Not 'Ready for Hillary'? Too Bad


Abandon hope all ye who enter: Some poor children's first experience of this world will be swaddled in a "Born Ready for Hillary" onesie.

The item is for sale on the website of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC, created to support Clinton in the 2016 presidential run she's still "weighing". For $20.16, you can get the "100% combed cotton" onesie with a "Herculean H logo". But can you really put a price on telling your new son or daughter, hey!, we are so excited to bring you into a world replete with endless war, disregard for the Constitution, disregard for the value of non-American lives, big government cronyism, community-destroying "tough on crime" policies, and political theater designed to uphold the illusion that the real goal isn't working with the other party's establishment to maintain the status quo?