years. To further this "understanding", we need to mount a D-Day type invasion of Iraq, sweeping from one end of the country to the other, killing every insurgent along the way. We need to make it clear that anyone or any nation that supports the insurgency, will be bombed into oblivion. The clash between islam and the West is inevitable. We might as well get it over with.

        1. Iraq was stable when Bush left office. The problem is we destabilized Syria, and the civil war there spilled over back into Iraq, which we had left with a weak government.

          Iraq *might* have remained stable had Syria's government not been destabilized.

          1. Yes, Iraq was relatively stable when Bush left office, but only because we still had significant forces there. Regardless of whether or not Syria was destabilized, Iraq was still going to fall apart.

            1. I was there as a combat advisor in 2009. Wasted 6 months of my life doing pretty much nothing and i was one of the few groups of Marines left that were allowed to leave the FOB. We left late if you ask me. ISIS isn't a problem because we left, it's a problem because Obama gave them weapons, money, and training when he thought they wanted democracy in Syria. Iraq needs a dictator to hold it together. Saddam needed special troops to shoot his own troops if they retreated. With the cultures there, it's either democracy or diversity. pick one. I'd just add that right now, our enemies are all killing each other. If ISIS comes out on top and creates an islamic state with rich oil wealth, well, we can deal with them. We are very good at destroying nation states. fighting insurgents is another matter.

        2. i dont think its inevitable, we just need to stay the hell out of it and let the warlords kill one another off. remember how badly we pounded the Fascists into dust in just 3 years. its easier to fight an enemy with defined boarders so let them establish their turf if they get rowdy we just pummel them into dust again. its not like they have advanced weapons or anything worthy of our notice or fear

          1. VicShithead,

            You English Composition skills are lacking. Can I recommend a tutor?

            1. only if you can tellz me whut needz korreckting

              1. He probably makes himself giggle every time he writes those half wit insults.

        3. As to what I would do now: Islam is an existential threat to freedom and democracy everywhere.

          The problem with people like you is that deep down, you believe that liberty, free trade, and free markets don't work, and that we need to become fascists ourselves in order to fight fascists (Islam really is little different from fascism). Thanks, but no thanks.

          That understanding needs to be that if you fuck with us, we will annihilate you. We will kill you, your wives, your children, and leave your holy sites as radioactive wastelands for the next quarter-billion years. To further this "understanding", we need to mount a D-Day type invasion of Iraq,

          Because nothing conveys the intention of dropping a nuclear bomb on someone than putting tens of thousands of Americans where we would drop the bomb. Really, with idiotic thinking like that, it's no wonder that we keep getting screwed.

          The clash between islam and the West is inevitable. We might as well get it over with.

          See, there is another one of your problems: you assume that there is something called "The West". Islam has been clashing with the regimes of Europe for centuries; we only got dragged into that because we aligned with them. This illusion of "The West" has been the cause of pretty much every major conflict that we've gotten dragged into since WWII.

          1. "The problem with people like you is that deep down, you believe that liberty, free trade, and free markets don't work, and that we need to become fascists ourselves in order to fight fascists."

            Fuck you. Don't tell me what I believe. I've actually signed part of my life away for the concept of "liberty, free trade, and free markets".

            BTW dumb-ass, Masjid al-Haram and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi aren't in Iraq, so fuck you and your "idiotic thinking".

            1. Anus Mouse,

              Go get em! Give them a piece of your mind. Nice posting with you, ace.

            2. Fuck you. Don't tell me what I believe.

              I'm not telling you, you told us; I'm merely observing.

              I've actually signed part of my life away for the concept of "liberty, free trade, and free markets".

              Is that a reference to military service? Are you kidding?

      3. Nope This must be it's last post.

        1. JPyrate,

          I realize now that the reason you keep saying this about my so called "last post" is because you are obsessed with this issue. See your doctor immediately.

          1. Last post ?

            1. For realz this time.

              1. "For realz this time."

                Like this:
                "Jahi McMath's family wants her declared 'alive again'"

                Long past dead, but someone still claims sentience.

                1. OTRTM's comments do have all the characteristics of repetitive, meaningless susurration. It's like a textual ventilator.

                  1. Catatafish,

                    Would a "textual ventilator" be a good way to describe your ass hole?

                    1. Coincidentally, every time I fart your words DO appear on the screen...

    2. The opportunity was Syria, not Iraq.

      Al Qaeda is Iraq was finished when Bush left office.

      What happened was that Obama helped destabilize the Syrian regime, and then allowed a civil war to drag on inconclusively there for three years. All while intelligence was telling him that Islamist militants were involved and were in fact a growing percentage of the opposition, and even more effecitve fighters than the "moderates".
      There were warnings in public newspapers more than a year ago that the civil war in Syria was destabilizing Iraq and that fighters were flowing from Syria back into Iraq.

      1. Most of the ISIS leadership and fighters came from Iraq. Had they not gone into Syria, they would still have fought in Iraq. They don't give two fucks about borders, or Syria, or Iraq; they're just looking for the easiest place to get their jihad on.

        1. This may be true, but they wouldn't have gotten American support had they not aligned themselves with the FSA, therefore, they wouldn't be strong enough now to threaten Iraq. Otherwise, they'd have taken over large sections of Iraq long ago.

      2. "There were warnings in public newspapers more than a year ago"

        Actually, there were reports out Syria that it was destabilizing several years ago.

        And the USG supported this destabilization in its activities prior to "Arab Spring".

        The fact is that Obama and Clinton took the disaster of US foreign policy in the Middle East, and made it far worse at least from the perspective of people of good will. Who knows what their real objectives were? The current situation may approximate what they actually intended.

        1. Exactly. Everyone knew the rebels were islamic extremists. Obama went ahead and gave them weapons, money, training, and even military support anyways.

    3. What if we didn't intervene in ISIS' takeover of Iraq, and they established a State with billions in oil revenue and a goal of establishing a global islamic caliphate using terrorism and mass-murder of civilians to accomplish that goal?

      So you believe that a bunch of war mongering, corrupt Islamo-fascists who favor government indoctrination, outlawing interest, and government direction of the economy pose a serious threat to us?

      We need to do nothing about ISIS. Most of those billions in oil revenue would simply disappear in the private Swiss bank accounts of the "Islamic" politicians and "clerics". And they wouldn't attack us as long as we send them iPhones and occasionally do organ transplants and cancer treatments for their fat leaders. They also realize that they wouldn't be getting "billions in oil revenues" if they attack the people buying their oil, or that all those US dollars wouldn't be doing them much good if they cause the dollar to collapse. Their own corruption, greed, and incompetence is a much more serious threat to ISIS than any boots we can put on their ground.

      The trouble with people like you is that you secretly believe that fascism and war mongering actually works, and that's why you want to transform our nation into something that's more like theirs.

      1. The trouble with people like you, is that you actually believe that if we just "leave them alone", they'll stop their campaign of terrorism and mass-murder of civilians at an imaginary line on a map. When an organized and well-financed group of fanatics tell you that they're coming to kill you, preemptive warfare against them is neither "fascism", nor is it "warmongering".

        1. When an organized and well-financed group of fanatics tell you that they're coming to kill you, preemptive warfare against them is neither "fascism", nor is it "warmongering".

          So, Obama is organized and well-financed and has some of the smartest people around and he can't even produce a working health care site. But you believe that a bunch of semi-literate religious fundamentalists led by corrupt, deviant clerics represent a serious threat to us? You need to have your head examined.

          If they get very lucky, Islamic fundamentalists might get lucky and kill an average of a few hundred Americans per year, a drop in the bucket compared to preventable deaths and even murders in the US.

          1. "If they get very lucky, Islamic fundamentalists might get lucky and kill an average of a few hundred Americans per year, a drop in the bucket compared to preventable deaths and even murders in the US."

            The difference is that when Clem dies in a drunken car wreck, or Dayshaune shoots his fellow gang-bangers, there are few repercussions outside those immediately affected.

            When 45 people die in a Mall bombing, and 250 people die in a blown up airplane, there are "intangibles" that come into play.

            People don't stop shopping and flying and sending their kids to school when Billy Bob dies of lung cancer. They do when shit starts blowing up in random places across the country.

          2. BTW, Obama is a fucking community organizer with a narcissistic personality disorder. If Obama, Steven Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison were all in the same room, Obama would still think he's the smartest person in the room. There's no point in having "the smartest people around" if you're not going to listen to them.

      2. BTW, we'd transform our nation into "something that's more like theirs", if we threw up our hands and surrendered without a fight every time we faced a threat that required we actually do something dangerous.

        1. surrendered without a fight every time we faced a threat

          Uh, what threat?

          Get back to us when ISIS actually poses a threat to US citizens that aren't in a foreign warzone chickenhawk.

          1. If you think that well-financed radical fundamentalist islamic jihadists that have publicly threatened to attack the US are NOT a threat, you're a fucking idiot.

      3. If this was another Saddam or Assad I'd largely be on board with you but I think the major flaw in your argument is that it depends upon a (semi) rational actor. Fundamentalist Islam is a death cult. If your worldview is controlled by the literal words of a warmonger that commanded the creation of a global theocratic caliphate and you see death as a "reward" in this divine order, you MIGHT not respond to the pressures you describe.

        Mutually Assured Destruction only worked because Kruschev et al didn't feel like dying.

        1. The cool thing about actually killing your enemy is that no matter what their beliefs, they're no longer a threat.

  8. Needs moar questions?

    1. No! Nooooooo! We want to wean him off of the use of unanswered questions in article composition.

      1. What if he still wrote unreadable articles comprised of nothing but questions again?

        1. VicPuddinghead,

          Cheer up, and get down to the trailer court circle jerk as soon as possible.

          1. I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that. What's a "trailer court"? Is that something from your neck of the woods?

            1. Either he thinks I'm a Sovereign Citizen (whom have been known to use their own court systems), or I'm giving him too much credit and hes just calling me trailer trash in an unnecessarily long way

              1. VicFuck,

                O.K. you win! You are a Sovereign Citizen who lives in a cardboard box and works two jobs as a garbage collector and a brothel attendant. Does that make you happy?

                1. yes it makes me very happy, are you happy mandingo?

            2. MarkFart,

              No! It's where VicRattlesnake lives with his hooker girlfriend. Neither you or VicShit could afford my neighborhood.

              Enjoy your weekend, shit for brains.

              1. I cant afford a ritzy place like the trailer park!!!! i live in a van down by the river- we sell used condoms and boiled needles

              2. "Neither you or VicShit could afford my neighborhood."

                Empathy for the poor! You saw it here folks.

  9. "They have their jobs because if the president fires them, they might freely speak the truth, and the truth is the president's enemy. They have their jobs because the president is so bad at performing his."

    That tells it all.

    1. As UCS noted above, they are ablative scandal armor.

  10. The man threw his grandmother under the bus during his first run for office.

    Why is anyone surprised that he would do the same to a political appointee whom works for him.

  11. Sometimes when the judge indulges in a question mark orgy I pretend he has the same breathy, lilting voice of the vapid hipster girl across the street who ends all statements with(?) regardless if it's question or not: That's so coOL? I have a red caR?....

    1. Dood like the govmint is soooo totally bad amirite? like srsly fir-eal so corrupt to the max?
      yeah i think i getcha there

      1. VicThunderhead,

        Great post. What are you on?

        1. Bottled tears of orphans forced to work in my coal mine

          1. VicShitHead,

            Life is tough all around isn't it?

            1. You have no idea mandingo, I had to wake up at the crack of noon and deal with those greedy little bastards "im hungry", "i need sleep", "my brother got killed in the collapse in sector 12"
              Bitches dont know, i gotta keep muh Whip hand strong

  12. This is indeed why we always roll with the punches.


  13. The ignored the threat because it didn't fit the narrative.

    They desperately wanted to believe that the war in Iraq was over, and the Arab Spring was spreading democracy and peace. It's all part of their ideological belief that America's support for Arab dictators was to blame for Arab anti-Americanism. So get rid of the dictators and Islamism will die and the Arabs will become democratic and more pro-Western.

    In order to acknowledge the growing power of ISIS, they would be forced to admit that their new middle-eastern strategy of withdrawing American troops and withdrawing support for authoritarian regimes did not work. They would have to admit that things were getting worse not better and than the threat was growing not declining.

    More fundamentally, they would have been forced to admit that maybe American's support for authoritarian governments was NOT the root cause of Islamist anger.

    1. Unfortunately, you are as wrong as they are, because you seem to assume that "working" is a feasible and desirable goal in the Middle East.

      And while American support for authoritarian governments is not the root cause of Islamist anger, our involvement in the region sure makes us a big fat target.

      The Middle East isn't our business. There is nothing we can do to fix it. There is no benefit for us to get involved in it or support anybody in that region. We should stop throwing money at it and withdraw.

      Obama's failure wasn't the withdrawal, it was his arrogant expectation that he could accomplish what neither Bush nor any of the previous presidents managed to accomplish.

      1. +1 reading between the lies

      2. Oh believe me I am not supporting Oabama's war against ISIS.

        I believe what we should do is completely stop supporting the Syrian opposition and let Russia step in and help the Assad regime regain control.

        Let Assad turn Raqqa into a parking lot.
        Resume our usual relationship with the Egyptian government. And support whatevergovernment comes to power in Lybia, as long as it's not composed of Islamic nutjobs.

    2. This is what happens when a community organizer takes over foreign policy.

      Assured of the superiority of his own worldview, Obama surrounded himself with sycophants and dismissed any reported fact that contradicted his worldview. That's why he preferred written intelligence briefs to face-to-face meetings: it's much easier for a community organizer to simply ignore an inconvenient written fact than it is to dismiss a serious expert reporting that fact face-to-face.

  14. And he richly deserves it. The only thing that's unfortunate about it is that (1) he isn't being thrown under the bus for the right reasons (scapegoat for Obama's incompetence rather than his lies and deceptions), and (2) the punishment isn't harsh enough.

    1. Yeah didnt he commit high treason under the US code as far as denying citizens constitutional rights?

      1. VicDimwit,

        Did he? Why don't you answer your own question, you moron.

        1. Yes he presided over the NSA which violated 18 U.S. Code ? 241 - Conspiracy against rights

          1. poke poke* hey Mandingo you still playin?

            1. VicRectum,

              I am, and don't forget that "Mandingo" has three testicles, which is always three more than you have.

              Keep guessing, ass hole.

              1. so no rebuttal to my comment?

  15. a confederacy of idiots, a parliment of whores and a confluence of fuckweasels...have I missed anyone?

  16. Fuckweasels? That would describe most of the posters on this web. Love it.

    1. but how would you describe a fuck weasel

      1. VicShit,

        It would certainly describe you.

        1. So its a compliment then.

    2. sorry sparky but you're right in the mix here. panties are way too bunched up on this thread...

    3. I would define the saddest troll on this site as one who swears they are leaving, only to immediately return. They also have the most limited repertoire of insults, constantly repeating the same tired ones. And lastly, that troll would never have anything witty to say.
      Mandalay, who do you think fits this description?

      (I'll bet you screw this one up, you seem like the type who'd fuck up a cup of coffee)

      1. triciops,

        Hi there Fucknose. I'm doing the best I can to expand my "repertoire of insults".

        Define "troll" for me. Take care, scrotum brain.

  17. The problem is not that this type of incompetence, blame-game-ing, and hypocrisy goes on -because it is inevitable - it's that we, the people, accept it or do not recognize it for what it is and take immediate effective action to remove it. We do not send the signal that bad behavior in office will have consequences. We do not uphold our end of the deal, as a part of society, to ensure good political/national results.

    We are never going to have spy chiefs, presidents, or any other political leaders (outside of George Washington, perhaps) who will voluntarily do the right/honest/moral/responsible thing when there are such high personal stakes. We have to demand certain behavior, and excise the bad actors who don't meet the standard, or else we are implicitly condoning the behavior. Period.

    I'm tired of people complaining about this person lied, that person abused power, and what they didn't do - if we don't like it, let's DO SOMETHING TO MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS, not just hope the next person is better (spoiler: s/he won't be).

  18. The USG's consistent record of failure has been due to lack of good intelligence.

    The fault really lies with the voters since they select dimwitted politicians who engage in ridiculous fantasies.

    Bush actually thought he could construct a Muslim version of liberal democracy in Iraq. When critics argued that the absurdity of this incoherent fantasy, the neo-cons argued that liberal democracy is a universal value, and proceeded to accuse critics of racism. Obama actually thought he could make Islam a religion of peace, and that he could use Hope'n'Change and the vacuous rhetoric of a community organizer to improve US foreign relations with Wahhabis and radical Shi'ites.

    The fact is that both Bush and Obama are abject failures in their stated objectives for the Middle East. Unless they actually held secret and truly evil objectives, their failures are due to a severe lack of intelligence in American leadership and the American electorate.

  19. James clapper should be on trial with the rest of the congress critters chipping away at the BOR, violating 18 U.S. Code ? 241 - Conspiracy against rights.
    Honestly i think they refrain from it because they would have to jail almost every single elected official for the past 20 years

  20. Senate hearings are a farce. The Senate and House are just as corrupt as the Executive branch.

  21. Wait, what? Why isn't BOOOOSH to blame here?

    Fuck, he's really desperate now. We're all in trouble.

  22. It's been absolutely hilarious posting with all of you people. I hope all of you have great weekends. Keep guessing about my last post. Ha!

    1. Is it this one? Don't go yet! theres so much moar trollin to be had

      1. Pretty sure we could just copy and paste:
        "SHIT, PISS, FUCK, FART!"
        And no one would know the difference.

        1. SevoLingus,

          Those four words would also describe almost all of your responses to my posts.

          1. You haven't fucking said anything.

      2. Vic,

        If you really want me to stay on, I will. Please tell me you want me to keep posting.

  23. Folks,

    I'm a very fair person, or I try to be. So let's take a vote. Start posting your votes now. Do you want me to keep posting on this site permanently, or do you want me to leave permanently?

    Be careful now, because if only one person votes in favor of my staying on, that means that I will stay on. That's because one vote of yea equals one million nays, which of course is not fair at all, much less democratic.

    Only if no one votes at all will I actually leave this web.

    However, if anyone responds to this comment in any way, I will also consider that a vote of yes, even if you didn't vote. Of course, that is not fair or democratic either, but these are my rules, and if you don't like it, you will have to suck it up.

    1. It doesn't fucking matter, the people who use chrome will filter you out the moment they get bored. Don't think yourself important.

    2. On The Road To Mandalay|10.2.14 @ 1:29PM|#
      ..."So let's take a vote"...

      Buzz off.


  24. No votes or comments coming in yet?

    Don't forget that NO responses to this, and NO votes, really means that I will leave this site permanently.

    So keep in mind that whoever votes or comments will be the one who kept me posting on this site. Then, you can praise or curse his/her name accordingly.

    It's up to you if you want to continue or avoid my scourge.

  25. Bingo!

    It looks like DINKSTER wants me to keep posting. He must think he is important enough to let everyone know this. DINKSTER has spoken! He broke the silence and voted to retain my trollism.

    Guess he really is dumb enough to apparently believe that I don't use chrome to filter people out, plus a number of other tricks - real and imagined, I have and use as needed.

    1. "I don't use chrome to filter people out"

      You don't know how the internet works, do you? I can push one button faster than you can handle hop.


    Looks like you are threatening me doesn't it? Sure looks like a distinct threat to me. You must be a hacker of some sort.

  27. Actually DINKSTER'S threat to "eliminate" me from posting on this site, is typical of most of the people who post on this site. Like most brain-washed zombies of all ideologies, Libertarians are no different than Liberals or Conservatives. Meaning that they don't like anyone who challenges their delusions in which they feel secure. Having no real opinions of their own, they pick an ideology that appeals to their personalities and then become slaves to it.

    1. Looks like the Meth kicked in. =)

      1. Not sure; could be 'native' paranoia. The guy certainly doesn't seem very stable.
        Hey, road guy! The boogy man is gonna getcha!

  28. RE:
    | The only reason al-Qaida and ISIS exist in Iraq is as resistance to the American invasion and occupation

    No, this is not the only reason, it is a secondary reason. ISIS is implementing their version of creating a world wide Caliphate to force people into Islam and Sharia law. This is a larger reason than resistance to the U.S. in Iraq. They would be doing this whether the U.S. is in Iraq or not.

  29. "It is morally wrong because ISIS is an imminent threat to the U.S. only in the minds of the members of Congress who love war, not in reality."

    Of course, ISIS, is the only piece of the mideast puzzle, and they just have issues with Assad who interferes with their version of social justice, beyond which they just want to be left alone. There are no greater complications like Sunni vs Shia; Iran/Iraq vs Saudi Arabia; goings on in Yemen, Libya, elsewhere; Israel in the crossfire. We should just leave these people alone.

  30. Well, there is this...

    Three months prior to his death, the founder of the Islamic Republic spoke of the role of the revolution in preparing for the government of the occult Imam: "Those in power must know that our revolution is not specific to Iran; the revolution of the Iranian people is a point of beginning for the flaring of the great Islamic revolution in the Muslim world under the banner of the Guardian Imam (Mahdi), who was a gift granted by God to Muslims and all of humanity, making his advent and reappearance take place in our present times. The government of the Islamic Republic must exert its efforts and resources to serve the people, but not in the sense of diverting them from the paramount objective of the revolution, which is the establishment of a global Islamic government." Ayatollah Khomeini's insistence on this function of the Islamic Republic, consisting of preparing for the advent of the occult Imam and his global Islamic government, laid the ground for appearance after his death of a political and theological current that views the project of the Islamic Revolution as a sacred truth...


  31. Fanatics continue to lead Iran. Perhaps they simply want all those centrifuges to build nuclear reactors to generate electricity so they can all get around in Nissan Leafs. Or, maybe it has something to do with their belief that a nuclear weapon could be used to trigger world wide chaos, a prerequisite for the Mahdi to crawl out the well he's been hiding in for centuries, and then to restore the entire world to the religion of peace.

    Yeah, we should just ignore ISIS and the mideast. The mere existence of infidels had nothing to do with the first bombing of the WTC, the USS Cole, embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, the Khobar Towers, the Marine Barracks in Lebanon, Lockerbie, and hundreds of lesser inspired anomalies in the past couple decades. Now that technology is diffuse and the intertoobz have made it easier to connect and coordinate (affordable, ubiquitous c3i), we should just live and let live.

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