Obama Speaks ISIS, Michael Brown at UN, French Hostage Beheaded in Algeria, More Anger in Ferguson: P.M. Links


  • Maybe should have kept a lower profile.

    While at the United Nations, stumping for international action on ISIS, President Barack Obama used the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, as an example of "racial and ethnic tensions" within our own country. It's also an example of what happens when your governmental authority is just too powerful and unaccountable, but funny how that doesn't come up.

  • Meanwhile in Ferguson, there's more unrest and anger over a burned memorial to Brown.
  • Also meanwhile, in Algeria, a militant group linked to ISIS has beheaded a French hostage to punish France for participating in airstrikes in Iraq.
  • A grand jury in Ohio has declined to indict officers who fatally shot a man inside a Walmart store who had been holding an air rifle he apparently picked up from a shelf in the store. The feds plan to investigate. UPDATE: Security footage of the shooting has just been released. It doesn't appear the man was even holding the gun when police shot him.
  • U.S. drones have killed 10 people in northern Pakistan, allegedly militants. Or there were at least militants "among" them.
  • A federal judge sentenced six current and former members of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department to prison for obstructing investigations into abuses at the jail. The judge told the defendants that "blind obedience to a corrupt culture has serious consequences."
  • The "Situation" for Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino is that he and his brother have been charged with tax fraud.

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