2 Rand Paul, Racism, and Prison

The Tea Party is leading the way on criminal justice reform. Matt Welch

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9 Letters and Reaction

Are video games art?; sociology in Fantasia…

10 Citings Unconstitutional job security; Obamacare and the insured; the cost of sentencing; the IRS tries to squirm out of the law; war on the poor; states should decide…

44 Reason TV: Volunteer Medics on the Front Lines of the Drug War

Ambulance drivers in Guatemala see the costs of prohibition up close every day. Zach Weissmueller


16 Don't Put Meth Moms in Jail Tennessee's criminalization of drug use during pregnancy is bad law and bad science. Jacob Sullum

18 Young, Bummed, and in Debt The labor market looks bleak for millennials. Why aren't they angrier? Veronique de Rugy

20 Criminal Immigrants?

Americans believe newcomers-legal and illegal-are more likely to commit crimes. Research suggests the opposite is true. Ronald Bailey

62 Soylent Cuisine

The trendy new food substitute is made by people and for people-not of people. Greg Beato


22 Generation Independent Millennials aren't listening to you. That's a good thing. Nick Gillespie and Emily Ekins

30 The Millennial Scramble

Political parties and activist groups are competing for a generation suddenly up for grabs. Robby Soave

36 Rise of the Hipster Capitalist

Selling out? For millennial butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers, that's the whole point. Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Culture & Reviews

46 Not Your Parents' Dystopias

Millennial fondness for worlds gone wrong. Amy H. Sturgis

Briefly Noted

48 Katherine Mangu-Ward on Victorino Matus' Vodka

Briefly Noted (cont.)

50 Ed Krayewski on the documentary Jodorowsky's Dune

52 Zenon Evans on the website ClickHole

54 Peter Suderman on Marvel Comics' Miracleman

56 Robby Soave on the TV show Orange Is the New Black

52 Generational Generalizations Gone Wrong How the guys who coined the word millennials missed the mark. Jesse Walker

Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation, by Neil Howe and William Strauss

55 It's the Presidency, Stupid

A conservative legal scholar's surprisingly convincing case against the Constitution. Gene Healy

The Once and Future King: The Rise of Crown Government in America, by F.H. Buckley

60 The High Cost of Homemade Food

A new law handcuffs restaurants in France. Baylen Linnekin

64 Artifact: Farmers Market Marijuana

Los Angeles tries to shut down a new way for cannabis patients to shop. Scott Shackford

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