Israel's Netanyahu Says ISIS and Hamas Basically the Same

Not a great way to make friends with neighbors.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared his country's recent bombing campaign in Gaza to the U.S.-led strikes against militants in Iraq and Syria, saying Hamas and the Islamic State group share the same goal of world domination.

Addressing the U.N. General Assembly on Monday, Netanyahu accused Hamas of committing "the real war crimes" in Gaza by using Palestinian civilians as human shields. It was an angry response to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' speech to the U.N. last week in which he accused Israel of conducting a "war of genocide" in Gaza.

Netanyahu railed against world leaders who have condemned Israel for its war with Hamas while praising President Barack Obama for attacking Islamic State militants and other extremists in Syria and Iraq.

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  1. Well, yeah, they basically are. Only the press and the left loves one…but they are both very nasty, murderous, Islamic supremacists.

  2. The Progressive will immediately state that extreme actions are only the result of “a small minority of radicals of Islam.”

    Incorrect. Extreme actions are only the result of the religion itself which is militant and vile.

    Then they will point out atrocities from Christians.First off the Christians haven’t executed someone for hundreds of years. We outgrew our barbaric notions. And the “radical” Christian is at most annoying, not threatening.

    Now let’s look at Islam’s exceptions to the rule:

    Every single Islamic country has a war like attitude?even within their own tribes they can’t find peace.

    Every Islamic country can execute harsh corporal punishment for not following Sharia Law.

    Islam wants Sharia Law mandated?in Denmark, England and Australia. And it has been brought up in the United States as well.

    The vile “extremists” are just the result of a mentality that is barbaric. A religion that is pure evil. There is nothing good about Islam. There has never been anything good about Islam. No country that has endorsed it has had freedom. That would be the difference, Mr. Progressive.

    If we would like my fiction to become prophecy then go ahead and keep allowing it in this country. And the extremists will continue to grow while the rest of the Muslims follow. How do I know this? Just look at them in the rest of the world.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    1. “First off the Christians haven’t executed someone for hundreds of years.”

      What? Lol

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