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South Park Trolls Redskins Fans in Season Opener


The 18th (!) season of South Park debuts tomorrow on Comedy Central (10 P.M ET).

The trailer for the season opener (click above) shows Eric Cartman taunting the owner of the Washington Redskins, Dan Snyder, by using the team's name for an unspecified business now that the trademark has been dropped by the U.S. government.

The ad actually aired during the Redskins game against the Eagles on Sunday, prompting Hot Air's Ed Morrissey to note, "There's trolling and then there's trolling."

Morrissey continues: "Had I heard that Parker and Stone were tackling this issue, I would have guessed that they would be poking fun at the political correctness that surrounds it rather than picking up the PC mantle."

As a long-time watcher, I've no doubt the show will delight, provoke, and edumicate us all.

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  1. I say NUKE EM ALL and let God sort em out.


      1. South Park studios has a substantial dollar value I’m afraid I can’t authorize that kind of action.

        1. You can bill me!

          1. Yeah, watch us.

      2. I suppose you would rather give them blankets with smallpox. Racist.

  2. As a long-time watcher, I’ve no doubt the show will delight, provoke, and edumicate us all.

    Sure it will.

  3. Morrissey continues: “Had I heard that Parker and Stone were tackling this issue, I would have guessed that they would be poking fun at the political correctness that surrounds it rather than picking up the PC mantle.

    Personally, I’d guess that P&S would think that picking up the PC mantle would troll their fanbase and that would make them just as happy.

    1. Pretty much this i was at a bar watching the game pretty much everybody there was a redskin fan including me. I think everybody laughed watching it, self deprecating humor can be fun.

    2. The NFL is almost beyond parody at this point. They are keeping the Redskins name, but fining a half-breed quarterback for uttering a racial slur.

      1. That along with the all the flag throwing, is nearly making the game unwatchable.

        1. And the all ESPN and NBC News and Pregame stuff is now completely unwatchable.

          I actually remembered to bring headphones to the gym on Friday afternoon and was happily watching SportsCenter for updates on pennant races and college football match-ups while doing some cardio.

          Suddenly, the smug face of Keith Olbermann appears on the screen and starts ranting about Roger Gooddell. Hell fucking no! No way will I watch that.

          1. ESPN is absolutely terrible. In their quest for ratings they’ve become political commentators that more and more often eclipses their sport coverage.

            1. Quest for ratings? I must not be the target demo.

              1. Are you a self hating white male?

            2. And terrible commenters at that.

            3. They have a show on Four Letter 2 that features Jemele Hill as a host/commentator for fucks sake.

            4. In their quest for ratings they’ve become political commentators that more and more often eclipses their sport coverage.

              I don’t know if it’s the quest for ratings or the typical politico-tard tendendency to try to weave politics into EVERY. FUCKING. THING.

              In fact you’d think if it was just ratings they were after, someone would be smart enough to stand up and say “Gee, maybe most sports fans watch sports to escape from this kind of political horseshit and we should stop trying to work our pet political views into everything we cover,” but apparently not.

              1. They should at least make it legit by giving the political parties their own sports teams. It’s a win for third parties, since you need more than two teams to make an interesting league, and the Dems should go for it since they probably get a lot of the better athletes.

                1. Perhaps, but if they were going to run their team as a microcosm of their governmental utopia, the Socialist pay scale would probably drive some of the better talent away, and they would of course have to be inclusive by adding ADA and female hires.

              2. It’s simple really. Ultimately, the sports coverage is controlled by media’s news divisions. And in the world of the news, sports coverage isn’t Serious News. Serious News is politics.

          2. Olbermann is insufferable as are the pre-game and half-time show. It’s beyond hyper. I just tune in and watch the game and block out the rest.

          3. The pregame stuff was unwatchable when CBS’ “NFL Today” was 30 minutes long.

            I do make it a point to find the sports radio station of the losing team to listen to all the psychos calling in. More fun than watching the game.

        2. Yeah,,but,what’s the alternative?

          I’m sorry, but I refuse,to,watch the Roughriders play the Roughriders every,goddamn week!

          1. Hockey? I don’t know. I want my big hits back.

          2. Yeah,,but,what’s the alternative?


            1. If I wanted to watch a bunch of girly underwear models prance around after a ball i’ll watch gay porn, thanks.

              1. So you want to watch a bunch of fat fucks in skin tights running around getting sweaty and jumping on each other, with names like Dick Trickle and Dick Butkus. Dude, that IS gay porn.


                1. a bunch of fat fucks in skin tights

                  You haven’t watched an NFL game in the last decade have you?

                  1. Dude, it’s a joke. And I haven’t watched pro football in well over two decades, which is weird because I love college football. And yes, linemen are fat fucks.

                2. First Dick Trickle is a Nascar Driver. Secondly who said football wasn’t gay porn?

                  1. Dick Trickle and Dick Butkus were from In Living Color.

                    1. Dick Trickle and Dick Butkus were from In Living Color.

                      OK, I’m only pointing this out because I can’t tell if you’re just way to over committed to the joke or if you really are this stupid but here goes:

                      While they may have made the obvious jokes about their names on In Living Color, Dick Trickle and Dick Butkus were both real people.

                      Like I said, just wanted to clear that up in case you really are that stupid. It’s hard to tell.

                    2. Like I said, just wanted to clear that up in case you really are that stupid. It’s hard to tell.

                      No shit they are real people, that is what makes it funny. As far as being over committed to the joke, probably guilty on that. Lighten the fuck up asshole.

                    3. Lighten the fuck up asshole.

                      You first shithead.

                    4. You first shithead.

                      No problem. Have a nice day dude.

            2. I wonder how much it costs to unblock to Rugby channel on my cable?

              1. I don’t know, how much does it cost you to go to firstrow sports?

              2. In all seriousness, I wonder if the NFL’s perceived actions will drive viewers away at all, and maybe open up some space for rugby. After all, women’s rugby is getting huge (relatively) in America, prob because the lack of any sort of serious women’s football, powder puff notwithstanding.

        3. 11 Minutes of Action

          I read this article not long after it was first published. Changed my whole mindset. I’m not sure when the last time was that I sat through a whole game on TV. I still go once a year, but mostly to burn money, hang out with family, and get blitzed.

          1. We make it a point to get Dallas cheerleaders on, but otherwise, it’s not really important,” says Fred Gaudelli, NBC’s Sunday Night Football producer. “If we’re doing the Jets, I couldn’t care less.”

            And men everywhere thank you for that. Although the fugliest cheerleaders have to be the Green Bay Packers.

            1. “The Packers” should have been mentioned in the gay porn discussion above…

    3. It’s silly to think that they are “picking up the PC mantle.” This is just one clip from the episode, and I don’t see them suddenly getting soft.

  4. You are as free to continue to support the team’s current name and mascot as you are to wear a Ray Lewis, Ray Rice or OJ Simpson jersey. Just know that there really are American Indian tribes that object to this:

    1. So? Where do we draw the line on offensive? can you answer that? Is it 1% of the pop.? 5%?

      1. I can find 2% of the general population to be “offended” by literally anything and everything. No modern poll is even sure the majority of American Indians are offended by it.

        1. The New York Jets should be the most offensive of all.

          1. They should immediately change their name to the New Jersey Jest.

          2. The Jets are the most offensive of all.

      2. “We” don’t need to draw the line for anything. As posted above, feel free to continue doing what you are doing. To an appreciable number of American Indians, it is offensive. So for me, I don’t support the team’s position if retaining the name and mascot.

        1. I’m not doing anything. What is an appreciated number exactly? enlighten me I haven’t seen any numbers on it.

          1. You’re supporting the team with its current name, right? “i was at a bar watching the game pretty much everybody there was a redskin fan including me.”

            That’s not doing something?

            The appreciable number is found at the link above. Something like 26 tribes and nations.

            1. so 26 out of 566 tribes find it offensive enough to write a petition? hold the phones.

              1. Change the mascot is one entity. If you were interested in finding out how each if the tribes and nations felt about it, you could contact others yourself. Doesn’t seem like you have done any of that though.

                I’m satisfied with with what I have already seen enough to make the decision for me that it is ignorant to support that name and that mascot. What drunken NFL “Redskin RG3 Nation” fans think while at the bar with the game on against a division rival in a “must win game” is not a data point to me.

                I don’t need to get beyond that it is offensive to try and analyze the sociological ramifications. I don’t refer to gay people as “faggots” or wear shirts doing so. I don’t call Chinese people “Chinks” or wear shirts doing so. As said before, you are free to do so. There doesn’t need to be a law.

                1. Feel free that is fine and I respect your opinion. However realize that randomly selecting descriptor and words offensive is a full time job for these people. Calling someone black is referring to their skin color is that racist?

                  1. I don’t think calling someone black is offensive because I’ve never seen appreciable evidence that supports that.

                    I disagree that American Indians are randomly selecting words.

                    1. I still don’t know what you mean by appreciable, I can guarantee I can find 4.5% of blacks in this country that find the term black offensive and get them to sign a petition to end the term. which is what 26/566 of the tribes that are on the petition(granted that’s not terrible accurate because tribe sizes vary greatly).

                    2. Does your guarantee include any citations? Actual data or advocacy? Or is it just a wild ass guess?

                      Do you have any citations of American Indian tribes, nations or groups saying that they don’t care about the name or mascot? Or support its continued use?

                    3. umm I could give you polling but you refute it as inaccurate. Do you have any evidence citations? The onus is on you to produce it as you are the one who is saying a large percent of the indians are offended.

                    4. I said an appreciable number. For me, my standard has been satisfied. If you have a different standard, that’s fine. But you do know is that 26 of 26 cited say the mascot needs to go. Other tribes not signing on with this initiate does not somehow equal acceptance or support of the team name and mascot. You haven’t provided any evidence to the contrary. You can do whatever you want but if you have a higher standard, it doesn’t sound like you have even take minimal steps to see if your criteria have been met.

                      And you are the one wearing the jersey, right? Wouldn’t you want to know that it is offensive to the peoples the name and mascot represent?

                    5. Also about the drunken fans comment I was saying that they thought the south park bit was funny. And if you read the article you would realize that south park was making a mockery out of Dan Snyder and his name argument.

                2. “I don’t need to get beyond that it is offensive to try and analyze the sociological ramifications.”

                  Well bless your heart, aren’t you special?

                  1. You use other racial epithets until someone else provides you a thesis on its etymology? Bless your heart.

                    I don’t know the background to the word nigger. I don’t need to. I just don’t use it.

                3. Okay dumbfuck, instead of being offended at the redskins name just off-hand on a feeling, and calling people ignorant for supporting it, perhaps you should look at where that term came from? Or, would that be too much mental responsibility for you to handle?

                  1. With the exception of my posting the two links, nobody here has cited anything that supports or rejects the position that the name and mascot are offensive to American Indians. The fact that folks are taking a position without even knowing what any American Indian thinks about it is where the “ignorant” comment was generated.

                    I have heard the Daniel Snyder version if the team’s name and I have heard other versions. The mascot is of an American Indian and that too is being protested.

                    And I’m not against the team name because of a off-hand feeling; it is because American Indians find it offensive. I thought my previous posts were clear. Plus you cite where you got that my position was because of an off-hand feeling?

                    And thanks for the ad hominems.

            2. So supporting a team now means I’m oppressing a race or something?

              1. It depends. Are you 1/16 or more Native American? Or any other officially recognized Oppressed Victim Class? Then you might be OK. Any less than that and you’re a racisty racist cracker. You might as well just get it over with and go join the KKK, you fucking bigot! /sarc

                1. It’s the internet so I am 1/16th native american, can bench press 600, am a hot single chick, all at the same time.

            3. Including Elizabeth Warren?

              1. Dare you question the cheekbones?

        2. My recently departed wife was Native. Cheyenne/Arapaho. She could not have cared less. No one in her family gives a flying fuck. I think the only Natives offended are the same kind of people who get offended by anything. You know, the PC Natives, not normal people Natives.

          1. I’m sorry to hear of your wife’s passing.

            Do you think her family would be cool if a white dude referred to them as redskins?

            Do you think IHS could be rebranded as Redskin Health Services? BIA as Bureau of Redskin Affairs?

            If I’m married to a black woman that doesn’t give a rats ass about the term “nigger,” does it give me carte Blanche to use it?

    2. So why are they targeting just the Redskins and not the Chiefs? Better BBQ in KC?

      1. according to the head of the group the lawsuit against the patent trademark, she plans on going after every Indian Mascot and team name.

      2. Or the “tomahawk chop war chant” done at every home game of the Atlanta Braves and FSU Seminoles?

        Oh that’s right, the Seminole tribe leadership was bought off a bunch of years ago by FSU. Maybe Snyder should take a cue from them and ask the Oneidas or whoever is making the biggest stink just how much it costs to make fake outrage disappear.

    3. I just think it’s amusing that you’re JUST NOW raising a ruckus over the Redskins name. How long has the PC movement been going on now? 25-26 years? Why weren’t all these people on this big change-the-name crusade back when the Redskins were winning Super Bowls?

      1. They’ve evolved on the issue. Kind of like Obama and gay marriage.

      2. Folks have been against this for decades. Just because mainstream media wasn’t covering it doesn’t mean it wasn’t occurring. One of the suits was first filed back in 1992.

        Glad you bring up the SB teams. I recall Charles Mann speaking out against the name and mascot back when JKC owned the team. And more recently, Art Monk and Darrell Green have also supported strong consideration of a change:

        1. “Chumby|9.23.14 @ 11:07AM|#

          Folks have been against this for decades. ”

          “Folks” ? Really ?

          1. Go through both links I provided.

    4. Do you mind my asking, why? The point of a team name is to convey fierceness (that’s why the NY Jets – a team named from a Broadway musical – are a joke). Washington call themselves the Redskins because there’s a long-standing cultural belief in Native American warriors as particularly fierce, people you don’t want to cross. The same plays into the Vikings, the Cowboys, or the Bears.

      1. You’re asking why American Indians find it offensive? The name is a derogatory description of their people (I have heard an argument that this wasn’t true historically. I don’t accept that but even if you do it is now considered derogatory by the people that have the authority to make that call – the American Indians themselves. At least the ones that have been documented here.).

        I have also heard some talk about their semblance being used for something as trite as a professional sports team. They don’t find it to be pastiche. They find it offensive. Again, that is their call to make. I get that the Washington team doesn’t have the caricature like Chief Wahaoo, the tomahawk chop or Chief Knock-a-homa. Which I think more people can identify with as being insulting (like blackface).

        Don’t try to convince me. Convince them.

  5. I don’t know but judging from the clip, that don’t look very South Park.

    Am I the only one to notice? If so, VERY disappointing to see SP take this route. Wonder why Nick didn’t mention this.

    1. I think this will get enough of the “other” people to tune in, for them to hit them with a different take.

    2. To me it’s totally South Park. They make fun of everything but pick what’s funniest to make fun of. I think it’s way funnier to take this trademark route than to be preachy about being overly PC. Remember the episode that dealt with the Trayvon Martin case? It was preachy and not very funny.

  6. The whole thing is one of the stupidest phony outrage controversies in the history of phony outrage controversies. The proof is high schools such as Wellpinit High School in Wellpinit, Washington, where the student body is almost entirely Native American and they overwhelmingly support “Redskins” as their chosen team name.

    “Redskins” is exactly like the “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People”, a name which absolutely nobody is demanding be changed. At worst its anachronistic today, but it’s not a slur and it never was.

    1. I’m assuming you have actually talked with American Indians about this and they are good with it. I suggest you could visit a reservation or attend a powwow and use the term liberally.

      I read about Wellpinit. They discussed changing the name and some on the area reservation felt is was derogatory. But one high school’s decision doesn’t set the standard for the rest of the country. As a matter of fact, hundreds of high schools have changed names and mascots. As have colleges.

      Furthermore, American Indians referring to themselves that is not unlike blacks calling themselves “nigga.” I’ll assume your white and I’ll assume your bright enough not to call a black person that. Or do you think they are practicing false outrage?

      1. I have attended powwows. Boring as all hell, IMHO. I hear a lot of jokes from my wife’s family. Mostly derogatorily comments about “white” this or that when I’m around. I’m not offended, because I understand the spirit it is meant in. I hear them call themselves “brown” more than “red”, but either way.
        Some people will be offended no matter what. I’m still in El Reno, OK, until I can get back home to Denver (now that the wife has gone home, so can I), and the local High School is the Indians. Guess who proudly wears that team name? That’s right, all the local Cheyenne and Arapaho tribal members around here. BTW, this is the seat of their Tribal Government, and their is a very high percentage of Natives around here. Granted “Indians” is not the same as “Redskins”, but I would bet that the same people who get their panties all twisted about “Redskins” also do about “Indians”.
        BTW, the best way to insult a Cheyenne/Arapaho that I know of, is to throw a cigarette, due to the believed sacredness of tobacco.

        1. “there” is, not “their” is. How’s that edit function coming, Reason?

        2. If American Indians want to call their own sports team the Indians, you don’t see a significant difference? Can blacks call each other “niggas” without the same baggage as when a white calls a black that?

          If an all Seneca lacrosse team wants to call themselves Seneca, is that the same as the Cleveland baseball team with “little red sambo?”

          Russell Means didn’t like either name. Was he a “PC got his panties in a bunch” type? Recall he was runner up to Ron Paul as the 1988 LP Presidential candidate.

          1. Well first, I’m not really taking the side it looks like I am. If the majority of Natives found the term offensive, then it would rude to use it. I’m just saying, that in my experience, the Natives I know are NOT offended. Also, the local high school team has a large percentage of Native students, but the majority of the student body is white. The natives just don’t get offended that their white peers use the name.
            And Russel Means? Yeah, he’s a bit hyper… something. Maybe PC is not the word, but he is definitely a radical, and while I have never meant the man, I would bet that the chip on his shoulder is the size of a Redwood tree. So, yeah, I suspect that his panties are constantly twisted, and that he gets offended, deeply offended, at least once a day.

            1. Also, I forgot to thank you for your condolences. They are appreciated. The death of a loved one is difficult, and tends to color your perspective of things, at least for a while, and at least for me. Perhaps I am just really the guy who is in mourning, and telling everyone “hey, don’t sweat the small stuff”, when in reality, what stuff is small is only fairly judged by the person who is experiencing the “stuff”. So, although I am (kind of) disagreeing with you, I really do respect your perspective. And the conscious decision to not offend others is certainly admirable.

              1. oops, really need edit Reason! I was not aware that Mr. Means had died. Now it is my turn to offer condolences to any of his friends or family who may, by some coincidence, read this post.

  7. This might be one of those times when Trey and Matt are going after a specific target instead of using the individual in the show as a stand-in for a larger group (a la Rob Reiner in the smoking episode). As someone who lives in the Washington area, I’ve had to see and hear more of Dan Snyder than any human being should be forced to submit to. And my impression of him from all of that exposure is that he is a supremely smarmy and weaselly human being. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trey and Matt were just trying to skewer him.

    1. He is a complete and utter ass hat. I say that as a frequent customer of his team. Most would agree, your talking about a guy who was getting the Prince George’s county pd to ticket and prevent people from walking to his stadium because he felt he was losing out on parking ticket $.

    2. my impression of him from all of that exposure is that he is a supremely smarmy and weaselly human being

      Smarmy and weaselly is pretty the job description of NFL team owner. Especially when they’ve also appointed themselves GM. Exhibit A: Jerry Jones.

  8. Ehhh…this show really hasn’t been funny for a while now. Trust me, I am an enormous South Park fan and love just about every episode of the first ten or so seasons. But it seems so tired now. Like Stone and Parker don’t have their hearts in it. I’m not sure that they’ve lost their touch (people I know who have seen Book of Mormon told me it was hilarious). I’m guessing it’s probably because it’s Comedy Central’s flagship show that will not get cancelled any time soon and, since a lot of their more outrageous original ideas have been done, they just reference current events without much of the sharp satire they are known for.

    1. Even the best shows tend to run out of steam at around year 8 or 9. There might be a few episodes in subsequent seasons that are consistent with the quality of the earlier years, but people are mostly just there to collect a paycheck and it shows.

      Someone produced a chart of all the Simpsons episodes and ranked them on whether they were must-see, why-not, or pass–something like 80% of the must-see shows are in the first nine years. About 90% of the pass shows are in the subsequent 15.

    2. This. South Park has been dull for a while. The episodes are, like this one appears to be, simply extreme parodies of a headline news item or event. All of the characters have become caricatures of their former selves, particularly Cartman and Randy Marsh. They have the new writer, who has been around unofficially for a number of years, too. It pains me to watch it. I wish they’d kill it off.

      1. I say this as someone who owns box sets of seasons 2-12 and rewatches seasons 2-5 at least once a year and has made watching the Christmas episodes a holiday tradition.

      2. They have wanted to stop making SP for a few years now, but they have to fulfill their last contract. I’m not sure how many more seasons that means. Maybe they’re just trying to make it to 20. But most of last season was funny as hell to me. The “Taming Strange” episode was fucking classic.

    3. And like what’s with the music kids listen too these days?

    4. Yeah, their first 10 or so seasons had very few “meh” episodes while the majority were gold. Now it’s pretty much the opposite ratio. Last season for example I tought the GoT Black Friday trilogy was great, and the Hobbit episode was hilarious for the way it busted on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and I may be in a minority here, but I thought the Goth Kids episode was pretty good too (probably because it focused on characters other than the main four), but other than those, the rest of last season was pretty much “meh”.

  9. New York JETS?



    1. Oh man, can I please join you in your fake outrage?

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  11. 1. big ‘skins fan back in the day (think jorgensen and kilmer), we called them the ‘deadskins’ ’cause they sucked…

    2. does dan snyder OWN the team ? if he does, he can call them WTF he wants to… (he is merely maintaining the same name) IF his market didn’t agree with it, they could stop buying tickets; apparently the CUSTOMERS don’t mind that much…

    3. several aspects which bother me, as some mentioned: OTHER indian names are somehow *NOT* offensive SIMPLY BECAUSE they managed to bribe the right tribal elders ? ? ? that is bullshit, plain and simple…

    4. are ultra concern trolls worried about ALL ‘offensive’ names, or just indian names ? ? ? are the boston celtics (or notre damn ‘fightin’ irish’) featuring a midget, pugnacious irishman (often implied that he is drunk) offensive or not ? ? ? GIVEN this ‘standard’, i’d say almost certainly so, but its white people, so no big deal, right ? ? ?

    5. i can tell you that -as a fan of jazz music- i am MIGHTILY offended (seriously) that there exists a team called the Utah Jazz…
    UTAH ? ? ?
    JAZZ ? ? ?
    is there even a jazz musician in the whole state ? ? ? (ok, i’m sure there is a mormon bell player who really rocks it), but are you telling me that historically it has a big connection to the origins of jazz ? ? ? *snort*
    now, THAT is offensive…

    1. 1 That’s a nice story.

      2 Dan does but he isn’t paying for all the infrastructure that supports the stadium. And he likely won’t have patent protection. I agree about the customers (which is how I thought the Clippers/Sterling deal should have played out if folks were outraged). I suppose if enough fans didn’t care there could be teams called the Detroit Niggers or the New York Hymies. I’m guessing Snyder probably wouldn’t be too keen on Jewish slurs and caricatures used for sports teams.

      3 Other than FSU and the Seminoles, which is a joint venture and not a “bribe” as you described, name others where this occurred.

      And really, who gives a crap? It isn’t your name to negotiate. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Don’t buy the merchandise.

      4 Are ultra concerned bigoted trolls too stupid to understand this article was specifically about one team?

      To try and address some of the rambling, if “Celts” found offense and expressed it, then it certainly would open it up to debate. It isn’t YOUR call to make. Same with Notre Dame. Same with green beer on St Patrick’s Day.

      Several differences:

      “White” America is the dominant culture. While it doesn’t mean anything goes, it is difficult for a subordinate to oppress.

      This dominant culture conducted genocide against American Indians for several hundred years. Maybe those people don’t want racial slurs and caricatures used by sports teams.

      5 You do know that the Utah team moved from New Orleans and retained the name?

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