New York Times Surprised That Republicans Don't Want to See Obama Murdered


Swear to God, this is the lead paragraph of a New York Times article by Peter Baker:

President Obama must be touched by all the concern Republicans are showing him these days. As Congress examines security breaches at the White House, even opposition lawmakers who have spent the last six years fighting his every initiative have expressed deep worry for his security.

If the sarcasm of "touched" and the jaw-dropping deployment of the word "even" don't make it clear enough, Baker later writes, "Yet it would not be all that surprising if Mr. Obama were a little wary of all the professed sympathy." And he finishes the article with the sardonic phrase, "all with Mr. Obama's interests at heart." What a rancid view of the world.

In unrelated news, The New York Times today announced it is eliminating 100 newsroom jobs, due to poorer-than-expected financial results.

Link via the Twitter feed of National Review writer Charles C.W. Cooke.