Kid Suspended for Selling Pepsi from His Locker Takes His Business to the Streets


Lethbridge Herald

Remember Keenan Shaw, the Canadian high school student suspended for selling full sugar Pepsi from his locker, in defiance of Winston Churchill High School's diet soda–only policy? Shaw has now taken his enterprise to the streets

Showing the agility of a born entrepreneur, Shaw notes that the publicity from his suspension was good for business: 

"It got me a lot more advertising," Shaw said about the effect the publicity had on his sales. "I feel like everyone knows about it now."

He's also taking advantage of the technicalities of the law to minimize his operating expenses:

"I can store it at school. I can bring it to school. I can drink it at school. I just can't sell it (at school.)"

And as for potential compeitors, Shaw says to bring it on:

Shaw said a few kids at school have even joked they might jump into the pop business, too, but so far he doesn't have any competitors.

"I've told people go ahead, I don't care," he said, noting he could expand into other treats.

"There's definitely other things I could make money on besides pop."