Rand Paul Speaks Out on Senate Floor Against Arming Syrian Rebels

Not that it apparently matters


Eager to adjourn for midterm elections, the Senate steamed toward final congressional approval Thursday of President Barack Obama's request to train Syrian rebels for a war against Islamic state militants in the Middle East.

The legislation also provides funding for the government after the end of the budget year on Sept. 30, eliminating any threat of a shutdown in the run-up to November elections for control of the Senate and a new House.

For a second straight day, the administration dispatched top-ranking officials to reassure lawmakers — and the public — that no U.S. ground combat operation was in the offing.

Sen. Rand Paul, opposed not only the president's policy but also the refusal of Senate leaders to permit a stand-alone vote on it.

He warned against creating a vacuum that radical Jihadists may quickly fill. "Intervention that destabilizes the Middle East is a mistake. And yet, here we are again, wading into a civil war," he said.


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  1. I no longer have any idea what his position on this is.

    1. As far as I can tell…

      ISIS is depraved, even for Islamist nutjobs, and a potential threat to the US, and certainly delights in killing Americans because they are American. There is arguably legitimate casus belli, but any military action against them requires Congressional authorization and should be carried out in pursuit of some sort of coherent and achievable objectives. We cannot control arms that we deliver, so it is likely that some arms given to “moderate” rebels will eventually reach ISIS, which makes arming them an asinine idea.

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