Friday A/V Club: FDR, Cartoon Character

Franklin Roosevelt meets Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Yes, he does look like Mickey Mouse.
Universal Pictures

Confidence (1933) begins as many early-'30s cartoons do, with a bunch of animals dancing in a farmyard. When the dancing's done, they get to work, laying eggs and so forth. And then the Depression starts, as symbolized by a skull-faced figure in a cloak that says DEPRESSION flying around and terrorizing everyone. The hens won't lay, there's a run on a bank, the stock market crashes, and cute little Oswald the Rabbit flies to Washington, D.C., to meet with President Franklin Roosevelt, who delivers a stirring song about confidence.

Two things you might notice about this version of FDR:

1. He can walk.
2. He has Hitler hair. Or at least it looks a lot more like Hitler hair than FDR hair.

Oswald fills up a syringe from the president's personal barrel full of confidence, returns home, and marches around the farm, restoring prosperity by giving everyone shots. A merry song plays on the soundtrack, featuring lyrics like New day coming/for worker and drone! And then the barnyard starts dancing again. The end. Thank you, Mr. President!


(Thanks to Joel Schlosberg for passing this one along. For past editions of the Friday A/V Club, go here.)