Police in Schools

Brickbat: Fashion Police


Police locked down and searched JFK Middle School in Southington, Connecticut, after someone reported seeing a student wearing a military-style jacket. Police located the student and determined that student was not a threat.


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  1. trigger warning…this jacket is loaded

    1. Warty warning….teen girl pic.

  2. http://www.queerty.com/meet-ka…..s-20140924

    Speaking of cops and their daughters


    One assailant, 24-year-old Kathryn Knott (reported by some sources as Katherine Knott), is the daughter of Chalfont, Pennsylvania Police Chief Karl Knott and an apparent spoiled brat. Her neighbors told ABC 6 that they’re “not surprised” by the charges.

  3. Pants were crapped, irrational fear was experienced.

  4. “I’m charging you with Cute In The First Degree. Why don’t you sit down in my cruiser?”

    1. …on my face!!!

  5. wearing a military-style jacket.

    It was an ASSAULT JACKET!

    1. It *does* have a shoulder thing that goes up!

    2. no one *needs* a 30-round jacket at school

      1. 30-round pocket!

  6. A school district just north of me (up UnCivilServant’s way) had similar idiocy recently:

    School bans National Guard T-Shirts because the guardsman has a gun

    The bigger issue of why it’s perfectly normal for agents of the state to be grooming minors by giving them T-shirts isn’t discussed.

  7. I had my dad’s c. WWII army jacket emblazoned with the Who logo, a la the jacket on the cover of Quadraphenia. (somewhere I still have that jacket)

    Wore it pretty much every day my junior and senior years in high school. Cause I was THAT cool.

    Good thing I graduated in 1980. If I wore it today, I’d probably be target practice for the cops.

    Seriously? People call the cops because a kid’s wearing a scary, “military-type” jacket? Fuck you pants-wetting pussies. I hope you choke on your breakfast cereal and die in front of your children.

    1. Yeah those were cool back in the day. Anything army green with the Union Jack or American flag with a patch or pin of The Who or Ramones or whatever matched well.

      1. yep – now I mostly see the odd hipster with a really clean, new looking jacket, and I think, “No, no, no! You need old and wrinkled and faded, and the logo hand painted!”

        Then I shoo them off my lawn. Kids these days…

        1. I read that sentence as…

          Then I shoot them off my lawn. Kids these days…

          What has reason.com done to me…..?

    2. I had a Misfits drawing done on the back of mine… along with a sergeant patch and the Big Red 1. Fuck yeah!

      1. excellent – Lord H is in the club!

        I still have mine – it still fits. I still wear it on occasion 🙂

        “hope I die before I get old!” “TOO LATE – lol!”

    3. I was thinking of several friends who routinely wore army jackets for the four months you could not die in Houston and wear a jacket. One was definitely an German army surplus jacket. The other might have been a genuine American vintage jacket.

      1. Knew lots of kids who wore field jackets to school every day in central MA during the 6 months you needed insulation to stay alive.

      2. I was thinking of several friends who routinely wore army jackets for the four months you could not die in Houston

        Which four months can’t you die in Houston?

        1. December, four years in a row.

    4. Wore it pretty much every day my junior and senior years in high school. Cause I was THAT cool.

      Assumes facts not in evidence.

  8. Aww… its Lindsay from Freaks & Geeks

    1. She’s hanging out with the wrong crowd. Must be the jacket.

  9. It was a staff member who called. So it was a case of cops backing up fellow government employees. I bet that had a peasant made the call, the operator would have mocked them.

  10. A fellow contractor where I work just got swarmed by building security because someone had tipped them off because he had “a scary black box” in his cube.

    The guy is only on site a couple days a week so he gets a transient cube to squat in when he is here. Turns out that the scary black box was a case for trade booth materials that some marketing person had stashed there.

    The contractor said that security (3 of them) were really disappointed that it was innocuous stuff and that the contractor couldn’t even be chastised for causing the false alert by using scary boxes.

    The rest of us contractors have been making siren sounds and “intruder alert” noises every time he walks by. Good fun.

    1. ZOMG black plastic box! Must be an IEDerp!

  11. Huh. Somehow when I wore my old field jacket to the last HS football game around here, the stadium managed not to empty, with panicked fans running in every direction.

  12. Police located the student and determined that student was not a threat.

    However, the jacket was determined to be a threat and was destroyed in place.

  13. These people really are pants shitting animists. OMG a piece of clothing that could have something to do with guns. EVERYBODY PANIC! LOCK DOWN! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

  14. USPNGK. United States of Pussies (Not the Good Kind)

    1. Goddamn……no shit!

  15. Freaks and Geeks! Love that show.

  16. I am distressed to see the comments above about that cute little girl.


  17. Hey, is this the geezer reminiscence thread? Cool.

    Back in MAAAAAA day, I used to wear a black trench coat to school when the season required it. This was a year or two before Columbine. Two years later, and I would have been suspended, right?

    I also had an Iron Cross pinned on it. A Third Reich Iron Cross, not a Wilhelmine Iron Cross…so I would have been totally sent to re-education camp.

  18. Look, instead of classic secession, where states choose to leave the union, after which a fight is a pretty good bet, can we instead just go ahead and kick some of these stalinist-wannabe states out? Connecticut would be a great start….

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