Democratic Party

Nobody Likes Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Even the Democrats are losing confidence in her.


Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in a behind-the-scenes struggle with the White House, congressional Democrats and Washington insiders who have lost confidence in her as both a unifying leader and reliable party spokesperson at a time when they need her most.

Long-simmering doubts about her have reached a peak after two recent public flubs: criticizing the White House's handling of the border crisis and comparing the tea party to wife beaters.

The perception of critics is that Wasserman Schultz spends more energy tending to her own political ambitions than helping Democrats win. This includes using meetings with DNC donors to solicit contributions for her own PAC and campaign committee, traveling to uncompetitive districts to court House colleagues for her potential leadership bid and having DNC-paid staff focus on her personal political agenda.


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  1. I’m guessing they’re lining up the scapegoats for November.
    Debs is an easy choice.
    Harry Reid is in wings if the Senate flips.
    The big question is will they put Barry the Lightbringer on the chopping block – or even wisper it? He’s the biggest drag on the ‘D’ brand, but they can’t get rid of him for two years.

    Ready for Hillary????

  2. The only suprising thing is how long it took the Dems to boot her. Maybe they thought she was helpful as a living refutation of ethnic and racial stereotypes–just listen to her for five minutes and you’ll never again imagine that all Jews are brainy.

  3. Just another example of the War on Women.

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